March 20, 2000 Special Dispatch No. 79

Anti-Semitism in the Egyptian Media; Part III: International Jewish Conspiracies

March 20, 2000
Egypt | Special Dispatch No. 79

The Egyptian media, both government and opposition, frequently accuses the Jews of formenting plots and conspiracies worldwide, contributing to the historical demonization of the Jewish character.

Jews Poach Scientific Glory

In an investigative report in the Egyptian government weekly, Al-Ahram, on the election of the scientist of the century, reporters Marwah Mashali and Muhammad D'isa claim that the Jews marginalized the Egyptian recipient of this year's Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Dr. Ahmad Zuweil: "The world saluted Dr. Ahmad Zuweil for his historic discovery, which serves humanity in all applied sciences."

"No one could have imagined that Zionism would [again] perform its usual trick in marginalizing and minimizing the achievement of this extraordinary Egyptian scientist. As they could not find any competitor with him from his own generation, nor any weak point, they rummaged around in graves and resurrected the dead to bring up the Jewish scientist Albert Einstein as the scientific personality of the twentieth century."

"Despite the ugliness of this scandalous attempt, the real tragedy lies in the ploys they used to spread their scientific conspiracy. Dr. Zuweil's discovery -- which Time magazine disregarded, claiming that it was [the result of] a cumulative effort -- is no less important a discovery than [Einstein's] theory of relativity."

"Through their domination of the media, the Jews tried to diminish the importance of Dr. Zuweil's discovery, despite the fact that the world is expecting great achievements for humanity in the future as a result of Dr. Zuweil's discovery."[1]

Jews Cause Kohl's Demise

Another issue of Al-Ahram weekly explains how international Zionism caused the collapse of German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, because he did not accept their demands of additional compensation for the Holocaust: "After Zionism took control of the media of West Germany…the charge of anti-Semitism in Germany became worse than that of premeditated murder."

"If a West German official attempted to stand up to the will of international Zionism, the entire media would reconstruct his history since his childhood in the Hitler Youth to his service as a young recruit in Hitler's army. …It wouldn't be difficult [for international Zionism] to obtain a picture of him in his [Nazi] uniform bearing the swastika, which would bring about his removal from public office and his political demise."

"When Chancellor Kohl and his government rejected the Jewish requests for renewed compensation for what they called the forced labor of Jews in the Hitler era, the Gates of Hell opened on them. Initially, they [the Jews] began with accusations in the media against him on the role Germany played in the Gulf War. They leaked to the media that the Helmut Kohl's Christian Democrat Party, illegally and against the constitution. received money and support in millions from an arms dealer named Schreiber, as well as from a known German company involved in the sale of German tanks to Saudi Arabia during the Gulf crisis."

International Zionism took advantage of this deal, the expenses accompanying it, and the payments by that arms dealer [to launch] a frenzied attack on Chancellor Kohl and his aides in the party -- an attack that was conducted by the Zionist propaganda, which constitutes more than seventy percent of the media in Germany."[2]

Jews Forge Egyptian History in their Favor

In the government daily, Al-Akhbar, columnist Jamal Al-Ghitani writes: "Enmity toward the ancient Egyptian culture is a basic tenet of the Jewish Zionist ideology. It is an age-old enmity, appearing openly and clearly in their Scriptures, varying in expression from one age to another. Now they begin with an offensive of lies against the ancient Egyptian culture, at the center of which is the claim that the Jews were part of the glory of this culture, or at least constituted a primary element of it."

"Our great symbol, the Pyramids, are their primary target. In his first visit to Egypt, [former Israeli Prime Minister] Menahem Begin stated that his ancestors participated in the building of the Pyramids. Whoever uses the internet will be amazed by the huge amount of Zionist internet sites spreading lies and false claims regarding the Pyramids."[3]

In the government weekly, Akher Sa'ah, reporter Ihab Fathi elaborates on the same issue under the title "The Jews Enter the Internet with the Goal of Forging Egypt's History.": "[After Menahem Begin's statement] the huge Zionist propaganda machine began inundating us with thousands of studies in order to prove their claim through a huge act of historical forgery. When this attempt slid towards failure, they changed their tactics but re-invigorated the strategy of forgery. Now [they no longer claim that] the builders of the pyramids were Jews but aliens from other planets and extraterrestrial cultures."[4]

Jews Deprive Egyptian Infants of Milk

An unsigned report in the opposition daily, Al-Wafd, claims that a "Jewish Company" is depriving Egyptian infants of milk by causing a steep rise in its price.[5]

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