March 17, 2000 Special Dispatch No. 78

Anti-Semitism in the Egyptian Media; Part II: On the Escalation in Lebanon

March 17, 2000
Lebanon, Egypt | Special Dispatch No. 78

The recent escalation of Hizbullah operations in Southern Lebanon, Israel’s retaliation against Lebanon’s electrical system, and Israeli Foreign Minister David Levy's threat that "If [the Israeli city] Kiryat Shmona is burned [by attacks from Lebanon] - then the land of Lebanon will burn," have prompted an extreme response from the Egyptian media.

All Israeli Leaders are Terrorists

In the government daily, Al-Gumhuriyah, columnist Adel Suleiman in an article entitled "Satan's Peace," writes "…The Foreign Minister of the Satan, Israel, stated that the land of Lebanon will burn if Hizbullah fighters launch Katusha rockets at the land of Satan... Those who say that the election of Barak is a turning point in Israel are seriously wrong because Netanyahu and Barak were made of the same material from whence came Moshe Dayan, Ben-Gurion, Begin, and other leaders of Satan's state, Israel. This is the stuff of terror, the stuff of international Zionism, which supported, and continues to support, the Hebrew state of Satan. The Jewish lobby [in the US] identifies with any [Israeli] government and with anyone who heads it. The chief of all Satans, Ehud Barak, has taken off the robe of terror, [but] remains a terrorist and a professional in the art of terror."[1]

Israeli Policy similar to Nazism

Writing in the government daily Akhbar Al-Yaum, Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud states: "We received your message, Ehud Barak, a message of hate and enmity. Your loathsome words reached our ears and the depth of our hearts. This is Nazism, Mr. Barak. The same Nazism with which Hitler treated you. Now you are using the same language, the language of the crematorium. America is turning a blind eye, because you are America's hands in the region. You are doing its job in its stead. You are the dirty hands of Western imperialism in our land… you are the new Nazis without Hitler."[2]

In the government weekly, October, columnist Rajab Al-Bana blames Israel for establishing crematoriums for the Arabs: "Israel is now declaring the establishment of crematoriums for the Arabs after [Israel] cried out for help, claiming that the Arabs were going to throw her into the sea. The Israelis know better than anybody else what crematoriums are. They have experience with it. An experience which they have injected into the heads of world leaders… But after they demanded the condemnation of the crematoriums the Nazis operated against the Jews, it is they who now operate crematoriums against the Arabs."[3]

In the leading government daily Al-Ahram, columnist Salameh Ahmad Salameh writes: "The ugly face of the impulse to exterminate and kill civilians is hidden deep in the Israeli mind, which cannot free itself from them. Israel brought the scorched-earth policy conducted by the Nazis to a higher level."[4]

A Call to Expel Israel's Ambassdor

In the opposition daily, Al-Ahrar, of the Islamic "Liberal Party," in an article entitled "Expel the Israeli Ambassador," columnist Adel Al-Jojari, who is also the editor of the weekly Al-Ghad Al-Arabi, writes: "I demand the expulsion of the Zionist ambassador to Cairo. This ambassador represents his country and its Foreign Minister, and if the Minister is a Nazi, then the ambassador acts on his instructions. The terrorist history of government people in the Zionist entity beginning with Barak and ending with that one called Levy is a secret to no one. The expulsion of the Zionist ambassador is the least [that should be done].

We do not need a diplomat representing a gang that rules a state on the land of Palestine. We do not need diplomatic relations with a gang that kills women and children in Lebanon, destroys the infrastructure and does not respect its international commitments, the April agreement in particular. The decisive and only response to this violation of the agreement [by Israel] is that every Zionist, in every place in the world, is a target that should be hit. If David Levy threatens 'blood for blood' - the blood of every Lebanese child, man or woman - we have a right to avenge the Zionist blood, whatever his name and title may be.

The soldier is saying: Heil Hitler, Heil Barak, Heil Levy.
From the opposition newspaper Al-Ahali, March 1, 2000.
The soldier is saying: "Heil Hitler, Heil Barak, Heil Levy."

"The Zionist ambassador drinks from the waters of the Nile [that should be] forbidden to him. He eats from the fruit of our soil when he has no right to it, and he breathes our air, which we hope that Allah will turn into carbon dioxide, so that it suffocates him and keeps him from enjoying one moment on our land. The black days that brought this ambassador to our land will pass with Allah's help, because we do not want him to continue here for one day. He must go back to the country where he was born, which is certainly not the land of Palestine.

The Zionist ambassador is a terrorist like his Foreign Minister, who is no longer a Jew, because there is a difference between Judaism, which is a monotheistic religion that deserves all respect, and Zionism, which is a terrorist, expansionist ideology that we despise with open hostility. We say in all frankness that the Zionist entity will remain an enemy with whom we will not make peace, even if all Arab rulers sign peace agreements with it. Nor shall we recognize it, because we cannot concede our [Arab] identity. But Levy and his ilk, the Nazi Zionists, cry tears of blood, when they see the corpses of the Israeli defense forces returning from south Lebanon still warm. The number of corpses [of Israeli soldiers] will rise. This is a promise given by Hassan Nasrallah [leader of Hezbollah].

The Lebanese resistance is what forced David Levy to burst out in threats, ranting and raving like Hitler and Mussolini, and all the other fascists and Nazis. We do not wish but that Allah will burn his heart and that of every Zionist until they leave our land, not only from South Lebanon but from all the land of Palestine."[5]

Anti-Semitism in the Egyptian Media; Part III: International Jewish Conspiracies

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