December 2, 1998 Special Dispatch No. 15

Anti-American Statements in the Palestinian Media

December 2, 1998
Palestinians | Special Dispatch No. 15

This column, entitled, "To Clinton," by Dr. 'Altallah Abd Al-'Al Abu Al-Subh, appeared on Dec. 3, 1998 in Al-Risala, the Gaza-based Hamas weekly.

"You come to us unwelcomed, carrying your shame and blame, armed with the Jews’ spearheads, the Jews reproach, the Jews’ vileness. You come to us to wipe your rotten face with our cloak and wash it with the waters of our Gulf that your fire has inflamed around us. You come to us to exhaust our oil and steal more of our land and give it to those who have stolen our land and existence. You come to us and we see on your hands nothing but the blood of our peoples and [our] downtrodden and miserable.

You have bombed Baghdad, oh master of the world, with more than 250,000 cruise [missiles] to destroy it [knocking it down] on the heads of its children, women and elderly. To destroy the playgrounds of its youth and the dolls of its little girls. You had no specific target to bomb and no one you aimed at, [just] a blind, crazy bombing.

You come to us with 54 Jewish settlers around you holding the top positions in your guided administration, that took upon itself to aid the Jews on our account, which made Sharon tell the settlers to occupy the peaks of our mountains and build new settlements on them, [while] the fountain of Wye turns into whey. What are you thinking of telling us? What?

Your are trying to divide us from each other with your dollars so that we forget our names and our memory in order to instill the evil you spread all over our land…so that our brother kills our brother, our father, our uncles. So that a son kills his father and his mother. Let me tell you: your hopes will be turned down, it will never happen…. We fear [only] Allah, the master of the universe who has shattered tyrants in times past and will do it [again] in the future.

You come to us with your shame and ignorance. Allah will disgrace you, not welcome nor greet you.

This article entitled, "The New Barbarism," by Saqr Abu Fakhr, was printed in Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, the PA daily, on Dec. 2, 1998.

"Humanity will remember the 20th century as the most barbaric and lethal century in human history. In this century the two world wars broke out, the atomic bomb exploded on the Japanese people, and the world witnessed massacres committed by the Nazis, the Fascist, the Jews, the Cambodians, the Serbs, and the Rwandans. This century is the natural result of the barbaric capitalism that gradually rose to rule the world and its markets 500 years ago, carrying with it the destruction of the Indians and the enslavement of the blacks…"

"However, a new barbarism is threatening us as we prepare ourselves for the 21st century. This is the worst kind of contemporary barbarism – the American barbarism committed by the United States in the name of international legitimacy…"

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