January 20, 2023 Special Dispatch No. 10431

Anger In Lebanon At UN Special Coordinator Who Met With Hizbullah Official And Thanked Him

January 20, 2023
Lebanon | Special Dispatch No. 10431

On January 16, 2023 Joanna Wronecka, the UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon, posted a tweet in English and Arabic on her personal account in which she thanked 'Ammar Al-Moussawi, the head of Hizbullah's Foreign Relations Unit, for meeting with her to discuss various issues. The tweet said: " I thank Mr. Ammar Moussawi of Hizbullah for a tour d’horizon on issues of priority for #Lebanon, including the election of a new President, the functioning of state institutions and the impact of regional and international developments on the country."[1]

UN Special Coordinator Joanna Wronecka and Hizbullah Foreign Relations Chief 'Ammar Moussawi (images:,

Wronecka's tweet

The tweet evoked angry responses from many Lebanese, officials, journalists and citizens, who lambasted Wronecka for meeting with the Hizbullah official and thanking him. Many of those who responded wondered why a UN representative was meeting with the representative of a terrorist organization and even thanking him instead of demanding clarifications from him, about Hizbullah's refusal to comply with the UN resolutions that call for its disarmament or about the killing of a UNIFIL soldier by Hizbullah supporters on December 14, 2022. Some stated that she should be ashamed of herself and wondered if she meant to meet with other terror organizations, such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda. Others wondered if she had written the tweet as a tasteless joke or if her Twitter account had been hacked.

This report presents some of the angry responses to Wronecka's tweet by Lebanese politicians, journalists and citizens.

Lebanese Journalist: The UN Is Thanking A Terror Militia; "Replace This Moron"

Shi'ite Lebanese journalist Nadim Koteich, known for his opposition to Hizbullah, shared Wronecka's tweet and commented: "This is a tweet by the UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon about a Hizbullah official, [posted] only days after a member of the international [UNIFIL] forces was killed by a member of this militia. The UN is sponsoring and expressing gratitude to a terror militia." Tagging the UN, its Secretary-General António Guterres and  Wronecka herself, Koteich added in English, "Replace this moron."[2]  

Later the same day he tagged Wronecka on another tweet, in English: "Wronecka is a moron wrapped in an idiot. Ammar [Moussawi] took her for a ride and now she is carrying water for his militia. [That's] exactly what Ammar’s job is… [to] charm idiots like her." [3]   

Nadim Koteich's tweet

Lebanese Forces Party Official: The UN Accepts Hizbullah's Military Presence South Of The Litani

Former minister Richard Kouyoumjian, head of the foreign relations unit at the Lebanese Forces party, headed by Samir Geagea, likewise criticized Wronecka's tweet, saying in an interview with the Saudi Al-Hadath channel: "This tweet indicates that the UN accepts the situation in South Lebanon as it is. Everyone knows that [UN] Resolution 1701 stipulates that the area between the Litani and the international border [with Israel] must be under the full control of the Lebanese armed forces in cooperation with the UN forces [i.e., UNIFIL].  Sadly, everyone knows this [but] everyone wishes to close their eyes to the reality, which is that Hizbullah is [present in that area] with all its gear, weapons and missiles, both on the ground and beneath it… and the UNIFIL forces are hostages of Hizbullah.

"Sadly, [Wronecka's] tweet came after the death, or should I say murder, of the Irish [UNIFIL] soldier who was shot by Hizbullah loyalists or [perhaps] even by Hizbullah operatives. Hizbullah sets red lines for the UNIFIL forces and dictates their [patrol] routes, [saying]: 'You can be here' and 'you cannot be there.' [Hizbullah] is now the decision-maker in that region. [By killing the soldier, Hizbullah] meant to convey a pointed message to the UN forces…"[4]

Former MP: We Demand Clarifications About Wronecka's Tweet Praising The Hizbullah Official

Former MP Fares Sou'aid tweeted in a similar vein: " The praise lavished by the UN coordinator upon 'Ammar Al-Mousawi does not bode well. We demand clarifications."[5]

Lebanese Twitter Users To UN Coordinator Wronecka: Shame On You! Are You Also Going To Meet With ISIS And Al-Qaeda?

Wronecka's tweet also drew fire from many Lebanese Twitter users, who called it a disgrace.

User Maryam Salloum tweeted: "Are you serious[?]! Shame,"[6] and user Silas wrote: "Shame on you!"[7]

Attorney and human rights activist Regina Kantara of Tripoli wrote: "Did you ask him [Moussawi] when they will accept the implementation of UN Resolution 1559???"[8] and user Josian Rizk asked Wronecka: "Did [someone] hack ur twitter account? What’s this silly joke[?]!"[9]

User Enlil also addressed Wronecka, tweeting: "You are supposed to be helping Lebanon not meeting with terrorist organization…"[10], and Elie Al-Hayek wrote: " Are you a representative of the UN? Did you ask him about the young Irish UN soldier’s assassins[?]! What a shame…"[11]

Attorney Joy Lahoud chipped in with the message: "Actually why don’t you meet with ISIS and Al-Qaeda as well and go through a tour d’horizon with them on how states should function and presidents [should] be elected? Did Mr Mousawi also tell you how their favorite sport is to blow up their Lebanese opposants to pieces?"[12] Alluding to Wronecka's words of thanks to Mousawi for "a tour d'horizon on issues of priority for Lebanon," user Daniela Zakher tweeted: "They already took us on this tour and showed us Hell [on] its horizon. Lebanon is a hostage and [UN resolutions] 1559, 1680, 1701 are a joke to them!"[13]



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