May 8, 2015 Special Dispatch No. 6044

Algerian Writer And Politician: 'Hitler Was A Genius'; By Committing Suicide, He Proved 'He Was A Man To The End'

May 8, 2015
Algeria | Special Dispatch No. 6044

Algerian writer and politician Dr. Muhi Al-Din 'Amimour, who has held a series of senior official positions in the country,[1] published an article on December 17, 2014 praising Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. 'Amimour called Hitler's rise from a simple sergeant to German Chancellor a "miracle," praised his success in transforming Germany into a superpower that nearly ruled the world, and called him "clever" and "a genius." He also said Hitler was "a man to the end," choosing suicide over humiliation by his enemies. 'Amimour accused "Jewish organizations" of demonizing Hitler since the 1940s to the point that he became "a global bogeyman" whose name is used as a pejorative and applied to third-world tyrannical rulers. He also accused "Zionist propaganda" of extorting European countries while exploiting their guilt over Nazi crimes.

'Amimour closed his article by expressing hope that someday the world will view Israeli leaders as it now views Hitler, and perhaps even in a worse light.

The following are excerpts from the article:[2]

Jewish Organizations Spearheaded The Demonization Of Hitler

"In recent weeks, a grave illness kept me from my usual occupations, including following world news in the papers and on television. When I felt a little better, I sufficed with watching documentaries on several channels, keeping my distance from the frustrating and depressing daily political reality of the Arab world. The European documentaries [I watched] dealt with World War [Two], marking the anniversary of the Normandy landings. I noticed [in them] something new, namely an increased focus on the vast admiration that the Germans had for him, which often reached the point of deification of the man whom Europe [later] saw as responsible for the worst crimes against humanity [ever perpetrated]. I sensed that the international propaganda machines [that made these films]... have realized that the massive wave of demonization [of Hitler], which has been ingrained and spread, and has ruled the world since the forties - to the point that no one in the world dared to call his son 'Adolf', let alone 'Hitler' - has greatly weakened...

"Since Hitler had become a global bogeyman, it was natural during the age of national liberation to pin his name on any third world leader who went against the will of the new imperialism... Thus the name 'Hitler' was pinned on Gamal 'Abd Al-Nasser and later on Houari Boumediene and even Saddam Hussein and Mu'ammar Al-Qadhafi... Jewish organizations spearheaded the demonization of Adolf Hitler, which is logical since [the Jews] suffered greatly during the Nazi rule; this, without addressing doubts regarding the exaggeration of the death toll, which bordered on an outright lie...

"The Jews weren't just hostile towards Hitler or even the Nazis, but extorted all of Europe, and mainly France, which suffered a severe guilt complex after its liberation in the mid-1940s. This was due to the widespread popular [French] support for the actions of Marshal Philippe Petain during the Vichy [regime], which implemented the German Third Reich's dictate to banish and abuse the Jews. At the time, France sympathized with the [German] occupier more than any other country, [a fact] which Zionism properly exploited."

Hitler Was A "Genius" Who Managed To Imbue The Germans With An Ambition To Avenge Their Humiliated  Country

"However, when something exceeds its limits, it tends to boomerang [and hurt] its creator, and this has been happening in recent years with the Jewish propaganda. [This propaganda] started to anger many, who pondered the nature of the disrespectful pejorative 'the Austrian Corporal,' that the media used to refer to Hitler... and [questioned] its accuracy and the reasons for its use. This led them to the simple discovery that Hitler was a tough fighter in World War One, who advanced from simple soldier to sergeant and even received the Iron Cross (the only medal that Hitler wore his entire life)...

"Many discovered that the shortage of armored forces that Hitler experienced [as a soldier] on the battlefront left a mark on his soul when he became leader, [and that is why] he focused on restoring the German army's right to build armored vehicles - a right that was denied it in 1919 [in the Treaty of Versailles]. [Hitler] personally supervised the instructions given to German factories to construct their excellent tanks - from the Panzer I and its four improved models... to the mighty Tiger, which were a match for the Russian T-34s. Hitler inspired [Wernher] Von Braun, who developed the [ballistic] missiles that served as the basis for jet aircraft technology in the 20th century.

"Therefore, Hitler was not just a soldier who suffered the horrors of war. Rather, he used what he had learned from his wartime experience to imbue [the Germans] with an ambition to avenge [their] country, which was humiliated in the Treaty of Versailles and forced to pay penalties and fines that transformed the Post-WWI Weimar Republic into a ghost state, the German mark into worthless paper, and Bismarck's German [nation]... into a lost people with no hope for a future...

"Hitler was not a mere fool but rather a very intelligent self-made man. He managed to ascend from [the rank of] a lowly sergeant to the pinnacle of the German regime... This is a kind of miracle, which proves that [Hitler] was a genius, who was the first to understand the importance of media in shaping public opinion... and the role of an excellent speaker in forging national will..."

Israeli Propaganda Has Not Managed To Erase Hitler's Role In Building German Might

"People in the West slowly began to understand the foolishness of the Zionist propaganda, whose hatred of Nazism - which is justified in itself - had blinded it. The authors [of this propaganda] did not expect their actions to boomerang against them, [but this is what happened,] especially after the entire world witnesses the atrocities of the Israelis, which are no better than Nazi crimes... Israeli propaganda, which used Charlie Chaplin's bland films [to ridicule Hitler], has not managed to erase Hitler's role in building German might, which was expressed in all fields and nearly took over the entire world...

"The Nazi leader chose to commit suicide rather than to fall prey to his enemies, who might have used his weakness to humiliate and denigrate his people. This leads one to say - regardless of all the accusations that could be levelled at him - that he was a man to the end. He even refused to let his enemies use his dog, so he killed it himself...

"Some may regard these words as praise for a dictator who is cursed by millions, but I hope this will be attributed to the traces of [my recent] illness and my deep sense that someday the world will view [Israeli leaders such as] Menachem Begin, Yitzhak Shamir, Ehud Barak, and others as they view Hitler or even in a far worse light. [And as we] wait for this, the Zionist extortion plan will continue bogging down the Germans and Europeans in general. This is due to the lack of an active Arab role [in this matter]. [As a matter of fact, Arabs too] dance to the beat of the anti-Hitler drums, [and pin his name] on various Arab rulers out of a desire to take vengeance on them or due to a lack of understanding of the events and their background..."



[1] 'Amimour was an officer in the Algerian Liberation Army during the 1965 revolution, a media advisor for three presidents between 1971 and 1984, Algerian ambassador to Pakistan from 1989 to 1992, a member of the Algerian upper house of parliament in 1998, and a minister in the Bouteflika government in 2000-2001.

[2] Al-Sha'b (Algeria), December 17, 2014.

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