May 9, 2007 Special Dispatch No. 1575

Al-Qaeda Deputy Leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri Interview Produced By Al-Sahab Media

May 9, 2007
Special Dispatch No. 1575

On May 5, 2007, Islamist websites posted a video, produced by Al-Qaeda's media company Al-Sahab, of a 67-minute interview with Al-Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri. The following is a summary of the interview.

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"The Empire of Evil is About to End, And a New Dawn is About to Break Over Mankind"

Al-Zawahiri begins the interview by announcing that "the empire of evil is about to end and a new dawn is about break over mankind, [which will be] liberated from the Caesars of the White House and Europe and from the Zionists." He adds that the imminent defeat of the Americans in Iraq and the establishment of the Islamic State of Iraq are important milestones on the way to reviving the Islamic Caliphate.

Al-Zawahiri places the blame for the civil strife in Iraq on those who are collaborating with the Americans against the mujahideen and who are begging the Americans to prolong their stay in Iraq. He advises those who have assisted the "Crusaders" in Iraq and Afghanistan to consider what will happen to them after the Americans leave these countries.

In response to Bush's claims that the Security Plan has begun to produce results, Al-Zawahiri says sarcastically: "I congratulate him on the success of his Security Plan and invite him to have a glass of juice [with me] in the cafeteria of the Iraqi Parliament in the middle of the Green Zone." Next, he repeats his criticism of the Hamas' signing of the Mecca Accord, saying: "It is inconceivable that the unity of the Palestinian ranks should be used as an excuse for abandoning shari'a and relinquishing most of Palestine." He stresses that freedom cannot be achieved without sacrifice, and says, quoting Malcolm X: "If you are not ready to die for [freedom], take the word 'freedom' out of your dictionary."

One of the Mujahideen's Goals Should Be to Attack Western Interests Around the World

In the interview, Al-Zawahiri also calls upon the mujahideen to reform the resistance movement inside and outside Saudi Arabia, and states that this movement should have two main goals: to attack Western interests around the world, and to carry out a massive da'wa campaign with the aim of undermining the corrupt Arab regimes.

Lastly, Al-Zawahiri addresses the various minorities in the U.S., saying that they will benefit from the mujahideen's efforts, since the goal of jihad is not only to defend oppressed Muslims but to eliminate oppression throughout the world. He therefore calls upon all oppressed people inside and outside the U.S. to "embrace Islam, the religion of freedom, and [to reject] tyranny."

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