October 7, 2014 Special Dispatch No. 5855

Al-Jazeera TV Host Ahmed Mansour: Anti-ISIS Coalition Is 'A Crusade In A New Guise'

October 7, 2014
Iraq, Qatar, Syria, The Gulf | Special Dispatch No. 5855

In two articles in the Qatari daily Al-Watan, Al-Jazeera TV host Ahmed Mansour harshly attacked the international coalition against the Islamic State (also known as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria – ISIS), directing most of his criticism at the West, led by the U.S., and accusing it of creating ISIS as a new demonic enemy, after having done the same with the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. Mansour stressed that the coalition's actual aim was to redraw regional borders, and argued that the U.S. is managing the coalition like a publicly traded company whose profits are divided among its members.

In the first article, published September 28, 2014, he wrote that President George W. Bush had "defined the American forces' 2003 invasion of Iraq as a 'crusade,'" and called the international coalition's war on ISIS "a crusade in a new guise"; in the second, published September 18, 2014, he warned that the U.S. will carry out massacres like "its nuclear bombs against Hiroshima and Nagasaki," and others.

It should be mentioned that Mansour also attacked the Arab members of the coalition, but only implicitly.

The following are excerpts from the articles:

Ahmed Mansour (image:

ISIS – A New Enemy Created By The West After The Taliban, Al-Qaeda, And Saddam Hussein

In the first article, dated September 28, 2014, Mansour wrote: "In recent days, the Western media atmosphere has returned to its post-9/11 state. The main topic they are dealing with is the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria – ISIS = the new enemy created by the West after it created the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, and others of their ilk, and marketed them as enemies. [The West claims] that [these enemies] will destroy the West on its own soil, carry out attacks, and bomb trains and planes.

"For 10 days that I was in the UK, the media, and specifically the news, carried no topic other than ISIS, to the point that it might seem to anyone watching and following that, upon leaving their homes or their workplaces, they would encounter ISIS fighters in the streets of London and other British cities carrying knives and slaughtering people in the streets. The fallout of this industry of systematic hatred, aimed directly at an extremist group thousands of kilometers away from Britain, has harmed millions of Muslims in the British population... The wave of this industry of hatred has begun to motivate the West's extreme right wing parties to aim their arrows at Muslims residing in their countries.

"Muslims [represent] the second-largest religion in France and Germany; Western Europe is home to over 15 million Muslims, most of whom are a major part of Western society, observe the law, and work in various fields... The machinery of this industry of hate, that works for political reasons and for goals that serve the major interests of Western countries, could harm these societies in a way that will be very hard to deal with later on."

The Long Term Goal – Redrawing Regional Borders

"The wave of the [current] industry of terror in the British media was aimed at mobilizing [public opinion] to support last Friday's [September 26] British Parliamentary vote on the government motion seeking empowerment for the state to join the coalition against the ISIS demon...

"The war against the Taliban and Al-Qaeda that followed September 11 took place in Afghanistan, far from the Arab world, and quickly spread to Iraq, which was totally destroyed, and then Syria. Later, an opportunity arose to create a new enemy in a new area between Syria and Iraq; now both those countries are within range of the bombings and destruction that will last for years, according to the leaders of the campaign. This lays the groundwork for the more distant objective, namely the partition of the region's countries, which were already divided [by the 1916 Sykes-Picot Agreement].

"I direct your attention to statements by George Bush, who defined the American forces' 2003 invasion of Iraq as a 'crusade.' This definition indicates that ISIS is not the real story, and that what is happening is nothing but a crusade in a new guise."

We Anticipate Massacres Like The U.S.'s Nuclear Bombs On Japan

In the second article, dated September 18 2014, Mansour warned that the establishment of the international coalition would lead to horrific massacres similar to those that the Americans once carried out: "Following a phase of uncertainty, the U.S.'s call for a war against ISIS now resembles the establishment of a publicly traded company: Every day new members join the coalition, each declaring its willingness to take part in the American war effort, whose essence and implementation are still unclear.

"The U.S. has stated that it would absolutely not send in ground troops, but that it would instead make do with airstrikes, and all the partners expressed willingness to participate in them. As we know, ISIS militants are not [stationed] in military bases, and are not an organized army, but are in the cities within civilian populations. For this reason, we anticipate massacres like those that the U.S. has carried out since the beginning of their war on terror in 2001, in Afghanistan and Iraq, and which it carried out before that: [the] bloody massacres [it perpetrated] from World War II and its nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki to the Korean war, Vietnam, Somalia, and more. There is no place [where the Americans] have entered where they have not spread crime, killing and chaos, to the point where [U.S. Secretary of State] Condoleezza Rice clearly spoke of 'Creative Chaos.'

"Briefly, Creative Chaos means turmoil, killing, wars and destruction, followed by a redrawing of the borders of countries or [fragmenting them into] mini-states, [giving rise to] a new reality set by those who created, spread, and kept people caught up in this chaos. Since the ones causing the chaos are the Americans, they announce, by means of 'the public company to fight ISIS,' on a competition between [this company's] partners on the provision of aid...

"The U.S., which established 'the public company to fight ISIS,' looks at the profits, and does not think about the losses. The longer the war, the greater the profit – and [the U.S.] will determine how much [of the profit] the partners will receive, and what the nature of their cut will be.

"Do not expect solutions from the Americans; expect [only] more chaos and destruction."

Uncle Sam in the coils of the ISIS snake that it created (Image: Al-Watan, Qatar, September 28, 2014)

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