November 18, 2003 Special Dispatch No. 611

Al-Hayat Publishes Official Documents From Saddam's Regime On Executions

November 18, 2003
Iraq | Special Dispatch No. 611

Since the fall of Saddam Hussein, documents from his regime are increasingly being made public. The London-based daily Al-Hayat published two such documents, one dealing with group executions and the other with individual executions. [1] The following are excerpts from the documents:

Document 1

The first document, dated May 26, 1988 is addressed to the Directorate of Security of the Suleimaniyya Province (Kurdish region). It states:

"Record of Carrying Out Execution Verdict

"In accordance with the decision by the venerable Bureau for the Organization of the North No. 4008 of 20/6/1987, and to confirm the presence of the accused listed below in the security restricted area during their arrest, and since they are subject to the instructions issued by the venerable Bureau for the Organization of the North, the verdict for the execution was carried out the morning of 26/5/1988 by a firing squad…."

The names of the ten who were executed were listed in the letter, followed by the statement, "Ten accused only."

Document 2

The second document deals with the execution of one individual. It states:

"In the Name of Allah the Merciful

"Mr. Director

"Dear Sir:

"…On 12/9/1988 the leadership of the Suleimaniyya Branch of the Governing Party [the Ba'ath party] sent to us the accused Jamal Ahmad Taha Khan for criticizing the President Leader [Saddam Hussein], May Allah protect him and guide him, and for raising doubts about the decision of the venerable Revolutionary Governing Council issued on 6/9/1988 which includes complete and full amnesty for the citizens of the self-rule area [Kurdistan] and for saying [Saddam Hussein was pressured to issue the amnesty order by Uncle Jalal Al-Talabani].

"His case was brought to the attention of combatant comrade Ali Hassan Al-Majid [Chemical Ali], member of the regional leadership who ordered the severance of his head, the destruction of his home and the arrest of his family, all of which was carried out. It is understood that there is no time limit [for keeping the family under arrest]."

In the margin, it was written that the family should be kept under arrest for six months.

[1] Al-Hayat (London), November 13, 2003.

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