July 10, 2001 Special Dispatch No. 238

Al-Ahram, Egypt's Leading Government Daily: Israel – The Plague of Our Time and a Terrorist State'

July 10, 2001
Egypt | Special Dispatch No. 238

Egypt's leading government daily, Al-Ahram, published on June 23, 2001, a second article by the columnist Mustafa Mahmud titled "Israel – the Plague of Our Time and a Terrorist State." [1] Following are excerpts from the article which is largely based on "The Protocols Elders of Zion.":

"What exactly do the Jews want?! Read what the Ninth Protocol of "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" says: 'We have limitless ambitions, inexhaustible greed, merciless vengeance, and hatred beyond imagination. We are a secret army whose plans are impossible to understand by using honest methods. Cunning is our approach, mystery is our way. [The way] of the 'Free Masons,' in which we believe, can not be understood by those among the gentiles who are stupid pigs…"'

"In order to destroy the gentiles' industry, we create scalping and raise the prices of basic commodities and industries' raw materials. We control the stock market, distribute drugs, and create chaos among the blue-collar workers. We persecute any wisdom amongst gentiles."

"We spread out disputes, conflicts, and hatred between peoples by using harmless organizations such as: 'The Rotary Lyons Clubs' and 'The Jehovah Witnesses.' We seek out and feel what is going on inside people's minds and hearts… We are not talking about harmless organizations here, but about channels of tracking and watchful eyes in every town. The blind public does not notice our methods since they are too busy indulging in their pleasures and lusts…"

"The ultimate goal of the 'Free Masons' is to destroy the world and to build it anew according to the Zionist policy so that the Jews can control the world… and destroy the [world's] religions. Their goal is that there won't be any other religion but the religion of Moses, no other law but that of Moses, and no other book except for the Torah…"

"The eye at the head of the pyramid displayed on the American dollar [bill] is the sleepless eye of the 'Free Masons.' On the other side of the dollar it is written in Latin: "The New World Order" which translates to globalization and all of its disasters. [It seems like] all of their plans are coming to realization. They have fulfilled what they were planning for a long time…"

"For them, all people are beasts and cattle created for them to ride and govern. These are the gentiles, a riffraff which God has created for them [the Jews] so they could lead them, exploit them, and suck their blood."

"The destruction of the Church, the destruction of the Papacy, the destruction of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the destruction of the Dome of the Rock, the destruction of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, are all [a part of] their goals and dreams." The Jewish Karl Marx using his Communism and Marxism… actually destroyed the Church in Eastern Europe."

"However, it did not take a long time to be rebuilt by Lech Walensa in Poland, Gorbachev in Russia, and with the help of Paulus in the Vatican. However, the destruction continued in many different ways. The next step is the destruction of Al-Aqsa and the rebuilding of the [Jewish] Temple…"

"Bush is promising them to transfer the [US] Embassy to Jerusalem as a reward, despite the Christians' and Muslims' will, and despite Arab oil and resources which flow from the Arab lands to the American protector [of Israel] and despite the fact that the Arab market has opened its gates to all imports of the American protector."

"The American policy remains completely blind regarding Arab rights… and Zionism continues to control every decision coming out of the White House."

"In the Talmud, the soul of the Jew is considered a part of the spirit of God, as the son is a part of his father. Every soul that is not Jewish is an evil soul… their paradise is this world's paradise and no one but the Jews should enter its gates. As for the rest of the people - their place is in hell somewhere between the tar and the fire…"

"The property of the Christians is considered by the Jews as theirs or like property without owners. It is permissible for the Jew to deceive the gentile who is a non-Jew…"

"Despite the fact that the Torah contains a thousand pages, it makes no mention of Resurrection, Judgment Day, or of the Hereafter… the Jews erased from their Bible anything that has to do with the Hereafter and turned this world into everything they care about…"

"The same forgery happened with Zionist history regarding Jerusalem, which is presented as the eternal capital of the Jews… and this is despite the fact that Jerusalem, Ur-Shalem, is the ancient name of Al-Quds, which is a Palestinian Cana'anite name. [King] Solomon is the one who had ownership over Jerusalem in order to destroy his rivals, and he is the one who built the [Jewish] Temple… The kings of Israel and Judea never displayed any kind of reverence for the Jewish Temple in their internal strifes. Furthermore, they plundered it during every invasion or retreat. Moses died without setting his foot on the land of Palestine, the land around which the Zionist dreams revolve."

"Regarding Jerusalem, Nebuchadnezzar ruined it, Titus destroyed it, and Hadrian burned it down… and following the massacre perpetrated by the Assyrians, the Babylonians, and the Romans, not much was left but a weak and subjugated minority which lived on flattery."

"The capital of the Diaspora Jews is Europe, and their largest concentration is in Frankfurt, Germany. During medieval times, the Crusaders came in and initiated the religious persecution of the Jews in Europe… The hatred of these Jews was directed in all of its anger and vengeance against the Arabs and Muslims by means of Zionism and its plan to establish "The Greater Israel" on the ruins of Arab Palestine, using the claim that they deserve the land more [than the Arabs do]… and they, the people of Moses, are more deserving of its heritage. The Arabs in Palestine had to pay the price of expulsion, humiliation, and extermination, which happened to the Jews all around the world."

"Israel today is composed of thirteen million Ashkenazi Jews, who came from Germany, and Sephardi Jews, who came from Spain and East Europe, and they are in fact more European, Slavic, or Aryan than Semites. Their ethnic affinity is completely disconnected from the Torah-Semitic origin they claim to be a part of. They are not a part of the Israelites or of Moses' people, but a mixture of Aryan and Slavic nations, and vestiges of former Russian peoples and Czars from the Caspian Sea region… they are not Semites and not the people of Moses… but vestiges and mixtures of all nations, foreigners who have no identity other than that of blackmail, theft, and robbery of property and land [done] with the help of overwhelming American support and suspicious European silence."

"The European support, the American help, and the silence of the French, the British, and the ancient imperialist forces, all hide an internal truth: The fear of an Islamic revival which will undo the balance [of the Middle East region]; this has brought all fronts hostile to Islam to think about a battle region which will be prepared to face the coming overwhelming Islamic wave. Israel is the best candidate for this role according to all, and it is possible that she will be able to face that wave and block it… Hence, it is necessary to help her so she can fulfill this historic role…"

"The Israeli aggression will lead to the opposite effect from what the great conspirators have in mind… the Muslims are not the Tartars of the next generation, they are not a hostile front for civilization, and they are not a racist front like the Jews. Muslims are not against the revival of the European Enlightenment [movement]… Furthermore, the European Enlightenment movement came out from underneath the wings of Avicena and ancient Islamic thought. Islam was mistreated and blamed for things it has no blame for. Israel is the real problem, she is the radical, she is racism, and she is the religious blindness. Israel is the plague of our time…and a terrorist state."

"The dilemma now is… to be or not to be… Unfortunately there is no middle ground… either death or life with all the risks involved. Allah wishes for this clash to happen, as nothing in this world happens without his knowledge or will."

"I tell our Arab brothers: Death is inevitable, don’t die dishonorably… Servants of Allah, hurry up and fulfill your duty… The burden is heavy and the situation is painful. [However], nothing compares to disgrace in the Day of Judgment. Disgrace will not add a single day to your lives, [while] courage will not take away a single moment of them. These are things which were predestined [for us]. The end is eternal life in heaven or in hell. There is no middle ground."

[1] Al-Ahram, (Egypt), June 23, 2001.

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