June 18, 2010 Special Dispatch No. 3043

Ahmadinejad: The Jews Only Seem Human; We Are Advancing Step By Step Towards Implementing Our Plan to Change the World; From This Point Forward, We Will Act to Deliver the American People From Its Dictatorial Government

June 18, 2010
Iran | Special Dispatch No. 3043

In a June 16, 2010 speech in the city of Shahre-Kord, in central Iran near Isfahan, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad reiterated his anti-Semitic world view, calling the Jews the worst of criminals and claiming that they only appear to be human. Ahmadinejad also hinted at his apocalyptic outlook, saying that whoever relies on God's might need fear no one. He added that his regime is consistently and successfully acting to change the world order and spelled out his government's new mission – to liberate the American nation from the "undemocratic and bullying" regime that oppresses it.

The speech, which marked a year since the first announcement of President Obama's call for support of the Green movement – which Ahmadinejad called interference in Iran's domestic affairs – reflected an apparent policy of retaliation for every Western action. This was evidenced in Iran's response to the fourth round of anti-Iran sanctions, which include searches of Iran-bound ships, in which Iranian officials announced that Iran would conduct its own searches of Western ships in the Persian Gulf.[1] In the same vein, in response to U.S. support for Iran's Green movement, Ahmadinejad announced that Iran would act to deliver the American people from its dictatorial government by aiding opposition activities against the U.S. government.

Following are the main points of Ahmadinejad's statements:[2]

Whoever Relies On God's Might Need Fear No One

"...If one relies on God's might, the might of others is nothing in comparison, and they fundamentally have no right to exist. It is not that someone who believes in God and relies on His might does not take other forces into account, and does not fear them – rather, whoever believes in God knows no other might except His..."

The Jews Are "the Filthiest and Greatest of Criminals, Who [Only] Appear to Be Human"

"...Sixty years ago, they [i.e. the West] gathered the filthiest and greatest of criminals, who [only] appear to be human [i.e. the Jews] from all the corners of the earth, organized and armed them – on artificial and false pretexts, fabricating information and inventing stories [hinting at the Holocaust]. They gave [the Jews] propaganda and military backing so that they would occupy the lands of Palestine and uproot the Palestinian nation..."

Our Plan to Change the World Order Is Progressing Step by Step

"[During my China visit], one reporter said to me: Three years ago, the West issued several sanctions [against Iran], and when I interviewed you [then], you laughed; today too, when they issued the [new] sanctions, you came to China... and met with the Chinese people, and you have been laughing from morning to now...

"I answered him, Why must I worry, when we have a plan to change the world, to reshape the balance of oppressive [power] in the world, and [to change] the unilateral and discriminatory world order? And we are progressing step by step [in implementing] the plan, and are glad and thankful to God that they [i.e. the West] are carrying out the operations that we expected. We want to prove to the world that the Security Council has no legitimacy, that it is oppressive and uses a double standard, that it is a tool of the U.S. and the Zionist regime, and that it lies..."

Our Mission Is to Liberate the American People from Dictatorship

"It is God-given that all the anti-human plans in the world, and all the crimes and bloodshed, are being carried out under U.S. government supervision, but that the demand [to stop them] comes only from our nation... This move of theirs [apparently a reference to calls by President Obama to support the Iranian protest movement] forces us to adopt yet another international mission, because today the most brutal dictatorship is being implemented against the American nation, which is subject to the worst suffocation – the press is not free to depict the crimes of Israel and America, nor can demonstrations in response to these crimes be held freely...

"I hereby announce that from this point forward, one of the Iranian nation's main aspirations will be to deliver the American people from [its] undemocratic and bullying government."


[1] Ali Saeedi, representative of Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei in the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), Mehr (Iran), June 16, 2010. Also Majlis speaker 'Ali Larijani, Fars (Iran), June 16, 2010.

[2] Fars (Iran), June 16, 2010.

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