November 3, 2020 Special Dispatch No. 9009

Ahead Of U.S. Elections, China's State-Run Press Agency Xinhua Lists 'Seven Deadly Sins Committed By The U.S. While Threatening Global Security'

November 3, 2020
China | Special Dispatch No. 9009

Prior to the U.S. presidential election, Xinhua News Agency, the official Chinese mouthpiece, published a series of seven articles from October 26 to November 1, 2020, titled "'Seven Deadly Sins' Committed By The United States While Threatening Global Security," attacking the U.S. for endangering global security with its policies.

The target audience of these articles, whose tone is unusually hostile and antagonistic to the U.S., is domestic, not international. The publication shows that the so-called "wolf-warriors" are dominating the rhetoric in the future U.S.-China relationship.[1]

The series of articles was inspired by accusations against China made by White House trade advisor Peter Navarro. On August 4, 2019, Navarro,[2] in a 10-minute interview with journalist Chris Wallace, listed what he called "the seven deadly sins" that China should stop committing before the trade war with the U.S. can come to an end. "Stop stealing our intellectual property, stop forcing technology transfer, stop hacking our computers to steal our trade secrets, stop dumping into our markets and putting our companies out of business, stop their state owned enterprises from heavy subsidies, stop the fentanyl, stop the currency manipulation," Navarro said.[3] A year later, in a tweet on August 25, 2020, Navarro added another sin: "China's 7 Deadly Sins: Hack our computers, steal IP, forced tech transfer, dumping, predatory SOEs, currency manipulation, deadly fentanyl. Now come CCP's 8th Deadly Sin: Killing Americans with a deadly virus. #CCPLiedPeopleDied."[4]

The Xinhua News Agency series – published from October 26 to November 1, 2020 – is divided into seven articles, describing the "Seven Deadly Sins Committed By The United States While Threatening Global Security," titled:

  • "The First Sin Of The U.S. – Interfering In The Internal Affairs Of Other Countries By Showing Its Hegemonic Nature"

  • "The Second Sin Of The U.S. – Wielding The Big Stick Of Sanctions And Disrupting The Global Economic Order"

  • "The Third Sin Of The U.S. – Addiction To The Arms Race Erodes The Foundation Of World Peace"

  • "The Fourth Sin Of The U.S. – Hindering The Process Of Emission Reduction And Harming The Global Ecological Environment"

  • "The Fifth Sin Of The U.S. – Cultural Hegemony Imperils the Coexistence of Pluralistic Civilizations"

  • "The Sixth Sin Of The U.S. – Implementing Cyber Surveillance And Undermining Global Data Security"

  • "The Seventh Sin Of The U.S. – Undermining Cooperation In The Fight Against Epidemics, Threatening Global Health Security"

Below are the seven articles published by Xinhua News Agency:[5]


"The First Sin Of The U.S. – Interfering In The Internal Affairs Of Other Countries By Showing Its Hegemonic Nature"

Anti-Chinese Politicians Had Better Look Into The Mirror And See What They Look Like; Since The End Of WWII, The U.S. , In Order To Consolidate Its Global Hegemony, Has Tried To Subvert Governments Of 'Ideologically Hostile Countries'


"Xinhua, Beijing, October 26 – In a recent article published in Foreign Affairs magazine, U.S. National Security Adviser Robert O'Brien wrote that the CCP's ideological agenda extends far beyond the country's borders and 'represents a threat to the idea of democracy itself.' This false accusation totally disregards history and reality, and is a manifestation of the Cold War mentality. As to who is exporting ideology, wantonly interfering in other countries' internal affairs, instigating color revolutions and threatening global political security, the international community has long reached a consensus. Before saying black is white and accusing others, these anti-Chinese politicians had better look into the mirror and see what they look like.

"When it comes to interfering in other countries' internal affairs and subverting regimes, the United States is the generally acknowledged 'expert.' Since the end of the World War II, the United States, in order to consolidate its global hegemony, has tried every means to subvert governments that are not in line with its own interests or governments of 'ideologically hostile countries.' These include armed intervention, military invasion, economic sanction, cultural infiltration, instigation of unrest and manipulation of election... American scholar Lindsay O'Rourke wrote in his book Covert Regime Change-America's Secret Cold War that the U.S. carried out 64 operations to subvert the regimes of other countries from 1947 to 1989. According to the Manila Times, the U.S. has invaded more than 20 countries or incited regime changes in the past 10 years. The British newspaper the Guardian mocked that even though the United States is so angry at foreign interference, they are the experts at doing it!

"The United States stoked the flames of war in countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, remotely controlled the 'Arab Spring' in Asia and Africa, directed the 'color revolution' in European and Asian countries, implemented the 'New Monroe Doctrine' in Latin America, and engaged in 'peaceful evolution' around the world... People all over the world clearly realize that the ever-so-busy hand of the American hegemony can always be found behind the wars, turmoil and crises of the present-day world. They engage themselves in interventions in the name of democracy and created human rights disasters under the banner of 'human rights.' The freedom that they talk about is nothing but their freedom to alter the political systems of other countries. The United States of today has become the biggest destabilizing factor of global politics."

The U.S., By Capriciously Placing Its Hegemonic Will Above The Sovereignty Of Other Countries And International Law, Will Become Isolated From The World And A Loner Against The Trend Of The Times

"The United States brandished its interventionist club in Latin America. It has spared no effort to subvert the government in Venezuela by imposing sanctions and boycotts, and propping the opposition. This has met with international condemnation. Its prior military interventions in Guatemala and El Salvador has caused decades-long civil wars in both countries, and thousands of deaths. These countries are yet to walk out of such shadows. The American scholar Joseph Nevins pointed out the United States' frequent intervention in Central American affairs has aggravated the political turmoil in the region, exacerbated poverty and crime, and caused large numbers of people to flee their homes. The Central American immigration problem that has plagued the United States in recent years is to a large extent the bitter fruit of the United States' wanton interference in the internal affairs of Latin American countries.

"In Asia and Africa, the 'Arab Spring' has turned into a 'cold winter.' Regional political turmoil continues, social unrest prolongs, terrorist extremist organizations take advantage of the situation, and millions of people are displaced, triggering a serious humanitarian crisis. The U.S. Foreign website commented that it has been a mantra of U.S. foreign policy that 'without the United States, the Middle East would descend into chaos,' but now it seems that 'Washington may be the main disruptor in the Middle East.' In recent years, Europe has experienced the largest refugee flow since World War II. International public opinion generally believes that the root cause is the evil result of the 'new interventionism' implemented by the United States in the Middle East and North Africa.

"In Eurasia, the 'color revolutions' caused great damage to Ukraine. In addition, the intervention of external forces such as the United States has led to increasingly tense regional geopolitical situations, and the possibility of conflicts has continued to rise. Recently, the situation in Belarus and other countries has been turbulent, and the shadow behind it is still the phantom of 'new interventionism...'

"The facts are laid bare in front of our eyes. The hegemonic act of the United States wantonly interfering in the internal affairs of other countries has caused many countries and regions to suffer. The power politics of 'those who follow us prosper, those who oppose us perish' is abhorred by the international community. Which path a country takes is based on its cultural traditions and history, and no external forces have the right to interfere. In today's world, the democratization of international relations is the general trend. The norms of international relations such as sovereign equality and non-interference in each other's internal affairs are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The United States, by capriciously placing its hegemonic will above the sovereignty of other countries and international law, will only become more and more isolated from the world and become a loner against the trend of the times."

"The Second Sin Of The U.S. – Wielding The Big Stick Of Sanctions And Disrupting The Global Economic Order"

The U.S. Has Abused Its Dominant Position In The Fields Of Global Finance And Trade


"Xinhua, Beijing, October 27 – Recently, the U.S. government issued an ultimatum to require enterprises involved in the construction of the 'Nord Stream 2' [pipeline] project to withdraw within a specified time limit or face sanctions, which triggered strong dissatisfaction from its ally Germany. The United States has abused its dominant position in the fields of global finance and trade, wantonly wielding the big stick of sanctions, intimidating and bullying competitors, engaging in unilateralism, and deeming international regulations as nothing, disrupting the global economic order and threatening global economic security.

"The United States wantonly imposes unilateral sanctions on sovereign states and legitimate enterprises of other countries, which greatly hinders normal global economic and trade cooperation. The United States has imposed a series of systematic sanctions against Iran, Syria, Cuba, Venezuela, and other countries, including controlling capital flow, freezing U.S. dollar assets and foreign exchange reserves, and jointly suppressing third parties with whom it trades. These sanctions not only endanger the national economy and people's livelihood of these countries, but also violate their right to freely participate in international economic and trade activities.

"The United States wields the big stick of sanctions, even to its allies. It is precisely because the Nord Stream 2 project is deemed to have an impact on the U.S. natural gas industry and damage its geopolitical interests in Eurasia, that the U.S. threatens to impose sanctions on participating companies. German Chancellor Angela Merkel pointed out that despite the threat of sanctions by the United States, the Nord Stream 2 project will still be completed. German Foreign Minister Maas said that European energy security should be decided by Europe itself. If the U.S. side further sanctions, Germany will take retaliatory measures."

The U.S. Continues To Take Organized And Systematic Economic Steps To Bully Non-U.S. Competitive Enterprises; The U.S. ' Attempt To Seek Private Interests By Means Of Bullying Is Doomed To Fail

"The United States ignores WTO rules and levies tariffs at every turn, frequently provoking international economic and trade frictions and severely impacting the multilateral trading system. The United States imposed tariffs on large civil aircraft and agricultural products of the European Union, imposed tariffs on aluminum products from Canada and unilaterally provoked a trade war against China. It has long obstructed the selection of judges in the Standing Appellate Body of the Dispute Settlement in the World Trade Organization, which eventually led to the suspension of the mechanism... [Ellipsis in original] As for the international trade rules, the United States will use it if it agrees or discard it if it does not. Maximizing its own interests is the only criterion.

"Therefore, the United States cannot hesitate to destroy the international trade system and disrupt the world. According to a WTO research report, the United States has become the largest 'unruly' party in WTO rulings. Two-thirds of WTO violations are caused by the United States. In view of the U.S. practice of destroying the international trading system, Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences Laureate Joseph Stiglitz pointed out that this practice, which is far away from global cooperation and runs counter to international agreements, not only harms the interests of other countries, but also the interests of the United States itself.

"In violation of the principle of fair competition, the United States continues to take organized and systematic economic steps to bully non-U.S. competitive enterprises, severely distorting the global market economy environment and disrupting the normal development of global industrial chains and supply chains.

"In order to maintain its monopoly advantage in the high-tech field, the United States has tried to contain its competitors in the high-tech field. Toshiba of Japan, Alstom of France, Ericsson of Sweden and Siemens of Germany have long experienced their bullying tactics. At present, the United States is repeating its old tricks and unreasonably suppressing Huawei and other Chinese high-tech companies, triggering a 'tremendous shock' in the global chip industry chain. Many international chip manufacturers' share prices have fallen accordingly. UK's The Economist reported that Huawei's American suppliers are also in trouble, and the American Semiconductor Industry Association expressed 'shock and concern' over the government's actions. The United States' pursuit of 'scientific and technological hegemony' is turning itself into a 'stumbling block' to the development of world economy, science and technology and human progress.

"The United States led the design of the post-war political and economic order based on its dominant strength and obtained considerable benefits from it. When the monopoly advantage is fading away and the appetite for 'America First' cannot be satisfied, instead of participating in competition, leading innovation, and defending the rules, the U.S. authorities abuse sanctions and long-arm jurisdiction to suppress non-U.S. competitors and press the 'law of the jungle' upon the world and rudely disrupt the global economic order. At present, the novel coronavirus pandemic is still raging, and the process of globalization is facing headwinds. Only by strengthening cooperation, integrating markets, and maintaining rules can the pie of the global economy grow bigger and bigger. The U.S. wantonly is wielding the big stick of sanctions is against the trend, and its attempt to seek private interests by means of bullying is doomed to fail."

"The Third Sin Of The U.S. – Addiction To The Arms Race Erodes The Foundation Of World Peace"

The U.S. Builds The Matrix Empire, While Regaining The Cold War Mentality


"Xinhua, Beijing, October 28 – Not long ago, the White House rejected Russia's proposal to extend the New START Treaty, which expires next year, unconditionally for at least one year. At the same time, during the general debate of the United Nations General Assembly's Disarmament and International Security Committee, the United States representative made a lot of false claims that the continuous development of nuclear forces by Russia and China threatened international peace and security. It is ridiculous that the United States, which is obsessed with the arms race and refuses to fulfill its arms control obligations, is acting perversely in the field of disarmament and international security, the U.S. also is playing such tricks as 'a thief crying out to catch a thief' over and over again.

"Recently, Geng Shuang, China's Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations, cited ten facts about the United States' perverse actions in the field of disarmament and international security, which likes to hit the nail on the head: Obsessed with military and wars of aggression; regain the Cold War mentality; pursue unilateralism; seek to untie itself; engage in political manipulation; disrupts the strategic balance, block the biological arms control; delayed destruction of chemical weapons; promote Star Wars; and build the Matrix empire.

"Strategically, The U.S. belief that 'if one has no opponent, one has to create an adversary' has always been the tradition of U.S. hawkish politicians. During its history of 240 years, the United States did not fight in only 16, meaning that the U.S. can be called 'world history's most belligerent country.' Today, as the world's number one military power, the United States is calling all kinds of 'threat theory,' advocating the 'war theory' of the most active country. In its latest National Security Strategy and the Nuclear Posture Review, the United States openly positioned China and Russia as strategic rivals, exaggerated external threats, provoked confrontation between major powers, and eroded the foundation of world peace.

"In practice, the United States is the world's most powerful and most advanced country in terms of military power and weapons, and it still obsessed with the arms race. The U.S. military spending is perennially the highest in the world, reaching more than $700 billion USD in 2019, accounting for nearly 40 percent of the world's total military spending, exceeding the combined military spending of the 10 countries ranked behind the United States. Despite this, the United States continues to increase its military spending, with its defense budget reaching $738 billion in 2020, another record high. The United States has repeatedly coerced its allies to increase their military spending, demanding that NATO allies raise their military spending to 2 per cent of GDP, barely inciting a global arms race."

U.S. Unilateralism, Exceptionalism And Bullying In The Form Of Hegemony Are Destined To Be Crushed Under The Rolling Wheels Of History

"In addition, the United States, which is addicted to the armed force and has sought at every period to close the 'generation military gap with the adversary,' keeping 'ahead' is not enough. It must be 'far ahead' to be satisfied. In the past two years, the United States invested $13.7 billion in the development of intelligent technology, and accelerated research and development of laser weapons and hypersonic weapons, declaring that 'within three years, the new concept of weapons to the battlefield' will be in operation. The United States built its military force not only in the land, sea, and air, this year it also formally set up the U.S. Space Force, expanding the battlefield to outer space.

"On the one hand, it promotes Star Wars and is keen on force, while on the other, it pursues double standards and unties its own restrictions. In recent years, the United States withdrew from the INF Treaty, withdrew from the Joint Comprehensive Nuclear Agreement with Iran, cancelled the signing of the Arms Trade Treaty, opposed the Biological Weapons Convention verification protocol negotiations, delayed the destruction of chemical weapons... [ellipsis in original), and adopted a stark pragmatic attitude to the multilateral and bilateral arms control treaty system. There is no doubt that the United States has become the biggest stumbling block in the world arms control process.

"The United States has also put its own 'firepower network' around the world. As of 2019, the United States has established military bases in more than 140 countries and regions around the world, with a total of more than 270,000 troops stationed there. From Afghanistan to Iraq, from the east of the Mediterranean to the south of the Caribbean, the United States is almost always present in conflicts and riots around the world. The U.S. has sought to strengthen its military presence and establish absolute superiority by deploying an anti-missile system and seeking to deploy land-based middle-range missiles in the Asia-Pacific and Central and Eastern Europe.

"The decision makers of the United States should understand that in today's world, peaceful development and win-win cooperation have long since become the general consensus of the international community. The unilateralism, exceptionalism and bullying in the form of hegemony, winner-takes-all approach are simply not feasible and are destined to be crushed under the rolling wheels of history."

"The Fourth Sin Of The U.S. – Hindering The Process Of Emission Reduction And Harming The Global Ecological Environment"

The U.S. Has 'Reversed' Its Response To Climate Change By A Wide Margin, Severely Undermining Global Climate Governance Efforts


"Xinhua, Beijing, October 29 – Several U.S. institutions and politicians have recently slandered China in the environmental field, published the so-called 'Fact List of China's Environmental Destruction,' and even boasted that the United States is the contributor to global environmental protection. Such perverse practices deliberately confound black and white, indicate a new round of playing the old trick of 'a thief crying "Stop thief!"'

"On the issue of environmental protection, who is acting, who is talking, who is making contributions, and who is disrupting the situation? The people of the world have a clear account in their hearts. Numerous facts have proved that the United States is the biggest destroyer of international environmental cooperation and the biggest threat to the global ecological environment.

"The U.S. has 'reversed' its response to climate change by a wide margin, severely undermining global climate governance efforts. As the largest cumulative greenhouse gas emission country in the world, the per capita carbon emission of the United States is 3.3 times of the global average. However, while the United States has wantonly repealed the environmental supervisory regulations at home to unbind the fossil energy industry, it has refused to approve the Kyoto Protocol, resolutely withdrew from the Paris Agreement, denied its own binding quantitative emission reduction task, and completely dissociated itself from the global emission reduction system and arrangement.

"A climate research institute in the United States predicts that this will lead to an additional 1.8 billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions by 2035. As the only party to withdraw from the Paris Agreement so far, the United States has trampled on the multilateral system, using international law and international rules when it agrees or discard them when it does not, which has seriously hampered the global emission reduction process. A BBC article pointed out that the 'retrogression' of the United States will make it impossible for the world to achieve the goal of dealing with global warming.

"The failure of the United States to implement international environmental commitments has seriously undermined the fairness of global environmental governance. Since the ratification of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in 1992, the United States has been slow to implement its emission reduction commitments, and in 2017 it simply tore up its commitments. Since 2018, the United States has refused to fulfill its obligations to submit a 'Biennial Report' and 'National Communication' for three consecutive years. The U.S. has greatly discounted its financial obligations to fulfill the multilateral environmental treaties, and has always failed to pay the arrears.

"Up to now, the United States has historically owed US$111 million to the Global Environment Facility and owed tens of millions of U.S. dollars in dues to the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The refusal of the United States to fulfill its funding commitments has greatly weakened the ability of relevant mechanisms to provide funding to developing countries and has severely hampered global climate and environmental cooperation."

"We Advise The U.S. To Stop Political Manipulation And Malicious Slander... Make Less Trouble To International Environmental Cooperation, And Do More For Future Generations"

"The selective 'absence' of multilateral environmental treaties by the United States has seriously affected the efficiency of global environmental governance. The United States is the world's largest exporter of solid waste and a major consumer of plastic per capita, but it has not ratified the Basel Convention so far, blocking the global plastic waste management and control process, transferring a large amount of junked waste to developing countries, and bringing to the local and global environment great harm. According to an investigation report released by the U.S. non-governmental organization 'Basel Action Network,' U.S. companies are still illegally exporting hazardous electronic waste to developing countries in 2020. In addition, with regard to chemical control and biodiversity protection, the United States refuses to ratify relevant multilateral conventions or protocols, and has been divorced from the multilateral governance system for a long time, fully exposing its indifference to global environmental protection and multilateral cooperation.

"The United States has frequently obstructed international environmental cooperation and severely retarded the process of global environmental governance. Some U.S. politicians have repeatedly published fallacies and openly challenged the international scientific consensus on climate change. The United States has deliberately obstructed many multilateral mechanisms such as the Group of Twenty, seriously weakening the leading role of international mechanisms on climate issues. In the field of environmental funding and project approval, the United States frequently creates conflicts, fabricates so-called human trafficking, human rights violations and other reasons over the years, without provocation, to suppress the projects in the fields of climate change and biodiversity in developing countries. The projects in China, Cuba, Sudan, Equatorial Guinea, Republic of the Congo, and Laos have all suffered unreasonable difficulties.

"The U.S. has its own notorious reputation, but it continues to discredit and slander the environmental protection efforts of other countries. The so-called 'Fact Sheet' released by the U.S. is just a 'Lie Sheet' that can be broken in the face of hard facts. Facts speak louder than words, and justice is in the hearts of the people. The effectiveness and contribution of China in global climate governance are obvious to all in the international community. China completed its 2020 climate action target two years ahead of schedule. Since 2000, a quarter of the world's new green area has come from China. China currently owns more than half of the world's new energy vehicles... [ellipsis in original]. Recently, China announced that it would strive to achieve its peak of carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 and strive to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060.

"The earth is the common home of human beings, and protecting the ecological environment requires global cooperation. We advise the United States to stop political manipulation and malicious slander, shoulder its due responsibilities, make less trouble to international environmental cooperation, and do more for future generations."

"The Fifth Sin Of The U.S. – Cultural Hegemony Imperils The Coexistence Of Pluralistic Civilizations"

The U.S. Attempts To Win Over The Minds Of Peoples Of Other Countries With The Concepts Of 'Democracy' And 'Human Rights' With The Purpose Of Establishing The Dominance Of American Culture In The World; This Kind Of Cultural Hegemony Endangers Global Cultural Security, And Poses A Threat To World Peace


"Xinhua, Beijing, October 30 – Former U.S. National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski once summarized the U.S. cultural expansion strategy like this: 'Reinforcing American culture as the 'role model' for cultures around the world is a strategy that the United States must implement to maintain its hegemony.' American political scientist Hans Morgenthau, meanwhile, explained the underlying logic of the U.S. enthusiasm for cultural expansion with the following statement: 'The successful imperialist policy is not to conquer and control the economy, but to control the human mind.'

"Since the Second World War, especially since the end of the Cold War, the United States, backed by its economic and military supremacy, has exported its American-values-based ideology to the world through cultural penetration. It was an attempt to win over the minds of peoples of the other countries with the concepts of 'democracy' and 'human rights' which in essence serve the American interests. The purpose, of course, is to establish the dominance of American culture in the world. This kind of cultural hegemony undermines the cultural independence of other countries, hinders the exchange of world pluralistic civilizations, endangers global cultural security, and poses a major threat to world peace and development.

"The United States 'embeds' and 'sells' American values and lifestyle to the outside world through film and television products, books, various media and the funding of non-profit cultural institutions, thus creating a cultural and public opinion space dominated by American culture and promoting cultural hegemony. In his article 'The Americanization of the World,' the American scholar John Yemma points out that, with regard to cultural expansion, 'the real 'weapons of the United States' are the movie industry in Hollywood, the image design factories on Madison Avenue and the production lines of Mattel and Coca-Cola.'"[6]

"Countries Around The World Need To Maintain A Clear Understanding Of The Hegemonic Nature Behind The 'Warm' Veils Of American-Style 'Democracy And Freedom'"

"While vigorously promoting its values and maintaining its cultural hegemony, the United States demonizes the history, culture and systems of many other non-Western countries in an effort to make people in these countries lose confidence in their own culture.

"In the 'color revolutions' that have been occurring in many parts of the world over the years, the U.S. has manipulated local media, taken full advantage of the economic and social difficulties of the countries in question, created all sorts of negative news about the ruling authorities so as to make people, especially the young people, lose confidence in their own countries and regard American values as their aspiration. According to Alvin Toffler, an American futurist, inculcating American values in the young people of other countries would achieve 'what violence and money cannot.'

"The United States, by promoting its values worldwide, tries its best to promote in each country a group of people who admire American values in order to better maintain its hegemony in the political, economic and military fields of the world. As the famous American scholar Joseph Nye said: 'The key question facing the United States is not whether it has the most abundant supply of resources in the 21st century, but to what extent it can control the political environment and make other countries act according to the will of the United States.'

"Today, the U.S. strategy of cultural hegemony is escalating with the development of the Internet, and its offensive appears more subtle, more wide-ranging, and therefore more worthy of vigilance.

"For many years, the U.S. has been promoting so-called 'freedom and democracy' in many countries in Europe and Asia, and has helped bring about 'color revolutions,' which has plunged many countries into prolonged political and social turmoil. The United States is forcibly exporting its values and destroying the cultural and political ecology of other countries, thus seriously threatening the cultural security of many countries. Some political forces in the United States are also deliberately advocating the so-called 'clash of civilizations,' and are suppressing other cultures that are 'challenging' its cultural influence.

"The cultural hegemony of the United States poses a great threat to world peace and security and to the healthy development of world civilization. In this regard, countries around the world need to maintain a clear understanding of the hegemonic nature behind the 'warm' veils of American-style 'democracy and freedom,' continuously enhance their own cultural self-confidence, vigorously strengthen international civilizational exchanges, defeat the attempts made by the U.S. to promote its cultural hegemony, allow mutual respect and cooperation to flourish, and make mutual appreciation the dominant landscape on the map of world civilization."

"The Sixth Sin Of The U.S. – Implementing Cyber Surveillance And Undermining Global Data Security"[7]

The U.S. Has Unscrupulously Engaged In Monitoring And Network Surveillance All Over The World, Turning Orwell's 1984 Into Reality


"Xinhua, Beijing, October 31 – the classic novel 1984 by famous British writer George Orwell depicts Oceania, an omnipresent empire that monitors all. Over the years, the United States has unscrupulously engaged in monitoring and network surveillance all over the world, turning the fictitious Oceania into reality. Under the guise of national interest, the United States abuses its technological superiority, violates international law and basic norms of international relations, and ignores basic ethics. What it has done may even be inferior to Orwell's monitoring empire.

"In fact, the United States is the largest and veritable version of The Matrix on the planet. For a long time, relevant agencies of the U.S. government have carried out large-scale, organized, and indiscriminate cyber theft, surveillance, and attacks on foreign governments, enterprises, and individuals. From the WikiLeaks to the Snowden incident, and then to the recent Swiss Crypto AG Encryption Machine incident, this kind of shady behavior of the U.S. has been exposed repeatedly. According to a Wall Street Journal report, a U.S. company with close ties to the U.S. defense and intelligence community has implanted software into more than 500 smartphone apps, tracking the location data of hundreds of millions of users around the world and providing it to the U.S. military.

"In addition to monitoring, the United States has spared no effort to militarize cyberspace. The U.S. military established Cyber Command 10 years ago and upgraded it to one of the top-level joint operations commands in 2017. The 2018 U.S. Department of Defense Cyber Strategy report emphasized the need to wage pre-emptive strikes in cyberspace. Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, once revealed that the United States had developed as many as 2,000 types of cyber weapons, making it the world's number one cyber weapon power.

"What shocked the world was that U.S. not only monitored its opponents but also its allies. It not only monitored so-called sensitive persons but also ordinary people. Even the leaders of its allies were not spared."

The U.S. Should Recognize That The Only Right Way Forward Is To Abandon The Cold War Mentality, And Dismantle The 'Iron Curtain Of Technology' And 'Digital Fence'

"From the perspective of the Matrix approach, China has always been a special attention. Both Formula and Eye of Sauron, cyber-attack organizations backed by the U.S. National Security Agency, have listed China as a key target. According to a report released by China's National Computer Network Emergency Response Coordination Center, the United States is the largest source country for cyber-attacks against China. In terms of the number of overseas computer malware captures, the number of overseas malware control servers, the number of overseas denial-of-service attacks, and the implantation of backdoors into Chinese websites, the United States ranks first.

"What is Washington's fundamental purpose of the establishment of a real version of The Matrix? Spain's El País news site once pointed out that the United States is seeking to reverse its inevitable decline by controlling global information and accurately tracking the ideological trends of the people through monitoring the entire world, which is becoming the most important resource for the United States in global competition.

"Even if the true face of its Matrix has been completely exposed, the United States is still reluctant to abandon its fig leaf, trying to pretend to be a victim of cyber-attacks or even a defender of cyber order, a constantly staged farce of 'a thief crying "stop thief."' In recent years, the United States has repeatedly 'poured dirty water' on China on cybersecurity issues. It has not only no evidence, but also exposed more of its own taint. The German Der Tagesspiegel reported that after years of review, the European Union, the United Kingdom, and German official agencies have not found that Huawei has any obvious 'back door.' However, security loopholes are often found in the equipment provided by American company Cisco, which are more in line with the so-called 'back door' description.

"U.S. politicians have recently encouraged and coerced other countries to join its so-called 'Clean Network' program in an attempt to eliminate Chinese enterprises in the Internet market. Naturally, few people respond to such insidious schemes that disregard the facts and go against the general trend of cooperation.

"The United States acts as a destroyer on the one hand, and a victim on the other. In fact, such acts of the United States have a unified and clear purpose: to suppress other countries by any means and to maintain its own hegemony. In the eyes of those egoistic American politicians, technological competitors from other countries will never be allowed to emerge; otherwise they will employ state power and use various excuses and methods to put competitors to death.

"With its various hegemonic behaviors in the field of cyberspace, the United States has placed itself on the opposite side of global data security and technological development. The United States should recognize that the only right way forward is to abandon the Cold War mentality, dismantle the 'iron curtain of technology' and 'digital fence,' and contribute positive energy to the construction of global cyberspace."

"The Seventh Sin Of The U.S. – Undermining Cooperation In The Fight Against Epidemics, Threatening Global Health Security"

The United States Continues To Be An Ignominious Leader; The U.S. Has Repeatedly Intercepted Epidemic Supplies, In The Manner Of The Wild West


"Xinhua, Beijing, November 1 – As the weather turns colder in the northern hemisphere, the novel corona pneumonia epidemic is rebounding in many countries around the world, and the United States continues to be an ignominious leader – with record numbers of new cases per day and more than nine million confirmed cases, the highest number of confirmed cases and deaths in the world.

"As the world's largest developed country and the country that should bear significant international responsibility for cooperation in the field of global health security, the U.S. government recklessly adopted a policy of doing nothing at home, and it also irresponsibly disrupted the global cooperation in the fight against epidemics. It does not only cost the American people's lives, but also poses an unprecedented threat to global health security.

"The U.S. government threatens global health security, which is reflected in the fact that it has been acting as a stumbling block to international cooperation in the fight against the epidemic and weakening the global anti-epidemic force. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the United Nations, the World Health Organization and other international organizations and institutions have been committed to global epidemic prevention and control and vaccine research and development.

"Just when they need the most moral and financial support, the United States not only cut off the financial support that should be borne, but also owes a huge amount of dues. The U.S. brazenly announced its withdrawal from the WHO, which is responsible for coordinating the global anti-pandemic organization. The withdrawal seriously weakened the epidemic defense line of international cooperation. The United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution in September calling for greater international cooperation and solidarity to combat the epidemic, and the United States was one of only two countries to vote against the resolution. At a time when other countries are desperately short of epidemic supplies, the United States has repeatedly intercepted equipment, such as masks and respirators, ordered by other countries during international shipments. The action of the United States government has been denounced as modern-day piracy for stopping and looting, exactly in the manner of the Wild West."

The Threat To Global Health Security Posed By The U.S. Is Also Reflected In Its 'Anti-Science' Model; The U.S. Suppressed Scientific Voices, Put Politics Above Science, And Blocked Epidemic Prevention Experts Who Dare To Speak The Truth

"The threat to global health security posed by the United States Government is also reflected in its 'anti-science' model, which is encouraging the spread of the epidemic in the United States and around the world. At the beginning of the epidemic, in order not to affect the economic growth in an election year, the White House politicians not only concealed information about the epidemic from the public, but also continued to release misinformation and guidelines in wearing masks, maintaining social distance and other epidemic prevention measures. It is the White House politician's anti-science guidance, which eventually led to a large-scale outbreak of the epidemic in the United States.

"As a medical and technological powerhouse, the United States helped the virus spread around the world. Faced with an out-of-control epidemic, some White House politicians, instead of trying to search for treatment of the epidemic and save lives, have thrown out all sorts of absurd arguments and have done everything possible to politicize the issue of epidemic control. On the one hand, they have suppressed the scientific voices of domestic professionals, put politics above science, and have hidden and even blocked epidemic prevention experts who dare to speak the truth, such as Fauci, the director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases; on the other hand, they are keen to shift blame and responsibility by smearing the WHO and other organizations as well as other countries. The United States government has spread a political virus to mislead international public opinion and poisoned the atmosphere of global solidarity against the epidemic.

"These deplorable actions by the United States government have been widely criticized by the domestic and international communities. After the U.S. government cut off WHO funding, Italy's Health Minister Roberto Speranza called it a 'serious mistake,' stressing that 'this health crisis shows that we need a stronger and transformed WHO, not a weakened one.' German Health Minister Jens Spann condemned the U.S. as a 'setback for international cooperation,' stressing that the fight against the epidemic requires more, not less, global cooperation. Michael Rubens Bloomberg, founder of the U.S. Bloomberg news agency, blasted White House politicians for trying to shirk responsibility for the failure to fight the epidemic, which 'will cause more sickness and death around the world.'

"Viruses know no borders. The out-of-control epidemic in the United States is not only its domestic problem, but also a serious threat to the lives of people in all countries, a serious threat to global public health, and a serious threat to global economic recovery and development. It's time for White House politicians to rethink the misdeeds that are harming others and make changes."


[2] Peter Navarro, the White House Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, is also author of the 2011 book Death By China, Confronting The Dragon – A Global Call To Action.


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[7] To this article, unlike the others, the author's name was added: Liu Shilei, reporter of Xinhua News Agency.

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