October 6, 2023 Special Dispatch No. 10827

In Afghan Taliban Video, Boy Narrates Antisemitic Story: 'Death To The Unbelievers! Death, Death To America! Long Live The Mujahideen!'

October 6, 2023
Special Dispatch No. 10827

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On September 28, 2023, an Afghan Taliban channel on YouTube published a short video of a small boy who identifies himself as Mawlawi Mohammad Ahmad Hamid, the "general commander of the mujahideen" in the north, with a gun slung over his shoulder standing among Taliban commanders.[1] He recites antisemitic and jihadi teachings. Mawlawi is a title meaning "Islamic religious scholar."

The YouTube channel is named "Di Haqaiqo Hindarah [The Mirror of Truths]." Speaking in Dari, the boy narrates a story about a dog being more loyal to his owner than Muslims – who are loyal to unbelievers – are to Allah. He also recites a poem, apparently taught to him by someone else, praising jihad, Islam, the mujahideen, and Muslims, but his recitation is unclear. Mawlawi Amanuddin Mansoor, the general commander of the 217th Umari Corps of Afghan Taliban's Islamic army, sits on the left side of the boy. The video was recorded in the 217th Umari Army Corps in Kunduz Province.

A screenshot from the video.

Following is a transcript of the video, as translated from Dari:

"You Went Through The Door Of A Jew? Think Of Yourself – Am I Unfaithful, Or Are You?"

"Those who reside in paradise are faqir [ascetic, poor] people... These are the people who during their lifetime did not go to the door of an unbeliever, did not go to the door of a Jew, did not eat their food, and did not demand their needs from any unbeliever except from Allah. These are the people – most of whom are in heaven, most of them are poor and most of them are the guests of Allah.

"I will tell you a story... When a person was worshiping God in a cave on a mountain where he had enough food and water, God stopped his food and water for one day, then two, then three days. Because God stopped his food and water, this man went down from the cave of the mountain to a Jewish tribe and a Jewish settlement, and he asked a Jew for bread. The moment the Jewish man gave him some bread, a dog who was following the man started to bother him.

"This man threw a loaf of bread into the mouth of the dog to save himself from the dog, and [the dog] did not bite him. Finally, the bread ran out and the dog did not leave the man alone; and the man said: You unfaithful dog! The bread that your owner gave me is gone. What else do you want from me?

"The dog said: judge whether you are unfaithful or me: I stay hungry for nights, I do not go leave my owner's door. But God, who is the true owner of me and you, is the Creator of sustenance for us. He has not given you food for three days, so you entered the house of an unbeliever? You went through the door of a Jew? Think of yourself – am I unfaithful, or are you?"

"Our Women, Our Sisters, Our Chaste Mothers Go To The Doors Of Unbelievers, Jews, And Christians – For A Little Money, For A Bite Of Haram Food, They Are Being Oppressed"

"Oh Muslims, we do not recognize our original owner... We do not knock at the door of Allah. We go to the door of unbelievers. We go to the door of the Jews. Our women, our sisters, our chaste mothers go to the doors of unbelievers, Jews, and Christians. For a little money, for a bite of haram food, they are being oppressed."

"Death To The Unbelievers! Death, Death To America! Long Live The Mujahideen!"

"Naara-e-Takbeer! Allahu Akbar [Praise Thy Lord, Allah is the Greatest]. Naara-e-Takbeer! Allahu Akbar. Zindabad Islam! Zindabad [Long Live Islam, Long Live]. Death to the unbelievers! Death, Death to America! Long live the Mujahideen! Long Live...

"This is Mawlawi Mohammad Ahmed Hamid, the General Commander of the Mujahideen in the north. Assalam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu."


[1], September 28, 2023.

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