June 18, 2024 Special Dispatch No. 11402

Afghan Politician Muhammad Mohaqiq Criticizes America For Obstructing Anti-Taliban Resistance, Says, In Condolence Message To Hamas Leader Ismail Haniyeh: 'We Ask Allah That This Unequal War Will End With The Victory Of The Palestinian Nation'

June 18, 2024
Special Dispatch No. 11402

In April 2024, Muhammad Mohaqiq, the leader of the People's Islamic Unity Party of Afghanistan, posted two Dari-language messages on his Facebook page. Mohaqiq is a former lawmaker who was involved in the jihad of the 1980s against the Soviet Union.

One message describes a phone call with Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh during which Mohaqiq expressed his condolences the death of Haniyeh's family members, including children, and grandchildren, who had been killed in an Israeli operation.

In the second message, Mohaqiq greeted Afghans on the occasion of Eid Al-Fitr, which in 2024 was celebrated on April 10. He then accused the West of opposing the anti-Taliban jihad. He criticized the United States for funding the Taliban and for obstructing people and movements that oppose the Taliban regime.

Following are a translation of his Dari-language messages:[1]

"We Have Been Closely Monitoring The Brutal War Of The Zionist Regime Against The Palestinian People For More Than Six Months, And This Genocide That Is Being Carried Out In Front Of The Astonished Eyes Of The People Of The World"

"The professor's [a nickname for Mohaqiq] phone message of condolences to Ismail Haniyeh:

"Professor Haji Muhammad Mohaqiq, the leader of People's Islamic Unity Party of Afghanistan and the head of the political committee of the National Resistance Supreme Council for Salvation of Afghanistan, during a telephone call with Ismail Haniyeh, the head of the political office of the Hamas movement, expressed his condolences on the martyrdom of his family members, children, and grandchildren and the oppressed martyrs of Gaza.

"In this telephone conversation, which took place at 11:20 pm on April 15, 2024, Mohaqiq, while expressing his grief on the occasion of the martyrdom of his children and grandchildren and the martyrs of Gaza, said: 'We have been closely monitoring the brutal war of the Zionist regime against the Palestinian people for more than six months and this genocide that is being executed in front of the astonished eyes of the people of the world and it is also acknowledged by the United Nations and human rights organizations.'

'However, some powers supporting the regime deny and whitewash it, which is a source of shame for the champions of human rights, who are often supporters of the aggressor regime. And it is also a source of endless suffering and sorrow for the Muslim nations. We ask Allah that this unequal war will end with the victory of the Palestinian nation's aspirations and the establishment of peace and security in the holy land of Palestine.'"

"Then, the honorable Ismail Haniyeh, while expressing his gratitude for the Ustad's sympathy, remarked that the Palestinian nation invalidated the legendary invincibility of Israel and its supporters in this battle, but they are enduring a difficult time, making countless sacrifices for the freedom of their land. We firmly believe that all these problems will be resolved one day by the grace of Allah and the prayers of the believers. Allah's promise is truth; He has said that the victory of the believers is an immutable divine tradition."

Following are excerpts from Mohaqiq's Eid message:

The American Media Is "Preventing The Emergence Of A New Widespread Jihadi Resistance Against The Taliban Regime And Other Terrorist Groups That Are Directly Or Indirectly Allies, And Have The Same Goals As The Taliban"

"I congratulate all the Muslims of the world and the nation of Afghanistan on the arrival of Eid Al-Fitr, and the Eid [holiday] of Austerity, and I hope that this Eid will be the beginning of new developments and peace for the people of our country. 

"Everyone knows that the root of all the problems and disturbances originates from the rule of the brutal and monopolistic Taliban regime, who rule in a way that makes the life of the entire Afghan nation bitter and destroys all the ways of growth, development, and even living. It is far from them to expect respect for political and civil rights and for human [rights] standards. I hope that the Muslim nation of the country will come to the scene and take control of their destiny by relying on the power of Allah and the authentic and humane teachings of Islam and the Quran, and this real morning will come [when people oust the Taliban], Inshallah [Allah willing].

"Dear nation, today only two things sustain the existing miserable situation: One is the extensive financial support of the United States and its satellites to the medieval regime of the Taliban; it has become clear to everyone that about half a billion dollars are spent on this field every month, as [Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction] Mr. John Sopko, a soldier of the evil American regime, has testified on this issue several times.

"The second is the heavy propaganda support of the arrogant American media in creating a broad umbrella of support, with the aim of preventing the emergence of a new widespread jihadi resistance against the Taliban regime and other terrorist groups that are directly or indirectly allies, and have the same goals, with the Taliban in the country."

"The Amateur Liberal Democrats Who Mushroomed During The 20 Years Of The Republic And Were The Hands Of Foreigners And Invaders Were Hired Against The Religion And Culture Of The Nation And The Values Of Jihad"

"The media army of the global arrogance of the West in this field are within two strands:

"1.The amateur liberal democrats who mushroomed during the 20 years of the Republic and were the hands of foreigners and invaders were hired against the religion and culture of the nation and the values of jihad and resistance of the people of Afghanistan. When the invaders left the country and handed over the country's administration to a terrorist group and their new ally [the Taliban], this group [the rulers of the Republican government], with the stolen funds that they had obtained from all the key positions and sources of the country, settled in the intelligence and espionage centers of their masters in the West. And they still chew the slogans of the occupiers and spread illegal propaganda against Islam, culture, jihad, and resistance.

"2. Some of the agents of the communist coup of the past half century, after their defeat against the mujahideen [in 1989], although many of them honorably admitted their mistake, returned to the ranks of the nation and paid the right of religion with the sacrifice of their lives during the stages of resistance and served their homeland. But some of their vindictive agents, who were consciously hostile to Islam and jihad, and had stepped on the Quran when they committed to their party, still have not stopped being stubborn and are desperately trying to prevent the re-emergence of true Islam in the country's political scene with poisonous propaganda.

"And this infamous strata, this time not under the title of communism, have hidden themselves under the cover of ethnic and liberal democracy slogans, and have taken refuge in Western countries, and only their presence is evident in the virtual world, and the nation knows their faces, and they have no place among the Muslim and mujahid people of the country.

"In the end, while conveying my greetings on Eid Al-Fitr once again, I assure the dear nation that the mujahid anti-colonial men of the country will once again make history in the grand framework of jihad and the national resistance, as it did during the first jihad [against the Soviet Union] and resistance. And if the lawless rulers [i.e., the Taliban] have been given a chance so far, it has been about prioritizing intra-Afghan peace and negotiations, and respecting the public opinion of the region. And if this peaceful phase does not yield results, it will pass to the phase of jihad and resistance, and the tyrant rulers [the Taliban] will regret their unilateral rule."


[1], April 9 and 16, 2024.

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