January 26, 2011 Special Dispatch No. 3538

In Advance of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Iranian 'Adolf Hitler Research Society' Website Shows How Holocaust Photos Were 'Doctored' By the Jews, and Iranian Website Publishes Series by French Holocaust Denier

January 26, 2011
Special Dispatch No. 3538

In advance of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, on January 27, several Iranian websites published articles denying the Holocaust. The website of the Iranian "Adolf Hitler Research Society" ( recently posted an undated article titled "A Reassessment of the Holocaust," claiming that photos documenting the Holocaust were doctored and forged by the Jews. Also, on January 26, 2011, the Iranian semi-official news agency Mehr published the first in a series of articles by French Holocaust denier Robert Faurisson, titled "Holocaust: The Historic Fraud."

The article on the website of the Iranian "Adolf Hitler Research Society" ( stated that Israel and the West are disseminating lies and forgeries regarding World War II and the Nazis' extermination of Jews. To prove its assertions, the website presents what it claims are doctored photographs, accompanied by detailed explanations.

The society's main website contains various pages devoted to Nazism, Hitler's life, the history of the Third Reich, and other topics. It also links to the society's other websites, including a news website (/ and an online bookstore (; the latter claims that it is against racism and is historical, not political, in nature.[1]

The article begins by criticizing the West for commemorating the Holocaust every January 27 with International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Stating that such a practice has no precedent, and that no other historical event is commemorated in such a way, it goes on to accuse the West of bowing to Zionist pressure and propaganda by banning any attempt to question the accepted narrative of the Holocaust. As a result of this ban, it said, anyone doing so is fired from government positions, arrested, prosecuted, fined, or even assassinated. The article adds that unlike the West, the Islamic world has thoroughly and objectively researched the Holocaust, far from Zionist influence, and that this research has turned up ample evidence that the Holocaust is a fraud. The article goes on to question Western accounts of the Holocaust, particularly regarding the existence of gas chambers and concentration camps.

Faurisson's article on the Mehr website claimed that the fact of the falsity of the Holocaust is gradually becoming clearer across the world, including among Jewish circles. Even Zionist representatives, Faurisson said, were emerging from the myths of the Holocaust and of "Greater Israel" – and that these myths, which he claimed were one and the same, would soon be "thrown into the dustbin of history." He said that that the Jews are using the myth of the Holocaust to extort Germany so powerfully that a single German official expressing doubts regarding it could cause the collapse of Germany as a state.

Following are excerpts and photos from the article by the Adolf Hitler Research Society, and excerpts from Faurisson's article, which Mehr presented as "an overview of the historical source of this lie from the era of Hitler and the Nazi government in Germany."[2]

Adolf Hitler Research Society: "A Reassessment of the Holocaust"

"In the world of Islam – from Egypt to Morocco and Algeria in North Africa, from the Gulf states to Pakistan and Central Asia, from the Caucasus to the Indonesian islands, and from Iran to occupied Palestine – the topic of the Holocaust and the slaughter of six million Jews in German prison camps during World War II arouses a great deal of interest and curiosity among people, especially among the younger generation. This attention and curiosity, unlike [in] the West, [where discussions of the Holocaust] generally correspond to the propaganda and claims of the Zionists, is thoroughly scientific, judicious, conscientious, and based upon methodical, fundamental, and serious hypotheses and questions.

"Sound and reasoned answers to the questions below can cut through much of the obscurity, distortion of reality, lies, tall tales, and spurious, fictitious, and counterfeited details, and expose the unspoken truth or the paucity of true [claims] made about WWII. The following is a summary of the hypotheses and questions [in this article]:

· "What [was] the size of the world's Jewish population at the beginning and at the end of WWII? How many Jews were in Europe at that time? During the war, did Nazi Germany have the capability and strength to suffocate six million people within a few years by building special 'gas chambers' and 'human ovens' in POW camps, and to then turn [the corpses] to ashes in special crematoria?

· "Were the German camps really places where people were slaughtered and exterminated? Why didn't any of the sides react to this during the war – particularly the Allies, considering all the intelligence and information they collected via their spies in Germany? Why do none of the accounts by writers and historians of this period, especially memoirs by American and European statesmen, leaders, and senior officials, contain no mention, report, or information about this topic?

· "Why do many of the Jews who lived in the Third Reich territories during the war, many of whom claim to have spent some time in German detention camps and [concentration] camps, show ignorance of these matters? Why is denying or researching the Holocaust considered a crime in some countries, and why are philosophers and historians persecuted and arrested if they deny or denounce the Holocaust?"...

Photos, Captions, and Explanations

The bulk of this article comprises Holocaust photos that are well-known in the West, including some at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, accompanied by captions and text alleging that the photos were doctored or forged and inviting readers to "see and judge" for themselves.

"Photo 1: Titled 'Mother and child killed unjustly in Odessa by criminal groups, 1905,' published by the Jews in Russia"

"Photo 2: Same photo, titled 'The crimes of the German hordes in Poland' in World War I."

"Anti-German propaganda by the Jews and the Allies was instituted in WWI; if the Allies in WWI could doctor photos and present them as fact, they could do the same in WWII."

"Photo 3: Inmates of Dachau camp; all are healthy and apparently well fed. There is no trace of the emaciation and misery that the Allies and Jews always claim was evident."

"Photo 4: Children in a German camp. Amazing, because the Jews have always said that the children were slaughtered immediately by the Nazis."

"Photo 5: Inmates of Dachau being freed. If so many people were freed at one camp, who was killed?"

"Photo 6: This photo is used as proof of Nazi crimes, but the two armed men are actually in Soviet uniforms, and the others appear to be Soviet NKVD."

"Photo 7: Yad Vashem presents this photo as evidence of Nazi crimes, but these are Soviet soldiers in Soviet uniforms. If the Holocaust is an undeniable historical fact, why are they using forged photos to prove it?”

"Photo 8: In this photo we see a Nazi aiming at a woman and her child, while two or three others sit quietly a few meters away. They are probably harvesting vegetables or working the soil, and it is not clear how this Nazi soldier appears in this unrelated photo, and whether he is actually aiming at the woman and her child. This photo is also certainly forged."

"Photo 9: One of the most disgraceful of the Holocaust photos. It is clear that the hands of the two men hanging on the tree are not bound, and it is not clear how they are hanging from the tree. Also, their position is very strange and unrealistic, and they are positioned as if seated on a chair. It is clear that this photo is forged as well."

"Photo 10 shows Hitler's delight about all the dead – but this image of Hitler was taken from a newspaper photo in which he stands with Hermann Goering. An absolute forgery."

"Photo 11: Top right, Horst Geitner, a half-Jewish sergeant who, by his Luftwaffe insignia, probably served in a unit of the air force of Nazi Germany; top left, Werner Goldberg, a half-Jewish infantryman from the German army; center, Bernhard Rogge, a quarter-Jewish high-ranking [German] naval [officer] who was even decorated." [3]

"Under the Third Reich regime, all the religions and groups except the Communists and Zionists were respected. Even half-Jewish and quarter-Jewish individuals were drafted into the Nazi German army. However, Jews and other groups that resisted Germany were treated as enemies."

"Photo 12: Some emaciated people are shown; the images are taken from a photo that included many corpses. The doctoring of this photo is very clear. It should be noted that the emaciation of the people was due to typhus, which also killed many of the German inmates of the camps."

Faurisson: "Holocaust: The Historic Fraud"

Faurisson begins his article by claiming that "Germany, which had been brought to its knees" had no choice but to submit to the "conquerors" [i.e. the Allies], and although at Nuremburg and hundreds of other public trials it was accused of "perpetrating unbelievable atrocities," the Allies failed to anchor its accusations with "one single document of real proof, and no technical or scientific report with professional backing [was cited]."

He wrote: "For 60 years, German leaders and elites have been voluntarily flagellating themselves as the vanquished party. In effect, Germany has no other option, because if [even] one of its senior leaders were to deny the lie of the 'Holocaust,' the Jewish outcries and media revulsion against [this official] would be so great that they would ultimately lead to a boycott of Germany; its stock market would crash and it would march directly towards collective unemployment and perdition."

"[Holocaust] Revisionists Have Proved Absolutely and Indisputably That There Was Not, and Could Not Have Been, Any Order by Hitler Calling For Slaughtering the Jews"

Faurisson asserted that "the [Holocaust] revisionists have proved absolutely and indisputably that there was not and could not have been any order by Hitler calling for slaughtering the Jews. There might have been [isolated incidents] in which German soldiers or officers were accused of killing one Jew – man or woman... and were convicted and executed or punished some other way. This does not mean, of course, that the German army – like all the other armies in the world – did not act with lack of restraint and did not perpetrate atrocities against civilians during the height of the violence – particularly against snipers and partisans. [However,] the National Socialist Party of Germany had no order or instructions regarding slaughtering the Jews, and there was no budget, or office, institution, or figure responsible for implementing such a policy."

"Beginning in the 1980s, Important Historians and Writers – Some of Them Even Jews – Have Finally Noticed the Validity of the [Holocaust] Revisionists' Explanations"

Faurisson continues: "...The time has come to put an end to the wave of accusations, the root of which is the myth of the Holocaust. Beginning in the 1980s, important historians and writers – some of them even Jews – have finally noticed the validity of the [Holocaust] revisionists' explanations, and as a result have abandoned their views about the Holocaust doctrine and the "gas chambers" and their falsity, as well as the claim of 'six million victims.' At the same time, senior representatives of Zionism have been forced to gradually abandon part of their belief in the utopian 'Greater Israel.' These two beliefs, these two myths [i.e. the Holocaust and 'Greater Israel'] which are actually a single myth, will ultimately be thrown into the dustbin of history.

"Iran and its president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are spearheading the attack against this twofold myth, and it must be said that not [only] Palestine, but all Arab and Muslim society, and the entire world, must esteem them [for doing so]."



[2] Mehr (Iran), January 26, 2011

[3] Source for spelling of names: Hitler's Jewish Soldiers – The Untold Story of Nazi Racial Laws and Men of Jewish Descent in the German Military, by Bryan Mark Rigg. 2002, University of Kansas Press.

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