December 15, 2011 Special Dispatch No. 4365

Abu Yahya Al-Libi: Libya's Revolution Will Be Fulfilled With Implementation Of Shari'a; Libyans Must Act Now Or Face Similar Conditions [As Before] For Decades To Come

December 15, 2011
Special Dispatch No. 4365

On December 5, 2011, Al-Sahab media company released a recorded video message by Al-Qaeda commander Abu Yahya Al-Libi, titled "Libya: What Is Intended For It?" Al-Libi speaks about the current, post-revolution state in Libya, focusing on the critical importance of achieving what he sees as the true goal of the revolution - Libya under the banner of Islam. Al-Libi addresses Libyans and urges them to maintain possession of their weapons and establish an independent committee of scholars. Those scholars will have a more proactive political role in any future regime and provide advice to the ruler, as well as a variety of other services, such as reviving an Islamic, jihadi-based education for all Libyans. ...

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