December 27, 2022 Special Announcements No. 1287

2022 Editor's Picks: Top MEMRI TV Clips From The Chinese Media Studies Project

December 27, 2022
Special Announcements No. 1287

The following is a collection of MEMRI TV clips from the MEMRI Chinese Media Studies Project 2022. Producing such content is very costly, and your help allows us to continue our vital work for the Chinese Media Studies Project, which aims to analyze the ideology and foreign policy of today's main threat to the U.S. We are very grateful to those of our valued readers who have already donated this year, and ask those who have not yet done so to please consider making a tax-deductible donation now.

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#9571 – Chinese PLA Navy Aircraft Carrier And Naval Aviation Forces Propaganda Film: We Are Sharpening The Sword

On April 22, 2022, a Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy propaganda video titled "Deep Blue, Deep Blue" about its aircraft carrier and naval aviation forces was uploaded to the China News Service YouTube channel. The video showcases the comradery and dedication of the aircraft carrier and naval aviation crews, and it emphasizes China's determination to have a strong ocean fleet that can strike far beyond China's maritime borders. It is noteworthy that at the end of the video, a mother calls her naval pilot son and urges him to have another baby, in what may be a reference to China's recent revision of its long-standing one-child policy.

#9372 – Chinese Film Fans Anti-American Sentiment During Lunar New Year Holiday

During the week-long Lunar New Year holiday, Chinese audiences flocked to movie theaters to watch a film about the Chinese People's Volunteer Army defeating U.S. forces in the Korean War. Titled "The Battle at Lake Changjin II: Water Gate Bridge," the popular new film is the sequel to "The Battle at Lake Changjin," which was China's highest grossing film of all time. Both films depict one critical battle, the Battle of Chosin Reservoir, during the Korean War. The U.S. forces were surrounded and outnumbered by Chinese forces in that battle and had to fight their way out of a trap the Chinese had set for them.

Three trailers for the movie were posted on the AsianFilmsFan YouTube channel. Two of the trailers depicted scenes from the battle and were posted on January 17 and 14, 2022 and another trailer that was posted on February 6, 2022 featured a Chinese veteran of the battle who shared his experiences from the war. He said: "Our military is now getting stronger and stronger. Long live the Chinese People's Liberation Army!" The Chinese government routinely uses films to fan xenophobic sentiment, and the long-standing American support for Taiwan has made the U.S. a repeated target of such films in recent years.

#9651 – Chinese Journalist Hu Xijin: China Needs To Strengthen Its Offensive Nuclear Capabilities

Chinese journalist Hu Xijin, the former Editor-in-Chief of the Chinese state-run outlet Global Times, said in a video that was posted on June 20, 2022 to the Global Times YouTube channel that China needs to strengthen its offensive nuclear capabilities, which are at the heart of China's nuclear deterrence. He also said that China's development and testing of land-based missile interception systems is a form of strategic deterrence meant to deter a potential American nuclear attack.


#9530 – Chinese Anti-U.S. Propaganda Videos: America Is an "Empire of Lies" on the Verge of Collapse

On March 7, 2022, the YouTube channel of the CCP-run China Daily outlet published a short video featuring anti-U.S. cartoons with English-language captions that mocked the United States for having a "gun culture" problem, for having modern-day slavery in the form of its prison-industrial complex, for the deepening COVID-19 pandemic, for increased social tensions and racism, and for pushing NATO's eastward "expansion" in Europe. It said that the U.S. has claimed to be a beacon of human rights but in reality, it is just a "rusty" beacon. A similar video from March 13 accused the U.S. of being an "empire of lies" and of "hyping up" the impending collapse of China, even though it is the U.S. that is on the verge of collapse. It said that the American media is only interested in making a profit, that truth is not valued, and that U.S. politicians need to know that their lies and their national credibility will go "bankrupt" in the future. For additional videos of this type, see MEMRI TV Clip No. 9452.

#9635 – Chinese Central Military Commission Official Zhang Zhenzhong: We Have Deployed 'Defense Facilities' In Response To 'Provocation' Of Other Countries; The U.S. Is A Source Of Global Instability; The Taiwan Issue Could Spark A China-U.S. Conflict

Zhang Zhenzhong, the Deputy Chief of the Joint Staff Department of China's Central Military Commission, said in an address that was posted on the New China TV YouTube channel on June 12, 2022 that China has deployed "defense facilities" throughout its territory as "necessary" measures in response to "provocative" actions made by other countries. He said that the United States is a source of international instability and the "biggest force" driving the "militarization" of the South China Sea, and he elaborated that the Taiwan issue could easily lead to a conflict between China and the United States if it is mishandled. In addition, Zhang said that China's People's Liberation Army stands ready to "resolutely safeguard" China's sovereignty, security, and territorial integrity "at any cost."

#9858 – Chinese National Defense Ministry Spokesman Tan Kefei: China and Russia Are Jointly Committed to Opposing Hegemonism, Safeguarding International Justice; China's Military Has Enhanced Its Overseas Strike Capabilities

Chinese National Defense Ministry spokesman Tan Kefei said in a statement that was posted to the CCTV Video News Agency YouTube channel on September 30, 2022 that Russia and China are jointly committed to opposing hegemonism and to safeguarding international equity and justice. He spoke about China's participation in the Vostok 2022 military exercises (see MEMRI TV Clip No. 9800), and he praised the military and strategic cooperation between China and Russia. He also said that China has significantly enhanced its ability to take military action overseas. He added that China will continue to carry out military exchanges with more countries with an "open and friendly attitude."


#9835 – Chinese Summer Camps For Kids Provide Military Training: "National Defense Education Starts With The Children"

In summer 2022, various Chinese media outlets shared promotional videos from the "War Wolves Special Training Camp" and the Huangpu Military Academy's "Special Training Summer Camp," which are Chinese summer camps that provide military training for children and youth. The children receive training in wilderness survival, martial arts, drone operations, military formations, and "counter-terrorism simulation operations."


#9392 – Chinese FM Spokesperson Hua Chunying On Ukraine, U.S., And Taiwan: U.S. Is The Culprit Behind Ukraine Conflict, Must Not Harm Chinese Interests In Handling The Issue; Taiwan Cannot Be Compared To Ukraine

On February 25, 2022, the Chinese outlet The Global Times uploaded to its YouTube channel a video of statements made by Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying regarding the Ukraine conflict, America's culpability in it, and the issue of Taiwan. In the statements, Hua said that the U.S. is the "culprit" behind the Ukraine-Russia tensions, that it has irresponsibly and immorally poured "oil on the flame" while "accusing others of not doing their best to put out the fire," and that it should think about how to put out the fire as soon as possible. She said that the U.S. drove NATO's eastward expansion without considering the consequences of backing Russia into a corner, and she criticized American economic sanctions as an illegal and ineffective problem-solving tactic, calling instead for dialogue.

Arguing that China upholds international law and has been acting responsibly regarding the Ukraine conflict, Hua also said that China sees Russia as a strong country that doesn't need China or others to provide it with weapons. In addition, Hua said that in handling the Ukraine issue, the U.S. must not harm Chinese interests, and she warned that it is "unwise" on the part of certain people in the Taiwanese government to "exploit" the issue of Ukraine to their advantage. She emphasized that Taiwan cannot be compared to Ukraine and that Taiwan has always been a part of China's territory, stressing: "Taiwan independence only leads to a dead end." Moreover, Hua said that the West is guilty of causing China "national humiliation" and that NATO still owes China a "debt of blood" for the Chinese nationals who were killed when NATO bombs struck the Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia in 1999. In addition, Hua said that China faces a real threat from the U.S., which she said "wantonly" meddles in its domestic affairs and undermines its security and sovereignty in regions like Xinjiang, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.


#9452 – Chinese Propaganda Videos Accuse U.S. Of Hypocrisy, Profiteering In Ukraine Crisis: If The West Wants To Help Ukraine, It Should Close Its Bio Labs, Stop NATO Expansion

On March 19, 2022, the China Daily YouTube channel published a short video featuring anti-U.S. cartoons with English-language captions that accused the United States of hypocrisy for blaming China for leaking COVID-19 while having bio labs in Ukraine, for blaming China for using hackers while attacking others in cyberspace, and for selling weapons while claiming to defend peace. The video also accused the U.S. of profiting from people's suffering and of spreading lies to manipulate public opinion. A similar video from March 26 mocked the U.S. and the West for "resorting" to sanctions against Russia and accused it of having provoked the Ukraine crisis with its "Cold War mentality." The video accused the U.S. of playing Ukraine against Russia and U.S. arms dealers of profiting from the conflict and other conflicts. It said that America's lies about human rights cannot cheat anybody any more, and that if it wants to help Ukraine, the West should close its bio labs in Ukraine and stop NATO's eastward expansion.


#9617 – Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Zhao Lijian: Blinken's Remarks About Xinjiang Are Flat-Out Lies; America Is Guilty Of Grave Human Rights Abuses – Its Accusations Against China Are Hypocritical

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said in a video that was uploaded to the New China TV YouTube channel on May 31, 2022 that U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken's recent accusations of Chinese human rights violations against Uyghur Muslims in the Xinjiang province are the "flat-out lie of the century." Lijian said that China has already "clarified the truth" on the matter of Xinjiang and that the American accusations only reflect America's hypocritical and hegemonic nature, hurt America's credibility, and enrage the Chinese people.

In addition, he said that America is guilty of enslaving black people, of committing genocide against Native Americans, of having a gun violence problem, of causing over one million COVID-19 deaths, of intervening militarily in other countries, and of creating 20 million refugees in the Middle East. Lijian called on the U.S. to get its own house in order and to stop fabricating human rights issues in order to interfere in China's domestic concerns.


#9559 – Chinese FM Spokesman Zhao Lijian: The U.S. Is The Greatest Nuclear Threat To The World; It Should Irreversibly Disarm; China's Nukes Are for Self-Defense Only, We Have A No-First-Strike Policy

Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Zhao Lijian said in an address that was uploaded to the New China TV YouTube channel on May 6, 2022, that the U.S. has been "hyping up" the nuclear threat posed by China, despite the fact that it is the biggest nuclear threat to the world. He said that the only purpose of America's "sensational claim" is to gain greater congressional funding for its nuclear program. He criticized the U.S. for withdrawing from several non-proliferation agreements and for trying to form an anti-Chinese "clique" with a "Cold War mentality." In addition, Zhao stressed that China has a self-defensive nuclear strategy and maintains the minimum level of nuclear armament to guarantee national security. He also stressed that China has a strict no-first-use policy. Zhao then called on the U.S. to assume "responsibility" for disarmament and to substantively reduce its nuclear arsenal in an irreversible and verifiable manner.


#9874 – One-Man Protest In Beijing: Remove Traitor Dictator Xi Jinping!

On October 13, 2022, footage from an anti-Xi Jinping protest was posted to the @fangshimin Twitter account. The protest took place at the Sitong Bridge in Beijing and involved a fire, banners, and a loudspeaker. The banners read "We want food, not PCR tests" and "We want freedom, not lockdowns." The loudspeaker blasted a recorded message saying: "Students go on strike! Workers go on strike! Remove dictator and national traitor Xi Jinping!" Reportedly, the protest was held by one man, and he was quickly arrested by authorities. It is noteworthy that the protest took place ahead of the CCP's 20th National People's Congress, which took place three days later.


#9584 – China Unveils Zhu Hai Yun Unmanned Ship For Carrying And Deploying Drones, Rumored To Have Military Capabilities

On May 20, 2022, a report was uploaded to the South China Morning Post YouTube channel about the completion of the construction of the Zhu Hai Yun, a first-of-its-kind unmanned ship designed to carry and deploy drones, unmanned boats, submersibles, and other vehicles. The report said that construction had begun in 2021, that the ship is slated to be delivered at the end of 2022 after completing sea trials, that it is 88.5 meters long and 14 meters wide, that it has a top speed of 18 knots, and that it is rumored to have military capabilities. Chen Drake, the Director of the Southern Marine Science and Engineering Guangdong Laboratory, said that the Zhu Hai Yun can carry over 50 different unmanned aerial and naval systems to achieve an "integrated ocean expedition." He also said that it is a beautiful new marine "species" that will be "revolutionary" in the field of ocean observation. Li Xiaorui, the Zhu Hai Yun's construction manager, said that the ship is equipped with facilities for deployment and coordinated control and security of several unmanned systems.


#9949 – Chinese Animation Showcases New Wing Loong 3 Long-Range Drone, Depicts Bombing Island, Employing Anti-Submarine Capabilities

On November 8, 2022, an official animated "promotional video" showcasing the capabilities of China's new Wing Loong 3 long-range combat drone, developed by Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group, was posted to the Chinese-language "Military Fans" YouTube channel. The animation showcases the drone's anti-submarine, anti-aircraft, ground strike, maritime strike, search and rescue, and reconnaissance capabilities. Notably, it depicts the drone destroying radar trucks on an island.


#9759 – Chinese Military Professor Meng Xiangqing: We Will Escalate Military Exercises In Taiwan Strait As Long As Taiwanese Secessionism, American Intervention Continues; We Prefer Peaceful Reunification, But Will Not Renounce Our Right To Use Military Force

Meng Xiangqing, a professor at the PLA's National Defense University, said in an interview that was posted to the CCTV Video News Agency YouTube channel on August 6, 2022, that whether Chinese military exercises in the Taiwan Strait become regular or not depends on whether Taiwan "secessionists" and American "interventionist" forces intensify Taiwanese "separatist" activities or not. He criticized the "salami-slicing tactics" and "two-faced" policies being employed by the United States regarding Taiwan, and he said that China will continue to safeguard its sovereignty and its territorial integrity as long as the Taiwan independence movement continues to exist. He also said that China will continue to improve its military's combat readiness, and he added that although China adheres to the principle of peaceful reunification, it will not renounce its right to use military force if necessary. For more about increase Chinese military activity in the Taiwan Straits, see MEMRI TV Clip No. 9724.

#9713 – Chinese Social Media Users Celebrate Assassination Of Former Japanese PM Shinzo Abe: "Good Death;" "Bye, Sayonara!"

This clip is a compilation of videos uploaded to various Chinese Twitter accounts between July 9 and July 26, 2022 of people in China celebrating the recent assassination of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. One video shows a dance party. An image of Abe shown at the party is captioned: "Universal celebration, rejoicing, good death." Another video shows a group of friends laughing, eating, and taking shots of liquor before a picture of Abe, with one of the individuals saying: "Bye! Sayonara!" A third video shows public performers reenacting Abe's assassination.


#9552 – Chinese Report On PLA Naval Pilot Cadets Completing First Solo Carrier Flight With J-15 Carrier-Borne Fighter Jets: The Next Phase Of Training Will Include Low-Altitude Defense Penetration Tactics

On May 8, 2022, a report was uploaded to the CGTN YouTube channel about PLA Navy pilot cadets finishing their first solo carrier flight on the J-15 carrier-borne fighter jet. Pilot cadet Gao Yuan said that he had been more excited than nervous during the flight. Flight coach Wang Yan said that the next phases of the cadets' training will include flight tactics and low-altitude penetration techniques. The report noted that China's first successful jet takeoff and landing from a carrier took place in 2012.


#9614 – Chinese Students Protest COVID-19 Lockdowns: Down With Bureaucracy!

On the night of May 26, 2022, large crowds of students from China's Tianjin University gathered on the university campus to protest against the university's COVID-19 restrictions. Students at the protest shouted: "Down with formalism! Down with bureaucracy!" Videos of the protests were shared on Twitter by various users.


#9688 – Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Wang Wenbin: The Five Eyes Alliance Is Supporting Anti-Chinese Elements, Working To Infiltrate China, Spreading False Information

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Wang Wenbin said in a press conference that was posted to the China Daily YouTube channel on June 21, 2022 that the Five Eyes Alliance countries have a history of instigating color revolutions throughout the world to advance their goals. He also said that these countries are currently supporting anti-Chinese elements, working to "infiltrate" the Chinese mainland, and spreading false information about China.



#9646 – China Unveils Fujian, Its Third Aircraft Carrier Launched In Ten Years

On June 17, 2022, a report was posted to the CCTV Video News Agency's YouTube channel about the launch of China's third aircraft carrier, Fujian. The report said that the carrier was domestically made and is equipped with electromagnetic catapults and arresting devices. The report also pointed out that China launched its first carrier under 10 years ago.


#9611 – Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi: U.S. Must Abandon Its Cold War Mentality; If They Treat Us Like An Enemy, This Will Become A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

On May 31, 2022, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi spoke at the "Dr. Kissinger and China-U.S. Relations" symposium. He said that the world is faced with new challenges and that countries should join hands in building a world with a shared future and shared security, interconnectivity, development, diversity, and inclusiveness. He said that the United States and China share an obligation to take on this task, but that the damage done to U.S.-China relations by the Trump administration has not yet been repaired. He also said that U.S.-China relations cannot be allowed to deteriorate anymore, and that America must abandon its "extreme anxiety" and Cold War mentality. In addition, he warned that if the U.S. treats China as an enemy, this will become a "self-fulfilling prophecy." Wang's address was posted to the CCTV Video News Agency YouTube channel on June 2, 2022.


#9639 – Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe: If Anyone Dares To Split Taiwan From China, We Will Fight To The End, No Matter The Cost

Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe said in an address that was posted on the CCTV Video News Agency YouTube channel on June 12, 2022, that China would "fight to the end, no matter the cost" if "anyone dares to split Taiwan from China." He added: "This is China's only choice!"


#9525 – Chinese MFA Spokesman Zhao Lijian: If Anybody Is Undermining International Order, It Is America; Ukraine, Iraq, Syria, NATO Expansions Are Examples

Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesman Zhao Lijian said in an April 22, 2022 statement that was posted on the YouTube channel of the state-run CGTN outlet that if there is any country that is trying to destroy the existing international order, it is the United States. He said that the 1999 bombing of Yugoslavia, the invasions of Iraq and Syria, the eastward "expansion" of NATO despite Russia's national security concerns, and the fueling of the Ukraine-Russia crisis are examples of America's disregard for the international system.


#9522 – Shanghai Man Openly Criticizes 'Zero-COVID' Lockdown Policies: I Have No Food, Money Left; You're Driving People To Death, Forcing Them To Revolt!

On April 6, 2022, Chinese journalist Fang Zhouzi posted to Twitter a video of a man in Shanghai standing in the street in Shanghai and openly criticizing the municipal government's "Zero-COVID" policy and lockdowns. The man shouted that he is out of food and money, that he cannot make his mortgage payment, and that his elderly grandmother has been under lockdown for months with nobody to care for her. He shouted: "You're driving people to death!... You are forcing people to revolt!... I can't live anymore!... Let the Communist Party take me away!... What about the common people?... Where is the promised lifting [of the lockdowns]?"

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