December 28, 2018 Special Announcements No. 709

2018 Editor's Picks: MEMRI TV Clips From The Palestinian Media Studies Project

December 28, 2018
Special Announcements No. 709

The following are selected MEMRI TV clips from the Palestinian Media Studies Project (visit the MEMRI TV Palestinian Media Studies project page).


MEMRI TV Compilation (Short Version): Gaza 'March Of Return [Into Israel]' Clips – Calls For Jihad & Martyrdom, Chants Of Anti-Semitic Slogans And Incitement

MEMRI has just released a new MEMRI TV compilation on the Hamas-led "March of Return [into Israel]," including rallies, Friday sermons, children's participation, and statements by activists, scholars, and others. This is the short version.

  • To view the long version of the compilation, click here.
  • To view the short version of the compilation, click here.

To view the long version of the compilation, click here. To view the short version, click here.


Antisemitic Friday Sermon On PA TV: Allah Turned Jews Into Apes And Pigs; Vile Traits Run In Their Genes; Humanity Cannot Coexist With Them

On December 14, 2018, Palestine TV (Palestinian Authority) aired a sermon delivered by Sheikh Osama Al-Tibi at the Taqwa Mosque in Al-Tira, near Ramallah. Sheikh Al-Tibi said that the Jews have not changed throughout history despite Muslim attempts at peace. He said that he does not claim to be able to mention all of the Jews' despicable traits, and that they are accursed, tyrannical, cowardly, and humiliated violators of agreements who spread discord and corruption, conspire against humanity, bare their fangs at every opportunity, and with whom humanity can never coexist.


Palestinian Authority TV – View this clip on MEMRI TV here.


Former Hamas Leader Khaled Mashal Calls For West Bank 'Guerrilla Warfare,' States: 'I Resist, Therefore I Am'

Former chairman of the Hamas Political Bureau Khaled Mashal said that resistance is the basis of day-to-day life for people under occupation, and that just as people say "I think, therefore I am," the Palestinians say: "I resist, therefore I am." Explaining that the abandonment of jihad leads to humiliation and death, Mashal said that resistance is the pinnacle of life.

Al-Jazeera TV (Qatar) – View this clip on MEMRI TV here.


Poem Recited By Palestinian Girl At Gaza Conference: The Wild Apes And Miserable Pigs (Jews) Are Destined For Humiliation, Jerusalem Spits Out Their Filth

During a conference held in Gaza on the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, a Palestinian girl recited a poem that referred to the Jews as wild apes, miserable pigs, and evil creatures destined for humiliation. She said that they are like herds of stupid cattle, and that Jerusalem "spits out [their] filth" because it is a pure virgin.

Al-Jazeera TV (Qatar) – View This Clip On MEMRI TV here.


PA TV Host Dana Abu Shamsiya Praises Palestinian Who Stabbed Israeli Policemen: He Harvests Souls On The Battlefield And Is Desired By The Virgins Of Paradise

During her opening monologue on a November 23, 2018 morning show on Palestine TV (Palestinian Authority), TV host Dana Abu Shamsiya said about Abd Al-Rahman Abu Jamal, a Palestinian from Jerusalem who stabbed four Israeli policemen: "I am a Palestinian lion cub, planted in my land... The blood of the martyrs throws through my veins... I harvest souls on the battlefield. I am a guardian of Al-Aqsa and the [Dome of] the Rock... I am feared by the armies of betrayal. I am desired by the black-eyed virgins [of Paradise]... Liberation shall come at the hands of the lion cubs."

 Palestinian Authority TV – View this clip on MEMRI TV here.


Hamas Official Mahmoud Al-Zahar Visits Mandela's Prison Cell And Says To Palestinian Prisoners: You Will Drive Out The Occupation And Rule Your Country Like Mandela Did

A Hamas delegation visited Nelson Mandela's prison cell in South Africa. In a short video recorded during the visit, Hamas official Mahmoud Al-Zahar compared Mandela's cell to Israeli prison cells. He said that Allah had decided that Mandela would get out of prison in the same way that He decided that the Palestinian prisoners will get out of prison and drive out the occupation.

The Internet – View this clip on MEMRI TV here.


Islamic Jihad Music Video Shows Veiled Women Shooting Guns And Training: We Are Martyrdom-Seekers Defending Al-Aqsa

The Islamic Jihad militant group in Gaza released a music video titled "The Honorable Women of Jihad." The video shows veiled women marching, doing military drills, and shooting firearms while wearing various forms of military garb, and it occasionally overlays with pictures of "martyred" women.

The Internet – "Women's Action Department of the Islamic Jihad Movement's Facebook " – View this clip on MEMRI TV here.


Hamas Leader Yahya Sinwar Flaunts Gun Allegedly Taken From Israeli Soldiers, Saying: Gaza Will Only Give Israel Fire, Martyrdom, Death, And Killing

During a speech in eastern Khan Yunis, Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar welcomed on stage the commander of the Eastern Brigade of the 'Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades, who handed him a handgun allegedly taken from an elite IDF unit during a recent botched undercover operation in Gaza. Sinwar mockingly encouraged the Arab countries to welcome Netanyahu and other Israeli ministers to their capital cities, saying: "From us here in Gaza, [Israel] will never get anything but guns, fire, martyrdom, death, and killing."

Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas/Gaza) – View this clip on MEMRI TV here.


PNC Member Najib Al-Qaddoumi: The Balfour Declaration Emerged From The European Will To Get Rid Of The Jews

Palestinian National Council member Najib Al-Qaddoumi said that prior to the Balfour Declaration, the Jews in Europe "knew nothing but how to make money through trade, schemes, corruption, and so on." He said that Europe and Russia wished that the Jews would leave, and that the Jews took this opportunity to summon the First Zionist Congress in Switzerland, from which "the idea of implementing the Balfour Declaration was born."

Palestinian Authority TV – View this clip on MEMRI TV here.


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas: We Will Continue To Pay The Families Of Martyrs, Prisoners, And The Wounded; There Are Six Million Palestinian Refugees

Speaking at a PLO Central Council meeting, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said that the Palestinian government will continue to pay salaries to the families of martyrs, prisoners, and wounded Palestinians, even if salaries are subtracted from Palestinian money held by Israel. He said that the families are sacred, and stated: "Even if we only have one cent left, it should go to them and not to the living." Abbas also denied the claim that there are only 40,000 Palestinian refugees left, and said that today there are six million Palestinian refugees.

Palestinian Authority TV – View this clip on MEMRI TV here.


Abbas's Advisor Mahmoud Al-Habbash: Women's Mental Nature Cannot Yield An Authentic Testimony In Some Legal Cases

Mahmoud Al-Habbash, an advisor to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, was interviewed on Palestine TV on September 8, 2018. Al-Habbash said that in some cases, a woman's legal testimony might not be enough because her "mental nature cannot yield an authentic testimony."

Palestinian Authority TV - View this clip on MEMRI TV here.


Palestinian Author Adham Sharkawi: Europeans Supported Jewish State To Get Rid Of Jews, Hitler Was Influenced By The Jews' Attempt To Enslave Germany

Palestinian author Adham Sharkawi was interviewed on Al-Istiqama TV network from Oman. During the interview, he said that according to Islam, the Jews will return to Palestine "in droves, so that they could be killed and slaughtered."

The Internet – View this clip on MEMRI TV here.


Palestinian Human Rights Activist Bassem Eid At EU Parliament: Europe Should Cut The Funding Of BDS Like Trump Cut That Of UNRWA

Speaking at the EU Parliament in Brussels, the Jerusalem-based Palestinian human rights activist Bassem Eid criticized Europe for turning a blind eye, for centuries, on the economic plight of Gaza, saying that "dignity can be achieved only via economic prosperity." Accusing the BDS movement of "trying to use the Palestinians in order to gain power and money," Eid said that if Europe cut its funding, like Trump was cutting the funding of UNRWA, the BDS movement would cease to exist within six months.

The Internet – "Eid on YouTube" – View this clip on MEMRI TV here.


Former Hamas Political Bureau Head Khaled Mash'al: We Agree To A State Within The Pre-1967 Borders, But Without Ceding The Rest Of Palestine And Without Recognizing Israel

Khaled Mash'al, former chairman of Hamas' political bureau, said in a September 10 Al-Jazeera TV interview that while the May 2017 policy document manifested a development in the character of Hamas and in its political and ideological conduct, "it did not constitute a renunciation of the past."

Al-Jazeera TV (Qatar) – View this clip on MEMRI TV here.


Palestinian Activist Ahed Tamimi Salutes Hizbullah Leader Nasrallah: We All Support Him And Are Proud Of Him

Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi, recently released from an Israeli prison, thanked Hizbullah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah for his support, after he had said that the position she had taken was "brave and courageous." His words boosted "not just my morale, but the morale of many people," she said, thanking him and wishing him a happy holiday. Her remarks were broadcast by the Lebanese Al-Jadeed/New TV channel on August 22, 2018.

Al-Jadid/New TV (Lebanon) – View this clip on MEMRI TV here.


On Hamas TV, Gaza Judge Omar Nofal Extolls The Six Virtues Of Martyrdom, Says: Jihad In Palestine Is An Individual Duty Incumbent Upon All Muslims

Interviewed by Hamas' Al-Aqsa TV channel, Sheikh Omar Nofal, a judge in Gaza's Shari'a appeals court extolled the six virtues of martyrdom, asking: "How can anyone cling to this world after hearing all of these great rewards?" Nofal said that Jihad is "an individual duty incumbent upon the entire nation."

Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas/Gaza) – View this clip on MEMRI TV here.


Gaza Return March Spokesman Ahmad Abu Rutema Calls For 'Tactical Withdrawal' From The Return March: 'We Have Lost The Battle For Public Opinion' And Must Invent New Tactics

Gaza activist Ahmad Abu Rutema, spokesman for the Return March, said that "we have lost the battle for public opinion in the Return March," and that "there is nothing wrong with a tactical withdrawal" when the path becomes too costly. Speaking at a symposium titled "The Palestinian Cause – Proposals on the Table," organized by Hamas, Abu Rutema said: "The images of torn limbs, wounded people, blood, and martyrs are very painful, and must drive us to reexamine all our tactics and to invent new ones."

Al-Jazeera TV (Qatar) – View this clip on MEMRI TV here.


Palestinian Authority TV Lauds President Abbas' Holocaust Denial Ph.D. Thesis, Terror Attacks Launched From Lebanon

The official Palestinian Authority TV channel broadcast a bio-documentary on President Mahmoud Abbas. The show presented his Ph.D. dissertation from the Russian Institute of Oriental Studies, claiming that he had "exposed the relations between the global Zionist organization and the Nazi regime." In a book, published on the basis of the dissertation, Abbas claimed that the number of victims in the Holocaust was less than one million.

Palestinian Authority TV – View this clip on MEMRI TV here.


Senior Hamas Official Mahmoud Al-Zahar Rejects Colleague’s Criticism Of His Antisemitic Rant: The Jews Corrupted European Societies

During a Hamas parliamentary session, commemorating the 51st anniversary of the 1967 war, senior Hamas official Mahmoud Al-Zahar gave a long list of cases throughout history in which the Jews had been banished from the European countries in which they lived. "These [Jewish] groups corrupted the societies in which they lived through usury, the worship of money, extreme miserliness, and bribery," he said. ​​​​​​​

Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas/Gaza) – View this clip on MEMRI TV here.


Gaza Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony: Kids Stage Mock Military Attack And Hostage-Taking

At the graduation ceremony of the Al-Hoda kindergarten in Gaza, pre-schoolers carrying mock guns and rifles simulated Islamic Jihad militants storming an Israeli building on "Al-Quds Street," capturing a child dressed in stereotypical garb as an Orthodox Jew and killing an "Israeli soldier." To the sounds of loud explosions and gunfire, the children, dressed in uniforms of the Islamic Jihad's Al-Quds Brigades, attacked the building, placing a sign reading "Israel has fallen" in Hebrew and Arabic on the back of the "soldier," who lies prone on the ground, and leaving the stage with their "hostage." ​​​​​​​

The Internet - View this clip on MEMRI TV here.


Hamas Leader In Gaza Yahya Sinwar: We Are Coordinating With Hizbullah, Iran On An Almost Daily Basis

Hamas leader in Gaza Yahya Sinwar said, in an interview with the Lebanese Al-Mayadeen TV channel, that with the help of Iran, Hamas has managed to significantly develop its capabilities. Sinwar added that Iran has provided Hamas's Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades and other Gaza factions "a lot of money, equipment, and expertise." He further said that his organization had "excellent" relations with Hizbullah and that there is coordination on an "almost daily" basis between the two organizations, and described Hamas's relations with Iran, the IRGC, and Qasem Solimani as "strong and warm." ​​​​​​​

Mayadeen TV (Lebanon) – View this clip on MEMRI TV here.


Mayadeen TV Features Gaza Attack Tunnels Of The Al-Mujahideen Brigades

Al-Mayadeen TV broadcast a report on the Gaza attack tunnels dug by the Al-Mujahideen Brigades, the military arm of the Palestinian Mujahideen Movement, a group that splintered from Fatah. Abu Aziz, a militant in the brigades' missile unit, told the reporter, who toured one of the tunnels with the camera crew, that "the enemy will be taken by surprise by our missile and mortar capabilities," and Abu Yunis, a spokesman for the brigades, said that the Palestinian resistance "is ready at any moment, day and night, above ground and below ground." ​​​​​​​

Mayadeen TV (Lebanon) – View this clip on MEMRI TV here.


7-Year-Old Palestinian Girl Rouaa Al-Tamimi Recites Poem About Martyrdom On Radio, Then Addresses 'Accursed Trump' In Meeting With Education Minister

Palestinian girl "poet" Rouaa Al-Tamimi, age 7, appeared on the Ramallah-based Ajyal Radio show on February 7, where she recited a poem about a mother who gives her son a rifle as a reward for finishing his meal. The mother in the poem says: "Jerusalem is ours, Islam is our weapon, and our sons are the ammunition. Therefore, my son, you are a potential martyr." ​​​​​​​

The Internet - "Ajyal Radio and Palestinian Education Media on YouTube" – View this clip on MEMRI TV here.


Bethlehem Demonstration: Effigies Of Trump And Pence 'Executed' And Torched In Protest Of U.S. Freeze On UNRWA Funding

During a demonstration organized by Fatah activists in the Aida Refugee Camp, north of Bethlehem, on January 27, a mock trial was held for U.S. President Trump and VP Mike Pence, protesting the U.S. freeze on its aid to UNRWA. After the reading of the "verdict," nooses were placed around the necks of Trump and Pence effigies, which were hoisted in the air and then torched. ​​​​​​​

Alghad TV (U.K.), The Internet – "Palestinian News Network (PNN) on Facebook" – View this clip on MEMRI TV here.


Fatah Official Muhammad Al-Laham Extols Terrorist Dalal Al-Mughrabi, Suicide Bomber Ayat Al-Akhras: The Martyrs Are More Honorable Than All Of Us

Fatah Revolutionary Council Member Muhammad Al-Laham praised Fatah terrorist Dalal Al-Mughrabi, who participated in the 1978 Coastal Road massacre in Israel, and "all the martyrs, male and female, who are more honorable than all of us."

Palestinian Authority TV – View this clip on MEMRI TV here.

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