December 31, 2018 Special Announcements No. 717

2018 Editor's Picks: MEMRI TV Clips On Holocaust Denial And Praise Of Hitler

December 31, 2018
Special Announcements No. 717

The following are selected MEMRI TV clips from the The Tom Lantos Archives On Anti-Semitism And Holocaust Denial (visit this project page here).

Tunisian Cleric Mounir Al-Kamantar Praises Violent Protest Against Holocaust Exhibition, Says: The Jews Are Prophet Slayers Who Spread Hatred And Corruption

Tunisian Sheikh Mounir Al-Kamantar delivered a Friday sermon in which he said that the Jews were the slayers of prophets, that they "instigate strife, hatred, animosity, and corruption," "profit from usury and forbidden things" and are the enemies of Mankind.

The Internet – "Al-Kamantar on YouTube" – View this clip on MEMRI TV here.


Holocaust Denial On PA TV – Palestinian Writer Hani Abu Zeid: The Jews Colluded With Hitler In The 'False Holocaust'

During an interview on the official Palestinian Authority TV channel, Palestinian writer and political analyst Hani Abu Zeid said that "They used to cry about the false Holocaust in the days of Hitler, the scope of which was not that large."

Palestinian Authority TV – View this clip on MEMRI TV here.


Kuwaiti Cleric Sheikh Jihad Al-'Ayesh Denies The Holocaust And The Existence Of Gas Chambers: How Big A Bakery Would You Need To Make 50,000 Loaves Of Bread?

Kuwaiti cleric Sheikh Jihad Al-'Ayesh delivered a speech in which he said that the figure of six million Jews killed in the Holocaust was a "historical lie," but that Hitler "knew the truth about the Jews" and therefore began "tormenting and persecuting them." "The Jews were banished, tortured and annihilated because of their deeds. They were not banished for being Jews," he said.

The Internet – "Sheikh Al-'Ayesh on YouTube" – View this clip on MEMRI TV here.


Saudi Cleric Muhammad Al-Arifi: The Jews Are Cowardly By Nature; In The Holocaust They Came To Be Slaughtered – Archival

In 2014, Saudi cleric and author Sheikh Muhammad Al-Arifi gave an address in which he cited the antisemitic hadith "The Prophecy of the Rock and the Tree," and said that the Jews were cowardly by nature, as could be seen throughout history – in the days of the Prophet Muhammad, in the Holocaust, and in Palestine today.

The Internet –"Al-Arifi on YouTube" – View this clip On MEMRI TV here.


Iranian Sheikh Sadiq Akhvan: Massacre Of Jewish Banu Qurayza Tribe Is A Holocaust-Like Fabrication By The Jews

Iranian Sheikh Sadiq Akhvan said that no story has led Islamic scholars and historians into a trap laid by the Jews as much as the story of the massacre of the Jewish tribe of Banu Qurayza in Medina, which he said is "another Holocaust-like lie." He said that the Jews are infamous for fabricating myths.

Al-Kawthar TV (Iran) – View this clip on MEMRI TV here.



Jordanian Political Commentator Sufyan Tal: The Holocaust – The Greatest Lie In Modern History

Speaking on Al-Quds TV (Lebanon) on November 11, 2018, Jordanian political commentator Sufyan Tal said that Rupert Murdoch and Alex Springer are prominent Zionists who are recruited to make the world believe Jewish-Zionist lies. He said that the Holocaust is an example of one of these lies, and that it is the greatest lie in modern history.

Al-Quds TV (Lebanon) – View this clip on MEMRI TV here.


Holocaust Denial By Egyptian TV Host: It Is The 'Greatest Lie In History'; Gas Chambers Were Used To Disinfect Clothes

Speaking on the Egyptian Alhadath Alyoum TV channel on January 27, International Holocaust Remembrance Day, TV host Ahmad Suleiman called the Holocaust "the greatest lie in history" and "that nonsense story invented by the Jews" for extortion purposes. He further said that Britain and the U.S. spread rumors about the extent of the Nazi massacres and about the annihilation of East European Jewry to serve their own economic and political interests.

Alhadath Alyoum TV (Egypt) – View this clip on MEMRI TV here.


Syrian Actor Owiss Mokhallati: I'm Impressed By Hitler’s Patriotism; If Only It Had Been Arab Patriotism

When asked on a Lebanese MTV show which historical leader impressed him, Syrian actor Owiss Mokhallati at first declined to say, but then relented and said: "It's Hitler." Following the audience's applause and laughter, he added: "Regardless of the violence he employed, Hitler was a patriot. If only it had been Arab patriotism..." The TV host joined in the hilarity, saying: "We salute Hitler." The show aired on February 20.

Murr TV (Lebanon) – View this clip on MEMRI TV here.


Iranian Researcher Shams Al-Din Rahmani Denies The Holocaust, Says The Jews Control The Oil Industry

In a video that was posted on the Internet on October 6, Iranian expert on Palestinian affairs Shams Al-Din Rahmani said: "We are not saying that we should strangle all the Jews like Hitler, who they claim perpetrated their Holocaust – which, by the way, is an absolute falsehood."

The Internet –"" – View this clip on MEMRI TV here.


Egyptian Journalist Dr. Hoda Zakariya: The Scope Of The Holocaust Is Just A Rumor

Egyptian journalist Dr. Hoda Zakariya, a lecturer on political sociology, said that while "there was some persecution of the Jews by Hitler," the scope of the Holocaust is a "well-known historical rumor." Speaking on the Egyptian DMC TV channel on February 7, she complained that if you "made the mistake" of questioning the number of victims, while in the U.S., you would face trial in the morning, and that "Germany, which is considered the venue of the Holocaust, is footing the bill... several times over, to Israel."

View this clip on MEMRI TV here.


Iranian Analyst Mohammad Sadeq Al-Hosseini: The Jewish State Was Established In Agreement With Hitler And Now The Israelis Are Preparing To Return To Germany

Iranian analyst Mohammad Sadeq Al-Hosseini said that the Jews "were sent to us under the title of the Holocaust" and that "they established the Jewish state in agreement with Hitler," but that now they were "preparing themselves" to move to Germany. "They have bought 800,000 apartments in Berlin, and 20,000 apartments in Hamburg, Hanover, and all the major Germany cities, and the Israeli State Archives are now in Germany," he said, adding that the Israelis all have dual citizenship, "so they face a difficult dilemma."

Al-Manar TV (Lebanon) – View this clip on MEMRI TV here.


Egyptian Historian Bassam El Shammaa To Palestine TV: Jews Carried Out 'Counter Holocaust,' Murdering 60,000 To 80,000 Germans

Egyptian historian Bassam El Shammaa, interviewed by the official Palestinian Authority TV channel, repeated his claims of a post-WWII "counter Holocaust" carried out by Jews against the Germans, in which "60,000 to 80,000 Germans were killed... and 2-3 million Germans were persecuted and tortured."


Palestinian Authority TV – View this clip on MEMRI TV here.


Egyptian Historian Bassam El Shammaa: The Jews Killed And Tortured Germans In A 'Counter Holocaust'

In a TV interview, Egyptian historian and Egyptologist Bassam El Shammaa downplayed the Holocaust, saying that the figure of six million Jews killed was "disputed among historians" and that "at the time, there weren't six million Jews in the world." "How come nobody talks about the 'counter Holocaust'? he asked, claiming that after Hitler's defeat, "the Jews in Europe captured the Germans, put them in camps, and started to kill them." The interview aired on the Egyptian Mehwar TV channel on December 17, 2017.

Mehwar TV (Egypt) – View this clip on MEMRI TV here.


Iraqi Journalist Mahmoud Al-Hashemi: Hitler Slaughtered The Jews Because They Were Using The Black Market Against Him; Shakespeare Shone A Spotlight On The Cruel Jewish Mentality

Iraqi journalist Mahmoud Al-Hashemi said that the Jews had been "vomited by the wheel of history," that they had become "a burden on Europe – and indeed, on planet Earth as a whole," and that Hitler had slaughtered them and "sent them to the grinder" because they were using the black market to prevent others from fighting alongside Germany, against them.

Alebaa TV (Iraq) – View this clip on MEMRI TV here


Palestinian Author Adham Sharkawi: Europeans Supported Jewish State To Get Rid Of Jews, Hitler Was Influenced By The Jews' Attempt To Enslave Germany

Palestinian author Adham Sharkawi was interviewed on Al-Istiqama TV network from Oman. During the interview, he said that according to Islam, the Jews will return to Palestine "in droves, so that they could be killed and slaughtered." Sharkawi said that the Europeans supported the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine to "get rid of the Jews," and added that Hitler's ideology was influenced by the Jews' "attempt to enslave the German people."

Al-Istiqama TV (Oman) – View this clip on MEMRI TV here.

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