Reactions To Putin's Announcement That He Is Running For A Fourth Term
Reactions To U.S. President Trump's Jerusalem Announcement: Hamas, Resistance Axis Call For Violence, Attacks On U.S. Interests; Palestinian Authority, Moderate Arab Countries Express Restrained Condemnation, Hope For Retraction
Russian Analyst Timofeev: Russia Should Lower Its Profile, Accumulate Resources And Only Then Reassert Itself As A World Power
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
Pakistani Islamism – Flowing Into The United Kingdom
MEMRI Jihad And Terrrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Roundup: Jihadi Groups React To U.S. Recognition Of Jerusalem As Capital Of Israel
Palestinian Daily 'Al-Ayyam' Re-Publishes Article From 2012: Better To Respond With Ongoing Negotiations Along With Waging A 'Calm Intifada'
After Trump's Recognition Of Jerusalem As Israel's Capital, Pakistani Historian Mobarak Haidar Writes: 'Muslims Of The World... Have No Religious Basis To Rule Jerusalem'
Palestinian Journalist: Moving The U.S. Embassy To Jerusalem Won't Harm Rights Of Palestinian People
Iraqi Social Media Researcher: Arab Governments Must, Like The U.S. And Europe, Pressure Facebook To Remove Extremist Content
Russia's Federal Investigators Consider Antisemitic Conspiracy Theories In Tsar Nicholas II Murder Case
At Sochi Conference, Iran's Islamic Regime Celebrates Its Triumph Over ISIS, U.S., And Zionism
Emirati Writer Al-Habtoor: Now Is The Time To Make Peace With Israel, In Order To Resolve Palestinian Issue And Join Forces In Fighting Iran
Egyptian Journalist Calls To Stop Incitement To Terror And Extremism On Egyptian Satellite Channels
Russian Military Expert Goltz: Putin Is Trying On Stalin's Yalta Boots
Sinai – A New Arena For The Ongoing ISIS-Al-Qaeda Rivalry
Russia This Week – December 3, 2017
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
Palestinian Reconciliation At An Impasse
Russian Government Internet Portal: Russia And Egypt To Sign Pact Allowing Mutual Use Of Territorial Airspace And Military Bases
Twitter Clash: Saudis vs Palestinians On Palestinian Cause, Palestinian Resistance
Islamic Fiqh Academy Conference In Mumbai: According To Shari'a, Adolescent Schoolboys, Schoolgirls Cannot Attend Classes In Same Building
Editor Of Saudi Daily 'Okaz': Hamas Is Ungrateful, Is Exploiting Palestinian Cause To Benefit Iran
Putin's Syria Illusion: Healing Historical Wounds, Resetting The Course Of History
Accusations Of Responsibility For Sinai Mosque Attack: Qatar vs Saudi Arabia And Egypt
Today Is #GivingTuesday – Please Donate, So MEMRI Can Continue Its Vital Work
Russia This Week – November 28, 2017
Tehreek Labbaik Ya Rasool Allah (TLY) – The Islamist Movement At The Center Of Anti-Government Protests In Pakistan
Saudi Journalist Following Massacre At Sufi Mosque In Sinai: Accusations Of Heresy Against Sufis Stem From Ignorance And Prejudice
Russian Media Comments Following Tripartite Sochi Summit: A New Yalta That Excludes The Americans
ISIS Official Weekly 'Al-Naba' Specifically Mentioned The Al-Rawdah Mosque In Sinai, Site Of The Recent Massacre, As A Center Of The 'Infidel Polytheist' Sufis
Palestinian President Mahmoud 'Abbas Awards Medal Of Honor To Egyptian Writer Mohamed Salmawy, Known For His Extremist And Antisemitic Views
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
Former Kremlin Foreign Policy Advisor Karaganov: We Are In A New More Perilous Cold War
Senior Lebanese Journalist: Middle East Christians Don't Want American Help
Fatah Officials Attend Memorial Ceremony For Perpetrators Of Stabbing, Ramming Attacks
Iran-Russia Relations – Russian Military Expert Goltz: The Kremlin Has Swapped Its Role As Negotiator For Role Of 'Chief Global Pariah'
The Impossible Deal Of The Century
Donate To MEMRI – For Our 2017 End-Of-Year Campaign
Iranian Officials To Europe: Hands Off Our Ballistic Missiles – They're Not Aimed At You, And Can Even Serve Your Security Needs
Kremlin Aide Vladislav Surkov: 'In The Rationalist Paradigm Of Western Civilization, Hypocrisy Is Inevitable'
Article In Syrian Government Daily: Syrians Entitled To Oppose U.S. Presence In Their Country By Every Possible Means
Russia This Week – November 20, 2017
Photo Exhibit At Organization Of Islamic Cooperation Secretariat In Jeddah Highlights India's 'Atrocities' Against Kashmiris
Reactions To The Trump-Putin Non-Meeting In Vietnam
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
Iranian Officials, Press: Trump Didn't Dare To Designate IRGC As Terror Organization
Russia This Week – November 17, 2017
Egyptian Historian: The Missiles Iran Is Providing To The Houthis Also Threaten The Suez Canal; Egypt Must Act To Defend Itself
Concern In Jordan Over Pro-Iranian Forces On Border
Duma Speaker Volodin: 'It Is Unacceptable To Romanticize Revolution'
Officials In Fatah And Its Military Wing In Gaza: We Will Not Lay Down The Arms Of Resistance Until All The Land Is Liberated
Russian Intellectuals' Open Letters: 'Supporting The Hypocrisy Of The Authorities Is Immoral'
Syrian Regime And Its Allies: We Will Expel U.S. From Syria, Even By Military Means; Al-Raqqa Is Occupied By U.S. Allies
Russian Historian Pavlova: The Wall Of Grief Is 'A Symbol Of New Enslavement'
The November 10, 2017 Trump-Putin Joint Statement Allows Iran To Deploy Forces Close To Israel's Border – Posing An Existential Threat To Israel's Security
At The Opening Of Russia's Wall Of Grief, Patriarch Kirill Criticizes The Bolshevik Revolution On Its 100th Anniversary And Warns Against Fomenting New Revolutions
Palestinian Authority Daily: We Will Not Sit Idly By In Face Of Iran's Interference In The Palestinian Arena
Editorials In Pakistani Dailies Examine Implications Of Pakistan Army Chief's Visit To Iran To Discuss Kashmir, Gulf Crisis, U.S.
Russia This Week – November 10, 2017
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
Anti-Iranian Articles In The Saudi Press: The Diplomatic Paths Have Failed; Now The Drums Of War Are Beating Loudly
Iranian-Saudi Conflict Ramps Up: November 6 'Kayhan' Front Page Threatens War On Saudi Arabia, UAE
Francophone Fighter in Syria, Speaking Live on Facebook, Calls for Muslims to Join the Jihad
Russia's Policy In The Middle East: 'We Have Crossed The Rubicon'
Iraqi Elements To Lebanese Daily Close To Hizbullah: We Will Fight U.S. Forces In Iraq After ISIS Is Defeated
In Article On Occasion Of Balfour Declaration Centenary, Palestinian Authority President 'Abbas Says Any Final Resolution Of Palestinian-Israeli Conflict Must Include Implementation Of UN Resolution 194 'To Restore Palestine Refugees To Their Homes'
Following Arrests Of Saudi Princes, Pakistani Urdu Media Express Concern About Saudi Instability And Its Benefits For Iran
Iranian Regime Marks Anniversary Of 1979 U.S. Embassy Takeover, Threatens Missile Strikes On U.S. Forces
The Improbable Candidates Contesting Russia's Presidential Elections
Egyptian Writer Praises Antisemitic Egyptian Television Drama Series 'Horseman Without A Horse' Based On 'Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion'
Russian Media Outlet RBC Publishes Investigative Report: How The 'Troll Factory' Worked During The U.S. Election
MEMRI Board Of Advisors Member And Academic Advisor To Yad Vashem Prof. Yehuda Bauer: 'We're Fighting Radicals, Not Muslims'
Fatah Official: Israel Responsible For Har Adar Attack; We Are Committed To Ongoing Struggle
Russian Political Analyst Krasheninnikov: New Rules In The Russian Political Game
Saudi King Lifts Ban On Women Driving: Over A Decade Of MEMRI Reports And Clips On The Issue Of The Ban
Official Russian Reactions To The German Elections
Sudanese Cleric Defends Investment Minister's Call To Normalize Relations With Israel
Russia This Week – September 25, 2017
Following Death Of Former Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mahdi 'Akef: Translations Of His Statements 2004-2011– From The MEMRI Archives
Journalist Affiliated With Iranian IRGC Reviews Iran's Seven Types Of Missiles That Can Target Israel
Egyptian-Canadian Writer Said Shoaib: 'Our Conflict With Israel Is Mostly Religious' – Otherwise We'd Be Treating Iran Like We Treat Israel; Only Muslims Take Pride In 'Their Colonialist Crimes'; 'The Reforms In The Jewish Religion Improved It'
Pro-Rohingya Protests In Russia: A Political Vehicle For Kadyrov? – Part II
Pro-Rohingya Protests In Russia: A Political Vehicle For Kadyrov? – Part I
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
Protest Poem By Palestinian Poet Decries Oppression Of Women
'Abbas Ahead Of UNGA Speech: I Will Continue Payments To Families Of Prisoners And Martyrs
Saudi Columnist In Exceptional Commentary On Saudi Regime's Efforts To Silence 'September 15 Movement': It's A Mistake To Restrict Citizens' Freedom Of Thought
Iranian Regime Officials: We Will Not Allow IAEA To Enter Iranian Military Sites; 'The Claim Of Such A Right Is Fabricated By [IAEA Director] Amano Himself'
Russia This Week – September 19, 2017
Senior 'Al-Hayat' Columnist Raghida Dergham: U.S. Acquiesces As Russia Redraws Map Of Middle East And Iran Expands Its Influence; Trump Administration Is Continuing Obama's Middle East Policy
Russian Analyst Suslov: Trump's Obamaism Without Obama
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
Palestinian Authority Information Ministry: There Will Be No Palestinian Concessions On Right Of Return
Zapad-2017 Exercises An Embarrassment For Belarus As Fictional State Achieves A Life Of Its Own
Arab Journalists Ridicule Claim That Hurricane Irma Is Divine Punishment, Call For Solidarity With The American People
The Rise and Fall of Al-Qaeda's 'Al-Sahab' Media Wing and its American Architect
'Kommersant' Columnist Yusin: The N. Korean Nuclear Crisis Proved To Be Quite Timely For Moscow
The Story Behind The Handshake
Will Of Palestinian Stabbing Attacker Qatiba Zahran Reveals He Set Out To Die As A Martyr – But PA Claims He Was Executed By Israel In Cold Blood
Marking 9/11 Anniversary, IRGC-Affiliated Iranian Daily States: 'No Need To Fear The Roar Of A Paper Tiger'
Russia This Week – September 12, 2017
Palestinian Education Minister Sabri Saidam: Palestinian Authority Will Provide Textbooks To School In Jaffa, Is Willing To Provide Textbooks To All Israeli Arabs
Can The Putin-Medvedev Tandem Endure?
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
Editor's Picks: Clips From The MEMRI 9/11 Archives Series
Historic July 2014 Sermon By ISIS Leader Al-Baghdadi At Mosul's Al-Nuri Mosque Is Still Online On Qatar's Al-Jazeera TV Channel On YouTube
Fatah Central Committee Member Honors Mother Of Three Palestinian Islamic Jihad 'Martyrs,' Praises Family's 'Pioneering Role'
Russia Reacts To U.S. Authorities' Seizure Of Russian Diplomatic Facilities – Putin: 'It Is Difficult To Talk To People [Americans] Who Confuse Austria And Australia'
Syrian-Palestinian Philosopher: Iran, Hizbullah Use Slogan Of Resistance Against Israel As Cover For Their War On Sunni Arabs
Russia's Orbit – Russian Anti-Liberal Philosopher Dugin: Serbs Must Ally With Russia To Salvage Sovereignty And Territorial Integrity
Egyptian Culture Minister: The Jihadi Notion Of 'Takfir' Is Similar To Hitler's Nazi Ideas
Former Ambassador To Syria Robert Ford In Interview To UAE Daily: Assad Has Won
Russia This Week – September 4, 2017
Iraqi PM Protests Hizbullah-ISIS Deal, Ignites Controversy Within Resistance Camp
Putin's Possible Successors Rated
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
American Muslims Should Expose And Challenge Hate Preaching And Radical Imams
Reactions To House Arrest Of Prominent Russian Stage And Film Director Serebrennikov
Sudanese Investment Minister: Normalization With Israel Isn't 'Such A Big Deal'; Sudanese Cleric: Shari'a Permits It
Moroccan Weekly Attacks Local Christians: They Provoke Terrorism
California Imam Exposed By MEMRI Retracts His Antisemitic Statements
Panelist On Jordanian TV Antisemitic Special On Rothschilds Ruling The World, Assassinating U.S. Presidents Discovered By MEMRI To Be On FBI's Most Wanted List For Fraud
Palestinian Media Stresses: President Mahmoud 'Abbas Refuses To Halt Payments To Prisoners, Families Of Martyrs
Anatoly Antonov, Russia's New Ambassador To The U.S.
Official Russian Reactions To U.S. Decision On Suspension Of Consular Non-Immigrant Visa Operations
Russia This Week (Foreign) – August 14-21, 2017
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
With Saudi-Iraqi Rapprochement, Saudi Columnists Welcome Iraq Back Into Arab Fold
Russia This Week – August 17-24, 2017
Arab Journalists Respond To Barcelona Attack: 'We Must Take A Firm Decision' To Oppose Terrorism – Otherwise 'It Will Be Unreasonable To Ask Why They Hate Us'
Russian Independent Media Outlet 'Western Far-Right Groups Started Migrating To The Russian Internet'
Kremlin Opponent Khodorkovsky: A Russian Civil Society Weakened By Sanctions Would Likely Turn To Another 'Leader Figure' In A Post-Putin Scenario
Russian Media Outlet 'How Donald Trump Has Become A Problem for Russia'
ISIS Claims Responsibility For Stabbing Attack In Surgut, Russia
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
ISIS Threats To Spain Posted By MEMRI's Jihad and Terror Threat Monitor (JTTM) Project
Russia's Orbit – Russia's Deputy PM Rogozin Declared Persona Non Grata In Moldova
ISIS's Increasing Online Outreach In Spanish, Threats To Spain, In Report Posted by MEMRI's Jihad and Terror Threat Monitor (JTTM) Project In April 2017
'Al-Sharq Al-Awsat' Editor Ghassan Charbel: Defeating ISIS Requires Learning To Coexist With The Other
Russia's New Naval Policy: Making A Statement Or Pre-Budget Debate Skirmishing
Jordanian Writer: Arabs' Tendency To Believe In Conspiracy Theories Prevents Internal Reform
University Diploma Conferment Ceremony Sponsored By Palestinian President 'Abbas, Attended By Palestinian Authority Officials Also Honors One Of Israeli Minister Rehavam Ze'evi's Assassins
Arab Journalists Condemn Al-Aqsa Attack: The Palestinians Must Abandon The Path Of Violence
The Battle for Reforms and Civil Society in Syria - Part II
The Battle for Reforms and Civil Society in Syria - Part I
Changes in Egyptian Policy Towards Israel
Palestinian Alternatives to the Oslo Process
'The Intifada of Al-Aqsa'
The Formulae for a Settlement in Jerusalem
New Positions in the Concluding Statement of the Organization of Islamic States' 'Jerusalem Committee'
Developments in Egyptian-Iranian Relations, Part II: Egyptian Concerns and Ambitions
Developments in Egyptian-Iranian Relations, Part I: An Apprehensive Rapprochment
Camp David and the Prospects for a Final Settlement, Part II: Reactions and Implications
Camp David and the Prospects for a Final Settlement, Part I: Israeli, Palestinian, and American Positions
Arrest of a Leading Egyptian Human Rights Activist Part I: Underlying Issues
Arrest of a Leading Egyptian Human Rights Activist Part II: Egyptian and American Reactions
Egpyt's Succession, Part II: Does Gamal Mubarak Have a Chance?
Egypt's Succession, Part I: Will Egypt Follow Syria's Precedent?
Palestinian Strategies at the Camp David Summit
Lebanon and the Armed Struggle after Israel's Withdrawal
The Shuhada Cult of Martyrdom in Islamic Jihad
Syria’s Approach to Peace, Security, and Normalization with Israel
Israel-Syrian Negotiations, Part II: Syrian and Israeli Strategies.
Israel-Syrian Negotiations, Part I: From Hope to Impasse
The Palestinian Discussion of Israel's Elections - Part II: Possible Strategies in Response to Barak
The Palestinian Discussion of Israel's Elections - Part I: Barak's Image, Perceptions and Concerns
Changes in the EU's Positions on Jerusalem and the Palestinian State
Jordanian Policies on the Palestinian Problem - Part II: Developments Since the Death of King Hussein
Jordanian Policies on the Palestinian Problem - Part I: Relations During the Reign of King Hussein
Developments in the American-Palestinian Relations
The PA Economy (II)
The PA Economy (I)
The Independent Palestinian State and the Partition Resolution of 1947
Palestinian Positions toward Israeli Peace Movements and Normalization with Israel
Reshuffling in the Palestinian Authority Cabinet
Palestinian Preacher in Al-Aqsa Mosque Address: Jihad Will Continue as Long as There Are Infidels Not Ruled by Islam
Egyptian Human Rights Activist Demonstrates on Dolls How Men Harass Women, and Vice Versa
Sheikh of Al-Azhar on Jewish-Muslim Animosity: The Jews Started It
Former Imam of Mecca's Great Mosque Adel Al-Kalbani: The Shiite Scholars Are Heretics; "Salafi Seed" Gave Rise to ISIS (Archival)
Osama Bin Laden's Son Hamza Calls For 'Martyrdom ‎Seekers' In The West To Target Jewish Interests, Americans, ‎NATO Member States, And Russia
Fatah Official Abbas Zaki to Palestinian Officers: You Shall Liberate Jerusalem and Rule the World; Israelis Are Donkeys; ISIS Should Have Attacked in Israel
Kuwaiti Journalist: No "Essence of Freedom" in Islam; the Brainwashed Islamic Peoples Are Time Bombs
Russian TV News Item On Rothschild Family Uses Nazi Footage
Copenhagen Friday Sermon: Imam Cites Antisemitic Hadith, Says: Soon Caliphate Will Uproot Colonialist, Crusader Jewish Entity
Egyptian-Canadian Academic Mamdouh Shoukri: Too Much Religion in Egypt's Education System
TV Report on Female Yazidi Fighters: We Are Not Afraid, It Is Our Duty to Liberate Our Land
Preacher at Al-Aqsa Mosque Calls to Annihilate the Jews, Destroy the Palestinian Authority and Arab Rulers
Iranian Defense Minister: If Saudi Arabia Does Anything Stupid, No Place in the Kingdom Will Remain Intact Except Mecca and Medina
BDS Co-Founder Omar Barghouti: Why Would It Be Bad If the Right of Return Ends Israel’s Supremacist Order?
Hamas's Fathi Hammad to Mahmoud Abbas: Leave! You Are Not Our President. We Shall Continue to Wage Jihad
Military-Style Performance by Gaza Kindergarten Children
Palestinian MP Jamal Hweil Brandishes Weapon in Jenin: Save Every Noble Bullet for the Occupation
Head of BDS South Africa during Visit to Berlin: Apartheid "Sunday School Picnic" Compared to Israeli Occupation
Saudi Deputy Crown Prince: The War Will Be Waged in Iran, Not Saudi Arabia; No to Direct Dialogue with Iran
Jordanian TV Series on "Protocols of Elders of Zion": The Abhorred, Treacherous Jews Are the World’s Masters, Corrupters, Executioners
South African BDS Activist: Mossad Spies on BDS movement, Sheldon Adelson Raising Money to Fight It
Bahraini Intellectual Dhiyaa Al-Musawi Calls for Secularism, Separation of Religion and State: We Are in Need of a Cultural Revolution
Following Church Bombings, Egyptian Researcher Ahmad Abdou Maher Slams Al-Azhar Teachings: Vile Deformed Jurisprudence
ISIS Members Display U.S. Drone in Syria: We Shall Invade You in Rome, Capture Your Women, Slaughter You
Kuwaiti Cleric Othman Al-Khamis: When a Slave-Girl Gets Married, Her Owner Must Stop Having Sex with Her
ISIS Threatens Khamenei, Calls on Iranian Sunnis to Wage Jihad; Warning: Graphic Footage
Russian MP: Wipe Our Streets Clean of LGBTs and Liberals, Send Drug Addicts to "Medical Labor Camps"
Iranian Student Accuses Senior IRGC Ideologue of Accountability for Killings, Torture in Iran, and of Using Iran's Resources to Arm Hizbullah and Assad
Former Egyptian Grand Mufti Ali Gomaa: Women Are Incapable of Becoming Heart Surgeons
Jordanian Friday Sermon: The Jews Have No Right to Palestine, Which Will Be Regained Only by Force
Iran's Defense Ministry Delivers New Nasir Anti-Ship Cruise Missiles to IRGC Navy
Egyptian Journalist Challenges Islamist's Claim That France and Germany Run Separate Subway Cars for Men and Women
Sermon At Dar Al-Hijrah Mosque, VA - Where Al-Qaeda Leader Al-Awlaki Was Imam On 9/11 - By Imam Shaker Elsayed: The Children of Israel Slayed Prophets, Tried to Kill Jesus
Al-Arabiya TV Host Clashes with Hamas Spokesman: Hamas Occupied Gaza, Has No Monopoly on Palestinian Cause
Egyptian Cleric Khaled Al-Gindi: Let Us Open the Mosques for Copts to Pray In
Senior Khamenei Advisor Reveals Iranian Attempts to Arm Houthis with Surface-to-Surface Missiles
Egyptian TV Host Osama Mounir: We Must Stop Lying to Ourselves and Reform Our Education System
Former President of Al-Azhar University Ahmad Omar Hashem: Al-Azhar Not Responsible for Emergence of Terrorism
Egyptian Islamist in Exile Wagdi Ghoneim: Churches Attacked Because Coptic "Crusaders" Supported "Despicable-Sisi"
Iraqi VP Al-Nujaifi Calls to Investigate Excessive Use of Coalition Airpower in Battle for Mosul
Egyptian Intellectual Sharif Farouk Walks out of Studio during Debate on Atheism and Islam, TV Host Apologizes for “Pointless” Show
MEMRI VP Ambassador Alberto Fernandez: Crisis in Arab World Due to Local Reasons, Not Foreign Interference
Palestinian President Abbas in Berlin: Sunni-Shiite, Christian-Muslim Conflicts Are All Fabricated; "Arab Spring" Imported into the Middle East
Kuwaiti Cleric on Wife Beating: Not Hard and Not on the Face
Russia Today TV Host and Middle East Expert: U.S. Leaders Who Demand Action against Russian Media Need Psychiatric Evaluation
Hamas Program in Gaza High Schools Instructs Students in the Use of Weapons and Urban Warfare
Hizbullah Deputy Secretary-General Sheikh Naim Qassem: Iranian Retaliation against U.S. and Its Bases in the Region Will Be Decisive
Saudi Blogger Wields Dagger in Antisemitic Skit, Celebrates "Jerusalem Intifada" - Archival
PLO Executive Committee Member Hanan Ashrawi: MEMRI Is the Most Toxic Organization
Lebanese Journalist Ghassan Jawad: Jews Feed Enemies with Blood Matzoh on Passover
Australian Shiite Imam Mohammad Tawhidi: We Did Not Come to Australia to Have Burqas Running around; Don’t Like it? Hop on a Kangaroo Back to Where You Came from
Kuwaiti MP to Colleague Who Refused to Sit Next to Her Because She Wore Perfume: I Will Kill You with a Chronic Headache
Former London Mayor Ken Livingstone: West Will Be Exposed to Attacks as Long as It Interferes in Middle East Affairs
Anti-Shi'ite Diatribe by Egyptian Cleric: "Filthy" Shi'ites Annihilated Millions; Khomeini Had Sex with 5-Year-Old Girl
British Ex-Boxer and Islamist Anthony Small: Insensitive to Burn Candles for Westminster Attack Victims Because They Go to the Hellfire
Russian Fighters with Anti-Regime Forces in Syria: We Have Come Here to Protect Women and Children
Kuwaiti Liberal Activist Nasser Dashti Clashes with Islamist Journalist Saeed Tawfiki over Freedom of Belief
Hamas Official Ahmad Bahr: On Women's Day, We Salute Jihad-Fighting Palestinian Women Like (Suicide Bomber) Rim Al-Riyashi
Mohamed ElBaradei: Arab Society Lacks Freedom, Knowledge, and Equality; Tensions Are Exact Replica of Protestant-Catholic Wars of 17th Century Europe
Jordanian Cleric in Montreal Friday Sermon: On Judgment Day, the Trees and the Stones Will Call on Muslims to Kill the Jews
Ready for ISIS: Egyptian Commando Cadets Eat Raw Rabbits, Chickens, Snakes, Vow to Avenge Dead Comrades in the Sinai (Warning: Disturbing Footage)
Iraqi Shi'ite Cleric Sheikh Yousuf Al-Nasseri: We Will Liberate Palestine, Syria, Najd, Golan Heights; Not Allow U.S. Presence in Iraq
Sunni Iraqi Religious Authority Fends Off Accusations of Sunni Collaboration with ISIS, States: We Will Fight on the Golan to "Liberate Palestine from the Claws of the Jews"
Iraqi Intellectual Hassan Al-'Alawi: I Like Trump, He's a Patriot; I Want Someone Like Khamenei to Rule Iraq
Friday Sermon in Amman, Jordan: Palestinian Children Nurtured with the Notion that the Jews Plundered Palestine
Saudi Cleric Advocates Offensive Jihad and Death for Apostasy: Liberalism and Coexistence Null and Void
Saudi Shura Council Member Ibrahim Al-Buleihi Criticizes Arab Society: All We Want Today Is to Regress Further
Hizbullah Sec.-Gen. Nasrallah Warns against Legalization of Gay Marriage in Lebanon, Defends "Early Marriage"
Libyan Cleric Dr. Wanis Al-Mabrouk: The Shari'a Permits a Muslim to Love a Jew or a Christian
Released Hamas Terrorist Ahlam Tamimi Recounts Her Role in Terror Attacks in Jerusalem in the Early 2000s (Archival)
Palestinian Cleric Khaled Al-Maghrabi in Al-Aqsa Mosque Lecture: The Simpsons Predicted Rise of Trump; 911 - A Call to Satan and the Antichrist
Sudanese Imam Responds to Call for Normalization of Ties with Israel: Muslims' Enmity towards the Brothers of Pigs and Apes Stems from Their Belief in Allah.




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