Russia-China Relations – Russian Expert Lomanov: 'The West's Transition To A Sanctions And Containment Discourse Is Forcing Russia And China To Put Their Own Interests First'
Former Middle East Envoy Dennis Ross In Saudi Media Outlet: If Trump's Peace Deal Is Credible, Arab Leaders Must Keep Palestinians From Missing Yet Another Opportunity By Supporting The Deal Explicitly And Publicly
Criticism Of Russia In Iran: 'Russia Must Not Interfere In Syria's Internal Affairs'; If Russia 'Wants To Stand [Against Us], We Will Surely Stand Against It'
Female Saudi Columnist Who Has Obtained Saudi Driver's License: The King Allows Women To Drive – But The Kingdom Is Slow In Making The Necessary Arrangements
Russia's Defense – The Russian Fleet Rehearsed A Massive Nuclear Strike Against The U.S.
Lebanese Columnist: Hizbullah's Actions In Morocco Are Part Of Its Role As A Tool Of Iran
Hossein Dalirian, Director Of Military Desk At IRGC-Affiliated News Agency Tasnim, Explains Iran's New Missile Strategy
Russia In The World – Russia-Spain Relations – Russian News Agency Sputnik: New Spanish FM Borrell Is No Friend Of Russia
Russia This Week – June 18, 2018
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
The MEMRI Weekly: June 8-15, 2018
Articles In Palestinian Authority Press: Trump Is A Second Version Of Hitler; U.S. Is Hostile To Palestinians
Russia This Week – June 14, 2018
Russia-NATO Update –'s Analyst Danilov: Macron Challenged the U.S. View On NATO, By Recognizing Mistakes With Russia; He Is Courageous
Controversy In Saudi Arabia, Egypt Over Whether Their Players In 2018 FIFA World Cup Can Break The Ramadan Fast
Russia In The World – Russia-Bulgaria Reconciliation – Bulgaria's President Radev: 'No Sanctions Are Forever'; Bulgaria's PM Borisov Apologizes For Failure Of South Stream: 'I Am To Blame For Creating Certain Tensions'
Kuwaiti Cleric Sheikh Jihad Al-'Ayesh Denies The Holocaust And The Existence Of Gas Chambers: How Big A Bakery Would You Need To Make 50,000 Loaves Of Bread?
Russia-NATO Update – Reactions To Poland's Offer To Secure A Permanent U.S. Base On Its Soil
Arab Writers On Renowned Historian Prof. Bernard Lewis (1916-2018)
Russia In The World – Russia-Austria Relations – Russian Expert Danilov: Russia Is Not Isolated
Calls In Palestinian Authority For Arranging Mechanism For Transfer Of Power Following Palestinian Authority President 'Abbas's Hospitalization
Russia In The World – Russia-Italy Relations – Italian Prime Minister: Italian Government Supports A Revision Of The Sanctions Against Russia
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
The MEMRI Weekly: June 1-8, 2018
Following HTS Decision To Grant Turkey A Military Presence In Idlib, Al-Qaeda Supporters Accuse It Of Abandoning Its Principles, Seeking To Ingratiate Itself With The Enemies Of Islam
Putin On Russia's Interference In Europe – Putin: 'We Keep 40% Of Our Gold And Currency Reserves In Euro'
In Advance Of U.S.-North Korea Summit, Arab Journalists Wonder: Will U.S., South Korea Reconciliation With North Korea Be A Model For Dealing With Iran?
Palestinian Authority Supreme Shari'a Judge And Abbas' Advisor Mahmoud Al-Habbash: The Jews Have No Connection To Jerusalem; This Is An Imperialist Myth And Distortion Of History
Russian Finance Minister Siluanov: If The EU Refuses To Support The U.S. Economic Pressure On Russia – Moscow Will Help EU Start De-Dollarization
Erdoğan, Senior Turkish Politicians Participate In Pro-Gaza Rally; PM Yıldırım At Rally: Israel Emulates Hitler, Mussolini
Iranian Regime Mouthpiece 'Kayhan': 'Pyongyang Knows That Destroying This [Nuclear] Weapon Equals Destroying North Korea'
Editor Of Egyptian Daily: The Escalation In The Gaza Strip And The U.S. Embassy's Move To Jerusalem Have Changed Nothing In Egypt's Position On Israel
Russia This Week – June 5, 2018
Turkish Twitter Posts Praise Adolf Hitler: 'I Wish He Had Killed All Of Them'
Russia In The World – Russia-France Relations – Macron: 'Our Dialogue With Russia Is One Link In This Independent Policy, As Well As Our Belonging To Democratic And Sovereign Europe – Just Like Our Alliance With The U.S.'
Germany Is Far Removed From Its Dark Past, But Its Iran Policy Is Sordid
Arab Writers: Hamas Is Responsible For Return March Fatalities, Is Trading In Palestinian Blood To Serve Iran's Interests; It Must Relinquish Power In Gaza
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
The MEMRI Weekly: May 25-June 1, 2018
Putin At St. Petersburg International Economic Forum: 'State Sovereignty And National Identity Have Unconditional Value' – Part I
Al-Qaeda In The Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) Accuses Saudi Crown Prince Of Promoting Debauchery, Implementing 'The Protocols Of The Elders of Zion'
Saudi Writer: The Arab League Summits Are Completely Pointless; Palestinian Leaders – First And Foremost Jerusalem Mufti Al-Husseini And PLO Leader Arafat – Damaged The Palestinian Cause The Most
Saudi Press Decries Hizbullah Gains In Lebanese Elections, Welcomes Imposition Of New Sanctions On Hizbullah, Saying: Lebanon Has Surrendered Itself To A Terror Organization; Hizbullah In Response: Saudi Arabia Is The Real Source Of Terror
Quo Vadis, Macron?
Columnist In Jordanian Government Daily Expresses Love And Admiration For Palestinian Terrorist Dalal Al-Mughrabi: I Would Roll In The Dust Of Your Grave
Facing New U.S. Comprehensive Strategy Against It, Iranian Regime Officials Cling To JCPOA – Which Gives Iran Nuclear State Status Under UN Security Council Resolution
Shift In Saudi Media's Attitude To Israel – Part II: Saudi Writer Who Visited Israel: We Want An Israeli Embassy In Riyadh; We Should Make Peace With Israel, Uproot Culture Of Hatred For Jews
Shift In Saudi Media's Attitude To Israel – Part I: Saudi Writers, Intellectuals: Iran Is More Dangerous Than Israel; Peace With It Is Vital In Order To Repel Iranian Threat
Russian Newspaper Izvestia: 'It Is Too Early To Say Now That Moscow And Tehran Have Had A Falling Out'
Reactions To Putin's Announcement On Constant Kalibr Cruise Missile Deployment In The Mediterranean Sea
Russia This Week – May 27, 2018
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
Facing New U.S. Comprehensive Strategy Against It, Iranian Regime, Helpless, Clings To The JCPOA And Europe As A Defense Umbrella Against The U.S.
Egyptian Writers: Egyptian Soccer Star Mohamed Salah Would Never Have Succeeded In Egypt – Because Of Egypt's Culture Of Corruption, Backwardness, And Laziness
Facebook Page Of Khmeimim Russian Airbase Polls Followers On Withdrawing Foreign Forces From Syria
Russian Intellectual Lukyanov: Europe Without America
CAIR-LA Executive Director Hussam Ayloush At Orange County Event: The Governmental 'Countering Violent Extremism' Program Exclusively Targets American Muslims; It Should Target Jewish Kids Who Join The Israeli Army
The MEMRI Weekly: May 18-25, 2018
As Momentum Builds To Solve Problem Of Encrypted Terrorist Communications, A Possible Third Way Emerges
Articles In Saudi Press: Europe's Commitment To Nuclear Agreement Is Economically Motivated, Threatens Security Of Region, World
Russian-German Relations As Seen From Poland – Polish Newspaper 'Rzeczpospolita': When Trump Goes Away, We Will Be Left Facing Increasingly Pro-Russian Germans
Davis, California Imam Ammar Shahin At Interfaith Event: I Have Never Called For Genocide Of Any Group Or Used Antisemitic Words
Al-Qassam Brigades Website Praises Suicide Attack Perpetrated 15 Years Ago By British Hamas Operatives
MEMRI Mourns The Passing Of Prof. Bernard Lewis, Renowned Professor Of Near Eastern Studies Emeritus At Princeton And Member Of MEMRI Board Of Advisors
Hamas Leader In Gaza Yahya Sinwar: We Are Coordinating With Hizbullah, Iran On An Almost Daily Basis
Jordanian Liberal Harshly Criticized For Her Condemnation Of University Of Jordan For Naming Prayer Hall After Al-Qaeda Ideologue 'Abdallah 'Azzam
Russia This Week – May 22, 2018 – Part II
Turkish President Erdoğan Criticizes Calls To Remove Controversial Verses From The Quran: If They Had Read The Bible, They Would Probably Want It Banned Too
Turkish Newspaper Prints Antisemitic Cartoons Depicting Jews As Vampires, Vultures, And Butchers
Russia This Week – May 21, 2018 – Part I
Russian Military Analyst: A Conflict Is Brewing Between The Syrian Special Services And The Russian Military Police
ISIS Claims Killing Of Dozens In Multiple Attacks On Voting Centers, Rallies In Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Vows To Target Elected Officials, Voters, Democratic Institutions
Russia This Week – May 6, 2018
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
Towards Political Extinction
YouTube Censors MEMRI, Removes – For 'Harmful Or Dangerous Content' – MEMRI TV Translated Clip Exposing Statements By Anti-Semitic Gaza Religious Scholar At 'Return March': 'The Sword Of Jihad... Is Brandished' Against The Jews; 'I Call Upon Every Muslim: Do Not... Let Those Jews Spread Corruption... You Must Carry Out Glorious Deeds Against Them'
Lebanese Journalist: Hizbullah Settling In Syria As Part Of Iranian Plan To Change Its Demography
MEMRI TV Clips Of Gaza 'Return March'
Less Than A Week After Joint European-U.S. Operation Against ISIS Online Infrastructure, ISIS Launches Two News Websites, Continues Online Operations
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas: Holocaust, Massacres Of European Jews Due To Their Function In Society As Usurers; Hitler Struck A Deal With The Jews
Syrian Threats Against The U.S. Presence In Syria Continue: U.S. Troops, Bases Are In Our Sights And Will Pay A Heavy Price
Following The Murder In Malaysia Of Palestinian Engineer Fadi Al-Batsh, Hamas Supporters Debate Whether To Act Against Israel Abroad
The Qatari Regime's Doublespeak: Condemnations Of Terrorism vs Social And Official Support For Terrorists
Russian Analyst Goltz: 'We Are Witnessing The Birth Of A Quasi-Ideology, That Via Confrontation With The West, Nominates Moscow For The Role Of Leader Of The Rest Of The World'
Russia This Week – April 29, 2018
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
Florida Friday Sermon By Imam Hasan Sabri: An Atheist Is 'A Worm In The Body Of Muslims... Causing Disease... To His Nation' Who Has 'An Agenda Of Destroying' Them; 'These People... [Who] Are All Of A Sudden Becoming Pro-Zionist... Have Masters... [Who] Use Them Against The Islamic Nation'
Chicago Friday Sermon – Dr. Ashraf Nusairat Calls Upon Women Not To Be 'Led Astray' By Western Colonialist Notions Of Equality
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Writers In Arab Press Discuss Why Israel Is Superior To Arab Countries
Israeli Druze Intellectual: The Syria Crisis Exposed Nothing More Than The Failure Of Arab Leaders And The Illusion Of Arab Solidarity
Jordanian Columnist: Muslim Football Stars Playing In Europe Help Combat Islamophobia, Improve Image Of Islam
Let's Make A Deal – But Do The Russians Want One?
AKP Mouthpiece Yeni Safak: Turkey Is Neither Pro-NATO, Nor Pro-Russia
Saudi Journalist: 'Deal Of The Century' May Be Yet Another Opportunity Missed By The Palestinians; An Unjust Peace Agreement Is Better Than Nothing
Head Of Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service Naryshkin: NATO And The EU Are Obsolete Organizations
French Activist Henda Ayari On Her Salafi Past, Alleged Rape By Tariq Ramadan, And Struggle To Help Women Who Fell Prey To Extremists
Russia This Week – April 22, 2018
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
Moscow's Reactions To The U.S.-Great Britain-France Strike In Syria: 'It Is Possible To Call Trump A Contemporary Adolf Hitler' – Part II
Saudi Columnist: 'Selfish' Women Who Keep Their Husbands From Taking Second Wife Cause Them To Commit Adultery
Saudi Scholar Saad Ibn Abdullah Al-Humayd: What Is Written In 'The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion' Is Translated Into Reality
Saudi Journalist: The Arab Countries Oppressed Their Jews, Failed To Benefit From Their Presence
Following The West's Attack On Syria, Sharp Dispute Breaks Out Between Egypt That Wants Assad To Remain, And Saudi Arabia That Now Wants Him Gone
Moscow's Reactions To The U.S.-Great Britain-France Strike In Syria: The Limited Strike Proves That Washington Is A Paper Tiger – Part I
Column In Jordanian Daily: Trump And Netanyahu Are Worse Than Hitler; It's Possible That Some Of The Deeds Attributed To Hitler Never Actually Took Place
Ibrahim Karagül, Editor-In-Chief Of AKP Mouthpiece 'Yeni Safak': Russia-Turkey-Iran Coalition Does Not Exist; Turkey Should Build A 'Shield From The Mediterranean To The Iranian Border' To Prepare For Upcoming New World Order War
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
Following Assad Regime's Chemical Attack In Douma, Syria, Egyptian TV Host Amr Adeeb Says: We Have Brought Shame Upon Humanity
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After France Indicates Willingness To Join Attack On Syria, Pro-Hizbullah Lebanese Daily 'Al-Akhbar' Warns That French Troops Could Be Targeted
Columnist In Saudi Government Daily Calls On U.S. And Its Allies To Attack Presidential Palace In Damascus In Order To Deter Bashar Al-Assad
Russian International Affairs Council Program Director: Miscalculation In Syria Could Lead To Mutual Assured Destruction
Writer In Hamas Mouthpiece: The Holocaust Exists Only In Israeli Tales – And In The Minds Of Supporters Of Normalization With Israel
British ISIS 'Beatle' El Shafee Elsheikh In Interview From Captivity On Alaan TV: I Don't Denounce Slavery, Nothing Beats The West For Corruption
Russia-Iran Relations – Russia's Former Ambassador To Tehran: Current Tactical Alliance To Counter The U.S. Is Not A Strategic Partnership
Hamas Pays Families Of Gazans Killed Or Wounded In 'Return March'
Russia This Week – April 9, 2018
An Ideology For The Putin Majority
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
In Atheism Debate On Egyptian TV Following MEMRI Translation Of Previous Debate, Host Says, Referring To MEMRI, 'Western TV Channels... Were Up In Arms, The Story Reached Millions Via Social Media'; Al-Azhar Scholar Calls Denying God An Affront
Iran-Affiliated Yemeni Houthi Militia Carries Out Its Threat To Strike Saudi Oil Tankers
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Lebanese Columnist Condemns Hizbullah Computer Game Simulating The Organization's War In Syria Editor-in-Chief Ryklin: Skripal's Poisoning, A Tool To Unify The Russian People Around The Center Of Power Prior To The Elections
Palestinian American Columnist Ray Hanania: Christian Arabs Receive More Support From Israel Than From Muslim Arabs
Public Debate In Jordan After Muslim Brotherhood Wins Engineers Union Elections In City Of Al-Zarqa And Supporters Shout 'Al-Zarqa Tora Bora'
Iranian Regime Steps Up Social Suppression Following December 2017 Riots – Part II: Officials Demand Enforcement Of Hijab Law
Russian Intellectual Lukyanov: The Liberal Order Did Not Materialize; In The New Six Years Of Putin's Presidency, We Will Discover Its Successor
Russia This Week – Focusing On The Skripals' Poisoning Case – April 1, 2018
Kuwaiti Columnist: 'Great Return March,' Organized By 'Terroristic' Hamas, Is Provocative And Violates The Islamic Shari'a
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
After Census Finds 174,422 Palestinian Refugees In Lebanon, Some Lebanese Fear They Will Be Permanently Settled In The Country, Others Call To Grant Them Civil Rights
Egyptian Historian Bassam El Shammaa On Palestine TV: MEMRI 'Translate[s] My Shows... When I Talked About Counter-Holocaust' In Which Jews Murdered 60,000-80,000 Germans
Columnist For Palestinian Authority Daily: Gaza Residents Must Launch Civil Rebellion Against Hamas Regime
Reactions To West's Expulsions Of Russian Diplomats Over The Skripals' Poisoning; Russian Intellectual Lukyanov: This Is A Real And Full-Scale Cold War
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Cape Town Imam Riyaad Fataar Calls On All Muslims, Free People Worldwide To Support Jihad In Palestine
Iranian Regime Steps Up Its Repression Of Society Following The Popular Uprising Of December 2017 – Part I: Reformist Former Minister Tajzadeh, Reformist Website Slam Leader Khamenei For Suppressing Individual And Civil Freedoms, Persecuting Opponents
Syrian Regime: We Will Expel U.S. Forces From Syria By Means Of Popular Resistance
Saudi Government Daily: Removing Assad From Power And Prosecuting Him For War Crimes Are The Top Priority
Article In Saudi Government Daily: It Is Our Right To Defend Ourselves Against Iran And The Houthis; To Hell With The Useless Efforts Of The UN
Terrorists Have Been Using Bitcoin For Four Years, So What's The Surprise?
The Revival of Cultural Life in Iraq
Power Struggle in Iran – Part II: Elections for the Assembly of Experts
Arab Media Reactions to Iran's Nuclear Project
In the Footsteps of Ayatollah Khomeini and the Prophet Mohammad: Ahmadinejad Calls Upon Bush to Accept Islam
Al-Tajdeed Versus Al-Hesbah: Islamist Websites & the Conflict Between Rival Arab & Muslim Political Forces
Poverty Issues in the Middle East
Magazines Iraqis Read
‘Manifesto of Liberties’- A Muslim Association for Freedom in the Arab World
Victory Through Political Participation: Hamas's New Strategy and Its Limitations An Assessment and Policy Recommendations
The Difficulties of Forming the New Government in Iraq
Egyptian Intellectuals Speak Out Against the Muslim Brotherhood Movement and its Slogan ‘Islam is the Solution’
Christian Churches in Iraq Subjected to Synchronized Terrorism
Tariq Ramadan – Reformist or Islamist?
Unemployment in the Middle East – Causes and Consequences
French Moroccan Progressive Author on ‘The New Islamic Thinkers’
The Succession in Kuwait – The Triumph of Constitutional Order Over Tribal Norms
Basij - The Revolutionary People's Militia of Iran
The Arab Boycott of Israel in the Globalization Age
Reeducation of Extremists in Saudi Arabia
The Syrian Economy Under Bashar al-Assad
The Elections in Iraq—The Roots for Democracy
The Trial of Saddam Hussein –an Interim Report
The Cairo Preliminary Conference on Reconciliation in Iraq
Debate in the Arab and Muslim World Over Normalization With Israel
Arab Intellectuals: Under Threat by Islamists
The ‘Second Islamic Revolution’ in Iran: Power Struggle at the Top
Iraqi Elections – Round Two
Saif Al-Islam Al-Qaddafi's Professed Reform in Libya: A Preliminary Assessment
Reactions in the Arab and Muslim World to the Rioting in France
Egyptian Intellectuals Assess Egypt's Presidential Elections
The Oil-for-Food Programme: Closing the Cycle
Demands for Reforms in Saudi Arabia
Increasing Tension Between Syria and Lebanon
Anti-Soccer Fatwas Led Saudi Soccer Players to Join the Jihad in Iraq
Reformist Cartoons – Part II - Internal Reforms
The Unholy Alliance – Muqtada Al-Sadr and the Iraqi Sunnis' Opposition to Federalism
In the Arab Press: Criticism of Rejoicing at Hurricane Katrina
Are Saudi Summer Camps Encouraging Terrorism?
Libyan Intellectual Dr. Muhammad Al-Houni: The Arabs Must Choose Between Western Civilization and the Legacy of the Middle Ages
Dispute in Islamist Circles over the Legitimacy of Attacking Muslims, Shi'ites, and Non-combatant Non-Muslims in Jihad Operations in Iraq: Al-Maqdisi vs. His Disciple Al-Zarqawi
The Opportunity Before Kurdistan: A New Model for a Middle East Democracy
Towards the September 7 Presidential Elections in Egypt: Public Debate over the Change in the Electoral System
The ‘Super Spike’ in Oil Prices – Implications for the U.S. and Saudi Arabia
Reformist Cartoons – Part I. Condemning Terrorism
The Draft Iraqi Constitution at a Deadlock
Egyptian Press Reactions to the Sharm Al-Sheikh Bombings
Fighting Terrorism: Recommendations by Arab Reformists
Disarming Hizbullah: The Public Debate in Lebanon
‘The Sheikh of the Slaughterers’: Abu Mus'ab Al-Zarqawi and the Al-Qaeda Connection
Iran's ‘Second Islamic Revolution’: Fulfilled by Election of Conservative President
The Public Debate on the New Amendment Granting Kuwaiti Women Political Rights
First Mixed Friday Prayers Led by a Woman: Muslim Reactions to an Historical Precedent
The Upcoming Presidential Elections in Iran (Part II)
The Upcoming Syrian Ba'th Party Convention: Towards Change or Stagnation
The Public Debate on Kuwait's School Curricula: To Teach or Not to Teach Jihad
Abu Mazen's Presidency: An Interim Assessment
Tunisian Reformist Thinker: Secularism is Vital for the Future of the Arab and Muslim World
The Upcoming Presidential Elections in Iran (Part I): The Candidates
The Birth of the New Government of Iraq: Delayed and Lame
The Arab Human Development Report III: An Appeal for Openness and Freedom
Head of Iranian Nuclear Negotiating Team Sirus Nasseri: ‘We Are Walking on a Knife's Edge’; U.S. and EU Should ‘Get Used to the Idea of a Nuclear Iran’
Egyptian Press Reactions to Change in Egypt's Presidential Electoral System
The Palestinian Authority's Plans to Reinstate Executions
Kirkuk: Between Kurdish Separatism and Iraqi Federalism
Iraqi-Jordanian Tension Over the Most Lethal Suicide Bombing in Iraq
The Plight of Iraqi Christians
Saudi Prince Khaled Al-Faisal Against the Islamist Ideology
Ibrahim al-Ja'fari: Iraq's Designated Prime Minister - A Biographical Note
Reactions to Former Lebanese PM Al-Hariri's Assassination
Iran Seeks EU Consent for Modeling Its Nuclear Program on the 'Japanese/German Model' – i.e. Nuclear Fuel Cycle Capabilities Three Months Short of a Bomb
Accusing Muslim Intellectuals of Apostasy
Iraqi Elections (VI): The Results and Their Implications
Iranian MP Mojtaba Zolnour: Nothing Will Be Left of Israel following the First Wave of Hizbullah Missiles
In New Video, Russian-Speaking ISIS Fighter Declares New "Battalion," Threatens Terrorist Attacks in Russia
Moroccan Writer Ahmed Assid: Some Islamic Texts Should Be Nullified and Abandoned, They Pertain to a Context that No Longer Exists
Kuwaiti Political Science Professor Shafeeq Ghabra in Anti-American, Anti-Israeli Tirade: Their Strategy Is to Destroy, to the Point that You Forget Your Own Name
Raleigh, NC Syrian Imam Abdullah Khadra Warns: If We Do Not Awaken, the Zionists Will Destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque to Build Their Fictitious Temple
Virginia Imam Shaker Elsayed Encourages “Armament” and “Lining Up” for Jihad: The Enemies of Allah Already Call Us Terrorists, So Let’s Give Them a Run for Their Money - Archival
Al-Aqsa Mosque Address by Sheikh Muhammad Ayed "Abu Abdallah": We Need a Caliph with His Finger on a Nuclear Button, Like Kim Jong-un
Gaza University Lecturer and Hamas TV Host Iyad Abu Fanun: Love for Jihad Is in the Palestinian People's Genes
Iranian Cyber Official Reza Taghipour: Letting Telegram and Instagram Take Over Our Cyberspace Was a Strategic Mistake; Telegram Provides Terrorism Instructions
Russian President Putin: Communism Is No Different from Christianity
Yemeni Human Rights Activist, Teenage Girl Nada Al-Ahdal, Calls to Raise Awareness of the "Heinous Crime" of Child Marriage
Hamas Political Bureau Deputy Head Saleh Al-'Arouri: Iran Is the Only Country that Provides Real and Public Support to the Palestinian Resistance
Mahmoud Abbas: The PLO Should Reexamine Its Agreements with Israel; We Will No Longer Accept the U.S. as Mediator
Birmingham U.K. Friday Sermon by Imam Asrar Rashid: Israel Should Be Reestablished in Germany
Iraqi TV Channel: Former Israeli FM Livni Had Sex with Palestinian Leaders, Keeps Tapes, Blackmails Arab Officials
Fatah Official Muhammad Al-Laham Extols Terrorist Dalal Al-Mughrabi, Suicide Bomber Ayat Al-Akhras: The Martyrs Are More Honorable Than All of Us
Khartoum Friday Sermon - Imam Muhammad Abu Obeida Hassan Slams President Al-Bashir: Better to Leave of Your Own Accord Than Die on the Throne
Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei: Trump's "Theatrical Games of Madness" Will Not Go Unanswered
Political Activist Abdel-Halim Qandil: Egypt Deceived Israel, Used Terror as Pretext to Send Forces to Sinai Demilitarized Zones
Tehran Friday Sermon - Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami Accuses U.S. and KSA of Trying to Smuggle Weapons into Iran, Adds: We Want Locally-Administered Internet, Like in China and Russia
Malaysia-Based Indian Cleric Zakir Naik: In the West, They Are Selling Their Daughters in the Name of Women's Lib; Slaves in Islam Are Like Modern-Day POWs (Archival)
Former Egyptian Minister of Culture Gaber Asfour Calls to Forbid Pregnancies for People with More than Three Children
Friday Sermon in the Raleigh Area, NC, by Syrian Imam Abdullah Khadra: Haifa, Acre, Jaffa Are Muslim Land; Jews Distorted Facts about Western Wall; At the End of Time, We Will Fight the Jews
Debate on Shiite TV Channel: The Jews Are Responsible for the Two World Wars, the Holocaust Was a Response to Their Actions
Kuwaiti Liberal Scholar Anwar Al-Rashid: Militant Islamists Have Ruined The Region; Clerics Should Not Interfere In Politics And Talk About Jihad
Hizbullah’s Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah: I Am Not Worried about Situation in Iran; I Met Fatah and Other Palestinian Factions to Discuss Support for Intifada; Large-Scale War Will Be an Opportunity to Liberate Jerusalem
Iranian Protester Tears Down Poster of Ayatollah Khomeini and Curses Him, Urging Fellow Citizens to Step on the Poster
Jordanian Researcher Emad Hatabah Makes the Case for Secularism: We Must Look to the Future, Not Let Them Drag Us Back to Christ or Muhammad
Former Jordanian MP Storms Off Studio after Victim Accused Police Officer of Sexual Harassment: "You Are Tarnishing the Image of Jordanian Women"
Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei Blames Popular Uprising on Iran's Enemies: "All Those Who Oppose the Iranian Regime... Have United"
Iranian Women Defy Old Guard in Recent Protests: Be Men and Step Forward
Senior Iranian Official Admiral Ali Shamkhani: Protests Led by Saudi Arabia and Israel; Trump Asked to Meet Rouhani, But Was Rejected
Iraqi Shiite Militia Leader Qais Khazali: The True Enemies of the Imam Mahdi are the Jews, Israelis, and Zionists
Saudi Researcher Abdelhameed Hakeem: I Visited Jerusalem; Israeli Society Wants Peace
Protesters Smash Holocaust Exhibition at National Library of Tunisia: Holocaust Was a Myth and a Lie
Yemeni Houthi Politician Abd Al-Wahhab Al-Mahbashi Threatens to Target Saudi Oil Tankers, Turn Red Sea into "Black Sea"
Lebanese Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil: We Are Not Opposed to Israel's Existence or Right to Security
Protests throughout Iran: Death to Khamenei! Death to IRGC! Not Gaza, Not Lebanon, We Will Give Our Lives to Iran
Houston Imam Who Cited Antisemitic Hadith in Sermon Apologizes to Anyone “Offended” or “Uncomfortable” by His Speech
Kids at Hamas Rally in Gaza: Trump, You Idiot, Netanyahu, You Son of a Jewish Woman, the Children of Gaza Will Trample You Underfoot
Sheikh Abd Al-Qader Al-Hawajri, Spokesman for Wounded Palestinians, at Hamas Rally: May We Be Dressed in Explosive Belts, Shackled to Explosive Devices
Jerusalem Friday Sermon by Sheikh "Abu Qusay" to Trump: We Will Storm Your White House, Stomp on Your Head, Kill Your Soldiers, Capture Your Land
Hamas Official Fathi Hammad to Trump: Palestine Will Be Your Graveyard
U.S. National ISIS Fighter Vows To Raise ISIS Flag 'Over the White House,' Urges 'Brothers' To Carry Out Operations Using Knives, Guns
Fatah Official Jibril Rajoub Slams President Trump at ANC Conference in South Africa, Calls for BDS Measures against Israel
Hamas Leader Yahya Sinwar: Qassem Soleimani Contacted Us, Pledged to Place IRGC Capabilities at Our Disposal
ISIS Incites to Terror Attacks against Churches, Christians in the West during Holiday Season, in First-Ever Video from Somalia (Warning: Graphic)
Saudi Writers: Why Should Saudi Arabia Pay the Price for the Mistakes of the Palestinians?
Hamas Leader Mahmoud Al-Zahhar: We Will Not Relinquish a Single Bullet to the PA; When We Liberate Palestine, We Will Shut Down the U.S. Embassy
At an Al-Aqsa Mosque Rally: Trump, We will Dig Your Grave; We Will Cut Off Tongues That Support Peace
IRGC Deputy Commander Salami: Our Destiny Has Become Linked to Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bahrain, And All Over Islamic World
Hamas official in a Nablus Rally: Trump a "Modern-Day Hulagu Khan" Who Gave Jerusalem to the "Descendants of Apes and Pigs."
British Islamists against "Hijabi YouTubers": The Sins of All Women Who Follow You Will Be on Your Neck; Infidels Engage in Pig-Like Behavior Because They Eat Pork
Tehran Friday Sermon by Ahmad Khatami: Attack the Occupying Criminal Regime; Turn the Zionist Regime's Day into a Black Night
Saudi Cleric Abd Al-Aziz Fawzan Al-Fawzan: It Is Forbidden to Congratulate Christians on Christmas or Send Them Gifts
Lebanese-American Imam Abu Musaab Wajdi Akkari: By Saying "Merry Christmas," You Are Acknowledging a Satanic Holiday; Your Religion Is a Joke
Houston Imam Raed Saleh Al-Rousan: 'Good Tidings' – Muslims Will Kill Jews On Judgment Day; 'Do Not Tell Me That Palestine Is The Country Of The Jewish [People]'
ISIS: Syrian Desert Will Be "Boiling Cauldron" For Russians, Iranian-Backed Militias
Saudi Researcher Abdelhameed Hakeem: Jerusalem as Israeli Capital with Palestinian Management of Islamic Holy Places Is a Framework for Peace; Arabs Must Change Anti-Jewish Mentality
Kuwaiti TV Host Mohammad Al-Mulla on Trump's Jerusalem Decision: There Is No Such Thing as Israel or Tel Aviv; Palestine will be Regained by Means of Weapons Alone
Pro-Hizbullah Lebanese Journalist Rafiq Nasrallah: Jihad Must Start within Palestine, Not across Borders
PLO Official Saleh Rafat to Arab Countries: Recall Arab Ambassadors from D.C., Stop Oil Exports to the U.S.
Royal Jordanian Pilot Who Referred to Jerusalem as Capital of Palestine during Flight to U.S: Hands Off Our Territory; We Should Liberate Palestine from the River to the Sea
KSA Animation Video: Saudi Forces Conquer Tehran in Retaliation for an Iranian Attack on a Saudi Ship
Extensive Footage of the Natanz Uranium Enrichment Facilities Shown in an Iranian TV Documentary
Hizbullah Sec.-Gen. Nasrallah Leads Masses in "Death to America" Chants; U.S. Jerusalem Declaration "the Beginning of the End" of Israel
Islamic Center of Jersey City Imam Aymen Elkasaby following the Sinai Mosque Massacre: ISIS? Don't Be Ridiculous! This Could Only Have Been Done by the Jews, Arab Rulers
Fmr. Egyptian Pharmacists Union Chief Ahmad Farouk: Boycott U.S. Medicine, Just Like North Korea
Islamic Jihad Women Fighters March in Gaza to Protest Trump's Jerusalem Declaration: We Will Strike Tel Aviv
Fatah Official Abbas Zaki: Trump Is a Lunatic; Boycott U.S. Administration, No Contact with "Head of Serpent"
Elementary School Student in Gaza Friday Sermon: We, the Descendants of Saladin, Shall Liberate Haifa, Jaffa, and Jerusalem from the "Plundering Jews"
Antisemitic Chants, Calls for New Intifada at a Times Square Demonstration Protesting Trump's Jerusalem Declaration




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