Egypt's Response to Accusations of Arab Media Antisemitism
Interview With Afghan Islamist Leader On Jihad Against U.S.
The Ginnosar File - Investigative Report in Israeli Media on Corruption Affair Involving High Ranking Israeli (and Palestinian) Officials
Announcing Cartoons Available On MEMRI's Website
Iranian Students' Movement: 'Leave Palestine Alone, Think About Us!'
Preliminary Overview - Saudi Arabia's Education System: Curriculum, Spreading Saudi Education to the World and the Official Saudi Position on Education Policy
Syria Persecutes Members of Outlawed Kurdish Opposition Party
Abu Mazen in Gaza: Stop the Armed Operations; Our Way Failed; Israeli Arabs Can Help Us by Bringing Down and Setting Up Israeli Governments, Not by Participating in the Intifada
Saudi Columnist: 'Our Youths Must be Reeducated… Violence Must be Discarded'
Leading Sunni Sheikh Yousef Al-Qaradhawi and Other Sheikhs Herald the Coming Conquest of Rome
Al-Qa'ida-Affiliated Web Site Warns of Attack During Id Al-Fitr, December 5-6, and Announces Palestinian Branch of Al-Qa'ida
Saudi Minister of Interior, Prince Nayef Ibn Abd-Al-Aziz: 'Who Committed the Events of September 11... I Think They [the Zionists] are Behind these Events... [Arab] Mass Media Should Condemn Terrorism, Warn Arab Nationals of it, and Let Our Voice be Heard by the World...
The Call for Islamic Protestantism: Dr. Hashem Aghajari's Speech and Subsequent Death Sentence
Osama Basnan to 'Al-Sharq Al-Awsat': Saudi Ambassador's Wife Helped My Wife With A Monthly Check for Medical Treatment; I Have Not Seen Al-Mihdhar or Al-Hazimi
Unidentified Senior Iraqi Official: We Did Not Hesitate to Use WMD in the Past and Will Not Stand Idly By This Time Either
Syria's Foreign Minister to Egyptian Weekly: The 'No-Fly Zones' are Illegitimate; Syria Voted for UN Resolution 1441 to Strengthen the Washington Peace Camp; American Policy is Tyrannic
Editors of Egyptian Government Papers Hail the Recent Suicide Bombing in a Jerusalem Neighborhood
'Heil Bush, America Uber Alles' - Lebanese Paper Gives President Bush a Nazi Salute
Head of Iraqi Free Officers Movement: 'The Iraq of Tomorrow- Democracy is the Solution'
Liberal Journalist Fired from Al-Hayat
Ramadan Sermon From Iraq
First Interview with Saddam Hussein in 12 years
An Egyptian Intellectual Campaigns to Change the Religious Discourse Led by Al-Azhar
Based on Koranic Verses, Interpretations, and Traditions, Muslim Clerics State: The Jews Are the Descendants of Apes, Pigs, And Other Animals
Islamist Leader in London: No Universal Jihad As Long As There is No Caliphate
Pro-Chechen Islamist Website: Islamic Religious Interpretation Permits Killing of Prisoners
Kuwaiti Columnist Urges Reexamination of Education in Arab and Muslim Countries
Al-Hayat Highlights Large Popularity of Syrian Defense Minister's Blood Libel Book at Syrian International Book Fair
Saudi Daily: 'More and More Jews are Realizing That Judaism and Christianity are Symbols Leading to Islam'
Interview with Palestinian Security Chief Dahlan: Warns Hamas and Raises Allegations of an American-Palestinian Deal Regarding Arafat's Responsibility for the 'Karin A'
Liberal Arab Intellectuals Call on President Mubarak to Free Dr. Sa'd Al-Deen Ibrahim
Arab Press Reacts to National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice's Statements on Democracy and Freedom
Interview with Yasser Arafat
Suicide Bomber's Father: Let Hamas and Jihad Leaders Send Their Own Sons
Egyptian Court Rules to Disband the Cairo Association for Peace
Professor Edward Said Compares the Holocaust and the Palestinian Disaster: 'Every Human Calamity is Different'; 'But... There is Value in Seeing Analogies and Perhaps Hidden Similarities'
U.S. Ambassador to Cairo Takes on Conspiracy Theories in the Egyptian Press
Friday Sermons in Saudi Mosques: Review and Analysis
Liberal Egyptian Intellectual on the Arab Regimes' Role in Missing the Opportunity of Camp David 2000
Columnist for Saudi Daily Al-Jazirah: Jews Use Blood for Baked Goods
Saddam Hussein's Meetings with Nuclear Energy Agency
The Events of September 11 and the Arab Media: The New Antisemitic Myth
The View of a Modern Arab Intellectual:The Modern Islamic State, by Prince Hassan bin Talal of Jordan
A NEW ANTISEMITIC MYTH IN THE MIDDLE EAST MEDIA: The September 11 Attacks Were Perpetrated by the Jews
Iraq Calls for the Formation of Suicide Squads to Strike American Targets and Interests
An Al-Qa'ida-Affiliated Online Magazine: On the Importance of Jihad as a Means of Destroying the 'Infidel Countries'
Saudi Reactions to the Lawsuit by September 11 Families
Iranian Conservative Daily: 'America is the New Nazism'
Palestinian Authority and Iraqi Media on Iraqi Support of the Intifada
The Metamorphosis of the Secretary of the Arab Psychiatrists Association
Another Crisis in Egypt-U.S. Relations As Reflected in the Egyptian Media
Liberal Arab Intellectuals on Their Governments' Information Campaign Plans
On the Struggle Against Corruption in the Arab Regimes
Islamist Leaders in London Interviewed
Former Libyan PM: Why Do Arabs Ignore Their Flaws
Iraqi Physician: Saddam's Orders to Cut Off the Ears of Defecting Soldiers and Officers Were Implemented in Iraqi Hospitals
National Weekly Arab-American Paper Publishes Poems: 'Yes, I am a Terrorist' and 'Bush is an Ape'
Palestinian Legislative Council Member: The PA is Corrupt
Greek Orthodox Church Spokesman Replaced for Supporting Suicide Attacks
Liberal Arab Columnist: Why the Palestinians Miss Opportunities
A May 2002 Interview with the Hamas Commander of the Al-Qassam Brigades
Egypt's Mufti: We Condemned the September 11 Attacks, But Since Then Our Feelings Have Changed
Liberal Columnist Calls on Hamas to Stop Terrorism
Saudi Opposition Sheikhs on America, Bin Laden, and Jihad
Egyptian Government Daily: 'American Heads of State - Amateurs, 'Axis of Evil''
Arab-American: 'Osama Bin Laden is My Hero'
Egyptian Government Daily Al-Akhbar Responds to Bush's Address: 'No One Will Support America if the Events of Sept 11 Recur!'
Saudi Defense Minister:Yarmulke-Wearing Congressmen to Blame for Media Attacks on Saudi Arabia
'A Real Hope for Israel and for 280 Million Arabs' An Israeli Expert Reacts to President Bush's Speech
Former Libyan PM on the Need for Reform in the Arab World
A Palestinian Communiqué Against Martyrdom Attacks
Syrian Authors Criticize Syrian Government Over Dam Collapse




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