Kashmir: A Flashpoint In The Indo-Pak Calculus
Preparation For A Military Clash - Russia's Drills And Army Update - September-October 2016
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
Cartoons In Saudi Media Express Rage At U.S.'s Passage Of Justice Against Sponsors Of Terrorism Act (JASTA)
Saudi Journalist: Saudi Government Must Immediately Lift Ban On Women Driving
Russia This Week - Part II - October 10-13
Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei, Ideological Circles Attack Rafsanjani For Calling For Investing In Economy Instead Of Military - Like Germany And Japan Post-WWII
Column In PA Daily 'Al-Hayat Al-Jadida' Praises Jerusalem Shooter: He Was 'A Lion Of Jerusalem And Al-Aqsa'
Saudi Media Attacks Justice Against Sponsors Of Terrorism Act (JASTA) Passed By U.S. Congress
Russia This Week - October 5 - 10, 2016
Pro-Kremlin Think Tank Head: Russia Prefers Unofficial Competition To Western Separation Of Powers
Lost In Translation In The U.S. Media: 'Allahu Akbar'
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary - WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES
Egyptian Regime Approves Church Construction Law, Satisfying Coptic Church; Interfaith Conflict Continues
Russia This Week - September 28 - October 5, 2016
Fighting A Culture Of Illusion: The Long Struggle Of Dr. Turki Al-Hamad
Egyptian Writer: The World Is One Large Camp And Muslims Must Find Their Place In It
Idea Of Jordanian-Palestinian Confederation Resurfaces, Only To Be Rejected By Both Sides
Saudi-Iraqi Tensions Rise After Saudi Ambassador Criticizes Iranian Involvement In Iraq
Iranian Official: 'If America Wants To Try Its Luck Against Us, [It Should Know That] We Are Completely Capable Of Mobilizing 9 Million Fighters... In Under 10 Days'; 'We Have Warehouses Full [Of Missiles]... That Can Hit Tel Aviv'
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
Criticism In Jordan, Palestinian Authority Over Marginalization Of Women In Public And Political Arenas
Russia This Week - September 20-28, 2016
Moroccan TV Host And Media Personality: Western Women Wear More Revealing Clothing Than Egyptian Women, But Experience Less Sexual Harassment
Saudi Daily To PA President Mahmoud 'Abbas: Do Not Dismiss Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu's Invitation To Knesset
Tension Between Mahmoud 'Abbas, Arab Quartet Over Initiative For Internal Reconciliation In Fatah
Lavrov's Remarks At The 71st Session Of The UN General Assembly: 'Ukraine... Has Fallen Victim Of Those Who Like To Play Zero Sum Games' - Part I
Russia-NATO Update -Part II - September 2016
Wave Of Incitement On Palestinian Social Media Pages Following Recent Spike In Attacks On Israelis
Khamenei Glorifies IRGC But Does Not Rule Out Adopting Financial Action Task Force (FATF) Standards, Which Harms IRGC, Regarded In The West As A Terror Organization
Russia-NATO Update - Part I - September 2016
Palestinian President Mahmoud 'Abbas: The Refugees Have A Right To Return To Their Homes; I Am A Refugee, I Have The Right To Return
In Contrast To Rohani Allegations In UNGA, Senior Iranian Officials Confirm U.S. Has Met Its Obligations Under JCPOA
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
Bahraini Writer: I Was Shocked To Discover How Many Young Arabs Idolize Adolf Hitler
Contrasting PA Reactions To Latest Terror Wave - 'Abbas: Children Are Taking Up Knives Of Their Own Volition To Carry Out Stabbings; PA Foreign Ministry: Israel Executing Palestinians Without Cause
Iranian Dissident Mehdi Khazali Criticizes Iran's Qods Force Involvement in Syria: Soleimani's Mismanagement Destroyed Syria
Iran, Saudi Arabia Clash Swords In U.S. Press
Pro-Assad Syrian Facebook Pages Call To Target American Troops, Interests In Syria
Russia This Week - The Duma Elections - September 12-20, 2016
Senior Lebanese Journalist: The Arabs Are Outraged When An External Enemy Destroys One Or Two Homes, While They Destroy Whole Cities In Internal Wars
September 18 Duma Elections - The Results
Syria: U.S. Airstrike On Syrian Forces Was Intentional
Board Chairman Of Pro-Hizbullah Daily: Kill Every Armed American Outside Of The U.S., Expel All Americans From Our Countries
A New Governorate For The Nineveh Plain, And Beyond
Russia Goes To Vote - September 18 Duma Elections Update
September 18 Duma Elections Update - A Step Towards The 2018 Presidential Elections
ISIS Video Features Children Who Aspire To Martyrdom, Says They Are Being Prepared To Conquer Rome, Spain (WARNING: GRAPHIC)
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
September 18 Duma Elections - Russian Analyst: Without Real Competition, Politicians Are Under Little Pressure To Lift The Economy Out Of The Crisis
Iranian General Discusses Shi'ite Liberation Army Under Command Of Qassem Soleimani, Who Is Subordinate To Supreme Leader Khamenei
'Last Will' Of Brussels Attacker Triggers War Of Words Over Motivations Of Suicide Bombers Targeting West
September 18 Duma Elections; Russian Daily Kommersant: All The Candidates Of The 2016 Elections Are Trying To Get Noticed By Vladimir Putin
The Story Of The Palestinian Village Leagues
Senior Russian TV Host Dmitri Kisiliov: They May Kill Trump
Russia This Week - Part II- September 5-12, 2016
Following Rafsanjani Call To Moderate Iranian Policy Vis-a-vis Saudi Arabia, Khamenei Delivers Virulently Anti-Saudi Speech, Sparking Increased Conflict With Kingdom
Russia This Week - Part I - September 5-12, 2016
Al-Qaeda Leader Al-Zawahiri in 9/11 Anniversary Message: As Long as Your Crimes Continue, the Events of 9/11 Will Be Repeated Thousands of Times
Russia Plays The Role Of Global Power At The G-20 Summit
On 15th Anniversary Of 9/11, Al-Qaeda Leader Al-Zawahiri Urges Mujahideen To Focus On Targeting U.S., Incites Black Christians Against U.S. And Calls Them To Islam
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
Russian Military Expert: 'Russia Is Creating Three Strong Army Groups On The Border With Ukraine... Capable... Of Launching A Quick Strike In The Direction Of Kiev'
From The MEMRI 9/11 Archives Series 'Terror In America': Arab And Iranian Media In The Days Following 9/11
Al-Qaeda's U.S.-Born Leader Adam Gadahn And 9/11
Egyptian Columnist: Just Like 9/11, ISIS Attacks In Europe Are A Western Plot
Egyptian Officials, Media: Britain Is Waging Media, Political Campaign Against Al-Sisi Regime
ISIS - The Threat To The Indian Subcontinent
Writer On Syrian Opposition Website Slams Political Opposition: It Is Busy With Talk And Personal Interests; Must Reevaluate Its Course
At The G-20 Russia And Saudi Arabia Agree To Limit Oil Production
September 18 Duma Election Update - Russian Political Scientist: The Current Campaign Is One Of The Most Boring In Memory
Russia This Week - Part II - August 29 - September 4, 2016
The Russian Media Studies Project - January-May 2016
Jordanian Journalists Debate Who Is To Blame For Refugees' Harassment Of Women In Cologne
Woman Leading Friday Prayers In Switzerland Mosque Sparks Uproar On Social Media
From The MEMRI TV Archives: Clips Of Newly Elected Iranian Assembly Of Experts Head - 90-Year-Old Anti-U.S. Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati
Saudi Daily: IRGC Qods Force Commander Qassem Soleimani Is 'The Great Terrorist Satan'
Tehran Presents The Winners Of Iran's 2016 Holocaust International Cartoon Contest
Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov To Hungarian Newspaper Magyar Nemzet: Russia-EU Relations Have Been Made Hostage To The Irresponsible Policies Of The Ukrainian Authorities
London-Based 'Al-Sharq Al-Awsat': Lebanese Government Paying Salaries Of Hizbullah MPs, Ministers In Cash To Bypass Potential American Sanctions
Russia This Week - May 23-30, 2016
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
Last Call: Support Our Spring 2016 Campaign
Syrian Oppositionist Writer To Assad: You Should Commit Suicide Before Someone Takes Revenge On You
Russian Defense Analyst: Russia Is Being Drawn Into A New Arms Race With The U.S. And NATO Countries
Russia-NATO Update - May 2016
Lebanese 'Al-Safir' Daily Marks 16th Anniversary Of Israel's Withdrawal From South Lebanon: Hizbullah Is Digging Tunnels On Israel Border
Secretary-General Of Palestinian Presidency Delivers Speech On Behalf Of President 'Abbas: In Fighting For Palestine, Our People 'Loves Death More Than Life'
Russia This Week - May 16-23, 2016
Kurdish President Barzani: The Sykes-Picot Agreement Has Failed; It Is Time To Establish A Kurdish State
Russian Reactions To Negotiations On Montenegro's NATO Membership
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
Report On Bangladesh's Execution Of Jamaat-e-Islami Chief Motiur Rahman Nizami: 'He Had Opposed The Very Notion Of Bangladesh', '[He Instigated] His Fearsome Gang Called [Pro-Pakistan Militia] Al-Badr Bahini To Kill Unarmed Civilians'
Saudi Government Daily 'Okaz': Senate's Passage Of Bill Allowing To Sue Saudi Arabia For September 11 Attacks Will 'Open Gates Of Hell' For U.S.
The Jihadi Threat To Singapore - Routes, Expatriates, Neighbors
ISIS Campaign In Support Of Its Sinai Branch, Urges Egyptians To Join Its Ranks
Jordanian Journalist: The State's Religious Establishment Manufactures Extremism, Wastes Public Funds
Anger In Russian Media At U.S. Missile Defense System In Romania NATO Base - Military Expert Talks About Possibility Of Use Of Tactical Nuclear Weapon Against System
Article In Saudi Daily: U.S. Planned, Carried Out 9/11 Attacks - But Blames Others For Them
Please Support Our Spring 2016 Campaign
Bahraini Columnist: Stabbing Civilians Doesn't Bring Victory But Only Provokes Hatred Against Arabs, Muslims
Syrian Opposition Official: West Responsible For Assad Remaining In Power; U.S. Enabled Russia To Become Main Player In Syria Crisis
Official Russian Campaign Against NATO's Ballistic Missile Defense System In Europe - Part II
Official Russian Campaign Against NATO's Ballistic Missile Defense System In Europe-Part I
Russia This Week - May 9-16, 2016
Palestinian Writer: No Chance For Marwan Barghouti Release From Israeli Prison
IRGC Aerospace And Missile Force Commander: The Americans Are Telling Us 'Don't Talk About Missile Affairs, And If You Conduct A Test... Don't Mention It'
Opportunity Or Necessity? The Islamic State's Cluster Video Strategy
Iranian Officials Tout Iran's Regional Supremacy
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
Russian President Putin: WWII Victory Day - A 'Warning To All Who Would Consider Challenging Russia'
In Fallout From Security Forces Raid, Pro-Regime Press Seeks To Wrest Control Of Egyptian Journalists' Union
Renowned Russian Intellectual Fyodor Lukyanov On Valdai Discussion Club Website: 'The End Of The G8 Era: Russia Does Not Need Western Hierarchy'
London Daily 'Rai Al-Youm': A Muslim Was Elected To Serve As London's New Mayor Thanks To Equality, The Rule of Law, And Human Rights - Which Are Absent In Arab Countries
Russian-Language ISIS Magazine 'Istok' Writes About Female Russian Agent Who Infiltrated ISIS In Caucasus
Russia This Week - May 2-9, 2016
Syrian Regime And Its Mouthpieces: Aleppo Campaign Will Continue Until Final Victory; U.S. And Its Regional Proxies Responsible For Aleppo Crisis
Syrian Opposition, Arab Writers: The U.S. Has A Hand In Aleppo Situation; The Syrians Are Being Slaughtered While The Arab World Does Nothing
Al-Qaeda Leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri: The Mujahideen In Syria Must Unite; Syrians Must Beware Both Saudi And 'Crusader' Plots
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
Pakistani Columnist Zubeida Mustafa's Article 'Textbooks Of Hate' In Pakistan
Islamic Cleric Mufti Nayeem And Women's Rights Campaigners Clash On Pakistan TV Over Domestic Violence Law Protecting Women
Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov To Swedish Newspaper 'Dagens Nyheter': If Sweden Joins NATO, Russia Will Take Necessary Defense Measures On Its Northern Borders; The Russophobic Minority In NATO Is Rallying The Rest Of The Member States
Column By MEMRI Scholar In Hindi Daily: Pakistani Military's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Is A Terror Organization
Egyptian State Newspaper 'Al-Ahram' Following Security Forces Raid On Journalists' Union Offices: 'When The People Rises To Take Its Freedom, Nothing Can Stop It'
Egyptian-German Scholar Hamed Abdel-Samad: 'In Fascism, Nazism, And Islam... Jews Are Like Animals'; 'This Hatred [Of Jews] Is Poisoning Us'
Saudi Columnist Following Pulverizing Of Aleppo: Assad Is The No. 1 Terrorist; Is Putin Any Different From Al-Baghdadi? Is Khamenei More Humane Than Al-Zawahiri?
Iranian Journalists: Foreign Minister Zarif Lied To U.S. Media When He Said Iranian Regime, Gov't Have No Connection To Iranian Holocaust Cartoon Contest
Egyptian Journalist: Zionist Capitalism Controls The World Media With Aim Of Realizing 'Protocols Of Elders Of Zion'
Renowned Russian Political Analyst Sergey Karaganov On The New Russia-West Ideological Struggle
Iranian Hezbollah Organization Issues Threats Of Physical Harm Against Former Iranian Presidents Rafsanjani And Khatami, Calls On President Rohani To Cancel JCPOA
Shi'ite Lebanese Journalist: I Renounce The Shi'ite Sect; Hizbullah Is 'Immoral, Murderous'
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
Top Russian Test Pilot: Russia - Not The U.S. - Is The Only Country With Successful Fifth-Generation Aircraft
Indian Muslim Journalist Aarefa Johari Leads Campaign Against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Among Bohra Muslims
Pakistani Cleric Describes Executed Assassin Malik Mumtaz Qadri As A 'Hero Of Muslims', Quotes The Koran: 'Those Who Were Martyred In The Path Of Allah, Do Not Even Consider Them Dead, They Are Alive'
Speech By Indian Reformer Sultan Shahin: 'Less Than A Hundred Years Ago, At Least 18,000 [Indian] Muslims Had Left Their Homes... To Fight For The Last Ottoman Khilafat [Caliphate]'
Pakistani Jihadi Weekly: Russia's Withdrawal From Syria - 'An Extremely Happy Moment For Muslims'; 'The Sacrifices Of [Syrian] Muslims... And Their Forceful Resistance Will Become Stronger'
Russian Prime Minister Medvedev: Zero Economic Growth In 2016; Growth Expected In 2017-2019
Iranian Daily 'Kayhan': Iran Asked Russia To Intervene In Syria; Moscow Must Not Reach Any Agreement On Syria With Washington At Assad's And Iran's Expense; Tehran Is Providing Assad With Strategic Weapons
Writers In Gulf Press: Gulf States Must Not Rely Exclusively On Oil Profits
The Functions Of Russia's Newly Announced National Guard
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
Russia's Permanent Representative To NATO Amb. Grushko: The NATO-Russia Council Meeting Attests To NATO's Failure To Isolate Russia
Egyptian TV Host on California Terror Attack: Americans Should Stick Obama on an Impalement Rod
Viewer Discretion Advised: Children Execute Captives in New ISIS Video (Short, Open Version)
ISIS Libya Video Features Foreign Fighters Praising Paris Attackers, Vowing To Target U.S. Cities, Moscow
TV Report on Christian Militia Fighting in Syria
Yemeni Cleric: The Jews, the Most Despicable of Allah's Creatures, Are the Enemies of Mankind and Peace
Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov: The West Created ISIS, America the Cause of All Terror Attacks Worldwide
Israeli Islamic Movement Leader Kamal Khatib on Paris Attacks: The West Leads to Religious Wars
Archival: British Hostage John Cantlie Interviews Top French ISIS Recruiter Salim Benghalem in ISIS Video
Iraqi Performance Art: "Poets' Militia" Relives Victims' Plight While Reciting Anti-ISIS Poetry
Former Deputy Interior Minister Bassiouni Challenges ISIS to Attack All Over Egypt, Not Just in Sinai
Egyptian Cleric Talaat Zahran: France behind Paris Bombings for Fear Muslims Were Taking Over the Country
Senior Hamas Official Al-Bardawil: Jews Kill Palestinian Children in Order to Knead Their Blood into Passover Bread
Egyptian Cleric Wagdi Ghoneim on Arab Response to Paris Attacks: Why Don't You Shed Your Crocodile Tears over Muslims?
Friday Sermon in Tomblaine, France - Imam Nejdi Condemns Paris Bombings: We Are French Citizens in the Full Sense of the Word
Egyptian Sheikhs Lead Islamization Campaign in Africa: Jesus is the Slave of Allah and His Messenger
London-Based Egyptian Preacher Hani Al-Sibai: I Foresee the Europeans Banishing the Muslims; We Deserve Compensation Like the Jews
Egyptian Intellectual Mamoun Fandy: The Europeans Might Do to the Muslims What Hitler Did to the Jews
Former Egyptian Ambassador: The U.S. and NATO Finance ISIS
Kuwaiti Author Ibtihal Al-Khatib: ISIS Emerged from Our Heritage Books; If We Do Not Reform Our Discourse We Will Become Extinct
French Political Analyst Mohammed Chirani Kisses French ID, Vows to Wage Jihad against Al-Baghdadi
Moroccan Cleric Abdellah Nhari: Terror in the West Is Fabricated to Prevent Anti-Government Intifada
Former CIA and NSA Director Gen. Hayden Urges U.S. and Its Allies "Not to Make Common Cause with Assad"
Palestinian Cleric Issam Amira: The Paris Attacks Were Carried Out by Western Intelligence
Egyptian Journalist: The West Is Plotting Sykes-Picot II to Establish the Jewish State
Yemeni Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Tawakkol Karman Insinuates: Arab Regimes behind ISIS; Criticizes Int'l Community
Footage: Russia Destroys Hundreds of Oil Trucks in Syria
In New Video, ISIS Threatens to Blow Up White House, Carry Out More Attacks in France
TV Host Ibrahim Issa Slams Egyptian Media for Adopting Conspiracy Theories: The Paris Bombers Were Not Buddhists
Egyptian TV Host: ISIS Is Israeli-British-American Made, Al-Baghdadi a Jew
Video by Iranian Leader Khamenei's Office: U.S. and Its Allies Were Behind Paris Attacks
ISIS Video: We Will Strike America in Its Heart, Washington, as We Struck the Heart of France – Paris
Lebanese Politician: Statues of Al-Assad, "Leader of War on Terrorism", Should Be Erected in Paris and Berlin
Russian Ambassador to Lebanon: Putin and I Believe the USSR Collapse Was a Catastrophe
French Friday Sermon on Day of Paris Attacks: Our Children Can Become Rulers of France through Legal Means
Egyptian Cleric Khaled Elgendy on Paris Attacks: Anyone Who Keeps a Snake Is Bound to Be Bitten by It
Former Jordanian MP Abu Sukkar Praises Stabbings, Calls for More Attacks
Palestinian Cleric in Antisemitic Diatribe on Official PA TV: The Jews Are the Slayers of the Prophets
Jordanian Police Officer Who Killed Two Americans and Three Others Buried as "Martyr"
Syrian TV Response to Paris Attacks: The Scorpion Has Stung Its Owner
ISIS Sinai Threatens to Punish the Egyptian Military for Operation Martyr’s Right
Egyptian TV Host Azmi Mogahed Criticizes Obama and Britain in Wake of Sinai Plane Crash
Mufti of Hebron District Muhammad Maher Maswadah: The Holocaust Was Caused by the Jews' Aggression and Corruption
American-Egyptian NASA Scientist Essam Heggy: Building a New Egypt Cannot Be Based on Fighting Terrorism
Tax Collection by ISIS in Nineveh Province, Iraq
TV Host Clashes with Egyptian Atheist Live on the Air: We Don't Want Infidels Here
Hamas Cleric and TV Host Iyad Abu Funun: The Zionists Are More Nazi than Hitler
MEMRI Vice President Alberto Fernandez: We Need an Alternative to ISIS and the Al-Assad Regime
Egyptian TV Host Ibrahim Eissa Slams Salafi Ideology: Putrid Talk that Is Destroying Egyptian Society
Delegation of European MPs, Politicians, and Cultural Figures Meets with Hizbullah Deputy Sec.-Gen. Naim Qassem
ISIS Militants Distribute Candy to Celebrate "Downing" of Russian Plane, Threaten Putin with Attacks in Russia
Canadian, Norwegian Hostages Held by the Abu Sayyaf Group in the Philippines Plead for their Lives
Jordanian Cleric Who Banned Killing Jews Sets Record Straight: Jihad against Brothers of Apes and Pigs a Duty
Indian Muslim Cleric Zakir Naik: Slaves in Islam Are Treated Better than Modern-Day POWs
Jeish Al-Islam Militants Use Families of Syrian Soldiers as Human Shields in Cages
Jordanian Cleric against Killing Jews: If You Don’t Attack Them, They Don’t Attack You
At Palestinian Stabber's Funeral, Father Marries Off Son to Another "Martyred" Stabber in Paradise
Gaza Soccer Commentator Likens Goal to Stabbing: Netanyahu, Son of Hebron Coming to Finish You Off
Palestinian News Agency Editor-in-Chief Nasser Al-Laham: The Jews Will Enjoy Security Only under Arab Rule
ISIS Video Touts American-Led Prison Raid in Al-Hawija, Iraq as a Failure
Palestinian Cleric Khaled Al-Maghrabi in Al-Aqsa Mosque Address Discusses Annihilation of the Jews and Virgins of Paradise
Video Captures Helicopter Dropping Barrel Bombs on Darayya, Syria
Egyptian TV Host and Historian Concur: Burning Is the Only Solution for the Jews
Hizbullah Sec.-Gen. Nasrallah: The U.S. Supports ISIS, Runs the Entire War in Our Region
Saudi TV Host Abdulellah Al-Dosari Celebrates Death of Iranian Pilgrims in Hajj Stampede in Mecca
Foreign Fighters in Syria: Syria Will Be the Graveyard of the Russians
Kuwaiti MP Nabil Al-Fadhl Criticizes Kuwait's Handling of Terrorism, States: Obama Is Fooling the World about ISIS
Video by Afghanistan Chapter of ISIS: We Have Declared War on the Jews and the Christians
Former Hamas Interior Minister Fathi Hammad: "Plunge The Knives In The Chests And Bellies Of The Enemies"
Palestinian Preacher at Al-Aqsa Mosque Rally Calls to Restore the Caliphate, Annihilate the Jews
Mother of Killed Palestinian Terrorist Pulls Out Knife in Interview, Threatens to Carry Out Attack




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