Prominent Saudi Journalist: West Jerusalem Is Part Of Israel; Moving The U.S. Embassy There As Part Of Overall Peace Agreement Could Herald The End Of The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Reports In Arab Media: Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad Is Gravely Ill
Russia's XXI Century Condottieri
Russia This Week – January 13- 29, 2017
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
ISIS Compares Itself To Early Islamic State In New Video
Khamenei Associate Mehdi Taeb: 'The Jews... Are The Only Ones Who Need Weapons Of Mass Destruction In Order To Rule The World – Because There Are 1.4 Billion Muslims And None Of Them Agree To Jewish Supremacy'
Russian FM Lavrov's News Conference On Russian Diplomatic Achievements In 2016: 'The Clash Between Pragmatism And Messianism In Foreign Policy Is Adding A New Dimension To The Contradictions... Observed Over The Past Few Years'
Saudi Journalist: The Palestinians' Reliance On Armed Resistance Is Political Suicide; The Palestinian Cause Is No Longer The Arabs' Primary Concern
Echo Of Moscow Interviews Russia's Anti-Corruption Crusader Navalny Following His Announcement That He Will Run For President In 2018
Editor's Picks From The MEMRI TV Archives: 2016 Clips From MEMRI Women's Studies Initiative
Saudi Writer To Muslims In The West: Integrate Into Local Societies And Work Against Terrorism
Following Harsh Anti-Gulf Sermon By Leading Jordanian Cleric, Jordan Attempts To Mitigate Sermon's Impact In The Gulf
Making The U.S. State Department Great Again: Why A Trump Refit Could Be Good News
Saudi Columnists On Trump Inauguration: When Will We Adopt The Practice Of A Smooth Democratic Transfer Of Power?
President Of The Pro-Kremlin Think Tank RIAC: 'The Process Of 'Perestroika' Induced By The New Global Balance Of Power... Will Probably Stretch Far Beyond Trump's Presidency'
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
'Al-Sharq Al-Awsat' Columnist: In Arab Countries, Sectarian And Tribal Loyalties Preclude Fostering Equal Citizenship
Saudi Writer: Ahwaz Region Deserves Self-Determination; Its Occupation By Iran Is No Less Barbaric Than Palestine's Occupation By Israel
Looking Backwards: How Soviet Writers In 1960 Envisioned The U.S.S.R. Of 2017
Talal Abu Ghazaleh, Prominent Jordanian Businessman And Former Chair Of Numerous UN Committees And Task Forces On BBC Arabic TV: MEMRI Considers Me Antisemitic 'Because I Want To Cleanse Palestine Of The Jews'
Articles In Arab Press Warn About Possible Assassination Of U.S. President-Elect Donald Trump
Editor's Picks From The MEMRI TV Archives: Arab Media Reactions To Donald Trump
Saudi Demands For Women To Be Allowed To Drive Continue; Columnist: This Ban Is Aimed At Perpetuating Men's Control Of Women
Will President-Elect Trump Defeat Cyber Jihad?
Moroccan Writer: We Are Losing The War On Terror Before We Even Started It
Official Russian Reactions To Rex Tillerson's Confirmation Hearing For The Post Of U.S. Secretary Of State
Iraqi Writer: We Need Global Fatwa Denouncing Islamic Extremism
Prominent Egyptian Journalist: President Sadat Read The Situation Correctly; His Recognition Of Israel Was An Important Move
Director General Of Russian Government-Funded Think Tank: Current Russia–Iran Relations Cannot Be Called A Strategic Partnership, A One-Time Enemy Could Easily Become A Future Ally
Admiral Kuznetsov Aircraft Carrier Left Syria's Shores - Russian Chief Of Staff Valery Gerasimov: We Are Diminishing Our Military Presence In Syria
Russia This Week – Part II - January 5- 13, 2017
Defense Minister Shoigu On Ashton Carter's Remarks: He Confused Our Two Countries
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
Russia This Week – Part I - January 5-13, 2017
Iranian Activists, Academics Apologize For Iran's Syria Policy
Kuwaiti Writer: The Recent Passing Of The International Religious Freedom Act In The U.S. Indicates That The World Has Had Enough Of Muslim Religious Extremism
From Russia With Love: Goodbye Obama! – Part II
Ayman 'Odeh, Head Of Arab Bloc In Israeli Knesset: Our Palestinian Identity Takes Precedence Over Our Israeli Citizenship; We Have A National Interest In Ending The Occupation, Seeing The Refugees' Return
From Russia With Love: Goodbye Obama! – Part I
Arab Youth In Violent Region And Turbulent Times
Editor's Picks From The MEMRI TV Archives: Clips On Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani
Following January 8, 2017 Truck-Ramming Attack In Jerusalem: Silence On Part Of PA; Expressions Of Joy By Hamas And On Social Media
Russian Pro-Kremlin Intellectual Fyodor Lukyanov: 'The Model Of An Open And Comprehensive World Order, With The United States... At The Helm, Is Becoming A Thing Of The Past'
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
Egyptian Writers Argue Over Mosques' Calls To Prayer Using Loudspeakers
Russia This Week – December 27, 2016-January 5, 2017
One Day After MEMRI Exposes Telegram As Jihadis' 'App Of Choice' – In 'Washington Post' On December 24 – Telegram Creates ISIS Watch Channel Alleging It Is Removing ISIS Content
Editor's Picks From The MEMRI TV Archives: Clips On Saddam Hussein's Prosecution And Execution
Resistance Axis Opponents Enraged At Photos Of Qods Force Commander Qassem Soleimani In Aleppo: The Photos Are Proof Of Iranian Expansion In Syria, Are Reminiscent Of Nazi Generals Strolling Through Cities They Destroyed
IRGC Presents Its New 'Suicide Drone'
The Significance, Ramifications, And Messages Of Hizbullah's Show Of Military Force In Al-Qusayr, Syria
The Russian Democratic Opposition Has Become Completely Helpless
Final Hours To Support MEMRI In 2016
Russian FM Spokeswoman Zakharova Rails Against The U.S. Administration For Imposing New Sanctions: ‘Today America And The American People Were Disparaged By Their Own President’
Putin At The Annual News Conference: 'The Most Important Thing Is The Information That The Hackers Revealed To The Public. Did They Compile Or Manipulate The Data? No, They Did Not'
Egyptian Daily Close To Egyptian Intelligence Reveals Minutes Of Secret Palestinian Authority Meeting With John Kerry, Susan Rice; U.S.-Palestinian Coordination On UNSC 2334; Rice Says Trump Administration's Policy Will Be 'Dangerous'
Reactions By Palestinian Leaders And Palestinian Press Following UNSC Adoption Of Resolution 2334 Against Israel's Settlements: 'An Historic Day And A Victory For International Legitimacy'
Putin To The Annual Expanded Meeting Of The Defense Ministry Board: 'We Need To Enhance The Combat Capability Of Strategic Nuclear Forces... Today, We Are Stronger Than Any Potential Aggressor. I Repeat, Any Aggressor'
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
Gulf Writers: Oppression Of Sunnis Created ISIS; Restoring Them To Their Rightful Status Will Enable Defeating ISIS
Director General Of Russian Government-Funded Think Tank, Andrey Kortunov: 'Does Vladimir Putin Want To Restore The Soviet Union?'
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
Germany-Based Encrypted Messaging App Telegram Emerges As Jihadis' Preferred Communications Platform – Part V Of MEMRI Series: Encryption Technology Embraced By ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Other Jihadis – September 2015-September 2016
Russian Efforts To Exclude U.S., Europe From Political Solution In Syria And Create A Framework For Bypassing Geneva I
Campaign In Lebanon Against Law Exempting Rapists From Punishment If They Marry Their Victim: 'A White [Dress] Does Not Cover Up Rape'
Editor's Picks From The MEMRI TV Archives: Clips On Christmas And New Year's
Russia This Week – December 13 - 22, 2016
Only 11 Days Left To Support MEMRI This Year
Fatah's Seventh General Conference Bolsters 'Abbas's Standing; Contradictory Messages In 'Abbas Statements On Terror, Negotiations With Israel
Russia's Official Reactions To The Killing Of The Russian Ambassador To Turkey - Part II
Syrian Opposition Worried By Reports That New Islamic Political Entity, Led By Jabhat Fath Al-Sham, Is Emerging In Northern Syria
Lavrov's Remarks At The 71st Session Of The UN General Assembly: 'Ukraine... Has Fallen Victim Of Those Who Like To Play Zero Sum Games' - Part I
Russia-NATO Update -Part II - September 2016
Wave Of Incitement On Palestinian Social Media Pages Following Recent Spike In Attacks On Israelis
Russia-NATO Update - Part I - September 2016
Palestinian President Mahmoud 'Abbas: The Refugees Have A Right To Return To Their Homes; I Am A Refugee, I Have The Right To Return
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
Bahraini Writer: I Was Shocked To Discover How Many Young Arabs Idolize Adolf Hitler
Contrasting PA Reactions To Latest Terror Wave - 'Abbas: Children Are Taking Up Knives Of Their Own Volition To Carry Out Stabbings; PA Foreign Ministry: Israel Executing Palestinians Without Cause
Iran, Saudi Arabia Clash Swords In U.S. Press
Pro-Assad Syrian Facebook Pages Call To Target American Troops, Interests In Syria
Russia This Week - The Duma Elections - September 12-20, 2016
Senior Lebanese Journalist: The Arabs Are Outraged When An External Enemy Destroys One Or Two Homes, While They Destroy Whole Cities In Internal Wars
September 18 Duma Elections - The Results
Syria: U.S. Airstrike On Syrian Forces Was Intentional
Board Chairman Of Pro-Hizbullah Daily: Kill Every Armed American Outside Of The U.S., Expel All Americans From Our Countries
Syria: U.S. Airstrike On Syrian Forces Was Intentional
A New Governorate For The Nineveh Plain, And Beyond
Russia Goes To Vote - September 18 Duma Elections Update
September 18 Duma Elections Update - A Step Towards The 2018 Presidential Elections
ISIS Video Features Children Who Aspire To Martyrdom, Says They Are Being Prepared To Conquer Rome, Spain (WARNING: GRAPHIC)
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
September 18 Duma Elections - Russian Analyst: Without Real Competition, Politicians Are Under Little Pressure To Lift The Economy Out Of The Crisis
Iranian General Discusses Shi'ite Liberation Army Under Command Of Qassem Soleimani, Who Is Subordinate To Supreme Leader Khamenei
'Last Will' Of Brussels Attacker Triggers War Of Words Over Motivations Of Suicide Bombers Targeting West
September 18 Duma Elections; Russian Daily Kommersant: All The Candidates Of The 2016 Elections Are Trying To Get Noticed By Vladimir Putin
The Story Of The Palestinian Village Leagues
Russia This Week - Part II- September 5-12, 2016
Following Rafsanjani Call To Moderate Iranian Policy Vis-a-vis Saudi Arabia, Khamenei Delivers Virulently Anti-Saudi Speech, Sparking Increased Conflict With Kingdom
Russia This Week - Part I - September 5-12, 2016
Russia Plays The Role Of Global Power At The G-20 Summit
On 15th Anniversary Of 9/11, Al-Qaeda Leader Al-Zawahiri Urges Mujahideen To Focus On Targeting U.S., Incites Black Christians Against U.S. And Calls Them To Islam
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
Russian Military Expert: 'Russia Is Creating Three Strong Army Groups On The Border With Ukraine... Capable... Of Launching A Quick Strike In The Direction Of Kiev'
From The MEMRI 9/11 Archives Series 'Terror In America': Arab And Iranian Media In The Days Following 9/11
Al-Qaeda's U.S.-Born Leader Adam Gadahn And 9/11
Egyptian Columnist: Just Like 9/11, ISIS Attacks In Europe Are A Western Plot
ISIS - The Threat To The Indian Subcontinent
Writer On Syrian Opposition Website Slams Political Opposition: It Is Busy With Talk And Personal Interests; Must Reevaluate Its Course
At The G-20 Russia And Saudi Arabia Agree To Limit Oil Production
September 18 Duma Election Update - Russian Political Scientist: The Current Campaign Is One Of The Most Boring In Memory
Russia This Week - Part II - August 29 - September 4, 2016
Russia This Week - Part I - August 29 - September 4, 2016
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
Article In Urdu Daily On Pakistan's Independence Day: '[Pakistan's Founder M.A. Jinnah Said We Wanted] A Laboratory Where We Can Test Islamic Principles'
Editorial In Pakistani Daily Blames Indian Intelligence Agency RAW For Quetta Terror Attack: '[India] Has Sent Thousands Of Its Agents Into Pakistan'
Pakistani Cleric Defends Clash Of Civilizations Theory: 'Even Now Our Intellectuals Are Not Ready To Accept The Struggle Between Muslims And The West As A War Of Culture And Civilization'
Saudi Writer: Islamic Law Prohibits Suicide Attacks - But Clerics Fear To Speak Out Against Them
Egyptian Coptic MP 'Imad Gad: Separating Religion And State - A Condition For Democracy
Iraqi Writer: The Iraqis' Suffering Is Greater Than The Palestinians'; We Should Put Ourselves First
Saudi Journalist: The Saudi Law Banning Wife Beating Supersedes Islamic Law
Russia This Week - August 22-29, 2016
Iranian Ayatollah: The 'Hidden Imam' Will Arrive In A Vessel 'Like A Spaceship'
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
The Free Alawite Movement - First Signs Of Armed Alawite Resistance To The Assad Regime
Russia-NATO Update - August 2016
'Al-Ahram' Columnist: Despite Al-Sisi's Call For Revolution In Religious Discourse, Al-Azhar Scholars Continue On Their Extremist Path
IRGC Deputy Commander Salami On The Might Of Iran's Islamic Revolution In The World And The West's Threats To Iran From Within And Without
History Will Judge Tech Philanthropists In Fight Vs. Cyber Jihad
Final Request: Support Our 2016 Summer Campaign
Politics, Sports And Religion In Arab Press Coverage Of Rio Olympics
Russia This Week - August 15 - 22, 2016
Egyptian Columnist Mocks Those Who Regard Michael Phelps' Cupping As Proof Islam Is Right
British Islamist Sheikh Anjem Choudary Convicted Of Supporting ISIS; YouTube, Twitter Refuse To Remove His Accounts - As MEMRI Has Been Calling For Since 2011
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
ISIS Burnishes Orthodox Salafi Credentials With An Eye Towards The Future
Jordanian Journalist In Three Antisemitic Articles: The Jews Want To Destroy Other Religions And Peoples And Endanger Europe; Depicting Them In A Positive Light Constitutes Brainwashing
Separating The 'Political' From The 'Islam': Tunisia's Al-Ghannouchi And Reform Initiatives In The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood
Egyptian Writer: Democracy Is A Destructive System Used By The West To Dismantle Arab Countries
Russian Strategic Bombers Deployed To Iran; Russian Senator Says Nuclear Weapons, Heavy Bombers Will Not Be Permanently Deployed In Syria
Russia In The World - Russia-Latin America Relations: The Case Of Nicaragua
Russia This Week - August 8 - 15, 2016
Yazidi Teen Who Escaped from ISIS Captivity Recounts Her Harrowing Experiences
Egyptian Researcher of Islamic Studies Criticizes Reform in Al-Azhar Curricula: Professors Still Teach that Women May Breastfeed Co-Workers
Top IRGC Officials on Recent Ballistic Missile Launch: Our Missiles Are Ready for Launching against Any Target
Kuwaiti Professor of Philosophy Sheikha Al-Jassem: People Who Believe that the Quran Is Above the Constitution Are Betraying Kuwait
Hamas Clerics Al-Zarad and Al-Astal: The Jews Are the "Enemies of Mankind" Who "Wallow in the Shedding of Blood"
Pro-ISIS Jamaican Sheikh Abdullah Al-Faisal: We Must Adopt the Bullet, Not the Ballot; All Homosexuals Must Be Killed
Western Sahara TV Station Airs Rare Footage of the Army of the Polisario Front
Indian-Palestinian BDS Activist Nasser Barakat: The Creation of Israel Was a Conspiracy, Like 9/11
Moroccan Researcher Sanaa El Aji Calls to Criminalize Incitement in Mosques against Minorities
Al-Aqsa Mosque Address: King Abdallah, "Traitor of Jordan," Fights "So-Called Terrorists" Instead of Sending His Army to Humiliate the Jews
Egyptian Student Deported from the U.S. following Facebook Threats against Donald Trump: America Is the Most Racist Country in the World
MEMRI TV Weekly Highlights: March 11-17, 2016
Egyptian Intellectuals Debate the Plight of Liberals in Egypt: There Would Be No Progress in the World without Blasphemy
British Hostage John Cantlie Mocks Obama in New Video, Says Americans "Bankrupt of Intelligence"
Shiite Militia Leader Issues Death Threats to U.S. Consul-General in Basrah, Who Visited Wounded PMU Members
Kurdish President Barzani: The Unity of Iraq Has Failed; The Kurdish People Should Decide about Statehood in Referendum
Saudi Cleric Awadh Al-Qarni: The Mossad Placed Me on Its Hit List, and So Did ISIS and the Shiites
Iranian Workers Demonstrate against Iranian Spending on the War in Syria
"Al-Aqsa, We Are Coming" - Al-Qaeda Public Event at Mukalla, Hadramout
ISIS Suicide Bombers Threaten "to Raid" Moscow
Egyptian Screenwriter Mohamed El Adl: The Religious Movement Is Stronger Than Al-Sisi, Egypt Becoming a Religious State
PFLP Deputy Secretary-General Abu Ahmad Fuad: Iranian Aid "Will Lead to the Escalation of the Intifada. This Is What We Want"
Former Lebanese Minister Wiam Wahhab Warns against Turkish Interference in Syria: Cities in Turkey, Israel, and the Gulf Will Be Shelled
Louis Farrakhan in Iran: America Is a Sinking Ship; Despite Its Filth, I Feel at Home There
Russian Muslim Designer Celebrates Syria Ceasefire with a New Collection
Hamas TV Host Abu Jleidan Encourages Suicide Bombings: Our Enemies Have Nuclear Bombs, But We Have the Invincible Human Bomb
ISIS Features: Elderly Man Carries Out a Suicide Bombing in Iraq
Egyptian Sheikh Muhammad Al-Zoghbi and TV Host in a Tirade: 99% of Shiites Born Out of Fornication, as Proven by Post-Speicher Massacre DNA Tests
British Islamist 'Abu Haleema': I'd Rather Have Trump Who Tells Us He Hates Us Than a Snake Like Obama
Palestinian Cleric Known for Jihadi and Antisemitic Discourse Speaks out against the Culture of Death
MEMRI TV Highlights: March 4-10, 2016
Egyptian TV Host Compares Al-Sisi to Hitler; Colleagues: She's Fat like a Sumo Champion, Elephant Seal
Egyptian TV Host Al-Ghiety to Clinton: Old Bag, You Are the Cause for What Happened in Syria, Iraq, and Libya
Qatari Educational Software Teaches Hatred of Jews: They Killed Many Prophets, We will Fight and Vanquish Them
Egyptian Author Sayyid Al-Qemany Dares Islamists to Kill Him, States: Al-Azhar Is a Dinosaur That Should Be Pushed Back into Its Lair; I Will Dedicate the Little Time I Have Left to Fight Al-Azhar
Iran Launches Ballistic Missiles from Underground Silo
Une vidéo du groupe Karmel Japha parodie les juifs sionistes et affirme qu'Hollande est payé en shekels
French Music Video Mocks Zionist Jews, Claims: Hollande Is Paid in Shekels
PA TV on Jaffa Stabbing: "Martyr" Killed One U.S. Tourist, Wounded 12 "Settlers"
Egyptian MP: The Egyptian People Hate Israel, No Place for Normalization of Relations; Researcher: Israel Is a Regular Country
Selfie with Bodies of ISIS Terrorists Sparks Controversy in Tunisia, Criticism of Al-Jazeera TV and Qatar
Saudi Singer Challenges Russia: You Are No Match for Saudi Arabia, Putin Has Brought Trouble upon You
Iranian Majlis Member Nader Qazipour: The Majlis Is No Place for Women or Donkeys
Qatari Educational Software to Girls: Not Wearing Hijab Defies Allah, Brings You Closer to Satan
Policewomen Training in Gaza Gain Sniper Skills, Perform Duties "in the Spirit of Jihad"
British-Palestinian Women's Rights Activist Ahlam Akram: We Cannot Continue to Teach Jihad at Schools and Expect Society to Respect Women, Non-Muslims
MEMRI TV Weekly Highlights: February 26 - March 3, 2016
Cleric Sa'd Al-Ateeq Warns Saudis Travelling to the West of the Promiscuity of Modern Girls
Resigning Lebanese Minister of Justice Ashraf Rifi: Hizbullah and Iran Have Gone Way Too Far in Their Terrorist Practices
Wagdi Ghoneim Criticizes ISIS For Fighting Libyan "Rebels": "Go Fight the Infidels... We Should All Unite and Join Hands"
British-Arab Politician Dr. Wafik Moustafa: We Should Strive for Peace with Israel, Rather Than Boycott It
Russian Ambassador to Lebanon: We Fight Terrorism in Syria So It Will Not Reach Russia
Former Iraqi Finance Minister Rafi Al-Issawi: There Is No Difference between ISIS and the Iraqi Militias
Saudi Information and Culture Minister 'Adel Al-Toraifi: Hizbullah Is a Terrorist Organization that Wants to Turn Lebanon into a Failing State
Gulf Politicians: Hizbullah Is Cancer, Lebanon Is an Iranian Province Ruled by Hizbullah
Egyptian-German Scholar Dr. Hamed Abdel-Samad Analyzes "the Birth Defect of Islam"
Saudi TV Channel Parody Lampoons Hizbullah's Leader Nasrallah, Sparks Anger among Supporters
Hamas Showcases Terrorist Skills in a Rafah Rally
Iraqi Researcher Abdul-Hussain Shaaban on Hizbullah TV: Our Complete Rejection of the West Stems from Backwardness
Top Tunisian Islamic Politician Mourou: We'd Better Accept the Sykes-Picot Agreement; Our Goal is to Live, Not to Die
Saudi Cleric Ateeq Al-Ateeq: Pictures Posted on Social Media May Cause Cancer in Children
MEMRI TV Weekly Highlights: February 19-25, 2016
Kuwaiti Writer Ahmad Sarraf: We Refuse to Acknowledge Our Crimes; ISIS Has Always Been Here
Iranian Ambassador to Lebanon: Iran Will Give $7,000 to the Family of Every "Martyr of the Jerusalem Intifada"
Archival - Saudi Cleric Muhammad Al-Munajid: Jailbreaking Your iPhone Is Not Forbidden by Islamic Law
Netherlands-Based Preacher Rachid Nafi Takes on Moroccan Reality Show Starlet: She Threw Herself into the Arms of a Christian!
YouTube Death Threats to Blogger Taymour El-Sobky Who Allegedly Slandered Upper Egypt Women
Kuwaiti Researcher Fahd Al-Shelaimi Waxes Lyrical about Saudi War Ethics in Operation Decisive Storm, Says: Ali Abdallah Saleh Should Be Hanged by the Belt of His Pants
Syrian Sculptor Iyad Bilal Creates Bust of Russian Pilot of Plane Downed by Turkey
Canada Friday Sermon by Imam Shaban Sherif Mady: Rome Will Be Conquered like Constantinople Was
15-Year-Old Syrian ISIS Member Talks about His Decision to Become a Suicide Bomber: My Father Encouraged Me
Kuwaiti TV Host Mocks Valentine's Day Statement by Lebanese Ambassador about the Power of Love and Asks: "When Did Love Ever Make Peace in This World?!"




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