An Interview with the Mother of a Suicide Bomber
A Kuwaiti Daily Reports Arafat Deposited $5.1 Million from Arab Funds into His Personal Account
Saudi Ambassador to London: 'I Want Peace with Israel; I Long to Die as a Martyr; Stoning and Amputating Hands Are at the Core of Every Muslim's Belief'
'Why We Fight America': Al-Qa'ida Spokesman Explains September 11 and Declares Intentions to Kill 4 Million Americans with Weapons of Mass Destruction
Iran Increases Funding and Training for Suicide Bombings Islamic Jihad Leader: The Intifada Foiled the American Plots Against Iraq. A Hizbullah Leader on the Iranian-Syrian-Lebanese-Palestinian Axis
Leading Islamic Clerics Come Out For Reform in Arab-Islamic Society
Egyptian Opposition Weekly: Condoleezza Rice 'Has Damaged the World of the Blacks,' and 'She Is Suited Only to Work at a Nightclub or to Make Her Bed in the Heart of the Jungles'
Iranian Dissident to Khamenei: 'You Are An Evil Ruler'
Arab League Think Tank Hosts Event: U.S. Military behind September 11
Iraq Buys and Smuggles Its Way Out of UN Sanctions
Kuwaiti Daily Editorials: The End of the Arafat Show
Saudi Government Daily: 'You [the U.S.] Will Vanish, But We Will Remain'
Iranian Daily: All Muslims Must Come Together to Overcome the U.S.
Suicide, Martyrdom, Terrorist Attacks, or Homicide - A Debate in the Arab Media
An Arab Diplomat on the Need to Replace Jihad With Social Development
Palestinian Authority Columnist on the Causes of Child Suicide Attacks and How to Stop Them
Columnist for Egyptian Government Daily to Hitler:'If Only You Had Done It, Brother'
Israeli-Arabs Object to Ideas of Israeli-Palestinian Territorial Exchange
Chairman of the Arab Psychiatrists Association Offers Diagnoses: Bush Is Stupid; Perpetrating a Suicide/Martyrdom Attack is Life's Most Beautiful Moment; We'll Throw Israel Into the Sea
The Saudi Ambassador to London's Ode to Suicide Bombers
Mubarak Dismisses War with Israel; Pro-Iraq Paper Attacks Egyptian President
Friday Sermon on Palestinian Authority TV
Georgetown University Professor, Halim Barakat: 'The Jews Have Lost Their Humanity'; 'They Do Not Raise Their Children to be Weak'
Editors of Egyptian Government Newspapers: Egypt Will Not be Dragged into War Against Israel by Syria's 'Boy President'
Saudi Government-Controlled Daily Praises Passover and Jerusalem Supermarket Suicide Bombers
Khamenei's Response to Israeli-Palestinian Fighting
Iraq Suspends Oil Exports: Tepid or No Reaction from OPEC Members
President of Tel-Aviv University: 'The Warped Saudi Initiative'
Leading Egyptian Government Cleric Calls For: 'Martyrdom Attacks that Strike Horror into the Hearts of the Enemies of Allah'
Arafat Aide: Jews Nailed Jesus to the Cross
Arab Television Channels Interview Arafat
Saudi Government Paper: 'Billions Spent by Saudi Royal Family to Spread Islam to Every Corner of the Earth'
Leader of 'Jihad Army' in Indonesia to 'Al-Hayat': We Plan to Target American Interests
The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Presents New Suicide Bombers Unit at Al-Azhar University
Editor of Saudi Government Daily Al-Riyadh: Statement on 'Purim' Blood Libel Articles
Egyptian Government Daily Praises the Martyrdom Attack on Jerusalem Cafe: 'A Heroic Operation'
Egyptian Government Weekly: The U.S., Israel, and Turkey 'The True Axis of Evil'
Al-Qa'ida Activist, Abu 'Ubeid Al Qurashi: Comparing Munich (Olympics) Attack 1972 to September 11
Saudi Government Daily: Jews Use Teenagers' Blood for 'Purim' Pastries
Egyptian-American Writer: The Egyptian Regime Encourages Persecution of Christian Copts
Egyptian Columnist: Guantanamo is the Real Auschwitz
A Syrian Reader Writes to Al-Hayat: Arab Media Do Not Comprehend; Israeli 'Conscientious Objectors' Prove Israel's Strength - Not Its Weakness
Saudi Columnist: PA Declarations No Longer Credible
Former Libyan PM on 'The U.S. and the Complexities of the Arab Mind'
Top Palestinian Official: Negotiations Are Ineffective, Give War a Chance
Editor of Al-Sharq Al-Awsat: Why Do Liberal Christian Arabs Defend bin Laden?
Israel's High Court of Justice on the War Against Terrorism
Bin Laden Lieutenant Admits to September 11 and Explains Al-Qa'ida's Combat Doctrine
Saudi Government Official on Bin Laden as a Hero: He Did Not Present a Distorted Picture of Islam to the West' American Jews are 'Brothers of Apes and Pigs'
Russian Parliamentary Chairman for International Affairs: 'We Will Not Accept Military Force Against Iraq'
Arab Media on State of the Union Address: Bush like Hitler, Bin Laden, and Shylock
Egyptian Government Weekly Reproduces Nazi Propaganda Forgery
Egyptian Government Daily: America's Torture of Al-Qa'ida Prisoners Worse Than Hitler's Treatment of Jewish and Christian 'Rivals'
Dean of Shari'a and Law at Qatar University in Support of the U.S., the War on Terror, and Curricular Reform Part II
Dean of Shari'a and Law at Qatar University in Support of the U.S., the War on Terror, and Curricular Reform Part I
Saudi Shura Council Member: Saudi Arabia Should Seek a Strategic Alternative to U.S.
Iraqi Press on Weapons of Mass Destruction
'Al-Hayat' Columnist: The Pressure of 'The Arab and Islamic Street' is a Myth
The Role of Fatwas in Incitement to Terrorism
Mubarak ­ 'An Angel in the Form of a President' The Egyptian Government Press Celebrates President Mubarak's 20 Years in Office
Bashar Assad Teaches Visiting Members of U.S. Congress How to Fight Terrorism
Saudi and other Arab Intellectuals: The Fault Lies in Our Education Not in American Society
The Egyptian Wife's Tale: 'Egyptian Women are Living Exactly as Afghan Women Lived' Part I
The Egyptian Wife's Tale: Part II
Saudi Government Daily on the Culture of Hatred'
Saudi Government Press Attacks U.S.
Jordanian Columnist: Arab anger at Thomas Friedman unwarranted
Former Iranian President Rafsanjani on Using a Nuclear Bomb Against Israel
Saudi Columnists: Urbanization and Development in Southern Saudi Arabia, Not Poverty, Led to September 11
Egyptian Government-Sponsored Scientific Journal: On American and Israeli Bio-Warfare and Jews Spreading AIDS to Asia and Africa
The Role of the Arab Media: An Historical Perspective
Saudi Government Daily: The Jews are Taking Over the World




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