Syrian Defense Minister: Lebanese Resistance Is Justified, My Book 'The Matzah of Zion' Is Not Antisemitic
Egyptian Ministry of Culture Publication: The Prophet Muhammad's 'Night Journey' was Not to Jerusalem but to Medina
Egyptian Government Daily Al-Ahram: The U.S. is Behind the Najaf Bombing
Iranian Daily: 'Extremist Jews Plotting to Assassinate Chirac,' Mossad Agents Behind Najaf Blast
Editorials from the New Iraqi Press: MEMRI Baghdad Dispatch (6)
Editor of London's Al-Sharq Al-Awsat Daily: Arafat and Abu Mazen Must Go!
Columnist in Leading Egyptian Government Daily: U.S. Forces in Iraq Strip the Flesh from Their Victims' Corpses
Hamas Leader Rantisi: The False Holocaust - The Greatest of Lies Funded by the Zionists
Lebanese Daily Decries Hizbullah Activity Against Israel
Egyptian Jurists to Sue 'The Jews' for Compensation for 'Trillions' of Tons of Gold Allegedly Stolen During Exodus from Egypt
Incitement in the Palestinian Authority After the Aqaba Summit
Syrian Government Daily Celebrates Hamas Military Wing Namesake – Izziddin Al-Qassam
Editorials from the New Iraqi Press: MEMRI Baghdad Dispatch (5)
Al-Qa'ida Claims Responsibility for Last Week's Blackout
Saudi Columnist: 'Where Do We Start With Reform?'
Liberal Arab Columnist: 'Why do Arabs Hate the West, Especially the U.S.?'
Editorials from the New Iraqi Press: MEMRI Baghdad Dispatch (4)
Editor-in-Chief of Syrian Ba'ath Daily In Favor of Political Reform
Ayatollah Khomeini's Grandson: 'Iran Needs Democracy and Separation of Religion and State;' 'The Iranian Regime Is the World's Worst Dictatorship'
King Faysal University Professor: Jews Consider Iraq Part of Greater Israel
An Iraqi Intellectual in London: Arab Nationalists' Interference in Iraqi Affairs Will Pound the Final Nail into Iraq's Coffin
Editorials from the New Iraqi Press: MEMRI Baghdad Dispatch (3)
The Anti-American and Antisemitic Writings of Saudi Prince Amr Muhammad Al-Faysal
Syrian Foreign Minister Farouq Al-Shar'a on the U.S. Government: 'The Most Violent and Stupid American Administration Ever' [1]
Arab and Muslim Jihad Fighters in Iraq
Al-Qaradhawi Speaks In Favor of Suicide Operations at an Islamic Conference in Sweden
Editorials from the New Iraqi Press : MEMRI Baghdad (2)
An Arab Diplomat on the Leadership Crisis in the Arab World
A New Bin Laden Speech
A Top Secret Document Dated January 23, 2003<BR>From Iraqi Intelligence: A Plan for Action in the Event of a Regime Downfall
Editorials from the New Iraqi Press: MEMRI Baghdad Dispatch (1)
The Think Tank of the Arab League: The Zayed International Centre for Coordination and Follow-Up - Part II
'Long Live Dictatorship': An Arab Columnist on Dictatorships in the Arab World
Saudi Editor-In-Chief Fired Following Criticism of Ibn Taymiyya, Spiritual Father of Wahhabism
Interview with PLC Head Ahmad Qurei'(Abu Alaa): 'Bush's Words on the Jewish Identity of Israel Arouses Concern For the Right of Return;' 'Oslo Was an Achievement Because We Gave Nothing In Exchange'
Saudi Royal Family's Financial Support to the Palestinians 1998-2003: More than 15 Billion Riyals ($4 Billion U.S.) Given to 'Mujahideen Fighters' and 'Families of Martyrs'
Editor of Al-Sharq Al-Awsat Condemns Arab Governments for their Silence on Saddam's Mass Graves
Saudi Ambassador to Britain Denies Connection Between Al-Qa'ida Attacks & Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Al-Sharq Al-Awsat: Arafat Transferred Intelligence on Iraqi Opposition to Saddam's Regime
Sheikh Al-Qaradhawi: 'We Gave Up On Haifa and Jaffa;' 'I Am Opposed to Attacks in Islamic Countries'
The Website of the Saudi Embassy in London
Palestinian Authority Daily on U.S. National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice:<BR>'Beware the Woman of Steel'
Bashar Al-Assad's Interview with Al-Arabiya
Alleged Message from an Al-Qa'ida Chief on the Upcoming 'Fatal Blow' Against the U.S.
An Egyptian Journalist on the Connection Between Wahhabism and Terrorism
Interview with an Arab Leader
Chairman of the Egyptian Parliamentary Legislative Commission: 'We Do Not Need Any Democratic Change'
Syrian Citizens Urge President Assad to Implement Sweeping Reforms
Egyptian Television's Portrayal of Excessive Violence Against Women
Three Saudi Dailies Publish Government Official's Op-Ed: 'Jews are Masters at Manipulating the Media, Money, World Organizations'
The Moment of Opportunity for Arab Liberalism
Arab Columnists on the Killing Fields of Iraq
'President Bush is The Head of the Snake… America is Sinking Deeper and Deeper in a Putrid Swamp, and Will Extricate Itself from it Only as a Defeated, Stinking Loser'
Arab Statesmanship's Fatal Flaw: Backward Political Decision-Making
PLO Political Bureau Head Al-Qaddoumi: 'We Are Close to Accomplishing Our Goals… With More Resistance, We Can Force Them to Withdraw and Sign a Peace Agreement'
Arafat's Nakba Day Speech
Saudi Daily Accuses the U.S. of State Terrorism
Saudi Media Trends: In the Wake of the Riyadh Bombings (2)
Saddam's New Book: 'Begone, Accursed One!'
Kuwaiti Newspaper Interview with Bashar Al-Assad
Editor of Lebanese Daily Newspaper Attacks Hizbullah's Secretary General
Egyptian Government Newspapers on the U.S. and President Bush on the Eve of His Visit to the Region
Egyptian Columnist Compares U.S. with Nazi Germany
Nakba Day: Statements on the Palestinian Right of Return
Iranian Source: Seif Al-'Adel and Osama Bin Laden's Son Left Iran Only After Riyadh Bombings
The Think Tank of the Arab League: The Zayed Centre for Coordination and Follow-Up (ZCCF)
Saudi Press: Initial Reactions to the Riyadh Bombings
Saudi Religious Police Launch Website
Iranian Defense Minister on Iran's Defense Doctrine
An Arab Intellectual in Qatar: 'Arab Media's Conduct During the War is Indicative of a Deeper Malaise'
Palestinian Diplomat in Morocco on the War in Iraq, Zionism, and Israel
Friday Sermon in Falouja, Iraq




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