Former Bahrain Chief Of Staff: "Iran is an Octopus That Stirs Trouble"
Egyptian Writer Ahmad Al-Aswani: It's “Open Season” On Egypt's Copts
Pakistani Daily Warns: North West Frontier Province Falling into Taliban Hands
Hamas Leader Khaled Mash'al: Our Proposal for Tahdiah ("Calm") is Tactical
Indian Cleric Ashraf Mohamedy: Every Muslim Should Be a Terrorist against the Anti-Social Elements in Society
Arab Columnists: Islam Has Been Harmed More By Muslims than By the West
Hamas Deputy Minister of Religious Endowment on Jewish History and The Protocols of the Elders of Zion
A Comprehensive Interview with Syrian Philosopher Sadik Jalal Al-'Azm
Iraqi Al-Rafidein TV Airs Anti-American Filler: U.S. Presidents as Slaughterers through the Ages
Saudi Daily Arab News Publishes Article on Eunuch Hajjis: 'We Are Neither Men nor Women, But Muslims like Anyone Else'
Saudi Human and Women's Rights Activist Wajeha Al-Huwaidar Speaks Out Against Honor Killings
Ayatollah Emami-Kashani in Tehran Friday Sermon: "Oh Liar Israel! Oh Liar White House! If You Wish To Attack Iran, We Will Give You a Response That Will Make You Regretful"
Iranian President Ahmadinejad: "The Countdown for the Decline of America's Demonic Power Has Begun"; "This Germ of Corruption [Israel] Will Be Wiped Off"
Criticism in Syria of Ban on Interfaith Marriages
Leading Israeli Journalist understands Arab Holocaust Denial
Arab Liberal Dr. Mamoun Fandy: The Palestinians Have Chosen the Model Of Tora Bora Over That of Singapore
Senior Iraqi Official: Terrorism in Middle East Can Be Eradicated Only With Regional Cooperation – But Syria, Iran Are Assisting the Terrorists
Islamic Republic of Iran News Network TV Documentary Traces Zionist Themes in Hollywood Films, from Disney to DreamWorks – With Special Focus On "Chicken Run"
Indian Clerics Conference Issues World's First Anti-Terror Fatwa
10th Anniversary of "Islamic Bomb": Pakistani Nuclear Scientist on How to Make Pakistan Normal And Secure
Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide: Bin Laden is a Jihad Fighter
Pakistani Columnist: Islam is NATO's Big Adversary After The Cold War
Kuwaiti Columnist on Brainwashing in Religious Summer Camps
Hamas TV Childs' Puppets 'Kuku the Bird' and 'Fufu the Chick' Discuss Israel's 60th Anniversary, Vow to Return to Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jaffa, and Other Cities in Israel and to "Defeat the Enemies of Allah"
Palestinian Journalist and Intellectual Criticizes Hamas TV Reports of Mahdi's Birth & Prediction Of Conquest Of Rome
Saudi Cleric Muhammad Al-Munajid Warns: Freedom of Speech Might Lead to Freedom of Belief
Jordanian Reformist Shaker Al-Nabulsi on the "Kurdish Holocaust" and the Crisis of Conscience
Libyan Leader Qaddafi: People in Arab And Islamic World, Africa... May Have Been Involved In Legitimate Contribution Campaigns [To Obama]... Ben Gurion Gave Green Light for JFK Assassination
Indian Urdu Daily on Israel's 60th Anniversary: A"Celebration of Satanism"
Syrian Culture Minister Justifies Persecution of Syrian Intellectuals, Says He's Optimistic that Israel Will Come to an End Within 10 Years
Cartoons in the Arab Press on Benazir Bhutto's Assassination and Pakistan's Political Process
Algerian Dissident Journalist Arezki Ait Larbi: Stop "Witchcraft Trials" For Christians in Algeria
Fatah Representatives in the Palestinian Legislative Council, Jihad Abu Zneid and Najat Abu Bakr, Celebrate the Return of Terrorist Dalal Al-Maghrabi's Remains on PA TV
Al-Qaeda Commander: Islam Doesn't Distinguish Between American People, American Gov't – Both Are Infidels and At War with Islam
Libyan Leader Al-Qadhafi's Objection to Mediterranean Union: Libyans Cannot Form a Union with Europeans Who Walk Around Naked
Cartoons in the Arab Press on ICC's Indictment of Sudanese President 'Omar Al-Bashir
Tunisian Intellectual Lafif Lakhdar in Open Letter to Syrian President Assad: Shake Hands with Olmert and Greet Him with "Shalom"
Iraqi MP Mithal Al-Alousi Blasts Neighboring Countries and Declares: "Iraq Will Be an Ally of the West"
Pakistani FM: The U.S. May Not Carry Out Military Operations in Pakistan
Are the Tribes the Best Hope for a Liberal Iraq?
Former Saudi Information Minister: In Interfaith Dialogue, We Tell Christians and Jews That Their Holy Books Are Distorted and That We Want to Bring Them Back to the Original Religion
British MP George Galloway to Hamas TV: I Pray for Obama's Safety; Come November, Arab "Puppet Presidents and Corrupt Kings May Discover That the Ground Has Moved Under Their Feet, Allah Willing"
Pakistan Takes Steps Towards Shari'a State In Seven Districts
35 Pakistani Clerics Urge OIC to Declare Economic Boycott of Denmark
Kuwaiti Daily Reveals: Iran Building Secret Nuclear Reactor
Top Al-Qaeda Commander Condemns Reconciliation of Religions, Calls on Muslims to Kill Saudi King
Senior Saudi Cleric: Bin Laden "Is a Promoter of Evil and Depravity"; Al-Zawahiri Is a "Deviant"
Editor of Egyptian Daily: Qatar Is a Trojan Horse that Harms Arab Interests
Libyan Reformist Muhammad 'Abd Al-Muttalib Al-Houni: "Has the Bastille of Virginity Not Yet Been Demolished?"
Egyptian Sociologist Dr. Sa'ad Eddin Ibrahim Abandons His Support for the Iraqi Resistance, Says: "Even if Islam Is a Solution, the Arab Muslims Are the Problem"
Cartoons in Pakistani Press on Pakistan-U.S. Relations
Hamas TV Bunny Assud, Tempted by Satan to Steal, Is Sentenced by Child Viewers to Have His Hand Chopped Off
Iranian News Agency Press TV Publishes Excerpts From Nasrallah’s Speech on the July 16 Prisoners Exchange
Aafaq Editor-in-Chief Omran Salman: Saudi Arabia Has Squandered Opportunity to Renew its Aging Political System
Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai: The Source of Terrorism in My Country is Pakistan
Syria Bans Issue of Saudi Paper over Article Attacking Assad, Syrian Regime
Lebanese Sunni Cleric Sheikh Maher Hamoud: I Admire Bin Laden, But Would Not Have Sanctioned 9/11 Attacks – Except for Those on Pentagon, CIA HQ, and White House
Syrian Daily on Inviting Assad to Mediterranean Union: "If Sarkozy Stays on the Path of Constant Self-Criticism and Courage to Admit [Mistakes] – He May Become an Outstanding Leader of His Country"
Egyptian Liberal: It Is The Educated Who Are Responsible for the Lack of Democracy in the Arab World
New Arab Coalition Calls on Muslim World to End Silence on Darfur
Al-Qaeda Commander Yahya Al-Libi: No Peace in Somalia without Islamic State
In Al-Jazeera TV Program on Palestinian Terrorist Dalal Al-Mughrabi, Al-Mughrabi's Sister Salutes Jerusalem Bulldozer Terrorist
Former Syrian Minister: We Have Forfeited the Wisdom of the Desert Nomads – But Have Failed to Adopt Modern Western Ways
"The Secret of Armageddon" – Iranian TV Series Affirms Protocols of Elders of Zion, Promotes Conspiracy Theories, Claims Jews Are Planning "the Genocide of Humanity" and Iranian Jewish, Baha'i Communities are Plotting to Take Over Iran
Saudi Cleric Omar Al-Sweilem Extols the Physical Traits of the Black-Eyed Virgins of Paradise
Pakistani Newspapers Accuse U.S. Of Targeting Pakistan
Senior Shi'ite Iraqi Ayatollah Residing in Iran: "Iranian Clerics Are Running Riot in Iraq"
On Hamas TV: Hamas Culture Minister Presents Excerpts from Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Claims Jews Trying to Control the World
Iraqi Author 'Aref 'Alwan: The Jews Have an Historic Right to Palestine
Egyptian Author Sharif Hatata Talks about Life with Egyptian Feminist Nawal Al-Sa'dawi, States: The Hijab Symbolizes the Claim that Women Have No Brains
Sheik of Al-Azhar, Muhammad Sayyed Tantawi: Those Who Carry Out Suicide Operations Are Martyrs
Egyptian Judaism and Zionism "Expert" Abd Al-Wahhab Al-Massiri: The U.S. and Israel Suffer from Low 'Tolerance Threshold'
Syrian Researcher Tayyeb Tizini: "9/11 was an American Action"
Excerpts from the Deliberations of the Iraqi National Conference
Young Jordanians Discuss Firing Guns in Celebration at Weddings
Spokesman for Muqtada Al-Sadr: If American Forces Enter Najaf, There Will Be a Massacre
Friday Sermon at Tehran University: The Americans in Najaf Are Bloodthirsty Wolves
A Cleric on Official Saudi TV: Al-Qa'ida Not the Main Perpetrator of 9/11
Yasser Arafat: Israel Used Depleted Uranium to Cause Cancer and Infertility
The Scheme of Thais - Anti-American Music Video on Iranian TV
Iranian TV: Bush Is Continuing "Hitler's Genocide;" Used Chemical and Biological Weapons in Iraq
Sudanese Ambassador to Cairo: The Darfur Issue is an Attempt to Win Zionist and African-American Votes in the Elections
Day of Solidarity with Al-Manar TV - Head of Lebanese Editors' Association: We Are Semites, Some Say the Jews Are Aryan
Day of Solidarity with Al-Manar TV - TV Critic Ibrahim Al-'Aris: Yes, Our Discourse is Antisemitic
Day Of Solidarity with Al-Manar TV - Ghaleb Qandil: We Arabs Are Semites, The Jews Are Khazars
Sheikh Abu Hamza Al-Masri Praises The "Love Of Death For The Sake Of Allah" In A Friday Sermon
Friday Sermon in Bahrain: Treachery Runs in the Jews' Blood
Saudi Sheik Abd Al-Qader Hammad: A Muslim is Not Allowed to Open His Heart to the Enemy of Allah
Iraqi Nuclear Scientist: Saddam Hid Biological and Chemical WMDs
Iraqi Defense Minister: Iran is Iraq's Enemy No. 1
Saudi Sheik Al-Sidlan on Women's Reward in Heaven
Arab Political Commentators on America's History of Violence
Friday Sermon at Tehran University: America Will Collapse
Friday Sermon in Al-Madina, Saudi Arabia: The Liberated Western Woman Works More With Her Breasts Than With Her Hands
Battered Saudi TV Host and Abusive Husband's Televised Interviews
Al-Azhar Sheik Al-Mussayar: Instead of Merely Defending Islam, Muslims Must Confront Non-Muslims
Al-Azhar University History Professor Abd Al-Halim Uweis: Why Condemn All Arabs For What A Few May Have Done?
Egyptian Intellectuals Discuss The Culture Of Dialogue In Arab Society
Journalist Jihad Al-Khazen: Too Bad Bush and Kerry Can't Both Lose
Sheik Ali Korani: A Westerner's Mind Concentrates for Twelve Seconds, An Arab's forTwo
Legal Advisor to Saudi Justice Ministry Sheik Abiqan: What's Happening in Iraq Is Not Jihad at All
Deputy Palestinian Foreign Minister: Palestinians Are Holocaust Victims. Europe Should Protect Us Like It Protected Anne Frank
Lebanese Journalist, Nabil Bu Munsif, Slams Syria and Hizbullah
Sheik Said Al-Zayyati on the Use of Cell Phones in Mosques
Egyptian Academics Discuss Arab and Islamic Culture
Sheik Abd Al-Hamid Al-Muhajir Explains Wife-Beating in Islam
Iranian MP: Muslims in America Are Time Bombs
Lebanese Preacher Sheik Ahmad Al-Zein: The Palestinian People 'Must Continue to Sacrifice Martyrs Every Day'
Friday Sermon in Qom, Iran: US Wants To Bring the Ba'th Party Back Into Power
A Discussion on Working Women
Islamic Preacher in the US: American Authorities Refuse to Investigate 9/11, Which Was Fabricated from the Outset
Iraqi Political Analyst Hisham 'Iqabi on the Arab Media's Double Standard
Former Dean of Islamic Law at Qatar University: Our Culture Is Responsible for Terrorism
Iraqi Analyst Kazem Al-Qurayshi: CIA Did 9/11 - Twin Towers Exploded From Bottom, Proving They Were Booby-Trapped
Egyptian Businessman Najib Sawiris: Terrorism, Killing Innocents, Bombings And Suicide Attacks Will Lead Us Nowhere
Political Analyst Ghaleb Nur Al-Din: American Culture is Eastern Human Culture
Lebanese Journalist Ali Hamada: The Western World Is Not An Infidel World
California State University Professor As'ad Abu Khalil: No Difference Between Bush and Kerry on Middle East Issues
Iranian Analyst Dr. Mahmoud Dehqan on US Elections: "250 Million Are Being Held Hostage By 5 Million Wealthy Jews"
Iranian TV Special on Zionism, The Protocols of The Elders of Zion, and the War in Iraq
Saudi Sheik Saleh Bdeir, Friday Sermon, Al-Madina: The Enemies of Islam, the Jews, the Christians... Never Cease Attacking the Islamic Nation
Egyptian Researcher Wahid Abd Al-Maguid: Among Arab IntellectualsThere is an Inclination Towards Violence
Debate on Polygamy on Dubai TV
Sheik Jassem Al-Mutawa on Sex in the Animal Kingdom
Saudi Prince Khaled Al-Faysal on the Cultural Roots of Saudi Terrorism
President of Cairo's Palestinian Women Association on the PalestinianMothers' Birth Rate and the Arab-Israeli Conflict
Bahrain Preacher Sheik Naji Al-Arabi: Prophet Muhammad Told Polytheists 'I Have Brought Slaughter Upon You'
Iranian TV Series: 9/11 Likely Not By Al-Qa'ida
Lebanese MP Walid Jumblatt: I Support Suicide Operations,The Problem Is The Timing
Ayatollah Meshkini In A Friday Sermon in Qom: An Islamic Rule Under Ayatollah Sistani Is Required in
Egyptian Opposition Politician: Strawberries Out, Human Bombs In
Egyptian and Iraqi Intellectuals Discuss Anti-American Terror on Al-Hurra TV
Saudi Professor Sa'd Al-Shaharani Reviews America's Historical Record of Terrorism
Egyptian Newspaper Editor: Anti-Americanism Is Like Music - An International Language.
Egyptian Researcher Magdi Hammad Criticizes Egyptian President And Constitution
Friday Sermon In Tehran University By Ayatollah Jannati: America Will Collapse. We Must Be Patient.
Saudi Liberal Khaled Al-Dukhail On The Third Session Of The Regime-Sponsored Saudi National Dialogue
Iranian Leader Khamenei: If Someone Harms Our People... We Will Endanger His Interests Anywhere In The World
Egyptian Women's Rights Activist Nawal Al-Sa'dawi:The Political and Religious Authorities Collaborate and Terrorize Us
Friday Sermon in Gaza: They Sent Jewish and Other Women To Muslim Countries To Spread Abomination
Sheik Khaled Al-Khlewi, Against Equality For Women




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