To Mark 'Holocaust Holiday,' Egyptian Cleric Amin Al-Ansari Revises History, And Comments On Footage of Prisoners Being Tortured in Dachau, Mauthausen, and Belsen, Saying: 'This Is What We Hope Will Happen But, Allah Willing, at the Hand of the Muslims'
PLO and Fatah Officials: Hamas is Responsible for the Deaths of Its People
In Friday Sermon, Iranian Guardian Council Chairman Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati Mocks Obama, Says He Wishes Someone Would "'Waste' a Bullet" on Israeli FM Tzipi Livni, and Incites Against Mubarak, Saying "Sometimes We See [Mubarak] Obeying America, And Sometimes We See That He Is an Ally of Israel"
Prominent Sunni Sheikh Al-Qaradhawi, Banned in U.S., Opens Washington D.C. Office of Islamist News Organization, Says It (IslamOnline) Is "The Jihad of Our Era"
Official Iranian News Agency Criticizes the West's Harassment of Convicted and Alleged Holocaust Deniers
Osama Bin Laden in Audio Message to Palestinians: The Way to Reclaim Palestine Is through Jihad
In Friday Sermon, Iranian Guardian Council Chairman Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati Attempts to Mock Obama, Incites Against Mubarak, and Says He Wishes Someone Would "Waste a Bullet" on Israeli FM Tzipi Livni
Hamas Leader Khaled Mash'al's Declaration Ending The "Tahdiah" (December 14, 2008)
Guests Lose Their Tempers During Al-Jazeera TV Discussion on Whether Bush Is a War Criminal
Video Message from Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula Commanders – Among Them Former Guantanamo Detainees
Egyptian Clerics Encourage Martyrdom in Gaza: 'We Must Love Death'; ‘There Are Black-Eyed Virgins Ready For You’; ‘We Must Teach Our Children to... Hate the Jews’
Hamas Leader Khaled Mash'al Meets With Iraqi Terrorist 'Army of the Naqshabandi Order' and Accepts Their Women's Gold
In Mumbai, Muslims Launch "Operation Social Combing" Against Terrorists
Reformist Arab Writers Write Satirical Letters from Obama to Arab Leaders
'Martyrs' or 'Victims' in Gaza? Divisions in the Arab World as Reflected in the Policies of Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya TV
Shi'ite Iraqi Tribal Chief Sheikh Kazem Al-'Unizan: Iran is Responsible for Terror in Iraq, Supports Sunni Militants from Gaza to Somalia
Hamas Leader Khaled Mash'al Claims Victory in Gaza War, Justifies Sacrifices, and Warns Against Transferring Aid Money Through the PA
In Eid Al-Adha Address, Taliban Leader Mullah Muhammad Omar Urges Ex-Mujahideen to Join Taliban, Warns That Proposed U.S. Troops Surge in Afghanistan Won't Work
German Al-Qaeda Operative Discusses Al-Qaeda's 'Atom Bomb', Says 'Our Striking Power in This New Crusader War is Reflected in the Mujahideen's Participation in the New Arms Race,' And Warns Germans to Make the Right Choice in September 2009 Elections
Alerts and Threats: Material from the Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor Project (JTTM)
Anger in PA Over Anti-PA Line Of London Daily 'Al-Quds Al-Arabi'
Egyptian Cleric Safwat Higazi Responds to MEMRI: "Yes, I Am An Antisemite"; If Not for the Arab Rulers, "We Would Devour [The Jews] With Our Teeth"; "We Are Your Enemies… Until The Day Jesus… Descends, Fighting You And Calling To Join Islam"
Al-Arabiya TV Reports On Jordanian Wedding That Became Massive Show of Support for Al-Qaeda, Identifies Al-Zarqawi's Circle; At Wedding, Crowds Chant Against U.S. Military, For Harming Former President Bush's Family, For Attacking America, and For the Love of Osama Bin Laden
Syrian Jihadist Scholar Abu Basir Al-Tartusi: Sheikh Yousef Al-Qaradhawi is an Apostate
Fatah and P.A. Representatives: What Victory Is Mash'al Talking About?
In Alarabiya TV Debate, Sudanese Islamist Hassan Al-Turabi Explains That Jihad Was Declared in Sudan to 'Muster More Power,' 'Restrain People'; Egyptian Human Rights Activist Farida Al-Naqqash: Al-Turabi's 'Shari'a Laws' - A Main Reason for Worsening of Southern Sudan Crisis
Hamas Women Vow to Become 'Martyrdom-Seekers' and Blow Themselves Up Among 'the Apes and Pigs'
Iranian TV Program Teaches Toddlers About Martyrdom
Egyptian Cleric Safwat Higazi Slams Al-Azhar Sheikh Tantawi for Shaking Hands with Israeli President Peres, Saying Peres Has a Helmet Filled With the Dried Blood of Egyptian POWs He Murdered in 1967; Tells Tantawi, 'Give Up Your Ph.D... In Which You Yourself Said That [the Jews] Are the Sons of Apes and Pigs'
Khamenei Decrees: Israel is Kafer-e-Harbi; Iranian Martyrdom Seekers Await Khameini's Orders; Iranian Student Organizations Threaten to Take Over Egyptian, Jordanian Diplomatic Representations
UAE Columnist: Hamas's Claim to Palestine Must Be Questioned
Pakistani Daily: "More People Have Been Killed in [Taliban-Led] Violence... In the [Swat] Valley Than In The Israeli Onslaught on Gaza"
Syrian Opposition TV Accuses Syrian Regime of 'Shi'izing' Syria, Says 'Iranian Influence in Syria Has Gone Beyond' Cultural, Military, and Economic Relations
Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei's Representative in IRGC: 32 U.S. Bases Are Within Range of Iranian Missiles
As Gaza Fighting Continues, Egyptian Clerics Intensify Antisemitic Statements; Columbus, Ohio Muslim Scholar/Leader Dr. Salah Sultan: Muhammad Said That Judgment Day Will Not Come Until Muslims Fight the Jews and Kill Them; America Will Suffer Destruction
Somali Journalist: Shabab Al-Mujahideen Has "Pledged Allegiance to a Man Hiding in a Cave"
Islamist Forum Member: Hamas 'Hunting Down' Salafis Online
From the MEMRI TV Archives: Hamas'Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades – Training and Ideology: Special on Al-Jazeera
Editor of the Egyptian Government Daily Al-Gumhouriyya: Hamas, Syria, Iran – The New Axis of Evil
Children Training as Suicide Bombers at Lebanese Scout Camp
Sheikh Yousef Al-Qaradhawi on Al-Jazeera Incites Against Jews, Arab Regimes, and the U.S.; Calls on Muslims to Boycott Starbucks and Others; Says 'Oh Allah, Take This Oppressive, Jewish, Zionist Band of People... And Kill Them, Down to the Very Last One'
Arab Liberal Criticizes European Parliament President for Suggesting That the Middle East Does Not Deserve The Democracy Enjoyed By The West
In-Depth Report on Shabab Al-Mujahideen in Somalia - Activists Demolish Churches: "We Will Establish Islamic Rule From Alaska & Chile to South Africa, & From Japan to Russia – Beware, We Are Coming"
In Open Letter to Barack Obama, the Chief of Tora Bora Battlefield In Afghanistan Warns: The Flames of this Fire will Blow Up on Washington
Hamas Psychological Warfare Against Israel: Al-Aqsa TV Showing Footage of Casualties and Destruction in Israel from Hamas Missiles and Promising a "Big Present on Election Night"
Syrian-Based Iraqi Pro-Terror TV Channel Airs Footage of Military Training of Children
Arab Islamist Clerics to Palestinians: Slaughter the Jews Like You Did in 1929; Blow Yourselves Up in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv
Director of the Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies: The Soviet Virus Is Still Entrenched in the Arabs' Minds
Sa'd Eddin Ibrahim: The Muslims Should Learn Openness from the Catholic Church in France
Yemenite Cleric Abd Al-Majid Al-Zindani Presents 'Scientific' Proof that Women Cannot Talk and Remember Simultaneously
On YouTube This Week - Islamist Protest in London to Free Abu Hamza: 'Pharaoh Had a Dream That One Day His Kingdom Would Fall'
Saudi Cleric, Women's Rights Activist in TV Debate on Types of Marriage in Arab World
Hamas TV Blooper: Erotic Footage During Night Shift WARNING: Clip Contains Nudity
Hamas: The Tahdiah (Calm) Benefits Israel,
Pro-Syrian Former Lebanese Minister Wiam Wahhab: Saudi Royal Family Was Originally Jewish, and Was Behind Mumbai Terror Attacks
Egyptian Cleric Safwat Higazi on Hamas TV: Dispatch Those Sons of Apes and Pigs to the Hellfire – On the Wings of Qassam Rockets
Iranian Student Group: Hamas Is a Terrorist Group and Its Use of Civilians is Inhumane; Those Who Arm Hamas Have Innocent Blood on Their Hands; Ahmadinejad's Government Is Using Gaza Crisis to Settle Political Scores
Arab Media Attacks Egypt
Jamaatud Dawa Leader: 'Indians Will Continue to Mislead the World Community By Linking Us to Lashkar[-e Taiba], The ISI, Even Al-Qaeda'
Saudi Columnists Criticizes Country's Religious Ban on Music
Liberal Author Dr. Shaker Al-Nabulsi: Secularism Will Triumph in the Arab World; Terrorism's CrimesAre 'The Death Struggle of Fundamentalism'
Renowned Arab Thinker Lafif Lakhdar: Hamas Is Bringing Disaster upon the Palestinians
Tunisians Angered by Screening of Film on Jewish Life in Nazi-Occupied France
Hizbullah Secretary-General Nasrallah Urges Egyptian Officers to Rebel Against Their Regime's Policies, Calls For Demonstrations in Arab and Muslim World to Pressure Governments
Former Lebanese President Amin Gemayel: It's Time For Hizbullah's Weapons to Return to the Control of the Lebanese State
On Al-Jazeera TV: Islamist Jordanian MP Muhammad Abd Al-Qader Incites Multitudes to Wage Jihad
Article in Sudanese Daily: 9/11 – A Great Victory for the Jihad-Fighting Muslim Nation
Lebanese Sunni Cleric Bilal Daqmaq Attacks Iran and Hizbullah, States: We Are Terrorists in the Service of What Is Right
Eminent Indian Islamic Scholar Maulana Wahiduddin Khan Calls for Deconditioning the Muslim Mind to Eliminate Supremacist Views and Hatred
Saudi Columnist: We Need to Get Over Our Obsession with Israel;'Al-Quds Al-'Arabi' Editor Responds: The Saudis Are Preparing the Ground for Normalization
Pakistani Nuclear Scientist: 'None Of India's Cities Can Remain Safe From Our Missiles'; 'Our Missile System… Can Be Fired in Only 10 Minutes – They Are On the Launchers'
In Al-Jazeera Website Interview, Al-Qaeda in Arabian Peninsula Emir Hints at WMD Attacks
Saudi Cleric Qahtani: This is Why We Chop Off Hands
Iranian Professor Qanbari on Jews throughout History
Tehran Friday Sermon by Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati: We Are Determined to Obtain Nuclear Technology
Sheik Al-Qaradhawi: "I Have Forbidden the Killing of Americans... But I Asked, "Who Is A Civilian?"
Sudan Friday Sermon: Americans Are Fleeing to Canada Following Bush Reelection; 1,000 Jews, 37 Rabbis Are Fighting in Falluja
Anti-American Demonstration, Amman, Jordan
Martyrdom Culture: Mother and Friends of Palestinian "Martyr" Tell Their Stories
The Martyrdom Veto Song on Al-Manar TV
Iranian TV Show Extols Palestinian Female Suicide Bombers
Jordanian MP and PNC Member Hamada Faraana: Now I Have the Courage to Admit that Sharon was Right, Arafat was Responsible for Violence
Saudi Cleric Al-Fawzan: Jihad in Iraq an Individual Duty Incumbent Upon Iraqis
Anti-American Demonstration in Damascus, Syria
Hizbullah TV Al-Manar's Chairman of the Board on Agreement with France
British MP Galloway: U.S. and British Governments Will Burn in "Hell-Fires"; Falluja is Guernica, Stalingrad
Mothers of Hizbullah "Martyrs": We Are Very Happy And Want to Sacrifice More Children
Iraqi Journalist: The People of Falluja Left the City Before the Fighting Began
PA Friday Sermon: "Arafat is Not the Kind of Man Whose Fate Should be Controlled by a Woman"
Lebanese Information Minister: Martyrdom is "Art" and Creates a "Strategic Balance"
Lebanese 'Amal Movement Representative: "Palestine and Jerusalem will only be liberated by the Islamic belief, by martyrdom operations"
Lebanese MP Nasser Qandil: Condoleezza Rice Has 'Black' Positions on Arab Affairs
Tehran Children on "Jerusalem Day": We Came to Say Death to Israel, Death to America
Footage from "Jerusalem Day" in Iran
Children's Song on Iranian TV: The Palestinian Child is Willing to Shed His Blood for His Country
Tehran Children on "Jerusalem Day": We Came To Do the “Death to America” Thing
Al-Azhar Cleric Abla Al-Kahlawi: Oh Allah, Grant Us Martyrdom
Palestinian Analyst Yunis 'Udeh: Arafat Told Me Oslo Would Lead to Fighting
Cleric Muhammad Hassan on the Heroes of Falluja and Suicide Children
Palestinian Legislative Council Member Hassan Khreishe: We Will Not Compromise on the Right of Return
Denver, Colorado Journalist Shaker Nabulsi: America's Interest is Stability in the Middle East
New Fatah Leader Faruq Al-Qaddumi: Arafat was Poisoned by Israel;Hamas and Islamic Jihad are Our Brothers
Fatah Supreme Council Member Abu Ali Shahin: Arafat's Bones Will Be Buried in Jerusalem in the Future
Hizballah Leader Hassan Nasrallah: The Iraqis Have a Right to Carry Out Resistance
Lebanese MP Zaher Al-Khatib: The Future is Rosy Like Blood. We Need a Strategyof Military Operations
Iran's Governmental Nuclear Advisor Sirus Naseri Reveals Secrets of Negotiations with Europe
The World Without America - The Music Video
Iranian Islamic Student Union Conference on "The World Without America"
Iranian Parliamentary Energy Committee Chairman Kamal Daneshyar: We Invite American Companies to Build Nuclear Plants in Iran
Palestinian Ambassador in Iran: Arafat fought the Jihad and the Palestinian State is Our Plan
Hani Al-Hassan of the Fatah Central Committee: The Negotiations Reap What the Armed Struggle Sows
Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades Leader Raid Al-Aidi: We Will Strike in Tel Aviv and in Hadera
New Fatah Leader Farouq Qaddumi: Resistance is the Path to Political Settlement
Fatah Leader Hussein Al-Sheikh: We Will Continue to Believe the Gun is the Way to Get Rid of the Occupation
Yemeni Cleric Al-Musaybili: Yemeni Women Should Reach Out to Their Palestinian Suicide Bomber Sisters
Former Moroccan Human Rights Minister: Only Democracies Can Get Foreign Armies out of the Region
Syrian Minister of Religious Endownment on Islam and Terrorism
Saudi Cleric Musa Al-Qarni: Education to Jihad and Conquering the World Not Sufficient
MEF's Daniel Pipes and Former Egyptian Ashraf Al-Bayoumi Discuss the Nature of American Democracy
Egyptian Islamist Mahmoud Ismail: Why I Did Not Go Personally to Fight the Jihad
Arafat's Financial Advisor Muhammad Rashid: Arafat Has No Personal Property
Former PLO Representative: National Unity will be "Easier" When Arafat Dies
Lebanese Satire: The Beheading of Demi Moore
Broadcast in Support of Iraqi Unity
Lebanese Information Minister: Zionists Responsible for Blowing Up Iraq Churches
Palestinian Leaders React to Suha Arafat's Accusations: We Knew Abu Ammar Before She was Born
Suha Arafat: Allah Akbar, Palestinian Leaders Want to Bury My Husband Alive
Iraqi Sheik Al-Kubeissi: World Leaders' Stupidity A Sign Judgement Day Is Nearing
Denmark Sheik Al-Taleqani: Europeans Are Empty And Need Islam; I Recommend Reading the Protocols of the Elders of Zion
Al-Azhar Sheik Al-Rawi: The Jews Lead the U.S. to Annihilation
Tehran University Friday Sermon by Iranian Leader Khamenei: Our Nuclear Weapon Is Our Youth
Palestinian Friday Sermon: The Apes and Pigs Poisoned Arafat
Iraqi Police Support Broadcast
Lebanese Journalist: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin Warn of the End of Jews
Anti-American Demonstrations in Iran
'04 Elections Night Arab TV Coverage: Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Leader on Bush and Kerry
'04 Elections Night Arab TV Coverage: Head of the Lebanese Media Council: "Kerry Is Better for our Region than President Bush"
'04 Elections Night Arab TV Coverage: Former Lebanese Information Minister: Kerry Better for Muslims
California Sheik Hamza Yusouf Speaks Out Against Terrorism
Anti-Terrorism Broadcast
Saudi Cleric on American Democracy, Globalization, and Haircuts
Demonstrations Throughout Iran Marking the Anniversary of the American Embassy Takeover in 1979
Jordanian MP: I Support Kidnapping American and British Soldiers; Mossad Responsible for Attacks in Iraq




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