From the MEMRI TV Archives- Kuwaiti Islamist Sa'd Al-'Inzi; Homosexuals Should Be Tortured in Public Squares – Death is Too Good For Them
Hamas Political Bureau Head Khaled Mash'al: 'Allah Made a Laughingstock of America'; 'This World Will Change, Submitting to the Arab Islamic Will'
In the Wake Of the Mumbai Attacks: India's Deputy Interior Minister: All Mumbai Attackers Came From Pakistan; Pakistani Leader: "If India Attacks, Several Pakistans Will Be Created Within India"
UAE Columnist Sultan Al-Qassemi on Mumbai Attack: Those Who Cite Various Conflicts as an Excuse for Terror Must Be Silenced
Somali Jihadists Call on American and European Muslims to Join Jihad in Somalia And Warns the West: "We're Gonna Exterminate You All, Inshallah"
Egyptian Liberal Amin Al-Mahdi: Democracy And Peace Are Interrelated
Saudi Columnist: Why Do We Object to Occupation Only in Palestine?
Egyptian Daily 'Al-Gumhouriyya' Editor: Drive the Sh'ia Out of Egypt – Before We Become Like Iraq or Lebanon
Saudi Interior Minister Appeals to Religious and Education Establishments to Fight Ideological Extremism in the Country
British Islamist Kamal Al-Hilbawi and Liberal Nabil Yassin Debate: Are Israeli Children Legitimate Military Targets?
Islamist Forums Post an Audio Message by the Emir of Al-Qaeda's "Islamic State of Iraq" (ISI) Abu 'Omar Al-Baghdadi to "the New Rulers of the White House and Their Allies in Other Christian Countries": "...The Warriors of Jihad Hope that, in the Distant Future, They Will Dwell Under the Roofs of the White House, the Elysee, and the Kremlin..."
Satirical Article on Iranian Website: Imaginary Letter from Obama to Ahmadinejad
Lebanon Restricts Activity of Syrian Oppositionists
In Afghanistan and Pakistan, Taliban, Religious Groups Urge Obama to Launch New Era of Peace in the World
Syrian Economist Muhammad Sharif Mazloum: JFK "Decided to Establish Governmental Banks to Protect the Dollar... [For This,] He Was Killed by the Zionist Lobby"
Jihadists Call On Muslims in Indonesia to Attack U.S., British, and Danish Embassies, Western Interests
Initial Arab Media Reactions to Obama's Election
Sudan Liberation Movement Leader Abd Al-Wahed Al-Nur Supports Relations with Israel: An Israeli Embassy in Khartoum Will Serve Interests of the Sudanese People
Editorial in Pakistani Daily: Army Operation Against Taliban, Al-Qaeda Militants in Bajaur District is Positive and Focused
Chief Editor at Iraqi TV Channel: All the Slogans We Were Raised On Were Lies
Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami In Iran Friday Sermon: It Would Be Foolish To Think There Will Be Change In U.S. Policy; Our Slogan 'Down With The U.S.' Still Echoes
Positions in Arab World Following Obama's Election: Pessimism Regarding Change in U.S. Policy, Initiatives for Pressuring the U.S.
Islamist Film Explains Why Participating in U.S. Elections Is an Act of Disbelief
Hamas TV Scientist Dr. Ahmad Al-Muzain: Bayer Derived Its Treatment for AIDS From Prophet Muhammad's Hadith About the Wings of Flies
Egyptian Government Papers Slam U.S. Over U.S.-Iraq Pact, Syria Raid
'Al-Quds Al-Arabi' Editor Abd Al-Bari Atwan Calls on Obama to 'Impose American Model of Equality, Rights, and Opportunities on All Arab Countries,' Says: In an Arab Country, Obama Would Be Told, 'You Are a Slave'; 'We Arabs Are The Epitome of Racism'
Palestinian Columnist: Muslims Are Harming Christian Culture
Pro-Syria Lebanese Daily: Why Syria Decided to Establish Diplomatic Relations with Lebanon
Jundallah Movement Leader Abd Al-Malek Al-Rigi: We Train Fighters in the Mountains and Send Them into Iran
'Al-Quds Al-Arabi': Bin Laden Has Ordered an Attack Bigger than 9/11
Director of Iranian TV Series 'Secret of Armageddon' Comments on MEMRI TV's Translation of Series; Confirms 'Protocols of Elders of Zion'; Claims 'Discovery of America by Columbus was Made Possible by Money of Jewish Aristocrats" - Who Thought America Was Promised Land
Clerics Issue Fatwas Against U.S.-Iraq Pact
Al-Qaeda's Involvement in Somalia and its Ties to Shabab Al-Mujahideen
The Current Crisis in Gaza and the Salafi-Jihadi Dilemma
Culture of Child Martyrdom in Iran:Schoolchildren Vow to Carry Out Suicide Operations
Syrian-Based Iraqi Pro-Terror TV Channel Airs Footage of Military Training of Children
Children Training as Suicide Bombers
Pakistani Boy in Jihadist Video: Musharraf, Shi'ites Are Infidels – Killing Them is Legitimate and Justifiable
Taliban Leader Warns U.S, NATO Not to Send New Troops to Afghanistan; Claims Current Financial Crisis Result of 'Belligerent U.S. Policy'; Warns Mujahideen Against Internal Strife
Liberal Kuwaiti Journalist Sami Al-Nisf and Pro-Saddam Jordanian University Professor Ibrahim 'Alloush Debate: Should Arabs Use Violence Against the U.S.?
MEMRI Generates Debate Between Arab Reformists and Extremist Islamist Sheikhs Over Call to Kill Mickey Mouse
Iranian TV Campaign Against Western Fashion In Iran
Al-Qaeda Deputy Leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri in Message on Islamist Websites
Al-Quds Al-Arabi: Al-Qaeda Is Preparing an Attack Bigger than 9/11
Islamist Forums Post an Audio Message by the Emir of Al-Qaeda's "Islamic State of Iraq" (ISI) Abu 'Omar Al-Baghdadi to "the New Rulers of the White House and Their Allies in Other Christian Countries": "...The Warriors of Jihad Hope that, in the Distant Future, They Will Dwell Under the Roofs of the White House..."
Jihadists Call On Muslims in Indonesia to Attack U.S., British, and Danish Embassies, Western Interests
Iranian Group Recruits Iranian Volunteers for Anti-U.S. Martyrdom [Suicide] Operations to be Carried Out by Hizbullah
Iranian Group Recruits Iranian Volunteers for Anti-U.S. Suicide Operations to be Carried Out by Hizbullah
In Afghanistan, Beheading of Bus Passengers Sparks Anti-Taliban Protests Not Seen Since 9/11
Khamenei: "The Iranian People's Hatred for America Is Profound"; Larijani: America Should Beware of Our Martyrdom-Seekers
Islamist Film Explains Why Participating in U.S. Elections Is an Act of Disbelief
Arab Columnists: The Economic Crisis – A Conspiracy by U.S. Government, American Jews
Prominent Egyptian Cleric Zaghloul Al-Naggar: Global Economic Crisis is 'War Waged By Allah'; Economy Should Be Based 'On Healthy Islamic Principles'; U.S. Will Be 'Totally Annihilated'
Clerics' Conference In Lahore Issues Prohibition Against Suicide Attacks Inside Pakistan
In Communiqué, Taliban Responds to U.S. Attempts to Form Anti-Taliban Tribal Alliances
Iranian News Channel IRINN Reports on Newly Published Iranian Book On 'The Great Distortion Of The Historical Event Called The Holocaust, Using The Art Of Satire'
Muhammad 'Ali Ibrahim, Egyptian MP and Editor of Government Newspaper: Syria is a Vassal of Iran and Qatar
Saudi Cleric Who Taught in U.S. On Al-Majd TV: 'Allah Be Praised, America Is Collapsing'; 'Will The West Acknowledge the Collapse of Capitalism[?]... They Have Begun to Adopt the Principles of Islamic Economy'; 'Either They [The U.S.] Were Accomplices In 9/11, Or Else They Carried It Out'
Senior Iranian Official Recommends that Iran Mark London as a Target – In Order to Deter Bush from Attacking Iran in Last Months of Presidency
Muslim Brotherhood Website: Jihad Against Non-Muslims Is Obligatory
Hamas PM Ismail Haniya on Economic Crisis: 'Oh Americans, Allah Will Punish You'; 'The Time Has Come For Allah to Declare War on You, Oh Usurers!'
Al-Sharq Al-Awsat Editor: 'Hamas Is a Very Real Danger to the Palestinian Cause'
Islamist Website Announces Campaign To Post Jihadist Materials On Popular American Forums
Iranian Film Calling Sadat Traitor Strains Egypt-Iran Relations
Cartoons from the Arab Press Against Terrorism in Algeria
Bazaar Strikes Spread Throughout Iran
Spanish FM Moratinos During Visit to Syria, Lebanon: 'The Unipolar World [Order] Has Come to an End'; 'Syria Should Be Included in E.U. Framework'; 'I See [Syria] as My Home'
Editor of Syrian Government Daily: What's The Difference Between Bush/Neo-Conservatives and Nazis?
Liberal, Conservative Iranian Journalists Clash on Al-Jazeera TV
Sudanese Columnist Criticizes Fatwa Prohibiting Voting for a Christian Candidate
Egyptian Liberal: Hostility Towards Minorities Will Lead to Internal War
Ahmadinejad: 'If [The Zionists] Themselves Do Not Wrap Up Zionism... The Peoples Will Wipe These Germs of Corruption Off the Face of the Earth'
Saudi Interior Minister Prince Nayef ibn Abd Al-Aziz on Terrorism in Saudi Arabia
Lebanese TV Presenter Maria Ma'luf: Hitler Did Not Live to See the Jewish Control of the U.S.
Friday Sermon in Qom, Iran: Death to America
Anti-America Clip on Iranian TV
Hamas Leader Osama Hamdan Threatens to Bomb Israeli Cities and a "Jews Expert" Explains Israeli Policy
Former Commander of the Armed Islamic Movement Madani Mizraq on the Jihad in Algeria
Iranian Leader Khamenei on Jihad: "Jihad is one of the gates to paradise."
An Iraqi Election Commercial
Syrian Information Minister: Bush or Kerry, We Don't Care
A Sunni Iraqi Religious Leader: If Al-Zarqawi Hurts the US - Long Live Al-Zarqawi
Lebanese Journalist Criticizes Lebanese Government for its Subjugation to Syria
The Mother of a Palestinian "Shahid": I'm Sad but I Hope There Will Be Many More
Egyptian Playwright 'Ali Salem: The Arab World Is Threatened by the Terror Groups, Not by Israel and the U.S.
Prof. Nizar Riyan of the Hamas Political Leadership: Our Martyrs Are in Heaven, Their Dead Are in Hell
Hizbullah Leader Meets with a U.S. Presbyterian Delegation
Iranian TV Compares President Bush to "Mr. Hitler"
Egyptian Labor Party Leader: We Should Bomb LA; Killing Hostages is Permitted
Friday Sermon at Tehran University: Death to America
Libyan Leader's Cousin Ahmad Qadhaf Al-Dam on the Advantages of Libya's "Republic of the Masses" over U.S. Democracy
Saudi Al-Majd TV Host Hisham Khreisat: Ramadan, the Month of Jihad
Palestinian Islamic Jihad Leader Khaled Al-Batsh: The Taba Attack Was Justified
Debate on Wife Beating on Qatar TV
Al-Jazeera TV Presenter, Faysal Al-Qassem: Arab History is a History of Blood and Slaughter
Editor-in-Chief of Al-Quds Al-Arabi on the Sinai Bombings: Egypt Punished Because of Ties with Israel
A Former Hostage in Iraq Tells His Story
Al-Ahram Research Center Expert Dhiaa Rashwan: Israel Carried Out the Sinai Bombings
Lebanese Friday Sermon on Sinai Bombings
Palestinian Security Chief Jibril Rajoub: Israel/Bush May Be Behind Sinai Attacks
Sheik Al-Munajid on Equality Between Men and Women
Iranian TV: 9/11, Pearl Harbor Planned by U.S.
Egyptian Intellectual: Former Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu Planned 9/11
Caller on Iranian TV: Iraqi Oil Facilities Destroyed by MEMRI
Reporter Asks Passers-by: Would you Shake Hands with a Jew?
Terrorists Recount Their Al-Qaeda Experiences on Saudi TV
Iranian Revolutionary Guard Generals Threaten Israel
Footage from Tehran Military Parade
Mother of Palestinian Suicide Bomber Interviewed on PA TV
Former UN Secretary General Boutros Ghali: US is not a Democracy When it Comes to the Outside World
Former Iraqi Ambassador to Egypt: The People Who Toppled Saddam's StatueWere Brought to Baghdad from Kuwait by US Forces
Egyptian Researcher Gamal Abd Al-Gawwad Speaks Out Against Holocaust Denial
Iranian Political Analyst Proposes Sinking a Ship in the Straits of Hormuz
Former Lebanese Culture Minister Al-Aridhi Expresses 'Doubts' About 9/11
Egyptian Cleric Yousuf Al-Badri on Wife-Beating and Women's Role in Islam
Egyptian Al-Azhar Professor Sabri Abd Al-Rauf Explains Wife-Beating in Islam
Saudi Salafi Cleric: We Oppose Suicide Operations, Unlike Muslim Brotherhood Leadership
Lebanese Cleric Muhammad Kan'an: American Reaction to 9/11 Exaggerated
Former Tunisian Education Minister: We Don't Need Violent Jihad
Saudi Cleric Abikan: The Arabs Started the 1967 War and Are Responsible for Escalation of Violence
Lebanese Cleric: Muslim Rulers Are Sinners If They Don't Aquire Nuclear Weapons
Palestinian Clerics on Jews, Pigs, Apes, and the Liberation of Al-Aqsa Mosque
Sudanese Liberals Discuss Feminism and Female Genital Mutilation
Special Coverage of the Saudi Counter-Terrorism Conference and Jihad: Saudi Cleric Abikan: Jihad Fatwas Do Not Apply to Iraq
Former Kuwaiti Minister Ahmad Al-Ruba'i on Arab Conspiracy Theories
Saudi Professor Ahmad bin Rashed Criticizes Arab Media for Lack of Support of Suicide Bombers (Archival)
An Iranian TV Show about Steven Spielberg's Movies
Iranian Revolutionary Guard Official in Tehran University Lecture (Part II):We Plan To Target US Nuclear Warheads on US Soil; Should Take Over England
Iranian Revolutionary Guard Official in Tehran University Lecture (Part I):Islam Has Nothing in Common with Democracy
Ayman Al-Zawahiri's Message For The Third Anniversary of 9/11
9/11 Conspiracy Theories Clips
9/11 Clip on Iranian TV
Chechen Politician from Jordan: Beslan Massacre A Conspiracy
Egyptian Islamist Justifies Iraq Abductions and Hostage Murders
Russian Expert Motosov to Iranian TV: Western Superpowers and Jewish Lobby Behind Russian Terror Attack
Lebanese Cleric Muhammad Al-Jozo on Western Culture
Lebanese Journalist Joseph Abu Khalil on Syria's Presence in Lebanon
President Mubarak's Advisor Osama Al-Baz Condemns Holocaust Denial
UAE University History Department Head on MEMRI TV
Palestinian Politician Abd Al-Qader Yassin: Contemporary Jews Are of Khazar Origin
Former Jordanian Minister - In Praise of Martyrdom
Bahrain's Deputy Speaker of Parliament: Bin Laden is a Good Man
Libyan Leader Qadhafi Declare Willingness to Compensate Jews for Lost Property and Discloses a New Plan: "A Lobby, a Trojan Horse, and a Fifth Column" in Italy and Israel
Hizbullah Secretary-General Sheik Hassan Nasrallah Reacts to UN ResolutionCalling for Syrian Withdrawal from Lebanon:'France Should Not Repeat Such Mistakes'




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