Obama Election Gives Hope to Iraqi Blacks Who Are Still Treated as Slaves
Sheikh Yousef Al-Qaradhawi in Interview With Egyptian Daily: Mubarak Should Step Down and Should Not Pass Presidency to Gamal; The Spread of the Shi'a Is A Danger
Editor of Sudanese Pro-Government Daily: Obama is Worse than Bush
Iraqi Writer in Saudi Daily: Step Up Resistance Against U.S.
'Kayhan': 'Turkey's Place is Alongside Iran'; The Turkish Muslim Brotherhood Model Is Influenced By, and Supportive of, The Iranian Islamic Model
'Al-Hayat' Damascus Bureau Chief Explains His Resignation: I Refuse to Take Part in Media and Political Campaign Against Syria
Senior Iranian Official Recommends that Iran Mark London as a Target – In Order to Deter Bush from Attacking Iran in Last Months of Presidency
Al-Azhar: 20% of All Oil Revenues Should Go to Charity
"The Shame of Mosul"
Al-Arabiya TV Director in 'Al-Sharq Al-Awsat' on Upcoming Iranian Presidential Election: Don't Wish for a Khatami Victory
Arab Liberals: The Arab and Muslim World Condemns Human Rights Violations Only When Perpetrated by Non-Muslims
Egyptian Cleric Hazem Shuman Warns Muslim Youth Against Valentine's Day – More Dangerous than AIDS, Ebola, and Cholera
Iraqi MP Iyad Jamal Al-Din: "Only Nations Living in the Past Produce Martyrs"
Jihadist Booklet: Islamic Scholars Apply Double Standard: Praise Jihad in Gaza, Condemn Jihad Elsewhere
Egyptian Cleric Muhammad Al-Zughbi Draws Lessons from the Battles of Early Islam, Prays for the Annihilation of U.S., European Leaders
Ayatollah Khatami In Iran Friday Sermon: U.S. Should 'Die Of Anger' At Our Progress; 'Neither Iranian Nor Other People Worldwide' Believe Obama's 'False Gestures'
New From MEMRI’s Jihad And Terrorism Threat Monitor
Former Lebanese MP Ghassan Matar: I Am Ashamed to Admit I Am Happy When U.S. Soldiers Are Killed; Jews Believe They Should Purify the World, as Written in 'The Protocols of the Elders of Zion'
Iranian Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati in Friday Sermon: Iran's Satellite Launch A Hammer Hit to Heads Of U.S., Israel; Thank You to Israel for Not Permitting Iranian Nuclear Activity; On 30th Anniversary of Revolution, "Iranian Nation Hit Another Severe Punch" to U.S., Israel
Saudi Society for Defense of Women's Rights Launches Internet Campaign For Legal Ban on Child Marriage
Assad's Speech on 'Terrorist Zionist Entity' To Become Part of Syrian School Curriculum
Saudi Columnist: How to Keep Your Son from Becoming a Terrorist
On Al-Jazeera TV, Kuwaiti Prof Suggests a Biological Attack on White House, Prays for Bombing of Nuclear Plant on Lake Michigan
Granddaughter, Wife of Terror Giants 'Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam, Abdallah 'Azzam Urge Palestinian Women to Sacrifice Their Children
In Islamist Video, Mujahedeen Sing of Martyrs' Funerals: 'Form a Procession for the Martyr, With His Wound, His Blood and His Garments; Perfume His Forehead and Do Not Remove the Dust From His Body'
Jihadist Booklet: Islamic Scholars Apply Double Standard:Praise Jihad in Gaza, Condemn Jihad Elsewhere
Lebanese Journalists 'Uqab Saqr, May Chidiac Criticize Arab Media for Airing Graphic Footage of Casualties in Gaza
Editor of Syrian Government-Affiliated Website: U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon is a 'Minor Functionary,' Like Chekhov's – Or Like the Pink Panther
Hamas Leaders: 'The Gaza Victory Has Paved the Way to Jerusalem, Haifa, Jaffa, the Negev, and the West Bank'; PA Should 'Join What Your People Has Chosen - Jihad and Resistance'; 'We Will Continue Fighting Until the Occupation is Defeated on Palestinian Soil'
Egyptian Cleric Galal Al-Khatib Explains Wife-Beating in Islam
Lebanese Author Farid Salman: 'Obama Was Brought To Power By the Jews... Before They Establish the Semitic Middle East, They Want to Tear America to Shreds... Obama Will Be the Cause...'
PLO Executive Committee Secretary Yasser Abd Rabbo Accuses Hamas of New Atrocities Against Fatah Members in Gaza
Hamas TV Bunny Assud Killed; On Deathbed, Calls for Liberation of Tel Aviv and Haifa
Arab-American Psychiatrist Wafa Sultan: "The Subjugation of Women Reduces Them to a Level Lower Than Beasts"
Liberals and Islamists in Algeria Clash over Statements By Renowned Liberal Syrian Poet Adonis
Mt. Lebanon Mufti Sheikh Muhammad 'Ali Al-Jozo Slams Hizbullah Leader Nasrallah, Iran
Article on Jihadist Forum Criticizes Somali Presidential Election, Calls on New President to Enforce Shari'a Law
Sheikh Yousuf Al-Qaradhawi: Allah Imposed Hitler On the Jews to Punish Them – 'Allah Willing, the Next Time Will Be at the Hand of the Believers'
Jaysh Al-Islam Denies Connection to Terrorist Imprisoned in Austria
Somali Journalist: Shabab Al-Mujahideen Has 'Pledged Allegiance to a Man Hiding in a Cave'
In Speeches This Week, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Discusses Holocaust, Saying 'Reexamining [The Holocaust] is Tantamount To Cutting the Vital Arteries of the Zionist Regime'; Tells Obama Administration: Withdraw U.S. Forces, Reexamine 9/11 - Which is Sealed Like the Issue of the Holocaust - And Apologize To Iran
To Mark 'Holocaust Holiday,' Egyptian Cleric Amin Al-Ansari Revises History, And Comments On Footage of Prisoners Being Tortured in Dachau, Mauthausen, and Belsen, Saying: 'This Is What We Hope Will Happen But, Allah Willing, at the Hand of the Muslims'
PLO and Fatah Officials: Hamas is Responsible for the Deaths of Its People
In Friday Sermon, Iranian Guardian Council Chairman Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati Mocks Obama, Says He Wishes Someone Would "'Waste' a Bullet" on Israeli FM Tzipi Livni, and Incites Against Mubarak, Saying "Sometimes We See [Mubarak] Obeying America, And Sometimes We See That He Is an Ally of Israel"
Prominent Sunni Sheikh Al-Qaradhawi, Banned in U.S., Opens Washington D.C. Office of Islamist News Organization, Says It (IslamOnline) Is "The Jihad of Our Era"
Official Iranian News Agency Criticizes the West's Harassment of Convicted and Alleged Holocaust Deniers
Osama Bin Laden in Audio Message to Palestinians: The Way to Reclaim Palestine Is through Jihad
In Friday Sermon, Iranian Guardian Council Chairman Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati Attempts to Mock Obama, Incites Against Mubarak, and Says He Wishes Someone Would "Waste a Bullet" on Israeli FM Tzipi Livni
Hamas Leader Khaled Mash'al's Declaration Ending The "Tahdiah" (December 14, 2008)
Guests Lose Their Tempers During Al-Jazeera TV Discussion on Whether Bush Is a War Criminal
Video Message from Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula Commanders – Among Them Former Guantanamo Detainees
Egyptian Clerics Encourage Martyrdom in Gaza: 'We Must Love Death'; ‘There Are Black-Eyed Virgins Ready For You’; ‘We Must Teach Our Children to... Hate the Jews’
Hamas Leader Khaled Mash'al Meets With Iraqi Terrorist 'Army of the Naqshabandi Order' and Accepts Their Women's Gold
In Mumbai, Muslims Launch "Operation Social Combing" Against Terrorists
Reformist Arab Writers Write Satirical Letters from Obama to Arab Leaders
'Martyrs' or 'Victims' in Gaza? Divisions in the Arab World as Reflected in the Policies of Al-Jazeera and Al-Arabiya TV
Shi'ite Iraqi Tribal Chief Sheikh Kazem Al-'Unizan: Iran is Responsible for Terror in Iraq, Supports Sunni Militants from Gaza to Somalia
Hamas Leader Khaled Mash'al Claims Victory in Gaza War, Justifies Sacrifices, and Warns Against Transferring Aid Money Through the PA
In Eid Al-Adha Address, Taliban Leader Mullah Muhammad Omar Urges Ex-Mujahideen to Join Taliban, Warns That Proposed U.S. Troops Surge in Afghanistan Won't Work
German Al-Qaeda Operative Discusses Al-Qaeda's 'Atom Bomb', Says 'Our Striking Power in This New Crusader War is Reflected in the Mujahideen's Participation in the New Arms Race,' And Warns Germans to Make the Right Choice in September 2009 Elections
Alerts and Threats: Material from the Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor Project (JTTM)
Anger in PA Over Anti-PA Line Of London Daily 'Al-Quds Al-Arabi'
Egyptian Cleric Safwat Higazi Responds to MEMRI: "Yes, I Am An Antisemite"; If Not for the Arab Rulers, "We Would Devour [The Jews] With Our Teeth"; "We Are Your Enemies… Until The Day Jesus… Descends, Fighting You And Calling To Join Islam"
Al-Arabiya TV Reports On Jordanian Wedding That Became Massive Show of Support for Al-Qaeda, Identifies Al-Zarqawi's Circle; At Wedding, Crowds Chant Against U.S. Military, For Harming Former President Bush's Family, For Attacking America, and For the Love of Osama Bin Laden
Syrian Jihadist Scholar Abu Basir Al-Tartusi: Sheikh Yousef Al-Qaradhawi is an Apostate
Fatah and P.A. Representatives: What Victory Is Mash'al Talking About?
In Alarabiya TV Debate, Sudanese Islamist Hassan Al-Turabi Explains That Jihad Was Declared in Sudan to 'Muster More Power,' 'Restrain People'; Egyptian Human Rights Activist Farida Al-Naqqash: Al-Turabi's 'Shari'a Laws' - A Main Reason for Worsening of Southern Sudan Crisis
Hamas Women Vow to Become 'Martyrdom-Seekers' and Blow Themselves Up Among 'the Apes and Pigs'
Iranian TV Program Teaches Toddlers About Martyrdom
Egyptian Cleric Safwat Higazi Slams Al-Azhar Sheikh Tantawi for Shaking Hands with Israeli President Peres, Saying Peres Has a Helmet Filled With the Dried Blood of Egyptian POWs He Murdered in 1967; Tells Tantawi, 'Give Up Your Ph.D... In Which You Yourself Said That [the Jews] Are the Sons of Apes and Pigs'
Khamenei Decrees: Israel is Kafer-e-Harbi; Iranian Martyrdom Seekers Await Khameini's Orders; Iranian Student Organizations Threaten to Take Over Egyptian, Jordanian Diplomatic Representations
UAE Columnist: Hamas's Claim to Palestine Must Be Questioned
Osama bin Laden in a New Audio Tape: Saudi Arabia Goverment Responsible for Lack of Security and Peace
Hizbullah PR Director Ibrahim Farhat: We May Adjust Our Terminology But Will Not Change Policy
Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Asefi: Secretary Powell Was Mistaken When He Thought Iranian FM Kharrazi Was Talking to Him; We Don't Think the US is in a Position to Attack Iran
Secretary of the Iranian National Security Council, Hasan Rouhani: Technologically, We Have Obtained the Nuclear Fuel Cycle
Former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Al-Hariri on Democracy and Islamic Law
Palestinian MP and Former Minister Nabil 'Amr: There Is No Democracy in Fatah
Saudi Cleric 'Aed Al-Qarni: Jews and Christians Lie When They Say God Loves Them
Iranian Official Reveals Details on Nuclear Facilities
Former Lebanese President Elias Al-Hrawi and Fatah Leader Farouq Qaddumi Exchange Accusations over Lebanese-Palestinian Relations
Saudi Sheik Al-'Abikan: Those Who Called on Iraqis to Fight Caused Them Death and Destruction
Egyptian Journalist Osama Saraya: It's Called Israel, not "Zionist Entity."
Iranian President Khatami Clashes with Reformist Students at Tehran University (Part II)
Fatah Leader Faruq Qaddumi: Nabil Shaath Should Shut Up; He Doesn't Represent Anyone
Palestinian Politician and Poet Al-Mutawakil Taha on Israeli Culture
Lebanese Politician Hareth Suleiman: Peace with Israel is an Impossibility
Iraqi Financial Expert As'ad Al-Aquli: Zionist Leadership Agreed on Holocaust with Hitler to Get Rid of Poor Jews
Saudi Child-Preacher: Chaos Results from Refraining from Instituting Islamic Religious Law
Syrian Cleric Hussam Al-Din Farfour: It Wasn't Us Who Killed 150-160 Million Indians and 100 Million Negroes
Iranian President Khatami Clashes with Reformist Students at Tehran University
Ayatollah Meshkini in a Friday Sermon at Qom: Pray that God Ends the Lives of Bush, Blair and Sharon Soon.Iranian Leaders Must Promote Nuclear Activities
Rafsanjani in Friday Sermon at Tehran University: We Will Soon Join The Nuclear Club - For Peaceful Purposes
Former Al-Azhar University President Abd Al-Fattah Al-Sheik and Liberal Journalist Farida Al-Shubeishi Debate the Quality of Egyptian TV
A Hamas Spokesman: Tel Aviv and Haifa, Like Gaza and Ramallah, Should Be Liberated
In Presence of PA Chairman Abu Mazen, Moderate Palestinian Friday Sermon: We Must Recognize the "Other" and Respect His Humanity.
Retired Egyptian General: Arab Rulers Ask the U.S. Permission to Go to the Toilet
Egyptian Human Rights Activist Dr. S'ad Al-Din Ibrahim: If Arab Rulers Do Not Allow Change, It Will Be Forced on Them
Advisor to Iranian Foreign Minister: "If the NPT will not benefit us, why should we remain members?"
Sheik Al-Qaradhawi on Homosexuality and Western Culture
A Documentary and a Discussion about Abu Mus'ab Al-Zarqawi
Fatah Leader Faruq Qaddumi: Two-States A Temporary Solution
Palestinian Historian 'Issam Sisalem: What Temple and What Shtemple?! The Jews Are Like Marine Worms
Al-Qa'ida Leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri: "There is no solution with America but to forcefully make it submit to justice."
Lebanese Minister of Defense: Lebanon, Iran, and Syria Supply Hizbullah with Weapons
Egyptian Journalist Nabil Sharaf Al-Din: Iraqi Sunni Leader, Sheik Al-Dhari, "Mufti of Terrorism and Televised Slaughter"
Saudi Cleric Qahtani: This is Why We Chop Off Hands
Iranian Professor Qanbari on Jews throughout History
Tehran Friday Sermon by Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati: We Are Determined to Obtain Nuclear Technology
Sheik Al-Qaradhawi: "I Have Forbidden the Killing of Americans... But I Asked, "Who Is A Civilian?"
Sudan Friday Sermon: Americans Are Fleeing to Canada Following Bush Reelection; 1,000 Jews, 37 Rabbis Are Fighting in Falluja
Anti-American Demonstration, Amman, Jordan
Martyrdom Culture: Mother and Friends of Palestinian "Martyr" Tell Their Stories
The Martyrdom Veto Song on Al-Manar TV
Iranian TV Show Extols Palestinian Female Suicide Bombers
Jordanian MP and PNC Member Hamada Faraana: Now I Have the Courage to Admit that Sharon was Right, Arafat was Responsible for Violence
Saudi Cleric Al-Fawzan: Jihad in Iraq an Individual Duty Incumbent Upon Iraqis
Anti-American Demonstration in Damascus, Syria
Hizbullah TV Al-Manar's Chairman of the Board on Agreement with France
British MP Galloway: U.S. and British Governments Will Burn in "Hell-Fires"; Falluja is Guernica, Stalingrad
Mothers of Hizbullah "Martyrs": We Are Very Happy And Want to Sacrifice More Children
Iraqi Journalist: The People of Falluja Left the City Before the Fighting Began
PA Friday Sermon: "Arafat is Not the Kind of Man Whose Fate Should be Controlled by a Woman"
Lebanese Information Minister: Martyrdom is "Art" and Creates a "Strategic Balance"
Lebanese 'Amal Movement Representative: "Palestine and Jerusalem will only be liberated by the Islamic belief, by martyrdom operations"
Lebanese MP Nasser Qandil: Condoleezza Rice Has 'Black' Positions on Arab Affairs
Tehran Children on "Jerusalem Day": We Came to Say Death to Israel, Death to America
Footage from "Jerusalem Day" in Iran
Children's Song on Iranian TV: The Palestinian Child is Willing to Shed His Blood for His Country
Tehran Children on "Jerusalem Day": We Came To Do the “Death to America” Thing
Al-Azhar Cleric Abla Al-Kahlawi: Oh Allah, Grant Us Martyrdom
Palestinian Analyst Yunis 'Udeh: Arafat Told Me Oslo Would Lead to Fighting
Cleric Muhammad Hassan on the Heroes of Falluja and Suicide Children
Palestinian Legislative Council Member Hassan Khreishe: We Will Not Compromise on the Right of Return
Denver, Colorado Journalist Shaker Nabulsi: America's Interest is Stability in the Middle East
New Fatah Leader Faruq Al-Qaddumi: Arafat was Poisoned by Israel;Hamas and Islamic Jihad are Our Brothers
Fatah Supreme Council Member Abu Ali Shahin: Arafat's Bones Will Be Buried in Jerusalem in the Future
Hizballah Leader Hassan Nasrallah: The Iraqis Have a Right to Carry Out Resistance
Lebanese MP Zaher Al-Khatib: The Future is Rosy Like Blood. We Need a Strategyof Military Operations
Iran's Governmental Nuclear Advisor Sirus Naseri Reveals Secrets of Negotiations with Europe
The World Without America - The Music Video
Iranian Islamic Student Union Conference on "The World Without America"
Iranian Parliamentary Energy Committee Chairman Kamal Daneshyar: We Invite American Companies to Build Nuclear Plants in Iran




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