Saudi Academic: It's Time To End Gender Segregation In Mosques; Let's Make Mosques Similar To Churches!
The Russian Media Outlet Tells The Story Of Russia's Lone Aircraft Carrier, The Admiral Kuznetsov
Israeli Intellectual On Israeli 'Muezzin Bill': Mosque Loudspeakers Disturb The Arab And Muslim Public Too
Russia This Week - November 13-20, 2016
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
Sadat In Jerusalem: A View From Behind The Scenes
Reports In Arab Press: 'Abbas Resisted Arab League Pressure To Appoint Successor - Despite Threats Of Sanctions Against Him
Egyptian Daily: U.S. Should Be Held Accountable For Its Crimes In Iraq And Afghanistan
MEMRI TV Clip Of Imam's Antisemitic Sermon In Denmark Leads To Legal Action Against Him
Prominent Iranian Dissident Zibakalam Defies Iranian Regime's 'Mission' To Destroy Israel, Refuses To Step On American, Israeli Flags
Responses In Iran To Trump's Presidential Win
After Resigning, Saakashvili Promises: 'We Will Win When We Get Rid Of Ukrainian Political Elite - Scum And Profiteers Who Are Absolutely Identical To The Russian Ruling Class'
Please Support Our 2016 End-Of-Year Campaign
Senior Saudi Journalist Turki Al-Dakhil: Trump Will Be Good For Gulf States
Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson: People from Clinton's Elections Team Visited Moscow Many Times
Together With Its Allies, The Syrian Regime Is Forcing Demographic Change In Areas Of The Country - For Self-Protection And Self-Preservation
Russia-NATO Update - October-November 2016
Saudi Journalist: Saudi Arabia Must Not Help Sa'd Al-Hariri Government In Lebanon
Hizbullah Military Parade In Syrian Town Of Al-Qusayr: Tanks, Cannon, And Machine Guns
Iranian Reformist Intellectual Zibakalam Refuses to Step on American, Israeli Flags
Following Death Of Algerian Intellectual Malek Chebel, MEMRI Reposts Report On His 27 Propositions For Reforming Islam
Russia This Week - November 4-13, 2016
Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov On Russia's Relations With Trump: 'There Are People Who Are So Suspicious Of Russia That They Attempt To Discern Something Else There'
Arab World Reacts To Trump's Presidential Win With Cautious Optimism, Hope For Future Cooperation
Russia's Official Reactions To Trump's Victory -Part II
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
Egypt's Severe Economic Crisis Sparks Harsh Criticism Of Regime's Economic Policy, Calls To Topple Regime On November 11
Russia's Official Reactions To Trump's Victory - Part I
Prominent Russian Media Personality: Putin Sees Himself as Batman
On Eve Of U.S. Presidential Election, Arab Press Editorials Ask: Who Is Better For The Arabs - Clinton Or Trump?
The Russian State Media's Coverage Of The U.S. Presidential Elections
'Moskovskij Komsomolets' Columnist: 'How The Chancellor Of Germany Became A Hostage Of The Minsk Process And What Is In Store For Her'
Russian Media And Officials' Statements On The U.S. Elections
Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei Explains the Chant "Death to America"
Anti-U.S. Marches Organized by the Iranian Regime to Mark 37th Anniversary of U.S. Embassy Takeover
Member Of The State Duma International Committee Milonov: 'Clinton Is A Cursed Witch! That's Why Even A Funny Guy Like Donald Trump Looks More Normal'
Photos From Regime-Organized Anti-U.S. Demonstrations In Iran Marking 37th Anniversary Of 1979 U.S. Embassy Takeover
Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan: Russian Defense Minister Shoygu Sends Me Official Reports and Asks for My Opinion
ISIS Article Denounces U.S. Presidential Election, Says American Muslims Who Vote Are Apostates, And Calls For Killing Muslim, Christian, And Women Voters
Two Presidents, One Fatal Historic Move
On Eve Of U.S. Election: Egyptian Regime Favors Trump, Opposition Favors Clinton
Russia This Week - Part II - October 30 - November 4, 2016
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
Contradictory Statements By 'Abbas Advisor For Religious Affairs, Mahmoud Al-Habbash, Regarding Al-Aqsa Mosque, Jerusalem, Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
The Iskander-M Tactical Missile Systems In Kaliningrad - An Update
ISIS Leader Al-Baghdadi Responds To Military Campaign To Retake Mosul, Urges ISIS Soldiers To Remain Strong, Calls For Attacks On ISIS's Enemies
'Kayhan': Tehran Will Not Let Turkish President Erdogan 'Play His Own Solitary Game' In Syria and Iraq
Senior Russian TV Host: The U.S. Establishment May Not Recognize the Elections Results If Trump Wins
Palestinian Social Media Reacts To Shooting Attack At Beit El Carried Out By Palestinian Policeman: Praise For Attacker, Calls For Other Palestinian Security Personnel To Carry Out Further Attacks
Saudi Journalists: The Mosul Campaign Is An Iranian Offensive Against Sunni Arabs
The Time Is Now For Urgent Middle East Reform
Ria Columnist: Admiral Kuznetsov Aircraft Carrier Is Directed Against 'The Terrorists More Technologically Advanced Puppet Masters [The West]'
Putin At The Valdai Club: 'Does Anyone Seriously Imagine That Russia Can Somehow Influence The American People's Choice? America Is Not Some Kind Of 'Banana Republic'... Do Correct Me If I Am Wrong'
Director General Of Pro-Kremlin Think-Tank: 'If Hillary Clinton Can Be Compared To The Brain Of The U.S. Political System, Donald Trump Is Its Spinal Cord'
Russia This Week - October 22-30, 2016
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
Al-Hariri's Choice Of Hizbullah Ally Aoun For Lebanese Presidency Is Another March 14 Forces Concession To Pro-Iran Axis
The Admiral Kuznetsov Aircraft Carrier - Mission And Goals (An Update)
AQAP Weekly Magazine Describes Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump As 'Full Of Flaws,' Says It Is Time For U.S. Prominence To Decline
Germany-Based Syrian Activist Malik Fndy, Previously Arrested For Posting Pro-ISIS Videos, Calls On Like-Minded Activists To Take To The Media In Support Of ISIS In Mosul
Russia This Week - October 13- October 22, 2016
Putin's Press Secretary: If Assad Leaves, There Will Be New Terror Attacks in Europe
Saudi Writer: Blaming Israel For Inter-Arab Wars Is Shallow
Arab Writers: It Is Time Arab Women Served As Heads Of State
Yabloko Leader Grigory Yavlinsky: Government-Managed Military Hysteria Creates A Docile Population That Is Even More Passive Than Soviet Times
Duma Defense Committee Chairman: Direct U.S.-Russian Confrontation Likely; Iskander Missiles Target European Missile Defense
Russia's Drills Update
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
Kuwaiti Film Producer: End Incitement Against Jews In Mosques
Jordanian Regime Tackles Problem Of Extremist Mosque Sermons
Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson: U.S. Implements Scorched Earth Policy
Article On Syrian Opposition Website: The Political Solution Is Unfeasible; We Should Ignite All-Out War
Russian Government Reactions To Meeting Of NATO-Russia Council
Saudi Media Campaign Supports Iranian Opposition, Demands Toppling Of Iranian Regime
With Publication Of High School Finals Results, Palestinian Authority Press Notes Deaths Of Students Who Carried Out Stabbing Attacks, Stresses: 'Dying As A Martyr Is The Path Of Excellence And Superiority'
Following The NATO Summit In Warsaw July 8-9 And Ahead Of The NATO-Russia Council Meeting On July 13 - An Interim Review
Cartoons And Memes About NATO Summit In Warsaw In Russian Pro-Kremlin Media
Reactions In Egypt To Israeli PM Netanyahu's Africa Visit - Egyptian MP: The Visit Threatens Egypt's National Security; 'Al-Masri Al-Yawm' Owner: Time For Cooperation With Israel
Antisemitism - A Rising Theme For Iran's 2016 Qods Day
Russia This Week - July 4-11, 2016
ISIS Takes Responsibility For Downing Russian Attack Helicopter East Of Palmyra
NATO July 8-9 Summit In Warsaw: Russian Envoy To NATO Grushko Calls NATO 'Military Methods' An Attempt To Create New Dividing Lines In Europe, Make European Countries Dependent On The U.S.
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
In Cartoons, Saudi Arabia, Iran Blame Each Other For Barring Iranians From Mecca Pilgrimage
Arab Columnist: We Must Purge Our Sources Of Islamic Extremism Like Post-WWII Germany Purged Its Sources Of Nazism
Russian Cartoons About Turkey's Apology To Russia For The Downing Of Russian Plane
Pakistani Urdu Daily On Medina Attack: 'The Attempt To Target Masjid-e-Nabwi Can Be Clearly Described As Part Of The Plan On Which The Zionist State Of Israel Has Been Working'
Pakistani Urdu Daily: 'The Attack In Dhaka Has Proved That The Islamic State Has Succeeded In Establishing Its Roots In The [South Asia] Region'
One Day To The NATO Summit In Warsaw, Russian Reactions To UK Parliament's Report On British And NATO Relations With Russia
MEMRI President Yigal Carmon's Testimony To House Committee On Foreign Affairs, July 6, 2016: Palestinian Authority Support For Imprisoned, Released, And Wounded Terrorists And Families Of 'Martyrs'
MEMRI Vice President Alberto Fernandez's Testimony To Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, July 6, 2016 - ISIS Online: Countering Terrorist Radicalization And Recruitment On The Internet And Social Media
Russian Messages To The U.S. For The Fourth Of July
Al-Quds Day In Basra, Iraq: Iraqi Policemen Burn U.S. Flag, Chant 'Death To America'
Two Days To NATO's Warsaw Summit, Pro-Kremlin Think Tank Valdai Club's Expert Warns: 'Western Support... To Anti-Russian Political Forces In Belarus, Armenia And Azerbaijan Would Lead To New Crises Like That In Ukraine'
Russian Opposition News Portal As A Result Of Turkey's Apologies, 'Kremlin Propagandists Will Tell Us...We Just Have To Suffer A Little More, And [The West] Will Swallow The Annexation Of Crimea'
Three Days Before NATO's Warsaw Summit, Russian Envoy To NATO Grushko: NATO Transformed 'Central And Eastern Europe Into An Arena Of Military Confrontation'
Bahraini Writer: The Establishment Of An Islamic Caliphate - An Illusion Born Out Of 'A Moral Vacuum'
Four Days To NATO's Warsaw Summit, Putin Tells Meeting Of Russian Diplomats: 'Today, NATO Seems To Be Making A Show Of Its Anti-Russian Stance'
Russia This Week - June 27- July 4, 2016
MEMRI Mourns The Passing Of Elie Wiesel - Holocaust Survivor, Nobel Laureate, Renowned Author, Educator And MEMRI Board Member
Pakistan's Largest Urdu Daily Blames Istanbul Attacks On The West, Claims NATO Secretary-General Had Declared Islam As The Next Target After The Defeat Of Communism
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
Bangladeshi Columnist: 'A Smiling Pakistani Walked Up To Me, Shook Hands [With Me] And Then Wanted To Know If There Were Many Hindus In Bangladesh; I Told Him There Were No Hindus In My Country; His Smile Turned Bigger'
In Numerous Speeches, Indian Islamist Brother Imran Preaches Global Islamism Among Muslims, Teaches Hatred Of Ahmadi Muslims, Counters Indian Nationalism
U.S. Legitimizes Iranian Presence And Activity In Iraq
Russia-NATO Update - June 2016
Anti-Houthi Yemeni And Arab Media Report: Houthis Apologized To Americans For 'Death To America And Israel' Slogan
Russian Reactions To Brexit
Mounting Tension Between Egypt, Qatar Following Sentencing Of Former President Muhammad Mursi
AKP Media In Turkey Says Orlando Attack Was Carried Out By U.S To Stop Islam's Rise And 'So That 2% Of Americans [i.e. Jews] Do Not Lose Their Influence'; Islamist Groups Threaten LGBT Community, Pride Parades, Saying: If Gov't Won't 'Stop This Perversion, We... Will Do So By All Means Necessary'
Coptic Activist Medhat Kelada: Egyptians Accuse Israel Of Racism While Their Own Country Is Rife With It
Anti-Semitic Poem In Ramadan Supplement Of Qatari 'Al-Sharq' Daily
Russia This Week - June 20-27, 2016
Parasites In The Lands Of The Infidels
Run-Up To World Cup 2022: Egyptian 'Al-Watan' Daily Accuses Qatar, Muslim Brotherhood Of Conspiring To Destroy Egyptian Soccer
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
Indian Urdu Daily Roznama Sahafat: 'Orlando Shooting - The Conspiracy To Make Donald Trump America's President'; 'American Intelligence Agencies Themselves Carried Out The Two Air Attacks [On 9/11]'
Two Weeks To NATO's Warsaw Summit, Putin At The SPIEF Questions The Very Necessity Of NATO Now That Warsaw Pact And Soviet Union Are Gone; 'One Day It Will Come To A Cold War'
Palestinian Writer: The Jewish And Palestinian Extremists Play Into Each Other's Hands
Russian President Putin At The SPIEF Plenary Session: 'Our Goal Is To Achieve Economic Growth Rates Of No Less Than 4 Percent A Year' - Part II
Saudi Writer: 'Mullah Obama' Provides Iran A Safe Haven To Realize Its Interests; U.S. Administration Now In Service Of Iranian Policy
Russian President Putin At SPIEF Plenary Session: The 'Greater Eurasia' Project Is Open To Europe - Part I
Palestinian 'Al-Hayat' Columnist On Tel Aviv Attack: The Armed Struggle Harms The Palestinians More Than It Helps Them
Russia This Week - June 13-20, 2016
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
Tension Between Assad Forces, Hizbullah Sparks Intense Battles Between Them In Aleppo Area
Prior To Orlando Attack, ISIS Had Warned, On Social Media, Of Upcoming Attacks In U.S., And Emphasized: If You Stop Attacking Us, We'll Stop Attacking You
Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei's Advisor And Associate Tells Shi'ite Clerics In Iraq: U.S. Is Plotting To Divide Iraq And Syria
Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov Addressing State Duma: 'The U.S. And Its Allies Are Trying To Create A Deterrence Front Against Russia Based On Cold War Precepts'
Editor Of Saudi Daily: The Current Middle East Crises Is Like 1,000 Hiroshimas
A Comprehensive Memorandum By The Pro-Kremlin Council On Foreign And Defense Policies: 'Russia's Foreign Policy: From The Late 2010s - To The Early 2020s'
Editorials In Pakistani Urdu Dailies Blame U.S. Intelligence Agencies And Zionist/Jewish Lobbies For Orlando Shooting, Justify Attacks On Homosexuals
Palestinian Columnist: Armed Struggle Must Be Ever-Present, But Used According To Circumstances; It Must Not Be Considered A Crime
ISIS News Agency Releases Video Of Larossi Abballa, Who Killed Two Police Officers In Paris Suburb
'Al-Quds Al-Arabi': At Least Four Arab Countries Supported Israel's Candidacy For Chair Of UN Legal Committee
Russian Reactions To The Orlando Terror Attack
Three Weeks To The NATO Summit In Warsaw, Russian Permanent Representative To NATO Grushko: NATO's Policy Lives In A Surrealistic Reality; A 'Russian Threat Is Simply A Myth'
Suicide Attempts By Young Jordanians Spark Sharp Media Criticism Of Government Helplessness In Coping With Unemployment, Economic Situation
Series Of Antisemitic Articles In Egyptian Paper 'Al-Ahram': Jews Sow Destruction As Part Of Plan For World Domination
Russia This Week - June 6-13, 2016
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
Review Of Indian Islamic Cleric's Book On 'Essential Problems Of The Mobile Phone' Criticizing Muslim Girls For Using Them - Noting Prophet Muhammad Said 'Do Not Teach Women To Write' - And Adding That Hindus Should Not Be Greeted Via Them
One Day Prior To Tel Aviv Terror Attack, Article On Hamas Website Calls On Muslims To Wage Jihad - 'The Pinnacle Of Islam' - During Ramadan, 'The Month Of Jihad'
Germany-Based ISIS Supporter And Academic Malik Fndy, Arrested Following Release Of MEMRI TV Clip, Resumes Pro-ISIS Facebook Activity
Frankfurt-Based Syrian Activist Dr. Malik Fndy: "This Is Why I Support the Islamic State"
Lebanese Journalist Ziad Njeim: I Have a Natural Right to Doubt the Existence of God
Algerian Feminist Political Activist Aouicha Bekhti: Algeria Is an Amazigh, Not Arab, Country
Egyptian Satirist Bassem Youssef: Are We the Only People that Must Be Ruled with an Iron Fist?
Egyptian TV Host Muhammad Al-Dasuqi Rushdi: Our Religious Institutions Must Be Purified of ISIS and Muslim Brotherhood Cells
Khamenei Releases Holocaust Denial Video on International Holocaust Remembrance Day
Jordanian Cleric Abu Qatada Al-Filistini Discusses The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, States: Jews Use Blood for Passover Matzos
Fatah Spokesman Fayez Abu Aita: We Will Escalate This Popular Uprising, Could Develop into Intifada
Saudi Ambassador to Iraq Thamer Sabhan Insinuates Iraqi Government Involved in Anti-Sunni Ethnic Cleansing near Iran's Border
Former Libyan Intelligence Official Ahmad Qadhaf Al-Dam: Deal with West Was a Maneuver to Lift Sanctions; Terrorists Obtained WMD Left in Libya
Fatwa on Behalf of Ayatollah Al-Sistani: Mobile Game "Clash of Clans" Is Forbidden
CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad: The Muslims Can Be the Swing Vote in Major States in the 2016 Presidential Elections
Gaza Journalist Tawfiq Abu Shomar: Israel Buys Slave Girls on ISIS Market, Converts Them to Judaism
Sheikh Akram Kaabi, Leader of Iraqi Hizbullah, in Tehran: We Will Retaliate Militarily for Al-Nimr Execution on Saudi Soil
Fatah Central Committee Member Tirawi: Palestinian State on 1967 Borders Is Just a Phase
Russian Grand Mufti during Visit to Iraq: Even in the Days of Communism, We Managed to Protect Our Religion and Unity
Head of Al-Anbar Salvation Council Hameed Al-Hayes: Drop Nuclear, Chemical Weapons on Al-Anbar
Egyptian TV Hosts Demand Execution of Journalist for Saying that Tahrir Square Is Holier than Mecca
Egyptian Sex Therapist Heba Kotb: The Jews Have Had the Highest Rate of Sexual Perversions throughout History
Fatah Central Committee Member Amal Hamad Extols Female Fatah Terrorists, Suicide Bombers
Al-Aqsa Mosque Address: The Upcoming Islamic State Should Conquer Rome, Washington, Paris through Jihad
Former Egyptian Minister of Culture Gaber Asfour Supports Imprisoned Reformist Intellectual Islam Behery: This Is the "Beginning of the End" for Al-Azhar
Iran's Atomic Energy Organization Spokesman Kamalvandi Explains What Is Being Done in the Core of the Arak Nuclear Reactor
Tunisian Professor Amel Grami: Homosexuality Emerged from Our Heritage
Iranian Media Airs Footage of U.S. Soldiers, Weapons, and Boats Captured by IRGC
Ex-Inmate Shaker Aamer to Russia Today TV: Families Should Refuse to Send Their Sons to Serve in Guantanamo
Egyptian Author Sayyid Al-Qemany: Al-Azhar Is a Terrorist Institution
Iranian Animated Film Simulates Yemeni Missile Attacks on Saudi Oil Fields, Military and Civilian Targets
Jordanian Professor Salah Al-Khalidi: The Palestinians Will Rid the World of the Jews
Jibril Rajoub to Israelis: You Sons of Bitches, We Will Accept Nothing Less than a Palestinian State
French Imam Mohamed Khattabi Discusses "Man-Made" French National Anthem: The Quran Is Our Anthem, Our Identity, Our Constitution
North Korean Ambassador to Egypt Pak Chun Il: We will Continue to Develop Nuclear Weapons
Al-Sisi in Christmas Mass Apologizes for Not Rebuilding Churches Burned Down by Extremists
Fatah Holds Military Parade in Bethlehem to Mark Movement's 51st Anniversary
Top Tunisian Islamic Politician Mourou in New Jersey Sermon: U.S. Muslims Should Serve as Beacon and Model for Islamic World
Al-Azhar Professor Suad Saleh: In a Legitimate War, Muslims Can Capture Slavegirls and Have Sex with Them (Archival)
Egyptian Cleric Al-Naqib on Execution of Shiite Cleric Al-Nimr: KSA Must Eliminate Two Enemies - Shiites and Secularists
Suez Governor Helmi Al-Hayatami: If the Jews Fire Missiles at Egypt, the Winds Will Send Them Right Back
Egyptian TV Host Amr Adeeb: Nobody Is Fighting the Muslims, They Are Killing One Another
Egyptian MP Elhami Agina: Authorities Should Warn against Social Kissing to Prevent Diseases
Egyptian TV Host Duaa Salah Appears with "Battered" Face to Protest Violence against Women
Liberal Egyptian Intellectuals Demonstrate in Support of Islam Buhairi, Sentenced to Prison for "Blasphemy"
Tunisian Sociologist Omar ben Yahmad: Homosexuals in Tunisia Follow the Model of the Jewish Lobby
Egyptian TV Host Ecstatic over Execution of Saudi Shiite Cleric Al-Nimr: Bravo! We Want Muslim Brotherhood Leaders Executed Too
PA Diplomatic Representative to U.K. Manuel Hassassian: A Labour Government Will Recognize Palestinian State, followed by France, Germany
Hizbullah Secretary-General Nasrallah in Response to Al-Nimr Execution: This Will Spell the End of the Saud Regime and Clan
ISIS Video Shows Execution of Five British "Spies": Cameron, We Will Invade Britain, Instate Shari'a Law -Warning: Graphic Images
Memorial Ceremony for Terrorist Samir Quntar in Berlin: Leader, Martyr, and Symbol
Saudi Cleric Ali Al-Malki: Our Ruler May Kill One Third of the People So That Another Third Can Live in Peace
Saudi TV Host on the Iranian Threats following Al-Nimr Execution: We Represent Two Billion Muslims, Iran Only 200 Million
Montpellier Imam Mohamed Khattabi upon Returning from House Arrest: Jihad Does Not Mean War or Killing
Michigan Activist Lina Allan Lambasts People who Prohibit Stabbing of Jews by Palestinians: It's Like Defending Animal Rights at Best
Egyptian Researcher Ahmad Abdou Maher: ISIS Implements Islamic Heritage Taught by Al-Azhar
Former Lebanese Minister of Culture Professor Ghassan Salamé on Middle East Crises: With Defeat Unlikely and Victory Impossible, We Must Brace Ourselves for Compromises
Gaza ENT Doctor Challenges Einstein's Relativity Theory, States: People in Gaza Have the Benefit of Humanity at Heart
NJ Imam Mohamed Moussa: U.S. Muslims Should Serve in Police, Military, FBI, CIA, Rather than Wait for Their Country to Serve Them
Iraqi Shiite Militia Sniper at Work: I’ve Fought the Americans and Jews, Killed 173 ISIS Terrorists
Syrian Minister of Religious Endowment Slams Saudis: Their Mother Is America and Terrorism Their Offspring
Saudi Cleric Muhammad Al-Munajid: Treachery Courses through the Veins of the Jews Like Blood
Iranian Nuclear Chief Salehi Elaborates on Iran's Heavy Water Supply and Production and the JCPOA
Egyptian President Al-Sisi Congratulates Christians on Christmas: We Are All Egyptians, What Divides Us Destroys Us
AQAP Leader Qassem Al-Rimi: We Must Focus On Fighting The U.S.
Saudi Anthropologist Saad Al-Sowayan: We Must Accept Change or Become Extinct
Saudi Imam Abdullah Al-Suwailem: Women Should Stay at Home, Living under Wing of Husband or Son
Ex-Wife Justifies Al-Quntar's Assassination: Murderers Should Be Killed
Tunisian Minority Rights Activist Yamina Thabet Fights to Legalize Homosexuality Following Imprisonment of Gays
Algerian Army Marching Drill: Kill, Slaughter, and Skin the Jews
Moroccan Online Magazine: The Rothschilds Assassinated Six U.S. Presidents




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