One Day After MEMRI Exposes Telegram As Jihadis' 'App Of Choice' – In 'Washington Post' On December 24 – Telegram Creates ISIS Watch Channel Alleging It Is Removing ISIS Content
Editor's Picks From The MEMRI TV Archives: Clips On Saddam Hussein's Prosecution And Execution
Resistance Axis Opponents Enraged At Photos Of Qods Force Commander Qassem Soleimani In Aleppo: The Photos Are Proof Of Iranian Expansion In Syria, Are Reminiscent Of Nazi Generals Strolling Through Cities They Destroyed
IRGC Presents Its New 'Suicide Drone'
The Significance, Ramifications, And Messages Of Hizbullah's Show Of Military Force In Al-Qusayr, Syria
The Russian Democratic Opposition Has Become Completely Helpless
Final Hours To Support MEMRI In 2016
Russian FM Spokeswoman Zakharova Rails Against The U.S. Administration For Imposing New Sanctions: ‘Today America And The American People Were Disparaged By Their Own President’
Putin At The Annual News Conference: 'The Most Important Thing Is The Information That The Hackers Revealed To The Public. Did They Compile Or Manipulate The Data? No, They Did Not'
Egyptian Daily Close To Egyptian Intelligence Reveals Minutes Of Secret Palestinian Authority Meeting With John Kerry, Susan Rice; U.S.-Palestinian Coordination On UNSC 2334; Rice Says Trump Administration's Policy Will Be 'Dangerous'
Reactions By Palestinian Leaders And Palestinian Press Following UNSC Adoption Of Resolution 2334 Against Israel's Settlements: 'An Historic Day And A Victory For International Legitimacy'
Putin To The Annual Expanded Meeting Of The Defense Ministry Board: 'We Need To Enhance The Combat Capability Of Strategic Nuclear Forces... Today, We Are Stronger Than Any Potential Aggressor. I Repeat, Any Aggressor'
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
Gulf Writers: Oppression Of Sunnis Created ISIS; Restoring Them To Their Rightful Status Will Enable Defeating ISIS
Director General Of Russian Government-Funded Think Tank, Andrey Kortunov: 'Does Vladimir Putin Want To Restore The Soviet Union?'
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
Germany-Based Encrypted Messaging App Telegram Emerges As Jihadis' Preferred Communications Platform – Part V Of MEMRI Series: Encryption Technology Embraced By ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Other Jihadis – September 2015-September 2016
Russian Efforts To Exclude U.S., Europe From Political Solution In Syria And Create A Framework For Bypassing Geneva I
Campaign In Lebanon Against Law Exempting Rapists From Punishment If They Marry Their Victim: 'A White [Dress] Does Not Cover Up Rape'
Editor's Picks From The MEMRI TV Archives: Clips On Christmas And New Year's
Russia This Week – December 13 - 22, 2016
Only 11 Days Left To Support MEMRI This Year
Fatah's Seventh General Conference Bolsters 'Abbas's Standing; Contradictory Messages In 'Abbas Statements On Terror, Negotiations With Israel
Russia's Official Reactions To The Killing Of The Russian Ambassador To Turkey - Part II
Syrian Opposition Worried By Reports That New Islamic Political Entity, Led By Jabhat Fath Al-Sham, Is Emerging In Northern Syria
Months Of Prior Warnings Regarding Terror Attacks Using Trucks
Russia's Official Reactions To The Killing Of The Russian Ambassador To Turkey
Hamas Marks Its 29th Anniversary, Reiterating Its Adherence To Armed Struggle To Liberate Palestine From River To Sea
Hamas's Military Wing Marks Organization's 29th Anniversary With Special Report On Its Military Industry
Russia's Foreign Policy Concept: 'Russia's Foreign Policy Reflects The Unique Role Russia Has Played For Centuries As A Counterbalance In International Affairs'
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
Lebanese Columnist: The Arab Countries Seem To Be Engaged In A Perpetual War Against Women
Cartoons In Gulf Press On Humanitarian Disaster In Aleppo
U.S. Money Transferred To Iran Used To Expand Iran's Military Budget
Ahead Of His Official Trip to Japan, Putin On The Kuril Islands Dispute: 'We Have No Territorial Problems At All; It Is Only Japan That Believes It Has Territorial Problems With Russia'
Former 'Al-Sharq Al-Awsat' Editor 'Abd Al-Rahman Al-Rashed: 'Which Muslims Are Against Trump?'
Owner Of Egyptian Daily In Response To Recent Cairo Church Bombing: Nothing Justifies Crimes Perpetrated In Name Of Islam; We Must Act Vigorously To Reform Religious Discourse
Saudi Education Ministry Project To 'Inoculate' Schoolchildren Against Liberalism And Secularism Causes Furor In The Country
Russia This Week – Part II - December 8-13, 2016
As Aleppo's Fall To Assad Regime Seems Assured, Regime Is Certain Of Its Victory And Future International Influence – And Opposition Recognizes Defeat
Russia This Week – Part I - December 8 - 12, 2016
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
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Egyptian Journalist Justifies Hitler's Actions Against Jews; Sparks Criticism From Two Colleagues
Russia This Week – November 27-December 8, 2016
The Regional Vision Of Iran's Islamic Regime And Its Military-Political Implementation, Part I – The Ideological Doctrine: Exporting The Revolution; Iran As 'Umm Al-Qura'
Doubly Targeted – In The Middle East And In The West
PLO Executive Committee Member At Herzliya Conference: We Are Ready For Peace On Basis Of Palestinian State In '67 Borders With Jerusalem As Its Capital And Return Of Refugees To The Homes They Were Expelled From
Qatari Writer: Religious Extremism's Roots Are In Muslim Society, Not External Elements
Renowned Russian Scholar Valery Solovei: 'The New American Administration Will React From A Position Of Strength, And We Can Never Win In This Competition'
Interview With MEMRI Vice President Alberto M. Fernandez: 'The War Against Jihad: What The West Needs To Understand About Middle East Islamo-Fascism'
Egyptian Economic Crisis Leads To Increased Calls To Reduce The Country's Birthrate
Within The Kremlin's Wall - Russian Media Outlet 'The Fourth [Presidential] Term Needs A New Putin'
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
Prominent Iranian Dissident Mehdi Khazali: Iran's Strategy, Policy In Syria Is Qods Force Adventurism Led By Qassem Soleimani – And It Is Wrong
Russian Daily Removed Interview With Renowned Scholar Valery Solovei Predicting That 'It Is Not Unlikely That [Putin] Will Have To Be Absent From The Public Spotlight For A Few Months'
Iran's Mashhad Municipality Opens Military-Religious Amusement Park – To Reinforce Revolutionary Values For Children
Growing Egypt-Syria Rapprochement Includes Al-Sisi Statement In Support Of Syrian Army, Reports On Egyptian Military Aid To Syria
Senior Russian TV Host: Trump Spared the Lives of His Adversaries in the Press
Today Is #GivingTuesday - Please Donate, So MEMRI Can Continue Its Vital Work
Russia's Orbit - Part III - The New Pro-Russian President Of Moldova
Fatah's Seventh General Conference Will Convene Under The Shadow Of The 'Abbas-Dahlan Struggle
The 'Abbas-Dahlan Power Struggle Over The Palestinian Presidential Succession
Russia This Week - November 20-27, 2016
Palestinian, Arab Responses On Social Media To Fires In Israel: Expressions Of Glee Alongside Criticism Of Gleeful Responses, Offers To Help Fire Victims
Russia's Orbit - Part II - The Attempted Coup In Montenegro
Bahraini Writer: Official U.S. Report On 9/11 Is Fraudulent, Manipulative, Reflects Habit Of Covering Up Evil American Plots
Russia's Orbit- Part I- Georgia's Elections
Washington-Based Writer Mansour Al-Hadj: Fear Of Trump Presidency Is Overblown; It Is Impossible To Defeat Islamic Terrorism Without Reforming Islam
Muhammad Dahlan: I Don't See Myself As A Presidential Candidate - I Support Marwan Barghouti
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
Russia This Week - August 15 - 22, 2016
Egyptian Columnist Mocks Those Who Regard Michael Phelps' Cupping As Proof Islam Is Right
British Islamist Sheikh Anjem Choudary Convicted Of Supporting ISIS; YouTube, Twitter Refuse To Remove His Accounts - As MEMRI Has Been Calling For Since 2011
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
ISIS Burnishes Orthodox Salafi Credentials With An Eye Towards The Future
Jordanian Journalist In Three Antisemitic Articles: The Jews Want To Destroy Other Religions And Peoples And Endanger Europe; Depicting Them In A Positive Light Constitutes Brainwashing
Separating The 'Political' From The 'Islam': Tunisia's Al-Ghannouchi And Reform Initiatives In The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood
Egyptian Writer: Democracy Is A Destructive System Used By The West To Dismantle Arab Countries
Russian Strategic Bombers Deployed To Iran; Russian Senator Says Nuclear Weapons, Heavy Bombers Will Not Be Permanently Deployed In Syria
Russia In The World - Russia-Latin America Relations: The Case Of Nicaragua
Russia This Week - August 8 - 15, 2016
Articles In Saudi Press: End The Antisemitic Discourse, Learn From The Jews' Success
An Overview Of The Rising Tensions In Russian-Ukrainian Relations
'Abd Al-Rahman Al-Rashed: Terror Is Product Of Extremism In Media, Mosques And Schools
An Overview Of The Azerbaijan-Iran-Russia Trilateral Summit In Baku
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
Indian Daily: Zionist Mossad, Hindu RSS Are Both 'Bent On Defaming Islam, Muslims, And Muslim Figures
Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif: 'Occupied Kashmir Is Not An Internal Indian Matter, But Rather That The Kashmir Issue Is The Foundational Pillar Of Our Foreign Policy'
Officials In Lebanese, Gazan Terror Organizations Confirm: Iran Funds Our Activity
Russian Reactions To The Putin-Erdogan Meeting
Article In Palestinian Online Daily: The Claim That Jews Are The Descendants Of Apes And Pigs Is Foolish And Primitive
Jordanian Writer: Graphic Images From War Zones Cause Psychological Damage To Children
At Putin-Erdogan Meeting, Putin Says: 'Regarding The Full Restoration Of Relations - Do We Want It Or Not? Yes, We Want It And Will Do This'; Erdogan: 'Turkish-Russian Relations Are Not Limited To Trade And Economic Ties'
One Year After JCPOA: Iran-U.S. Relations According To Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei
Russian FM Lavrov On Putin-Erdogan Meeting; 'As For The Restoration Of Trust... Much Will Depend On Our Cooperation In Settling The Syrian Crisis'
Barack Obama Vs. Vladimir Putin As Visualized By Pro-Kremlin Russian Cartoons
Al-Quds Intifada Summer Camps In Gaza Offer Training In Stabbing, Firearms, Tunnel Combat
Russia This Week - August 1 - 8, 2016
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
Editorial In Pakistani Daily: India Should 'Resolve The Issue [Of Kashmir] Together With Pakistan... Instead Of Firing Bullets On Kashmiri Muslims'
Leading Pakistani Cleric On Medina Attack: 'Conspiracies Are Being Readied For The Destruction Of The Muslim Ummah; Turkey, Pakistan And Saudi Arabia Are Continuously Targeted'
Russian Cartoons On The U.S. Elections
Bahraini Media: The U.S. Is Working With Iran To Bring Down Bahrain, Other Countries
Articles In Arab Press: 'When Will They Finally Announce The Official Death Of The Arab League?'
Russia-NATO Update - July 2016
Hamas Official Criticizes Palestinian Elements: Stop Boasting About Future Wars; In The Struggle With Israel, Resistance Operations Are Better Than All-Out War
Russia This Week - July 25- August 1, 2016
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
Three Years Later: Egyptian President Al-Sisi's Supporters Express Disappointment, Call His Regime Tyrannical
Putin Meets With Russia's Olympic Team Ahead Of Rio 2016: 'This Campaign That Targets Our Country's Athletes Includes The Use Of Notorious Double Standards'
Egyptian Columnist Muhammad Amin: U.S., Britain Behind Terror Attack In Nice
Iranian Basij Commander Naqdi Visits Quneitra, Syria
Russian Senator Kosachev: 'The [New] Status Of Crimea... Has Every Chance To Be Accepted By The International Community'
Wives, Daughters Of Senior Hamas Officials In Gaza Undergo Official Self-Defense And Weapons Training
Pakistani Writer: 'Muslim Women In India Had Sent... [Jewellery] As Gifts For The Turks So They... Could Continue Their War And Jihad [Against Western Powers]'
Russian FM Lavrov On Accusations Against Russia Over DNC Email Hacking: I Don't Want To Use Four-Letter Words
Former Palestinian Prisoner Affairs Minister Advocates Non-Violent Resistance: Attacks On Civilians, Like Murder Of Teen In Her Sleep, Play Into Israel's Hands
Russian Intellectual Fyodor Lukyanov: After The Attempted Coup In Turkey, 'The Kremlin Has Reason To Be Satisfied'
'Kufr' And The Language Of Hate
The Russian Media Studies Project - January-July 2016
Following ISIS Attacks, Arab Journalists Call To Acknowledge Existence Of Muslim Extremism; Reexamine Religious Texts
Russia This Week - July 18- 25, 2016
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
Russian Cartoons On Obama's Legacy
Articles In Syrian Government Press: The West, Which Supports Terror, Is Responsible For Nice Attack
'Al-Hayat' Editor-In-Chief: Brexit Decision Does Not Bode Well For Arab Refugees In UK
President Of Pro-Kremlin Think Tank RIAC: Clinton, The Policy Professional, Preferable To Novice Trump
Hizbullah-Affiliated Lebanese Daily Attacks New U.S. Ambassador To Lebanon: She Speaks Insolently And Arrogantly, Brandishes A Big Stick Even Before Arriving In The Country
Article In Jordanian Daily: In 9/11 The U.S. - Which Works To Destroy The World - Used Lethal Gas To Melt The Aircraft
Hizbullah-Affiliated Lebanese Daily Attacks New U.S. Ambassador To Lebanon: She Speaks Insolently And Arrogantly, Brandishes A Big Stick Even Before Arriving In The Country
Editorial In Pakistani Urdu Daily On The Failed Coup In Turkey: 'In The Time To Come, Pakistan And Turkey Have The Capability To Become The Fortresses Of Islam'
Kuwaiti Columnist Fahd Al-Bassam: Leave ISIS Be
Gulf Officials Blast Sheikh Yousuf Al-Qaradawi: He Is The 'Mufti Of Suicide Attacks,' Should Be Prosecuted
Russian Commentator On U.S. Elections: Clinton Is Better For Russia
The Turkish Coup Attempt In Arab, Iranian Cartoons
Russia This Week - July 11-17, 2016
Rise Of Military Tensions Between Russia And NATO
Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM) Weekend Summary
Resigning Lebanese Minister of Justice Ashraf Rifi: Hizbullah and Iran Have Gone Way Too Far in Their Terrorist Practices
Wagdi Ghoneim Criticizes ISIS For Fighting Libyan "Rebels": "Go Fight the Infidels... We Should All Unite and Join Hands"
British-Arab Politician Dr. Wafik Moustafa: We Should Strive for Peace with Israel, Rather Than Boycott It
Russian Ambassador to Lebanon: We Fight Terrorism in Syria So It Will Not Reach Russia
Former Iraqi Finance Minister Rafi Al-Issawi: There Is No Difference between ISIS and the Iraqi Militias
Saudi Information and Culture Minister 'Adel Al-Toraifi: Hizbullah Is a Terrorist Organization that Wants to Turn Lebanon into a Failing State
Gulf Politicians: Hizbullah Is Cancer, Lebanon Is an Iranian Province Ruled by Hizbullah
Egyptian-German Scholar Dr. Hamed Abdel-Samad Analyzes "the Birth Defect of Islam"
Saudi TV Channel Parody Lampoons Hizbullah's Leader Nasrallah, Sparks Anger among Supporters
Hamas Showcases Terrorist Skills in a Rafah Rally
Iraqi Researcher Abdul-Hussain Shaaban on Hizbullah TV: Our Complete Rejection of the West Stems from Backwardness
Top Tunisian Islamic Politician Mourou: We'd Better Accept the Sykes-Picot Agreement; Our Goal is to Live, Not to Die
Saudi Cleric Ateeq Al-Ateeq: Pictures Posted on Social Media May Cause Cancer in Children
MEMRI TV Weekly Highlights: February 19-25, 2016
Kuwaiti Writer Ahmad Sarraf: We Refuse to Acknowledge Our Crimes; ISIS Has Always Been Here
Iranian Ambassador to Lebanon: Iran Will Give $7,000 to the Family of Every "Martyr of the Jerusalem Intifada"
Archival - Saudi Cleric Muhammad Al-Munajid: Jailbreaking Your iPhone Is Not Forbidden by Islamic Law
Netherlands-Based Preacher Rachid Nafi Takes on Moroccan Reality Show Starlet: She Threw Herself into the Arms of a Christian!
YouTube Death Threats to Blogger Taymour El-Sobky Who Allegedly Slandered Upper Egypt Women
Kuwaiti Researcher Fahd Al-Shelaimi Waxes Lyrical about Saudi War Ethics in Operation Decisive Storm, Says: Ali Abdallah Saleh Should Be Hanged by the Belt of His Pants
Syrian Sculptor Iyad Bilal Creates Bust of Russian Pilot of Plane Downed by Turkey
Canada Friday Sermon by Imam Shaban Sherif Mady: Rome Will Be Conquered like Constantinople Was
15-Year-Old Syrian ISIS Member Talks about His Decision to Become a Suicide Bomber: My Father Encouraged Me
Kuwaiti TV Host Mocks Valentine's Day Statement by Lebanese Ambassador about the Power of Love and Asks: "When Did Love Ever Make Peace in This World?!"
Chaldean Patriarch of Babylon Louis Sako Turns a Spotlight on Anti-Christian Incitement in Iraq, Says: I Hope Iraq Will Not Be Left without Christians
Bahey El-Din Hassan, Director of Cairo Human Rights Institute, Compares Al-Sisi's Presidency to Al-Assad's Rule, Warns: Egypt Will Fall
TV Network Operating from Turkey: The U.S. Is Not a Democratic State!
TV Report on Yazidi Women Joining the Combat against ISIS
Patriarch Kirill, Head of Russian Orthodox Church: Ties between Russian and American Christians May Improve Political Relations between the Two Countries
MEMRI TV Weekly Highlights: February 12-18, 2016
Moroccan Oncologists Blast Camel-Urine Cancer Treatment Project: Urine Is Urine
Jean-Marie Le Pen's Advisor Elie Hatem: Zionism and Freemasonry Control the Media and Government in France
Lebanese Journalist Carol Malouf: Hizbullah Imposes Censorship with the Power of Its Weapons
Nasrallah Threatens Haifa Ammonia Storage Facility: The Impact Will Be Like That of a Nuclear Bomb
Saudi Political Analyst Dahham Al-'Anzi: KSA Has Obtained Nuclear Bomb. Test May Be Held Soon
Kindergarten Kids Reenact ISIS Massacre during a Children's Show on Hizbullah-Iraq TV
Lebanese Politician Vera Yammine Denies the Holocaust, Says: Zionism Controls the West, Taking Hold of the East
Ceremony Held in Russia to Mark the Anniversary of the Iranian Revolution
Canadian-Sudanese Human Rights Activist Taraji Mustafa: Israel Does Not Interfere in Sudan Affairs
Animated Music Video Celebrates Palestinian Terror Attacks
Palestinian Envoy to the UNHRC Ibrahim Khreisheh Suggests that Jews Should Return to Their Countries of Origin
Egyptian Activist and Politician Khaled Ali: Al-Sisi Is No Less a Dictator than Mubarak
Lebanese Researcher Rafic Nasrallah: The Arabs Have Not Overcome the Spirit of the Knife; Not Ready for Democracy
Following Iranian Expediency Council Head Rafsanjani's Criticism of the Regime, MP Hamid Resaei Says He Is 'A Corrupter' and Should Be Treated As Such
Capture of U.S. Sailors Reenacted in Celebrations of Iran's Revolution Day
Libyan Information Minister: Britain, U.S., France, Zionism behind Terrorist Groups Fighting in Libya
Egyptian Researcher and Politician Osama Ghazali Harb: Rejecting the Partition Resolution Was a Mistake, Hamas Tunnels Are a Cancer
Egyptian Journalist Fatima Naout: Egypt Fights Terrorists, But Not Terrorism
MEMRI TV Weekly Highlights: February 5-11, 2016
Egyptian Philosopher Mourad Wahba: We Suffer from a "Backwardness Virus"; No Democracy without Secularism
Russian Diplomat Maria Khodynskaya-Golenishcheva: De Mistura Must Fix His Mistakes before Talks over Syria Can Be Resumed
Shiite Indian Cleric Kalbe Jawad: Jewish and Wahhabi Mentality Responsible for Terrorism
Lebanese Drug Lord Nouh Zeitar Offers to Supply Hash at Parliament, Says: We Are the Shield of Hizbullah
Hamas Cleric and TV Host Abu Funun: Israeli Blood is not on a Par with Palestinian Blood
'The Roof of the Bus Goes Flying' - Music Video Glorifies Palestinian Bus Bombings​
IRGC Navy Commander Ali Fadavi: We Have Naval Vessels, Missiles in Underground Cities along the Persian Gulf Coastline
Leader of the Lebanese Peace Party Roger Edde: The Arabs' Problem Is Iran, Not Israel
Iraqi MP Mish'an Al-Jabouri: I Took Millions of Dollars in Bribes, All Iraqi Politicians Do
Jordanian Animation Films Seek to Deter Young People from Joining Terrorist Organizations
Nabil Shaath on Int’l Peace Conference: Anything Is Better than U.S.-Led Negotiations; Do We Need to Hijack Planes Again to Stir Interest in Our Cause?
Former Russian Energy Minister Yuri Shafranik: U.S. Priorities 'Are Directed Today toward Iran'
Abdel Bari Atwan: ISIS Savagery Comes from Islamic History; The West Likely to 'Contain' ISIS Like It Contained the IRA and Arafat
Head of Iranian Expediency Council Rafsanjani Protests against the Regime's Oppression of Its Citizens
Palestinian Scholar Samir Said: The Jews Have a Criminal, Satanic Nature and Are the Enemies of Mankind
French-Speaking ISIS Fighter Warns West to Expect Attacks that Will "Make You Forget 9/11 and Paris Attacks"
Russian Ambassador to Kuwait: We Are Moving from the Hegemony of a Single Country to a Multipolar Stage
Syrian Actor Duraid Lahham: Khamenei Has Holiness in His Soul; Long Live Iran
Hamas PM Haniya in Friday Sermon: We Are Digging Tunnels East of Gaza
Hamas Parades "Locally-Made Tank" in a Gaza Commemoration of Seven Members Killed Digging a Tunnel
Saudi Cleric Ali Al-Malki: West Tampers with Burgers, Whiskey to Induce Birth of Girls among Muslims (Archival)




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