Terror in America (26) Muslim American Leaders: A Wave of Conversion to Islam in the U.S. Following September 11
Saddam Hussein Meets with Heads of the Iraqi Nuclear Program and Defense Establishment
Terror in America (24): Hamas Weekly: Anthrax should be put into America's drinking water
Terror in America (25): Egyptian Satirist Playwright Ali Salem: 'I want to start a kindergarten for extremism
Terror in America (22): Egypt's Al-Azhar Clerics: We declare war on America
Saudis Debate the Annihilation of Christians and Jews
An Address by Chairman Yasser Arafat
Terror in America (21): Saudi Columnists Condemn Conspiracy Theories and Anti-U.S. Sentiment in the Arab World
Terror in America (20): Editor of Leading Egyptian Government Daily Al-Ahram: The U.S. is Dropping Afghanis Genetically Altered Food… in Areas Full of Landmines
Terror in America (19): Saudi, Syrian, and Palestinian Authority Press Attack Giuliani and U.S.
Egyptian Government Daily On the Muslims' Love of Death and Their Enemies' Love of Life
Terror in America (18): Al-Azhar University Representative in the U.S. and Imam of New York's Islamic Center: The American Attack Against Afghanistan is Terrorism... This War Will be the End of America... If the Americans Knew That the Jews Carried Out the September 11 Attacks They Would Do to Them What Hitler did
Terror in America (17): Conservatives and Reformists in Iran: Divided in condemning the attacks; United in opposition to the American response
Terror in America (15): Arab Commentary on the Identities of the Egyptians Involved in the September 11 Terrorist Attacks
Terror in America (16): A Sudanese reader: We, not the U.S., are the lawful parents of bin Laden
Terror in America (14): Syria's position: Define Terrorism Not Fight It.
Terror in America (13): Al-Hayat Columnist: 'The destruction of America is the destruction of the human dream' Al-Hayat Film critic: '…I felt shame reading the Egyptian press'
Terror in America (12): The Egyptian Government, Opposition, and Independent Press All Celebrate the Terrorists Attacks on the U.S.
Terror in America (11): Egyptian Islamists: The U.S. will be targeted with non-conventional weapons; Americans working in the Middle East will be attacked.
Bush and Hitler Are the Same Thing: Members of the Islamic Movement in Israel Speak
PA Mufti Calls Upon Muslims Not To Join U.S. Coalition Against Terrorism
Terror in America (10): Prominent Leader of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement, Sheikh YussefAl-Qaradhawi: 'Islamic Religious Law Dictates That We Join the Taliban's Jihad, Not the US Coalition; It is Forbidden to Attack American Citizens, But Permitted to Attack the American Military'
Terror in America (8): Egypt's Opposition Press: Rejoicing is a National and Religious Obligation; These Were the Best Moments of Our Lives; Bush is a Mouse Leading a Gang of Mice
Terror in America (9): Syrian Arab Writers Association Chairman: I felt like someone delivered from the grave; my lungs filled with air and I breathed in relief, as I'd never breathed before'
Friday Sermon on Palestinian Television
Terror in America (6): Lebanese professor: It is permissible to rejoice over 'the penetrating of the bastion of American colonialism'; 'Everyone gloated at the misfortune of the American administration, while its leaders scrambled to find a place to hide'
Terror in America (7): Dr. Ma'moun Fendi: We should condemn terror, with no 'buts'
Terror in America (3): Lebanese intellectual: The Arabs are not completely innocent; the terrorists must be extradited
Terror in America (4): Arab columnists: The perpetrators of the attacks are not Arabs or Muslims
Terror in America (5): British pro-Syrian journalist Patrick Seale: Suicide attacks are immoral but highly effective; the terrorists sought a 'balance of terror' with the US
Terror in America (1) Palestinian Information Ministry Director-General: The Arab media are overly preoccupied with the terror attacks in the US; they must return to dealing with the Palestinian problem
Terror in America (2)Hamas weekly: 'Allah has answered our prayers; the sword of vengeance has reached America and will strike again and again'
I Cannot Hide My Happiness about the Martyrdom Operation that Took Place in Jerusalem. An Op-Ed in Egypt's Leading Government Daily
A Palestinian Weekly Raises Threats to Target American Embassies and Military Vessels
The Arab-Communist Party in Israel: Hillary Clinton Is A Political Zionist Whore'
The Battle on the Palestinian Ho Chi Min Route
PA TV Friday Sermon Calls for Jihad and Martyrdom
Statements by Heads of Fateh Factions
An Arab Intellectual Discusses Egypt's Political Culture
Egyptian Government Daily Al-Akhbar Calls on Palestinians to Kill Israelis
Saudi Ambassador to London: Bush Has Complexes… 'The Entire World Fears a Future in the Shadow of Dubya'
A Palestinian Information Center: There Is Serious Thinking about Obtaining Biological Weapons
The Oslo Agreements: The Big Scam
The PA Press Agency (WAFA) Calls to Use Stones Only and Refrain from Attacking Civilians Inside Israel
Friday Sermon on PA TV: Blessings to Whoever Saved a Bullet to Stick It In a Jew’s Head
The Saudi Ambassador in London: We Must Not Rule Out the Option of War with Israel
Abu Mazen: Had Camp David Convened Again, We Would Take the Same Positions Part II
Abu Mazen: Had Camp David Convened Again, We Would Take the Same Positions Part I
Yasser Abd Rabou in Gaza: The Struggle Cannot Be Separated From the Negotiations
An Egyptian Intellectual: Arabs Must Use the Demographic Factor Against Israel
The Prophet Muhammad as a Jihad Model
The Intifada and the Fate of Arab Regimes
An Interview with Bashar Al-Assad
Arab Responses to Senator McConnell's Washington Post Article Regarding American Aid to Egypt
Al-Ahram Al-Arabi: A High-Ranking Yemenite Intelligence Official Blames the US for the Cole Bombing
A Friday Sermon on PA TV: … We Must Educate our Children on the Love of Jihad…'
Al-Ahram, Egypt's Leading Government Daily: Israel – The Plague of Our Time and a Terrorist State'
Arafat's Condolences to Dolphinarium Bomber's Family: The Heroic Martyrdom Operation'…'A Model of Manhood and Sacrifice for Allah and the Homeland…'
Faysal Al-Husseini in his Last Interview: The Oslo Accords Were a Trojan Horse; The Strategic Goal is the Liberation of Palestine from the [Jordan] River to the [Mediterranean] Sea'
Hamas Martyr's Memorial Hosted By PA School
Former Iranian President Threatens Force Against US and Israel
The Egyptian Government Paper Al-Akhbar Once Again Defends Hitler
Hamas Weekly: Syria and Heads of Lebanese Christian Forces Should be Tried for Sabra and Shatila Before Sharon
Friday Sermon on PA TV: Calling for Suicide Bombings
The Highest Ranking Palestinian Authority Cleric; In Praise of Martyrdom Operations
Zionism and Nazism: A Discussion on the TV Channel Al-Jazeera
Egyptian Opposition Weekly Calls for Martyrdom Operations
Israeli Public Opinion Regarding Palestinian Violence, PM Sharon's Policies, and Settlements
Qaddoumi Calls for Terrorist Acts Against US Interests
Tribal Tensions in the Jordanian Parliament
Khatami's Speech in the 'Majlis'
Continuing the Intifada: Palestinian Concerns and Considerations




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