Pakistan Takes Steps Towards Shari'a State In Seven Districts
35 Pakistani Clerics Urge OIC to Declare Economic Boycott of Denmark
Kuwaiti Daily Reveals: Iran Building Secret Nuclear Reactor
Top Al-Qaeda Commander Condemns Reconciliation of Religions, Calls on Muslims to Kill Saudi King
Senior Saudi Cleric: Bin Laden "Is a Promoter of Evil and Depravity"; Al-Zawahiri Is a "Deviant"
Editor of Egyptian Daily: Qatar Is a Trojan Horse that Harms Arab Interests
Libyan Reformist Muhammad 'Abd Al-Muttalib Al-Houni: "Has the Bastille of Virginity Not Yet Been Demolished?"
Egyptian Sociologist Dr. Sa'ad Eddin Ibrahim Abandons His Support for the Iraqi Resistance, Says: "Even if Islam Is a Solution, the Arab Muslims Are the Problem"
Cartoons in Pakistani Press on Pakistan-U.S. Relations
Hamas TV Bunny Assud, Tempted by Satan to Steal, Is Sentenced by Child Viewers to Have His Hand Chopped Off
Iranian News Agency Press TV Publishes Excerpts From Nasrallah’s Speech on the July 16 Prisoners Exchange
Aafaq Editor-in-Chief Omran Salman: Saudi Arabia Has Squandered Opportunity to Renew its Aging Political System
Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai: The Source of Terrorism in My Country is Pakistan
Syria Bans Issue of Saudi Paper over Article Attacking Assad, Syrian Regime
Lebanese Sunni Cleric Sheikh Maher Hamoud: I Admire Bin Laden, But Would Not Have Sanctioned 9/11 Attacks – Except for Those on Pentagon, CIA HQ, and White House
Syrian Daily on Inviting Assad to Mediterranean Union: "If Sarkozy Stays on the Path of Constant Self-Criticism and Courage to Admit [Mistakes] – He May Become an Outstanding Leader of His Country"
Egyptian Liberal: It Is The Educated Who Are Responsible for the Lack of Democracy in the Arab World
New Arab Coalition Calls on Muslim World to End Silence on Darfur
Al-Qaeda Commander Yahya Al-Libi: No Peace in Somalia without Islamic State
In Al-Jazeera TV Program on Palestinian Terrorist Dalal Al-Mughrabi, Al-Mughrabi's Sister Salutes Jerusalem Bulldozer Terrorist
Former Syrian Minister: We Have Forfeited the Wisdom of the Desert Nomads – But Have Failed to Adopt Modern Western Ways
"The Secret of Armageddon" – Iranian TV Series Affirms Protocols of Elders of Zion, Promotes Conspiracy Theories, Claims Jews Are Planning "the Genocide of Humanity" and Iranian Jewish, Baha'i Communities are Plotting to Take Over Iran
Saudi Cleric Omar Al-Sweilem Extols the Physical Traits of the Black-Eyed Virgins of Paradise
Pakistani Newspapers Accuse U.S. Of Targeting Pakistan
Senior Shi'ite Iraqi Ayatollah Residing in Iran: "Iranian Clerics Are Running Riot in Iraq"
On Hamas TV: Hamas Culture Minister Presents Excerpts from Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Claims Jews Trying to Control the World
Iraqi Author 'Aref 'Alwan: The Jews Have an Historic Right to Palestine
Egyptian Author Sharif Hatata Talks about Life with Egyptian Feminist Nawal Al-Sa'dawi, States: The Hijab Symbolizes the Claim that Women Have No Brains
Iranian Regime Instructs Press on How to Report on Nuclear Issue and Iraq
Pakistan-Based Militant Group Lashkar-e-Islam Vows "To Spread Islam Across the World"
PA Representative in Lebanon: The PLO Proceeds Through Phases, Without Changing; Once We Get Jerusalem, We Will Drive Jews Out of All of Palestine, Allah Willing
Editor of London Arabic Daily on: "The Controversy Surrounding Carter and Mash'al Meeting"
Hamas MP/Cleric’s Friday Sermon: We Will Conquer Rome, the Two Americas, and Eastern Europe
Leader Of Egyptian Opposition Tagammu'Party Attacks Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood
Arab Liberals Discuss Fifth Anniversary of Operation Iraqi Freedom
Iranian TV Documentary Series Traces Zionist Themes in Western Movies: "Saving Private Ryan"
Saudi Columnist: "Aren't the UAE Islands Also Arab Territory, Which Iran Occupied By Force of Arms?"
Sudanese Justice and Equality Movement Leader Dr. Khalil Ibrahim: I Support Peaceful Relations with Israel
Please Support Our Efforts
Saudi Marriage Officiant: It Is Permitted to Marry a Girl Aged One Year, If Sex is Postponed; The Prophet Muhammad, Whose Model We Follow, Married 'Aisha When She Was Six and Had Sex with Her When She Was Nine
Liberal Syrian Journalist Abi Hassan: My Day in Haifa
Al-Jazeera TV Reports on Fairfax, Virginia, Islamic Saudi Academy Controversy, Says U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom Persecuting U.S. Muslims
Kuwaiti Columnist Denounces Anti-West Discourse in Middle East
Editor of Arab Liberal Website AAFAQ: 'In Transition' – The State Department's New Term Meant to Excuse its Abandoning of Bush's Democratization Agenda
IAEA Chief ElBaradei: Iran Can Produce Enough Enriched Uranium for a Nuclear Bomb in Six Months to a Year
Syrian President: Doha Accord - Victory for Syria and Lebanon; Economic Reform in Syria More Urgent than Political Reform; Syria Has an Opposition that Can Criticize the Government – It Is Just Not Legal Yet
Libyan Leader Mu'ammar Al-Qadhafi to Leaders at Arab Summit: We All Hate One Another; The Americans Might Hang You Like They Hanged Saddam
Hamas-Iraq: Al-Qaeda in Iraq is Subservient to Iran; "The U.S. is Our Main Enemy, But a More Dangerous Enemy is Iran"
Jordanian Columnist and Former Minister Laments the Emigration of Christians from the Middle East Caused by Their Persecution
Hamas Minister of Culture 'Atallah Abu Al-Subh: Condoleezza Rice Is a Black Scorpion with A Cobra's Head Who Has the Blood of Palestinian Children Between Her Lips and on Her Fangs
Issue of Popular Weekly Banned in Algeria – Because of Article on 2001 Berber Revolt
Saudi Daily Harshly Criticizes the Treatment of Foreign Maids in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf
On Hizbullah's Al-Manar TV, American Activist Franklin Lamb Pays Respects at 'Imad Mughniya's Tomb in Lebanon
Mujahideen Monitor U.S. Economy, Attempt to Undermine Dollar
Former Qatar University Dean of Islamic Law Dr. Abd Al-Hamid Al-Ansari in AAFAQ Article Responds to Fatwa Calling for Two Saudi Writers' Killing
Head of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood Ali Al-Bayanouni Slams Syrian Regime for Relations with Iran, "Hizbullah Has Lost Much of its Arab and Islamic Support"
Iranian Papers on the Events in Lebanon: "In the Power Struggle in the Middle East, There Are Only Two Sides - Iran and the U.S."; As a Result Of Hizbullah's Victory, "The U.S.'s Influence in the [Middle East] Region Will Stop, and the Regimes Identified With It Will Be Replaced"
Saudi Anthropologist Sa'd Al-Sowayan Advocates Modern Interpretation of Religious Texts, Suggests Swords Be Removed from Saudi Flag
Islamist Forum Member: Bush to be Targeted During Visit to Saudi Arabia
Following Closure of Future TV by Lebanese Army and Hizbullah, Lebanese TV Presenter Sahar Al-Khatib Blasts Opposition Leaders
Grandfather of Hamas TV Bunny Assud Insists Tel Aviv Was a Palestinian City
Pakistan Keep Up Protests Against Geert Wilders's 'Fitna' And Prophet Muhammad's Cartoons
Syrian Ambassador to U.S. Slams Bush Administration over Syrian Nuclear Plant Allegations: "Sometimes It Amazes Me That My Enemy Is So Naïve, Superficial, and Stupid"
Iranian President Ahmadinejad: Israel's "Disintegration" Imminent; Tells Bush On Lebanon: You Are Defeated, Bound For Extinction
Syrian President Assad: Syria's Contacts with Israel Are Aimed at Establishing Common Ground for Negotiations
Bin Laden's Message for Israel's 60th Anniversary: "The West... Has Put Itself in the Israeli [Military] Trench Against Us"
Leading Arab Author and Journalist Mamoun Fandy Interviews U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
"The Islamic Party of Turkestan" [i.e. Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, Chinese Turkestan] Posts Its Platform on an Islamist Forum
A Call to Salafi Groups in Gaza to Join Forces and Confront Hamas
California State University Professor As'ad Abu Khalil: No Difference Between Bush and Kerry on Middle East Issues
Iranian Analyst Dr. Mahmoud Dehqan on US Elections: "250 Million Are Being Held Hostage By 5 Million Wealthy Jews"
Iranian TV Special on Zionism, The Protocols of The Elders of Zion, and the War in Iraq
Saudi Sheik Saleh Bdeir, Friday Sermon, Al-Madina: The Enemies of Islam, the Jews, the Christians... Never Cease Attacking the Islamic Nation
Egyptian Researcher Wahid Abd Al-Maguid: Among Arab IntellectualsThere is an Inclination Towards Violence
Debate on Polygamy on Dubai TV
Sheik Jassem Al-Mutawa on Sex in the Animal Kingdom
Saudi Prince Khaled Al-Faysal on the Cultural Roots of Saudi Terrorism
President of Cairo's Palestinian Women Association on the PalestinianMothers' Birth Rate and the Arab-Israeli Conflict
Bahrain Preacher Sheik Naji Al-Arabi: Prophet Muhammad Told Polytheists 'I Have Brought Slaughter Upon You'
Iranian TV Series: 9/11 Likely Not By Al-Qa'ida
Lebanese MP Walid Jumblatt: I Support Suicide Operations,The Problem Is The Timing
Ayatollah Meshkini In A Friday Sermon in Qom: An Islamic Rule Under Ayatollah Sistani Is Required in
Egyptian Opposition Politician: Strawberries Out, Human Bombs In
Egyptian and Iraqi Intellectuals Discuss Anti-American Terror on Al-Hurra TV
Saudi Professor Sa'd Al-Shaharani Reviews America's Historical Record of Terrorism
Egyptian Newspaper Editor: Anti-Americanism Is Like Music - An International Language.
Egyptian Researcher Magdi Hammad Criticizes Egyptian President And Constitution
Friday Sermon In Tehran University By Ayatollah Jannati: America Will Collapse. We Must Be Patient.
Saudi Liberal Khaled Al-Dukhail On The Third Session Of The Regime-Sponsored Saudi National Dialogue
Iranian Leader Khamenei: If Someone Harms Our People... We Will Endanger His Interests Anywhere In The World
Egyptian Women's Rights Activist Nawal Al-Sa'dawi:The Political and Religious Authorities Collaborate and Terrorize Us
Friday Sermon in Gaza: They Sent Jewish and Other Women To Muslim Countries To Spread Abomination
Sheik Khaled Al-Khlewi, Against Equality For Women
Iranian Leader, Khamenei: We Don't Need An Atomic Bomb. We've Been Defeating America For 25 Years Without It
Sheik Hisham Khalifa, Secretary-General of Council of Lebanon's Imams On Jews, Usury, and The Etymology of The Word 'Bank'
Liberal Kuwaiti Intellectual Ahmad Al-Sarraf: Arab Countries Have No Future Unless They Become Secular And Democratic
Najib Salehi of the Iraqi Supreme Committee Criticizes Terror attacks in Iraq on Iranian TV
Sheik Sau'd Al-Shreim in A Friday Sermon at Mecca's Al-Haram Mosque:Western Women Contemptible Merchandise in Houses of Whoring and Abomination
Saudi Sheik, Saleh Al-Sidlan: The Terrorists Distorted the Religion of Islam
Liberal Saudi Journalist, Turki Hamad, on The Cultural Roots of Terrorism in Saudi Arabia
Sheik Youssef Al-Qaradhawi in Favor of Democratic Elections in the Arab World
Iraqi Writer, Dr. Hisham al-'Iqabi:Murder Has Become Our Folklore
Iranian Filmmaker, Nader Talebzadeh, Analyzes Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ
Saudi Sheik Sa'd Al-Breik on Human Rights in Islam and in the West
Former Egyptian Ambassador to Iraq: Kissinger Arranged the Iran-Iraq War
Former Dean of Humanities at Cairo's Ein Shams University:9/11 was 100% American
Muhammad Dahlan on Palestinian Leadership
Dubai TV Host, Lina Sawwan: 'Us, the Arabs?!'
Saudi Crown Prince Abdallah Bin Abd Al-Aziz Gives Saudi Terrorists One Last Chance
An Iranian Revolutionary Guard Expert on President Reagan,Judaism, Christianity, and Modernism
Florida University Professor, Walid Fares: The Arabs should not Blame Everything on Israel and the US
Saudi Professor, Nasser bin Suleiman Al-Omar: America is Collapsing but We Must be Patient
On the Recruitment and Training of Palestinian Suicide Bombers
Saudi Cleric, Dr. Muhammad Bin Suleiman Al-Mani'i, Forbids Killing Jews and Christians on Saudi TV
Khamenei: We Send a Curse to the Zionists and to America
Friday Sermon in Qom, Iran: Ayatollah Javadi-Amoli Calls on Americans Not to Vote for Bush
Americans Apologize on Al-Jazeera TV
Egyptian Sociologist, Prof. Sa'd Al-Din Ibrahim Explains His Support of American-Initiated Reforms
Egyptian Professor, Said Naggar, on The Flaws of the Egyptian Constitution
A Syrian Journalist On The Lack Of Learning Atmosphere In The Arab World
A Syrian Researcher About The Jewish Origin Of President Bush
A Lebanese Political Science Professor On Democracy In The Arab World
An Egyptian Newspaper Editor: Bush Is Going To Hell In November
An Egyptian TV Host: The Arab-Israeli Conflict Began When Abraham Wanted To Slaughter Ishmael
Saudi Islamists Discuss The Status Of Women In Islam And In The West
Mufti Of Bosnia-Herzegovina and an Egyptian Islamist Argue about Dialogue between Religions
An Iranian Series about Jews and Hollywood Cinema Excerpts
Al-Azhar Sheik Muhammad Al-Mussayyer on Wife Beating in Islam
Terrorist Anis Al-Naqqash Calls on Al-Jazeera TV for Strikes against US Oil Facilities
Saudi Ambassador, Prince Bandar, Defends the US on Arab TV and Claims He Prefers Four More Years for the Acting President
A Liberal Palestinian MP and an Extremist Egyptian Journalist Argue about Palestinian Violence
An Official Iranian TV Channel Claims Jewish Involvement in 9/11
Ahmad Magdoub, an Egyptian Reseracher: The West Tries to Limit Islamic Birth Rate While Supplying Israel with Weaponry
Sheikh Qaradhawi: American Culture And Judaism Spread Violence In The World
Sheikh Ahmad Qubeisi Supports Suicide Bombings and Criticizes Arab Leadership
Sheikh Yousuf Al-Qaradhawi against Including Jews in Dialogue between Religions
Saudi Sheikh Abdallah Al-Muslih on Suicide Bombings
Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati in his Tehran University Friday Sermon: Muslims Should Endanger English and American Interests
Egyptian Television Preacher Amr Khaled Criticizes Arab Society
Palestinian Historians Discuss Jewish History
Jordanian Professor and Saudi Islamist Discuss President Jefferson's 'Will'




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