Western-Based Jihadi Ideologues Mock Iran's 'Comical' Response To Israel's Attack As Part Of Iran's 'Malicious Role' In Region, Condemn Neighbors' 'Treasonous' Involvement In Intercepting Iran's Missiles As Betrayal Of Muslims, Palestinian Mujahideen

April 15, 2024

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On the night of April 14, 2024, Iran launched a barrage of 170 attack drones, 30 cruise missiles, and 120 ballistic missiles toward Israel. The offensive occurred after Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei spoke on April 10, reiterating a promise to retaliate against Israel for its April 1 attack on the consular building adjacent to the Iranian embassy in Damascus. The Israeli attack killed senior Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) commander Gen. Mohammad Reza Zahedi and 11 others.[1]

The attack on Israel was celebrated by Iran-backed groups in Lebanon, Iraq, and Yemen, who hailed it as a success, and the beginning of a "new stage" in the struggle against Israel that will culminate in the destruction of the Jewish state.[2] However, Salafi jihadis considered the attack to be "theatrics," and an attempt to save the reputation of Iran's regime of mullahs.

The following describes reactions from Salafi jihadi figures based in the West, as well as in Gaza and Syria, to Iran's attack against Israel on April 14, 2024.

Canada-Based, Egyptian-Born Cleric Mocked Iran's "Fabricated" Response As Part Of Its "Malicious" Role In The Region

On April 14, Canada-based, Egyptian-born pro-Al-Qaeda jihadi cleric Tariq Abdelhaleem mocked the "fabricated" attack as part of Iran's malicious role in the region and testament to the "excellent relationship" between Iran, Israel, and the West. He considered the attack to be a "staged piece of drama" aimed at saving the reputation of the mullahs, arguing that Israel might content itself with the killing of General Zahedi, otherwise, an Israeli retaliation will be another stain of shame for Iran's mullahs and Hizbullah leader Hassan Nasrallah.

He further argued that Iran's "comical response" did not happen for the sake of the 35,000 Palestinians killed in the Gaza Strip, but rather to avoid the threat of an attack on its nuclear facilities.[3]

In a related post, Abdulhaleem lashed out at social media accounts that mocked Iran's "fictitious" attack, while being fully aware that Iran could never attack Israel, but also blessed the relationship between Hamas and Iran in the most schizophrenic, senseless way possible.[4]  

Canada-Based, Egyptian-Born Cleric Calls On Jordanian People To Oust "Treasonous" King Abdullah

Commenting on an Israeli media report that the Iran attack revealed the close cooperation between Israel and Jordan, and that the "secret and covert security cooperation between Yitzhak Rabin and King Hussein is back under King Abdullah and Benjamin Netanyahu," Abdulhaleem wrote: "O Jordanians, this is your king, so oust him. He is but a traitor dog, more traitorous than [Egyptian President Abdelfattah] El Sissi.[5] 

Saudi Jihadi Cleric Majid Al-Rashid: Israel "Not So Foolish" To Enter A Full-On War Alone And Fulfill Iran's Objective

On April 14, Saudi-born Syria-based jihadi cleric Majid Al-Rashid, aka Abu Sayyaf, argued that the whole world is opposed to a full-on war between Israel and Iran, which is evidence the attack against Israel was "fabricated." He stressed that "Israel is not so foolish as to help Iran achieve its objective by making Israel enter a war alone."

He continued: "The war will not stop, but the current battle will do for now. That said, Israel will not stop targeting Iranian leaders and Iran will not stop attacking Israel through its arms [proxies]. Iran's direct involvement in the war was an urgent necessity, taking advantage of favorable circumstances, such as the Ukraine war, the enemy's [Israel] faltering, and loss of much of its strength, and the American elections, among others."[6]

London-Based Pro-HTS Cleric: "Arabs Are Completely Out Of The Equation"

London-based cleric, Isma'il Kalam aka Abu Mahmoud Al-Filastini, an ardent supporter of Syrian jihadi group Hay'at Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS), published a brief Telegram post on April 14 in which he argued that the only missing player in the Iran-Israel staged play is Arabs. "We are completely out of the equation, and they both agree on slaughtering us and occupying our land," he said.

"Iran, which destroyed every Muslim community and killed its people, does not dare kill one single Zionist. The heretics will pay a hefty price. They will be held accountable for their [attacks on] Muslims."[7]

In a related post, Al-Filastini mocked Iran's assault on Israel, saying: "What type of attack is it of which the U.S. and Israel have been informed a week prior," adding: "The same response to the grinding of Qassem Soleimani. What a lie," he said sarcastically.[8]


Gaza-Based Jihadi Figure: Involvement Of Neighbors "Is A Betrayal Of The Islamic Ummah And The Mujahideen In Palestine"

On April 14, Gaza-based Islamic scholar Ahmad Qanitah praised Iran's attack as large and bold, as well as the drone attacks by the Iraqi Islamic Resistance group, and the maritime activities of Yemen's Ansar Allah Movement (Houthis). Qanitah argued against the claims that attacks targeting Israel by Iran and its arms in the region are mere "theatrics," saying: "If all these are theatrics, we would love to see some of them."

Qanitah went on to agree with the argument that the involvement of Arab governments in the region, intercepting Iranian missiles, is "a betrayal of the Islamic ummah and the mujahideen in Palestine."[9]


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