Video Posted By Kurdish News Agency, Posts By ISIS Fighters Suggest Turkish Military Cooperating With ISIS

November 1, 2014

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An October 27, 2014 report by the Kurdish news agency DIHA claims that Turkey is cooperating with the Islamic  State (IS), and presents as evidence footage that it claims was shot by the agency on October 22 which shows IS fighters meeting with Turkish soldiers.

The English-language DIHA report states:

"Turkish support for ISIS gangs has been proved once more with photographic evidence. Armed gang members have been photographed at the border with Turkish soldiers, bidding each other farewell.

"Turkish support for ISIS gangs, which is constantly on the international agenda, has been documented once again by footage shot by the Dicle News Agency (DİHA), which shows armed men talking to soldiers before crossing into Rojava. This close support for ISIS contrasts with the treatment accorded to dozens of civilians from Kobane who have been made to wait for hours at the Murşitpınar border gate by soldiers and have lost their lives as a result.

"Intimate meetings between Turkish soldiers and ISIS!

"Footage shot on the Zorava hill in Kobanê on 22 October 2014 shows five gang members arriving at the border where citizens of Kobane have left their vehicles. The gang members burn the property of the Kobane citizens, before taking away anything useful in the cars and heading towards the village of Siftek, which is under their control. Then 2 gang members come to the border and talk to 7 soldiers who get out of an armoured vehicle. After about half an hour they say farewell to each other and leave the area. While what was said in the conversation is not known, the gangs who said farewell to the soldiers will be preparing to perpetrate fresh massacres." [1]


Several ISIS fighters have shared on social media that they have free access to Turkish border crossings and friendly relations with the Turkish soldiers. Belgian IS fighter Abu Brams posted a series of 4 photos on Facebook [2] on October 28, 2014, featuring him and several gun-toting friends hanging out at the Turkish borderpoint in Karkamis.


Israfil Yilmaz, a fighter in Syria, tweeted[3] on October 27, "Whats the biggie of the Mujahideen talking to Turkish soldiers? I always chat to them at the border, they know Syria is not their territory."


[1], October 27, 2014.




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