Video By Gaza-Based Jihadi Group Jaysh Al-Islam Urges Muslims Living In The West To Destroy Jewish Interests, Spill Jewish Blood

May 20, 2021

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On May 19, 2021, Jaysh Al-Islam in Bait Al-Maqdis,[1] a Gaza-based jihadi group, released a video in which an operative identified as Qaswarah Al-Ansari called on Muslims living in Western countries to target Jewish interests and defend Muslims by spilling Jewish blood.

In the video, "The Final Messages In The Anticipated Beginning Of The End," which was released by Al-Jirab media production, Al-Ansari threatened the Jews, saying "this is the beginning of your demise" and calling on scholars to "expose to people the dissension which the enemies of the ummah and the religion have caused to sow confusion."

The video includes a number of different messages. In the first message, Al-Ansari stressed the importance of waging jihad according to the "creed of monotheism," saying that "Allah will only accept jihad if it is waged for the sake of elevating his word, to establish his rule and to remove polytheism. Any other form of fighting for any other cause would not be considered as waged for the sake of Allah, such as fighting for a country, democracy, or nationalism."

Addressing Muslim scholars in his second message, Al-Ansari urged them to inform people, educate them, and "expose to people the dissension which the enemies of the ummah and the religion have caused to sow confusion." He promised that the punishment for those who "would not reveal the knowledge which Allah has ordered them to" is to wear "a bridle made of fire on the Judgment Day."

In his third message, Al-Ansari condemned the rulers who "failed to defend Muslims and the sacred places... allied themselves with the enemies of Allah and empowered them to spill the blood of Muslims, assault their female relatives, and desecrate their sacred places." He promised them that they "will cry bloody tears one day" and that Allah will humiliate them in this life and they will regret it in the hereafter.

Addressing in his fourth message the Muslims who live in the West Bank and areas "that have been attacked by the Jews," Al-Ansari praised them for waging jihad and described them as a "fortress that is confronting the most vicious enemies of Allah who are the most hostile against the believers." He then warmed them against wasting their jihad by waging it with "bad intentions," such as fighting for the sake of implementing man-made laws, democracy, or nationalism.

In his fifth message, Al-Ansari highlighted to Muslims in general and to those living in Western countries in particular that they are required to "support oppressed Muslims and those who have raised the banner of true jihad against the enemies of Allah." He then called on them to "destroy Jewish interests and defend Muslims by spilling the blood of the Jews in the countries where you live."

In his last message, addressed to the Jews, Al-Ansari said: "This is the beginning of your end. You are now destroying your buildings with your own hands... Each shell that was fired by your cannons will dig your graves and with your own weapons your throne will be destroyed... and you will be drowned by the blood of Muslims that you spilled, and those sacred places which have been desecrated will hasten the emergence of the people who will take over the land and expel you from it with humiliation. Death, death to you. We can see this happening soon... await the day in which you will be dragged like animals in shackles to the sword of death. You should always feel your heads as they will be cut off soon."

[1], May 19, 2021

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