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Table Of Contents

By: Steven Stalinsky, R. Sosnow, M. Khayat, M. Al-Hadj, N. Mozes, A. Smith, R. Green, S. Benjamin, C. Caruso, E. Barret, and J. Goldberg*

Preface By Vincent R. Stewart, Former Deputy Commander Of The United States Cyber Command And Special Advisor And Chairman Of The MEMRI Board Of Advisors

I. Introduction

II. The Cryptocurrency-Terrorism Connection Is Too Big To Ignore – 'Washington Post' Op-Ed By MEMRI Executive Director Steven Stalinsky

III. Terrorists Have Been Using Bitcoin For Four Years, So What's The Surprise? – 'The Hill' Op-Ed By MEMRI Executive Director Steven Stalinsky

IV. Chatter About Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies By Jihadis On Facebook In U.S., Canada, U.K., Europe

V. Two Years After MEMRI-Assisted Congressional Letter To Telegram CEO Durov Raising Alarm About Upcoming Release Of Platform's Cryptocurrency And Expressing Concern About Extensive Terrorist Use Of His Platform Goes Unanswered, Congressmen Work With MEMRI To Send Follow-Up Letter Demanding Response

VI. The Imminent Release Of Telegram's Cryptocurrency, ISIS's Encryption App Of Choice – An International Security Catastrophe In The Making

VII. Al-Qaeda Affiliate Hay'at Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS): Promoting And Soliciting Donations In Bitcoin; HTS Sheikh Declares It "Permissible" For Giving To Charity

VIII. SadaqaCoins – Jihadi Crowdfunding Platform Using Cryptocurrencies – Including Bitcoin, Monero, And Ethereum; Encourages Hacking, Use Of Ransomware To Raise Funds; Posts Internet Security Tutorials; Active On Social Media

IX. Jihadi Fundraising Group Al-Sadaqah Uses Cryptocurrencies: Activity November 2017-October 2018

X. Jihadi Groups Use Monero Cryptocurrency For Fundraising

XI. Leading Pro-ISIS Tech Group Electronic Horizons Foundation (EHF) Posts About Using Cryptocurrencies – ZCash, Bitcoin, Multiple Platforms – And Warns About Insecure Online Payment Services; Promises Future Articles On "Reliable" Cryptocurrencies

XII. Malhama Tactical, A Russian-Speaking Jihadi Military Contractor Operating In Syria, Fundraises And Markets Merchandise In Indonesian Using Bitcoin To Support Its Training Camps, Buy Turkish Construction Materials

XIII. Al Ansaar – Aid For Syria, Jihadi "Charity Organization" On Telegram, Fundraises For Mujahideen And Foreign Fighters In Syria – Including Australians, Swedes, Other Europeans – And For Purchasing Drones And Other Equipment, Via Telegram And WhatsApp And Using Bitcoin Address

XIV. Jihadi "Independent Charity" Group Al-Ikhwa Continues To Solicit Funds On Telegram Via Bitcoin To Support Wounded Fighters, Wives Of 'Martyrs,' Orphans In Syria: 'Earn Your Tickets To Jannah [Paradise] By Donating'

XV. Indonesian Jihadi Fundraising Group Abu Ahmed Foundation Gives Bank Account Numbers, Works With Other Jihadi Organizations And Uses Cryptocurrencies

XVI. Pro-ISIS Gaza Jihadi Media Groups Ibn Taymiyya Media Center, Jaysh Al-Ummah Fundraise Using Cryptocurrency For Arming And Equipping Fighters In Gaza

XVII. Hamas's Al-Qassam Brigades Promote Bitcoin Use, Solicit Bitcoin Donations Worldwide – And Announces Plans To Send "Hundreds Of Millions" Of Text Messages In Multiple Languages Explaining How To Donate

XVIII. Assorted Jihadi Telegram Channels' Ongoing Efforts In Fundraising In Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies

  • Pro-ISIS Channel Shares Guide, Links To Purchase Weapons On Dark Web Using Bitcoin, Urges Muslims To Attack In The West – "Make The Unbelievers Bleed Inside Their Cities"

  • "Race One With Another To Paradise" In English Recruits, Fundraises For Jihad In Syria By Using Bitcoin, PayPal And Selling Merchandise; Gives Tips On Cybersecurity, Traveling To Syria

  • "The Merciful Hands" Fundraises Using Bitcoin, Other Methods For Jihadis In Syria, In English, German, Turkish, And Arabic

  • "Free A Sister" From Syrian Government Prison –Instructs Followers On Sending Bitcoin To Syria Via Paypal, Paxful, Blockchain

  • "Fragrance Of Martyrs" Explains How To Send Funds In Bitcoin For Purchasing Weapons

  • "Ummah Reports" Solicits Funds Via Bitcoin, Provides Bank ‎Account To Support Family Of Slain Kashmiri Militant, ‎Warns Against Using WhatsApp

  • "Shaam Witness" Is Pro-Hay'at Tahrir Al-Sham, Provides News Updates On Fighting In Syria And Islamic Content