Syrian Forces Arrest Security Officials In Quneitra Government Who Refused To Cooperate With Iran-Backed Militias Amid Israel-Hamas War

November 3, 2023

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On November 2, 2023, the Syrian opposition's North Press Agency reported that Syrian forces arrested security and military personnel from the country's southwestern Quneitra Governorate, who have refused to cooperate with Iran-backed militias.[1] The arrests came as Iran and its allies reinforce Quneitra amid the Hamas-Israel war, possibly in preparation to open a Syrian front against Israel.[2]

According to the press agency, On November 1, Syrian military intelligence arrested several officers of the Sasa 220 Branch of Military Security in Quneitra. These included Brigadier General Muhammad Assaf, who heads the branch, and two other majors, an anonymous Syrian military source told North Press Agency.

Additionally, the head of the Al-Jissir Branch in the town of Khan Arnabeh, Major Dhulfaqar Hassan, as well as the heads of the Hader, Naba Al-Sakher, and Al-Kawm branches, were reportedly arrested, alongside several officers in charge of military checkpoints in Quneitra.

"These officers and non-commissioned officers were detained for refusing to cooperate with Iranian-backed militias, which have been highly active lately in Quneitra," the source attested, continuing, "These arrests aim to hand over security posts to pro-Iran officers in order to facilitate the movement of Iran-backed militias."

Notably, the press agency also reported that Israeli aircraft recently dropped leaflets over Quneitra, warning Syrian officers that cooperating with Iran-backed militias may make them a target.

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[1] November 2, 2023.

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