To Support Palestinians, English Salafi Jihadi Telegram Outlet Tells Muslims In West To Boycott Elections To Delegitimize Governments, Reject International Law To Weaken The 'Global Hegemony Of Jews and Christians'

March 14, 2024

On March 14, 2024, an English-language Salafi-jihadi Telegram channel, Strangers in the Dunya, [life] shared posts in which it offered ideas for Muslims living in western countries on how to extend support effectively to the Palestinians. Among these suggestions were boycotting elections as well as pro-Israeli companies and businesses.[1]

The channel, which describes itself interested in "mostly analysis of politics and economics from an Islamic perspective," noted that pro-Palestinian non-Muslims can also use these "activism" tips:

"A lot of Muslims in the West want to do political activism in support of Palestine, but end up strengthening the position of the kuffar [i.e., infidels] out of ignorance. So here are some ways Muslims - and even non-Muslims who sympathize with Palestine - can positively and effectively contribute to the Palestinian cause."

"Don't Vote: The System Is Rigged"

At the top of its tips, the channel urged Muslims not to take part in elections, justifying that by claiming that the western system of elections is already rigged – the channel accuses the Jews of manipulating the results through their financial influence:

"The democratic system is rigged in favor of those who have the most money. Jews happen to have a disproportionate amount of money, and can influence government decision-making by funding politicians' electoral campaigns. Even politicians who are initially anti-Zionist would have to make concessions to receive the necessary funds to reach as many people and gain as many supporters as possible."

The channel continues its advice, saying that voting improves the chances that "Zionist" candidates would win, while not voting means that the government cannot claim to represent the wishes of the Muslim population and thus abstaining from voting harms the government's overall legitimacy.

"Voting in a democratic election increases the voter turnout, and the higher the voter turnout, the more legitimate the government that is formed as a result of the election becomes. This is regardless of whether you voted for the party that won the election, or for the opposition. [Either way], you're strengthening the legitimacy of a Zionist-controlled government by voting, irrespective of who you vote for."

"Economic Boycott And Beyond"; "Encouraging Our Women To Stay Home Can Help"

In addition to its call on Muslims to boycott products made in Israel, or in countries supportive of Israel, the channel urges extra measures, including reducing consumption of goods and services, to harm the economy of the countries where their users reside.

"We need to start thinking beyond just boycotting certain brands that openly support 'Israel.' We should aim to reduce our consumption of goods and services found in the market in general, as much as possible. Encouraging our women to stay at home can help a lot with that.

"The legitimacy of a government and socio-economic system, according to the liberal international order, which most people have to been duped into believing, is based on their ability to provide the most economic 'development' and the best living standards. Production and consumption strengthen the economies of the kuffār, which helps their governments and ruling ideologies achieve greater legitimacy and awe, both domestically and internationally. Production and consumption are also accompanied by taxes, which Western governments use to subsidize the 'Israeli' military, promote support for 'Israel,' and build and maintain social services, which increase a country's living standards and thus improve its government's global legitimacy and prestige."

It further listed the following reasons as additional benefits to be secured from an economic boycott:

"Reducing the supply of commodities required for the maintenance of the West's military-industrial complex and economic prosperity and stability by decreasing their demand;

Raising the overall price of these commodities by reducing the supply of these products in countries that specialize in producing/extracting them and selling them in the market for a cheap price;

Decreasing the demand for, and value of, fiat currency which the kuffār rely on to protect Judeo-Western global hegemony."

"Reject International Law And Refrain From Using Western Passports"

The channel urged Muslims to openly call for "the rejection of international law, which forms one of the pillars of the Jewish world order." The channel explained that "this world order largely relies on people accepting its legitimacy [of international laws], so challenging its legitimacy is essential to our cause."

Additionally, the channel called on Muslims to "refrain from participating in the international system as much as possible, and call upon others to follow suit. If people refuse to use passports or register with their nationalities on a widespread scale, for example, it could lead to the severe weakening and potential collapse of the Zionist international order in certain parts of the world."

"Spread Awareness"

Finally, the channel urged Muslims to use media and social media to spread awareness of the "oppression" of Palestinian Muslims as much as possible, and to promote protests in support of them:

"This increases support for the Palestinian cause and allows us to use that support to call others to help combat the occupation of Palestine by the means outlined in all the above points. We can also use our leverage over the media to get people living outside the West to boycott Western companies, brands, and products, become less dependent on products that require fiat currency to purchase, and reject and abstain from participating in the Jewish international order and its instruments, including international law. This can deliver a major blow to the global hegemony of the Jews and Christians."


[1] March 14, 2024.

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