Senior Salafi-Jihadi Ideologue Al-Tartusi To World's Muslims: Do Not Heed Islamic State Spokesman's Call To Betray Those With Whom You Have Lived Peacefully Until Now

September 30, 2014

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On September 21, 2014, Islamic State (IS) spokesman Abu Muhammad Al-'Adnani called on Muslims around the world to come to the aid of the Islamic State and to make every effort to kill American, European, Australian, Canadian, and other infidels from the countries that are participating in the anti-IS coalition. He also recommended methods of attacking them, such as bombings and shootings, bashing in their heads with a rock, slaughtering them with a knife, running over them with a car, throwing them from a high place, strangling or poisoning them, and more.[1]

Following Al-'Adnani's call, senior Salafi-jihadi ideologue Abu Basir Al-Tartusi published a response on his website,, on September 25, 2014. In it, he accused Al-'Adnani of calling on Muslims to act treacherously, and asked Muslims worldwide to disregard his call because it is it is contrary to Islam.

Following are the main points of Al-Tartusi's response:

First, Al-Tartusi accused the Islamic State of carving out its path by betraying its allies, and said that it is now calling on all Muslims to follow suit: "In this way," he says, "Al-'Adnani wants to defend his miserable imaginary state – with treachery. That is, he is compensating for his inability to defend himself by calling on the world's Muslims to betray [others] – the foulest and most condemnable of traits. Together with Islamic State members, he dealt treacherously with Syria's residents and the best of the mujahideen and rebels among you, and now he wants the world's Muslims to betray those with whom they have lived happily side by side...

"Oh, 'Adnani – have you reached your current situation only by treachery? You have killed yourselves by means of treachery, you have ruined your miserable imaginary state by means of treachery, you have distanced people from yourselves because of treachery, and you have killed Muslim youths who were lured into joining you by means of treachery... Oh, 'Adnani, by means of treachery you have hastened your own death and the deaths of your men – because treachery kills its master before others kill him. Your treachery delights the enemy more than it delights you."

Al-Tartusi then called on Muslims worldwide not to heed Al-'Adnani's call, saying that it would spell their doom. He urged them to obey the words of Allah and the Prophet Muhammad, who condemn treachery: "I tell the world's Muslims: Do not let this ignorant, brazen, khawarij traitor disrespect you and cause you to act treacherously... for then you will harm your religion and your life in the hereafter, even before harming yourselves and your families.

"Oh, Muslims of the world, wherever you are – Al-'Adnani the khawarij has called on you to betray, but you must obey the Prophet Muhammad, who said: 'I renounce anyone who promised to protect a man's life and then killed him, even if the victim was an infidel... Those who treat an ally unjustly, take [his share], demand more than he can provide, or take something against his will – I shall be his adversary on the Day of Judgment...'

"This is the Prophet's command. Be wary of deviating from it, and do not prefer the words and guidance of the brazen khawarij traitor Al-'Adnani and thus seal your fate, lose your hereafter, and allow others to control you on your land... [Remember] Allah's words: 'And whoever opposes the Messenger after guidance has become clear to him... We will give him what he has taken and drive him into Hell, and evil it is as a destination [Koran 4:115].'"


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