Seeking To Consolidate Taliban Power In Afghanistan, Taliban Outlet Al-Hijrat Studio Teaches Government Officials And Employees About Piety, Jihad, Government Interest In Series Of Tweets

January 24, 2022

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In a series of tweets titled "Mujahid Brother," Al-Hijrat Studio – a messaging wing of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA, or the Afghan Taliban jihadi organization) – warns Taliban government officials and employees not to be arrogant or misuse national funds and power. The tweets teach readers about jihad, piety, and the primacy of government interests over personal interests, among other things.

The tweets are an attempt by the IEA, which seized power on August 15, 2021, and whose government has yet to be recognized, to consolidate its power in Afghanistan.

"Mujahid Brother! Your Jihad Succeeded With The Help Of Allah Almighty And Support Of The Believer Nation [Of Afghanistan]"

"Mujahid Brother! The protection of Bait-ul-Mal [i.e., the national treasury], which is also known as Allah's exchequer, is the responsibility of each and every mujahid. Do not waste it. Use it as needed and do not misuse it," the Al-Hijrat Studio noted in the first tweet in the series.[1] The tweet quoting Hazrat Khula Ansariya – a female Arab warrior and companion of Muhammad – says she heard from the prophet of Islam that some people misuse the exchequer and for them there will be hellfire on the day of justice.

Al-Hijrat Studio published a series of 15 tweets between December 23, 2021, and January 10, 2022. The second tweet stated: "Mujahid Brother! Ensuring security of the country is your sacred duty. Now, you have the responsibility of maintaining the security of the beloved country so that the countrymen can carry out their day-to-day affairs and worship their Lord."[2] The tweet quotes Hazrat Anas – a companion of Muhammad – as saying that the prophet of Allah had high moral values and was generous and bold.

In the third tweet in the series, the jihadi studio noted: "Mujahid Brother! Your jihad succeeded with the help of Allah almighty and the support of the believer nation [of Afghanistan]. Be careful, do not be haughty and self-centered. Avoid considering yourself good and despising your own people."[3] The tweet quotes Musab Bin Saad, a companion of Muhammad, as saying: "My father, Saad Bin Abi Waqas, thought he was superior to others due to his bravery. The prophet of Allah said: No doubt, you're being helped and given sustenance due to the sincerity, worship, and prayers of the have-nots."[4]

"Mujahid Brother! Allah almighty has bestowed you with great eminence. You should never become a source of trouble to the people. Driving on the wrong side [of the road] and parking a military vehicle in improper places causes the people trouble. According to shari'a, it is necessary to avoid it."[5] It quotes Maaz bin Anas as saying: "We were with the prophet of Allah in a war. The people occupied sprawling places to rest, which narrowed the path. The prophet of Allah sent an announcer who announced: The jihad of those who narrowed others' place, narrowed the path, or harmed another Muslim, will not be correct."[6]

The fifth tweet in the series says: "Mujahid Brother! Speeding, honking the horn [of your vehicle], and playing loud anthems negates your grandeur, hurts the status of the Islamic Emirate, and provokes people's hate against you."[7] Quoting a verse from the Koran, the tweet says the servants of the kind God are those who walk on the land with modesty and care.

"Umar Bin Khattab Established A [Green] Pasture For The Grazing Of Government Livestock In Madina Where 40,000 Camels And Horses For Jihad Grazed"

"Mujahid Brother! You should stay committed to the system's [government] interests. The national interest is more important than personal interest. No matter how much the individuals are valued, when [personal] interests hurt the [Taliban] government interests, preference is given to the system's interests," the next tweet notes.[8]

It says the second caliph of Islam "Umar Bin Khattab had established [green] pasture for the grazing of government livestock in Madina where 40,000 camels and horses for jihad grazed. Umar had appointed his slave, Haani, for grazing the livestock and issued him these directives: Be soft to the Muslims. Save yourself from the curse of the oppressed. Allow people with little cattle heads to the pasture but do not allow the cattle of Abdul Rehman bin Auf and Usman because the number of their livestock is high. If you allow them, it will damage the government cattle."[9]

"Mujahid Brother! The splendor and impressiveness of leadership you are striving for cannot be achieved by rigidness and force but rather by kindness and gentleness," one of the tweets notes.[10] Quoting what Muhammad reportedly said to his wife, Ayesha, the tweet says that Allah is gentle and kind to his people and likes gentleness in all affairs and gives everything on gentleness instead of rigidness.[11] Al-Hijrat studio says that this means that objectives that cannot be achieved through stubbornness can be achieved through gentleness.

The eighth tweet in the series says: "Mujahid Brother! Allah almighty gave you power in the land, gave you vast possibilities. Take care and do not waste this opportunity, use it properly for your capacity building and professionalism and perfect yourself in the military arts."[12] Quoting Imam Bukhari, a noted collector of hadiths, Al-Hijrat Studio says a mujahid should be perfect in the military arts.

"Mujahid Brother! The establishment of prayer is one of the aims of the Islamic government. Therefore, make sure to offer prayers in a timely manner by fulfilling all the rules and etiquette; and also call upon others to do so," a tweet notes.[13] It quotes Allah Almighty as saying: "The innocent to whom we promised support are the people who, if we give them victory against the enemy and give them power in land, establish worship and pay zakat [tax] and enjoin kindness and forbid iniquity..."[14]

"Mujahid Brother! The Cold And Snowy Nights Of Jihad And Protecting Borders Have Special Status And Virtues"

The tenth tweet of the series says: "Mujahid Brother! The cold and snowy nights of jihad and protecting borders have a special status and virtues. These are the nights Hazrat Khalid bin Walid [famous warrior and companion of Muhammad] had wished for."[15] The tweet quotes Abu Hurairah, a companion of Muhammad, as saying that he never felt tired while guarding even for a long time. One day someone asked him: Abu Hurairah, what encourages you on standing to guard borders? He replied: "I heard from the Prophet of Allah who said: Standing a moment in Allah's way is far better than finding the Night of Power next to the Hajr-e-Aswad [Black Stone housed inside the Kaaba in Mecca]."[16]

Another tweet states: "Mujahid Brother! Some mujahideen create an unnecessary rush [of vehicles] or use [government] vehicles that consume lots of gas. It is embezzlement in the exchequer on the one hand, and an [example of] the habit of the rebellious servants of God on the other. It leads to bad consequences."[17] The tweet emphasizes that "Allah's reward is far better for the believers" than material wealth.[18]

In another tweet, Al-Hijrat Studio teaches about "martyrdom," stating: "Mujahid Brothers! We know that the sweet memories of the martyred... hurt you a lot and you feel sorry that you did not embrace martyrdom."[19] Another tweet quotes Abdullah Bin Rowaha as saying "My life is dedicated to Allah's cause until death comes," and adds that the Koran promises great rewards for both the martyred and the victorious mujahideen: "The people who sell the worldly life for the hereafter should conduct jihad for the victory of Allah's religion and supremacy of Allah's word. Those who conduct jihad for Allah's cause and are martyred or emerge victorious will soon be given big reward."[20]

"Mujahid Brother! Allah Almighty Helped You Get Rid Of The Enemy's Evil And Occupation [Of Afghanistan]"

"Mujahid Brother! Now, the religious, political, and economic leadership of this nation is your responsibility. It is the need of the hour that Afghanistan should achieve self-sufficiency in food and should not stay dependent on the useless assistance of others for its whole life. In the first step, we need abundant water. With the grace of Allah almighty, it has been raining and snowing in most of the provinces of the country for the last several days. It is your responsibility to create public awareness among the masses on storing and controlling this water," a tweet advises.[21]

This tweet also notes that on the day of the Battle of Badr, the first battle in Islamic history, Hubab bin Al-Mazar, one of the companions, advised Muhammad on the need to dig ponds and reservoirs for storing rainwater, and his advice was implemented.

The 14th tweet in the series advises readers to guard their weapons: "Mujahid Brother! Allah almighty helped you get rid of the enemy's evil and occupation [of Afghanistan], and gave [you] sprawling land, weapons, and ammunition. So, take care not to be ignorant of your weapons so that another enemy many not have the courage to attack you the next day."[22]

The tweet quotes Uqba Bin Amir, a companion of Muhammad, as narrating that he heard from him: "You will soon conquer massive lands. Allah will get you rid of evil of the enemies. So, no one amongst you should stop playing with your arrows."[23]

The last tweet again advises readers to be alert. It states: "Mujahid Brother! If you want to be rewarded for both your sleep and your wakefulness, get along well with your friends and protect yourself from corruption, conduct jihad, obey your emir, spend your valued wealth, be gentle in dealing with friends, and protect yourself from corruption. The sleep and wakefulness of this mujahid are all rewarded. And those who fight for pride, to show off, and for popularity, who do not obey their emir and who indulge in misdeeds, [their reward] cannot be returned from jihad; rather they have sinned."[24]


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