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In Response To President Trump's 'Endless Wars' Remark, Article In ISIS Weekly Says Fighters' Awareness Of Temporal, Spatial Dimensions Of Their Struggle Drives Their Enemies To Despair

The 205th issue of the Islamic State (ISIS) weekly newspaper Al-Naba', released on Telegram on October 24, 2019, featured an article reacting to U.S. President Donald Trump's comment in defense of his decision to extricate American troops from "ridiculous endless wars" abroad, and said that ISIS fighters' awareness of the temporal and spatial dimensions of their war against polytheism is a key factor in their victory as it drives the group's enemies to despair.[1]

The above article in the official ISIS Al-Naba' weekly responds to President Trump's remark about "endless wars." (Source: Telegram/ Nashir News Agency, October 24, 2019).

The article, which is titled "An Endless War Drives Polytheists to Despair (1)", discussed President Donald Trump's "endless wars" remark, which he made following his decision to withdraw American troops from Syria. According to the article, Trump's remark became controversial, although it is a fulfilment of the "taghut" ["tyrant"] Trump's campaign promise. The article cited analysts, security experts, and military commanders as saying that there is no real plan for the war with ISIS in the future, stated that some observers considered Trump's sudden withdrawal from Syria as a declaration of defeat by the United States, denied Trump's claims of victory over ISIS, and wrote that "the Caliphate soldiers – with Allah's help – are still fighting in the central theaters of conflict against the Crusaders today in Iraq and Al-Sham [Syria]…" while they also noted "…the significant growth and expansion – praise be to Allah – in the power of the mujahideen in other areas across the world."

The article further drew attention to comments by other observers who deem Trump's decision a "death sentence against America's allies including the rafidah [i.e. Shi'ites] and the apostates of the Kurdish parties that everyone know cannot withstand a long war with the Caliphate soldiers – with Allah's help – given their major defeats in the past years following which America and its allies rushed to rescue them before they were eliminated."

It further stated, "The taghut Trump has revealed the major dilemma which prevents presenting an appropriate plan for the war with the Islamic State namely the war 'seems endless;' having no time or space limits and can last dozens of years as it [the war] expands to involve the whole world […] at a time when the Americans collect the remains of their defeated armies and return them to their home to stop the bleeding of human and financial losses and rearrange their cards," and added that, "America was determined to do so a decade ago, when it withdrew its troops from Iraq, and then was forced to fight one of the longest and most vicious air wars in history with no visible light at the end of this horrible tunnel which it was afraid to walk in its mazes for a long time and with no limit to this conflict which is increasingly expanding even more to cover the whole earth, God willing."

Quoting the deceased Al-Qaeda leader Abu Mus'ab Al-Zarqawi, the article continued, "…The mujahideen's plan and project are summed up in fulfilling the command of Allah Almighty to them which states: 'Fight them until there is no [more] fitnah [discord] and [until] worship is [acknowledged to be] for Allah. But if they cease, then there is to be no aggression except against the oppressors' [Quran 2:193]." The article further stated that the battle will continue between believers and unbelievers referencing Quran 2:217: "And they will continue to fight you until they turn you back from your religion if they are able." It also noted: "The war waged by the monotheists against the nations of polytheism will, God willing, destroy those nations and states, no matter how powerful and mighty they are." It promised that ISIS fighters will continue to establish Allah's religion in one country after another, and to urge Muslims to turn away from worshiping creation to worshiping the God of creation and cleanse themselves of the defilement of polytheism.

Referencing the Prophet Muhammad's words to his companions "Now the fighting has come. There will always be a group among my Ummah who will fight for the truth, for whom Allah will cause some people to deviate, and grant them provision from them, until the Hour begins and until the promise of Allah comes. Goodness is tied to the forelocks of horses until the Day of Resurrection," the article said that the abiding slogan of the mujahideen is "Now the Fighting Has Come," indicating that this is their approach in their "eternal wars" to kill their enemies.

According to the article, the war on polytheism has no spatial limits just as it has no temporal limits, and Muslims should fight infidels, citing Quran 9:123 "O you who have believed, fight those adjacent to you of the disbelievers and let them find in you harshness. And know that Allah is with the righteous." It also asserted that if Muslims had adhered to this command, they would have been able to turn the world into a great theater of jihad, in which all tyrant rulers of the world would not have been able to defeat them, and thus would have prevented the infidels from torturing and oppressing Muslim denominations in various places: "Today, Muslims' awareness of the importance of these two dimensions – temporal and spatial – in their fight against infidels and apostates is a key factor in their victory. Without this realization, they continue to spin in vicious circles created by their enemies to prevent them from achieving their purpose."

The article further asserted that ISIS fighters' cognizance that their war does not end with a victory in a specific country or a defeat in a specific battle helps them to endure it and ignites in their souls the will to fight and wage jihad until they drive their enemies to despair of ever achieving victory over them. It declared that the ISIS fighters' cognizance that their war is expanded in any place where Muslims fight the infidels frees them of the restrictions of man-made borders which the article claimed were used by their enemies to sever their relations and divide them, and also prevents the polytheists from securing victory in the war against them, as it noted that if the enemies of Allah could quench the flames of war in one place, they would find it raging in another place. The article concluded that all the preceding will drive Allah's enemies to despair as they try to contain the expansion which will ultimately cause their demise, and promised to explain and clarify this concept in an upcoming article.

[1] Telegram/ Nashir News Agency, October 24, 2019.