Pro-ISIS Video Urges Young Muslims To Perpetrate "Lone Wolf" Attacks Against 'Dogs Of The Cross In Europe'

October 5, 2021

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On October 1, 2021, the pro-Islamic State (ISIS) Hadm Al-Aswar Foundation media outlet released a nine-minute video titled "Repelling the Cross."[1] The video accuses European countries, specifically France, of bombing ISIS, insulting the Prophet Muhammad, and massacring Muslims. Praising individual attackers who pledged allegiance to ISIS and perpetrated attacks in Europe, and justifying the killing of Christian civilians, the video urges Muslims to follow in their footsteps and carry out "lone wolf" attacks to avenge Europe's insults to Muhammad and attacks on ISIS.

The above poster announces the release of the Hadm Al-Aswar video.

The video makes extensive mention of France's perceived insults to Islam, such as French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo's publication of a series of cartons mocking the Prophet Muhammad in 2012, and their republication in September 2020. The cartoons triggered a series of jihadi attacks in France in January 2015 and again in Europe in late 2020. It is unclear why Hadm Al-Aswar released the video at this time, more than a year after the cartoons were reprinted and almost a year after the November 2020 Vienna shootings, for which ISIS claimed responsibility.

At the start of the video, the narrator notes that France was the second country to join the U.S.-led coalition against ISIS in 2014, followed by other European countries such as Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, the UK, and Belgium.

The above screenshot from the video shows French President Emmanuel Macron shaking hands with former U.S. President Donald Trump.

The narrator asserts that France has a long history of enmity toward Muslims and has committed atrocities against them in Algeria and other parts of Africa since almost 200 years ago, claiming that France has "killed youths and the elderly, violated sacred things, and made war on the religion."

The above screenshot shows French commandos posing with skulls of Algerian fighters and captured Algerians with ropes around their necks.

Asserting that "the devil of Paris" leads the "war on Islam and the Muslims," the narrator accuses France of having insulted the Prophet Muhammad using the pretext of "freedom of expression," and claims that the other "taghouts" (literally false deities, a reference to rulers who govern by manmade law) of Europe have stood with France and supported its publication and republication of cartoons mocking Muhammad.

The video states that the "lions of monotheism" have responded to these provocations by perpetrating several attacks in France over the past few years and quotes slain ISIS spokesman Abu Muhammad Al-'Adnani: "We want – Allah willing – Paris before Rome."[2] The narrator asserts that the only proper response to those who insult the Prophet Muhammad is to kill and behead them and to "drown France and its allies in the filthy blood of their citizens in all places and at all times."

The above screenshot shows the perpetrators of the November 2015 Paris attacks, including Abdelhamid Abaaoud, brothers Salah and Brahim Abdeslam, and Chakib Akrouh.

The above screenshots show ISIS fighters firing a missile (left), which is then shown (right) slicing through a cross.

Several of the perpetrators of these attacks in Europe are praised, including the "smiling, brave Abdullah Al-Shishani," whose real name was Abdullah Abuyezidovitch Anzorov, who terrorized France by beheading the teacher Samuel Paty before he [i.e. Anzorov] "ascended as a martyr."[3] Anzorov followed the example of his predecessors, such as the brothers Saïd and Chérif Kouachi, who perpetrated the 2015 Charlie Hebdo shooting, and whose slogan was "Let me not survive if the worshipper of the Cross and insulter of the Prophet survives." Another attacker, Abu Dujanah Al-Albani, whose real name was Kujtim Fejzulai, "prepared for them the bitterest of cups after they prevented him several years ago from joining the Islamic State" and imprisoned him, and he later became "one of Allah's soldiers" and operated as "an army by himself," killing or wounding "thirty Jews, Crusader citizens, and officers of the Austrian Crusader police."[4]

The above screenshot shows Abdullah Anzorov aka Abdullah Al-Shishani.

The above screenshot shows Kujtim Fejzulai aka Abu Dujanah Al-Albani.

The video's narrator purports to demonstrate that Islam permits the killing of unbelievers, quoting Quran 9:5 "When the sacred months have passed, kill the polytheists wherever you find them, capture them, besiege them, and lie in wait for them at every place of ambush" to prove the "legitimacy of observing, surveilling, and spying on the enemy" in preparation for attack. He similarly relates a hadith which recounts that the Prophet Muhammad ordered the assassination of Ka'b bin Al-Ashraf and Abu Rafe' bin Abu Al-Huqayq, two Jews who had mocked him.

The narrator stresses that assassinating non-Muslims in their home countries has been a practice which Islam has encouraged for anyone able to do so since the days of the Prophet Muhammad, and says that if Europeans consider insulting Muhammad a matter of "personal freedom," then "shedding their blood is for us a prophetic sunnah [a practice instituted or followed by the Prophet Muhammad]."

Threatening the "dogs of the Cross in Europe," the narrator tells them that since they are waging war on Islam and Muslims: "Receive tidings of what will sadden you and disturb your lives, for a monotheist is an army through his belief" and declares that "the youth of Islam and the soldiers of the Caliphate will not remain silent in the face of injustice, even if a long time passes." He continues: "As for France, we tell it: Receive tidings of your disappearance, the shredding of your dominance, and the breaking of your power forever, and know that the Caliphate remains and will expand."

The above screenshot shows Macron greeting British Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the Prime Minister's residence at 10 Downing Street.

The above screenshot shows an imagined scene of the Eiffel tower collapsing across Paris.

In conclusion, the narrator urges Muslims throughout Europe to perpetrate individual attacks in their countries: "O Muslim youths and protectors of its lair in the Crusaders' countries, continue on your brothers' path and follow the footsteps of your Prophet's Companions, and make the unbelievers taste the bitterest cups of revenge and punishment, killing with bullets, stabbing with knives, trampling with cars and trucks, strangling in streets and parks, burning in homes and bars, and blowing up with sticky bombs and IEDs. Avenge your Prophet, and defend your State and your imprisoned brothers and sisters."

The above screenshot shows a jihadi closing his jacket to conceal a suicide vest.

The above screenshot shows poison being mixed into a drink and is captioned "the simplest weapon."

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