Pro-ISIS Telegram Channel Threatens Attacks At FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, Encourages Biological Attacks, Provides Telegram Account To Contact To Obtain Biological Substances

November 7, 2022

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On November 7, 2022, a pro-Islamic State (ISIS) Telegram channel shared a series of posts encouraging supporters to carry out violent and biological attacks at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 tournament, set to take place in Qatar beginning on November 20, 2022.

A "Golden Opportunity"

In a Telegram post on November 7, the channel described the upcoming World Cup event as a "golden opportunity" for ISIS supporters to undertake attacks of retribution against the countries of the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS, many of whose citizens will flock to Qatar in support of their respective national football teams.

Using veiled language, the channel wrote: "The World Cup in Qatar is a golden opportunity for 'fans' [ISIS supporters] since there will be many goals [targets] because many of the countries of the Global Coalition are participating in it. Try to be one of participants in the World Cup and one of the goal scorers."

In a subsequent post, the channel added: "The clean-up campaigns are ongoing. Be a part of the World Cup in Qatar and score your goals. The goal is open."

Belgium, France, And Canada Have a "Special Taste"

The channel also posted two infographics – one listing countries which are party to the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS, and another showing national teams that will compete in the upcoming World Cup. "You have the freedom to choose who to support," the channel commented sarcastically.

"Supporting Belgium, France, and Canada has a special taste," the channel further added in a subsequent post, seeming to insinuate that supporters should prioritize targeting fans of these Western countries.

Pro-ISIS Channel Encourages Biological Attacks At World Cup, Advertises Telegram Account That Can Provide Materials

The channel also posted instructions for carrying out attacks at the World Cup, attacks which it euphemistically described as "a humanitarian campaign to clean-up Qatar." "On the topic of taste," the channel wrote, "Cleaning is not limited to using weapons only. You can put some [viruses] in their food or beverages first with a sprayer to spread the tasty perfume, or you can smear their handles and wheels with paint [germs]... Or you can do what you're capable of, Allah willing, the important thing is that the goal comes back in the form of a [coffin]."

Further encouraging supporters to commit biological attacks, the channel advertised an account that it suggested will provide substances for those who want them. "For those who need some special drugs [viruses, germs], contact us on the account below," the channel wrote, providing a link to a Telegram user.

Screenshot of the Telegram profile.

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