Pro-ISIS Outlets Launch Campaign Calling For 'The Great Conquest Of Asia,' Remind 'Crusaders' That Explorer Magellan Was Killed In The Philippines, ISIS's 2017 'Victory' In Marawi

March 19, 2021

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On March 19, 2021, a pro-Islamic State (ISIS) foundation launched on Telegram a new media campaign titled "The Gateway to the Great Conquest of Asia." The launch included a series of three posters hailing ISIS fighters in the Philippines and threatening "Crusaders."[1]

One poster warned the "Crusaders" that they will have the same fate as Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan, who was killed in what today is known as the Philippines. The poster showed an ISIS fighter with Asian features standing in front of the group's flag and holding up a single index finger on his right hand, alluding to Tawhid.

The Arabic text on the poster read: "Worshipers of the cross: Learn your lesson from the killing of the dirty thug Magellan. If you refuse to take caution, you will become one [i.e., a lesson for others].

The post's caption indicated that the poster is part of the campaign. The date listed for the campaign is the Hijri month of Shaban 1442 which starts on March 19, 2021.

Another poster featured two masked ISIS fighters sitting in front of ISIS flag in an outdoor setting. The Arabic text on the poster read: "Philippines, do not feel weak or sad, you will not bend except for Allah by Allah's will. A promise from the heroes of Caliphate. Be a compassionate mother to them, reject the apostate and the disbelievers." The post's caption used the same campaign hashtag and date.

A third poster released by the foundation showed an ISIS fighter standing before a mountain, getting ready to execute a blindfolded prisoner wearing an orange jumpsuit. The Arabic text on the poster made a reference to the 2017 military campaign launched by the government of the Philippines against ISIS in Marawi city, which lasted five months. It read: "When the sun of justice shines, the clouds of injustice fade away. When the Caliphate says its word, the lies of the disbelievers are defeated. The victory in Marawi is an example." The post's caption included the same hashtag and date of the campaign.

On the same day, March 19, 2021, another pro-ISIS media foundation, released a poster praising ISIS fighters in the Philippines.[2]

The poster showed an ISIS fighter holding up a single index finger, alluding to Tawhid. The text on the poster read: "The heroes of Caliphate in the Philippines pledged to continue to march with their sharp sword under the enlightening book [i.e., Quran] until there is no more tumult, and justice and faith in Allah prevails."



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