Pro-ISIS Media Outlets Release New Posters Highlighting Their Interest In Christmas Attacks In Paris, U.S.

December 21, 2020

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On December 21, 2020, the pro-Islamic State (ISIS) Watheb Media Foundation released posters highlighting its desire to carry out a terrorist attack during the holiday season. The posters, with captions in Arabic and English, depict Santa Claus as a target for attacks.

One poster showed a sniper hiding behind a tree trying to ambush Santa Claus. The Arabic version of the caption reads: "O monotheist, the holidays of the disbelievers are approaching, so pick up your weapon and carry out an Inghimasi attack in the middle of their evil gathering."[1]

Another poster featured a Christmas gift box filled with dynamite and placed next to a grenade, rifle, explosive vest, remote detonation device, and Santa Claus hat, with blood stains in the background. This poster has the same English caption as the poster above.

On December 21, the pro-ISIS Al-Dawat Media Foundation released a poster depicting two masked men taking Santa Claus hostage in Paris, with the location indicated by the Eiffel tower in the background. The text, in English, read: "Oh Christians, you don't have Santa this year."[2]

On December 20, the pro-ISIS media group Sarh Al-Khilafa released two posters. One showed a masked gunman aiming his rifle at Santa Claus, who is lying on the ground under the gunman's foot. The caption, in Arabic, Urdu and English, read: "Oh Christians, the countdown to your holiday season has begun."[3]


The second poster showed a group of masked fighters holding their rifles. In the background is the U.S. flag and a collapsing building. The English version of the caption read: "We will come to you soon."[4]


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