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Pro-ISIS Media Group Releases Clip Threatening Attacks On World Cup, Shows Russia's Sochi Stadium In Flames

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On June 13, 2018, the pro-Islamic State (ISIS) media outlet Al-'Adiyat released a short video threatening attacks on the 2018 World Cup soccer tournament in Russia. The ten-minute video was distributed on pro-ISIS channels and chat groups on Telegram.[1] It consists mostly of a compilation of combat footage from ISIS videos documenting battles in Mosul, Iraq, with a segment from a 2016 video released by the organization's Caucasus branch in which operatives issue threats to Russia.[2] The final scene in the video is an animated clip of a drone with an ISIS logo surveilling the Olympic village in Sochi and the stadium where the World Cup games are to be held, followed by animated explosions. The soundtrack is a Russian song, which also contains a threatening message:

"Soon, very soon, blood will be spilled like water, the throats of the infidels will shake with the knives, the lions of the ummah [nation] will awaken and brandish their swords, as they make the community stronger every day, the soldiers of Allah will know no fear, for Allah chose for them the belief in one God, we will wipe out the idol and the cross… Plant the black flag in their hearts…"

"Preparing for the surveillance and reconaissance"

"Surveillance and reconaissance of the targets"

"The operation will be executed in the heart of the Crusaders' land"

Animation of explosions going off in and around the Sochi stadium




[1] Mu'asasat Al-'Adiayt lil-I'lam, June 13, 2018.