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Pro-ISIS Media Group Calls For Attacks in Spain During Holy Week

On April 14, 2019, the pro-Islamic State (ISIS) Muntasir Media outlet released a short video calling for attacks in Spain during Holy Week (April 14-20).[i] The one minute, 10 second clip shows footage from past Holy Week processions held in Spain, including a procession in Seville. Spanish and Arabic on-screen captions read: "Tomorrow their festivities will begin, but, where are you, oh monotheist?" The clip also contains footage of battles from ISIS videos, as well as of a man preparing to carry out a suicide bombing. A narrator says: "If you are unable to migrate to the land of the caliphate [ISIS-controlled territories], and support your religion and fight in the frontlines, terrorize the infidels outside of it, by spilling their blood and targeting them." The final caption reads: "Soon, oh Crusaders."




[i] Muntasir Media, April 14, 2019.