Pro-Al-Qaeda Women's Magazine: Women And Children Are Not Safe In The West; West Seeks To Exploit Muslim Women And Children By Exporting Its Values To Their Countries

December 13, 2022

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Issue 27 of the pro-Al-Qaeda women's magazine Ibnat Al-Islam [Daughter of Islam], published on December 11, 2022 by the Bayt Al-Maqdis media group,[1] contains a four-page article titled "Most Victims of the West... Women and Children." The author, a woman calling herself Kifah Al-Maqdisiyah ["Struggle the Jerusalemite"], accuses Western countries of failing to protect their own women and children, and instead exploiting Muslim women and children by exporting its values to their countries. Al-Maqdisiyah argues that only Islam can ensure the safety of women and children.

Most Victims Of U.S. And Western Wars Are Women And Children

The article begins by rejecting the "propaganda and cheap promotion of the West's humanity and the rights of women and children," asserting that the West is actually "the most backward in this regard." Al-Maqdisiyah claims that most victims of Western wars, such as those waged in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, and Yemen, have been women and children, whether they were killed directly in bombings or indirectly, by "hunger, siege, and the effects of uranium."

The author claims that also in Western countries most victims of wide-ranging crimes are women and children. Calling the U.S. "the leader of this West," she asserts that what can be said about America applies to the West as a whole, noting that reports of U.S. wars in Muslim countries and others show that women and children "have not been spared from the tyranny, aggression, and 'humanity' of the unbelieving West."

Incest And Rape Are Most Prevalent In The West, Which Lectures Muslims On Women's Rights

Quoting reports by France's Mediapart news outlet about findings by the country's Independent Commission on Incest and Child Sexual Abuse (Commission Indépendante sur l’Inceste et les Violences Sexuelles faites aux Enfants – CIIVISE),[2] the Ibnat Al-Islam article cites that about 160,000 French children are victims of incest annually and that there are nearly five and a half million total victims of incest in France, nine out of ten of whom are female. Noting that the co-president of the commission, Judge Édouard Durand, described incest as a "large phenomenon affecting public welfare," Al-Maqdisiyah writes: "Today, those from whom women and children are not safe are the ones who try, and work hard, to implement their social laws in our Muslim societies. They are the ones who insist on implementing every law that allows the vile exploitation of women and children!"

Mentioning "a sample of the news which circulates widely on the internet," the writer concludes that "the rates of rape, sexual harassment, fornication, and all indicators of depravity which harm women and children, are higher in the West than in any other place on Earth," claiming further that women and children are victims of "calls for deviancy [i.e. homosexuality] and pedophilia, […] sex trafficking and forced labor." Quoting news reports according to which a U.S. sanitation company employed 31 minors, some as young as 13, to clean industrial equipment, where some suffered caustic chemical burns,[3] she accuses "the greedy capitalist companies" of making children work under "horrific" conditions. The pro-Al-Qaeda writer asks: "So how can a corrupt system which has failed to protect women and children rule the world and impose its failed laws on it?!"

Al-Maqdisiyah then quotes an Amnesty International report showing "disturbingly high" levels of rape in Scandinavian countries, where "flawed legislation, prevalent harmful myths and gender stereotypes have given rise to endemic impunity for rapists across the region."[4] She comments: "One is astonished at the level of stupidity and foolishness, or perhaps the malice, of Western politicians, for they offer women to men without restrictions or protection, then threaten to imprison anyone who touches them or assaults them." Claiming that 50,000 women are raped in Finland annually, while the country convicted only 209 rapists in 2017, and that one out of ten Swedes believe that rape victims caused their own assault, the writer asserts that "these countries annulled religion as much as they could, tried by various means to deny the existence of differences between the sexes, and banned all forms of gender segregation to the extent that they made public baths mixed […] Countries where women wear whatever they want and illicit relationships are permitted. All these factors did not stop the human nature that men are attracted to exposed female bodies."

Continuing her assertion that the West fails to protect women by denying human nature, Al-Maqdisiyah writes that men in Scandinavian countries are taught from childhood "that they are equal to women, but their nature and impulses refute that," while women "learn from kindergarten that they are strong and there is no difference between them and men, except that they are unable to protect themselves from rape, and even remain silent and are afraid to report the incident for fear of stigma." She further claims that Western mores cause victims of rape to feel more guilty, since "the victim partially participated in the incident, such as if it was a date with the perpetrator, in addition to her adorning herself and drinking alcohol."

Muslims Must Be Taught The "Truth" About The West, Only Islam Protects Women And Children

Calling phenomena such as incest, rape, and child labor "the dark face of the West," the article declares that "this is the truth which must be exposed and people must be acquainted with," adding that "the woman who is sexually, physically, and financially exploited in the most heinous ways, and the child who is similarly exploited, cannot live safe lives in countries like these." The writer warns that "today their eyes are on Muslim children. Just as [the West] exploited women and children in their countries, their ambitions are now to exploit our women and children."

Urging her readers to "tell people the truth about the unbelieving West […] its failure to protect women and children; its involvement in killing, crushing, and exploiting women and children," Al-Maqdisiyah declares that "only Islam protects women and children," as it "surrounded women and children with a fence of piety, devotion, and sincerity, protecting the family and the fabric of the ummah [Islamic nation] from the abuses of abusers and robbers of honor and property." She asserts that a survey of Islamic history shows the difference between "the glorious Islamic culture and the decadent Western culture, which has only led humanity to all calls for depravity and destruction."

A common theme in the Ibnat Al-Islam magazine is the West's alleged failure to protect women and children and Islam's superiority in ensuring their welfare.[5]


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