Pro-Al-Qaeda Women's Magazine Rails Against LGBTQ Advocacy As War "Against Nature"

July 11, 2022

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On July 10, 2022, the pro-Al-Qaeda Bayt Al-Maqdis media outlet released issue 25 of Ibnat Al-Islam (Daughter of Islam), a women's magazine for Al-Qaeda supporters. The 96-page issue included Arabic, English, and French articles about issues of relevance to Muslim women, as well as transcripts from lectures delivered by Al-Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri in 2022. The issue's feature article, titled "The Duty Before The Creeping War Against Nature," railed against LGBTQ advocacy and suggested methods to counteract it.

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The cover page of issue 25 of Ibnat Al-Islam, a pro-Al-Qaeda women's magazine.

The War Against Nature

Authored by the magazine's editor-in-chief, Umm Amara Al-Muhajira, the feature article framed the issue of LGBTQ advocacy as a force of evil that is being imposed on Muslims by the West. "Satan and his aides," she wrote, referring to the West, are attempting to "corrupt man's nature" by "imposing sexual perversion on societies in the name of freedom and human rights."

Al-Muhajira argued that the so-called "war against nature" waged by the West has already impacted Muslim societies. She pointed to children's television programs and books promoting "sexual perversion" that are apparently available to Muslim youth, and to Muslims who live in the West who defend homosexuality.

Muslims must urgently preserve Allah's natural law, she argued. Indeed, just as it is a duty to preserve the religion of Islam, so too must Muslims "prepare and fortify to preserve their nature and the nature of those under their responsibility," the article asserted.

In that vein, the article proscribed five measures Muslims should take to fight back on the alleged war against nature. These included: exposing the West's moral bankruptcy; establishing pedagogical projects to fortify young generations; establishing Da'wah (preaching) projects targeted at women; working independently of governmental systems and institutions; and raising awareness about such projects.

Backlash Against Overturning Roe v. Wade Exposes America's Moral Bankruptcy

The article advised Muslims to expose the West's alleged "moral bankruptcy" and "ideological corruption" as a first step toward counteracting the promotion of so-called sexual perversion. Such moral bankruptcy, according to the article, was exemplified by the recent backlash faced by the U.S. Supreme Court in overturning Roe v. Wade: "We saw how the Supreme Court – the highest court in the land – was subjected to violent attacks, even from the Pentagon itself," it noted, before citing a statistic suggesting that at least "60 million children have been killed since Roe v. Wade [was passed]."  

The debate over abortion rights, like other issues of contention in American politics, such as gender equality, "have divided Americans against themselves," the article argued. Moreover, growing moral bankruptcy coincides with the plummeting popularity of U.S. President Joe Biden, inflation rises, cost-of-living increases, and a looming economic crisis, it noted. In effect, the article posited that highlighting and disparaging contentious moral debates in the U.S. and the West undermines their ability and authority to promote and advocate for LGTQ issues.

Establishing Community Projects Independent Of Government Influence

While undermining the West, Muslims must also strengthen their own ranks, the article argued. It firstly advocated establishing local youth projects aimed at rearing Muslim children in an Islamically-grounded education that provides for their physical and spiritual well-being. Secondly, it suggested establishing outreach programs targeted at "raising the consciousness" of women regarding their role in "protecting the family," as well as "warning them about the tricks of the unbelieving con artists, and identifying sources of corruption that target their children and the importance of confronting those sources."

These efforts should ideally be undertaken independently of governmental systems and institutions, the article argued. Funding must be sourced within the Islamic community to avoid "infiltration by hypocrites... and the stain of the enemies of the religion," it noted. Further, all Muslims should invest their "money, effort and time" in such projects, it argued, because they encompass and concern the entire ummah.

In conclusion, the article reaffirmed that "only one solution, for which there is no alternative, lays before us: the establishment of Islamic Law on Earth." To this end, Muslims must confront the war on nature in the "abodes of the Muslims," above all supporting the Mujahideen and working toward establishing a caliphate.